1935-08-16 - Northern New York Historical Newspapers


1935-08-16 - Northern New York Historical Newspapers

Attend the Brewster Firemen's "Amateur Night" at Peach Lake on Friday, August 23

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Pub bllshfrs Ass'n.










VOL. LXIV, No. 16 Brewster, Putnam County, N. Y., Friday, Aug. 16, 1935 Established 66 Years $2.00 per year

Judge Bailey's Nomination

Wins Widespread Approval

Judge Bailey's Six Years of Service as County Judge and Surrogate

and Judge of the Children's Court Has Demonstrated. His Fitness

for His Exacting Work. Dutchess, Westchester and Bronx Coun­

ties Have Commended His Ability and Sought His Services in

i Their Courts.

The action of the Putnam County

Republican committee in nominating

Judge James W .Bailey to succeed

himself as County Judge end Surrogate

in Putnam county, has won widespread

approval throughout the county.

Judge Bailey Is just completing his

first term of six years on the bench.

During this time his conduct of this

important office has demonstrated his

particular fitness for the exacting work.

st winter he addressed the Lake

lopac Canmel Rotary Club on the

activities of the Children's Court over

which he presides. In the course

of his talk he displayed an intimate

knowledge and sympathetic understanding

of the problem of the younger

generation. On a number of occasions

he h as been' invited to sit in

courts in Dutchess, Westchester and

Bronx counties. Last winter several

proceedings came before the Westchester

County Surrogate's Court involving

an examination of the Westchester

Trust Company as trustee of

several estates in liquidation. Judge

Slater was unftble to sit in these paroases,

and although not re-

'stricted in his choice of judges to sit

for him, he invited Judge Bailey to

take his place.

In view of the general public interest

in cases of this kind which involved

the handling and Investment of

trust funds, considerable importance

was attached to the decisions. Judge

Bailey has already written three opinions

and there are several more pending

and his handling "of these matters

has been highly commended.

These invitations to prfcside over

courts in other counties are an indiition

of the high regard in which his

Ability is held by his associates on the

bench. For the past few years there has

been a growing tendency to set aside

partisan politics in the selection of

the men who handle the courts and to

return to offico men who have displayed

their fitness and aptitude for this

important work. In nominating Judge

Bailey to succeed himself, the Putnam

County Republican Committee has

shown excellent judgment and an appreciation

of jhe necessity of keeping

a jurist of proven experience and ability

in office.

J o



Mrs. Lewis Mercer Borden gave a

dinner on Saturday evening at her

Woods Lane residence, East Hampton,

L. I., at which she announced the engagement

of her daughter, Miss Penelope

Borden, to Mr. Summltt Edward

Boone, son of Mrs. Rapelje Howell, of

New York and Dr. Harry William

Boone, of Champaign, HI. The wedding

will take place in the fall.

Miss Borden is a direct descendant

3f Roger Williams, whose ancestral

>me was Borden, Kent County, Eng-

"land, built in 1059, with a chapel

built in 1100, both of which are still

well preserved. She is the great granddaughter

of Gjnl Borden, inventor of a

process of preserving milk. Her father,

the late Lewis Mercer Borden, was

the son of John Gall Borden and Ellen

Graves Borden. Her maternal

grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Albert

Jaeckel. of New York. Miss Borden

attended the Veltin and Chandor

Schools in New York and was graduated

from Daija Hall and Pine Manor.

She was presented to New York soety

in December, 1931. She has

en active in charitable work and

is a member qf the board of directors

of Grosvenor Neighborhood House.

Mr. Boone ii\ a descendant of Daniel

Boone, the pioneer. He attended

school in Champaign, and the University

of Illinois. He is with Redmond

6c. Co., of New York, and is a

wember.joi tim St. Nicholas Club.

At the dinner were Mr. and Mrs.

William H. Gordon, of Larchmont;

and Mrs. Gall Borden 2d, of

rsdale; Mr. John Borden w«m all girls from

The committee consists of the fol­ Mrs. Grace Whitlock Truran, wife The Mt. Kisco Eagles will meet the 18 to 30 years of age, but they must

lowing: Mrs. Charles Frederick Neer- of Ernest Truran, of East Wareham. St. Lawrence A JO. on Sunday, August be single All in all it looks like a big

guard, Lake Waccabuc. chairman, Mass.. died in the Taunton Sanitari­ 18, on Electrozone Field. The hour is night at the Garden this Saturday,

Mrs. Edward Fielder, Katonah, Mrs. um, Mass., on Sunday, Aug. 4, 1935, af­ 3 p. m. Soolpino will open for the Aug 17 and Nagle and Barry are to

Pendelton Mathews, Brewster, Mrs. ter a long illness. Funeral services were locals.

be congratulated.

Otto Huffman. Bedford Hills, Mrs. Otis held on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock

Haifrldk, Pleasantville,, Mrs. Samuel at her late home in East Wareham.

Reyburn, Katonah, Mrs. Charles She is survived by her husband Shirley Temple Packs The Rite

Rasmusson, Mt. Kisco, Mrs. Alexan- Ernest A. Truran, one son, Walton

der Klrkaldy. Yorktown Heights, Mrs'Truran, and a brother. George Whit-

Coming Back Sunday and Monday

Alfred Roelker from whom tickets may lock, all of Wareham, Mass.

~~—~——" SJ boom

be obtained at Bedford, or from other Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Truran, Mr. and Shirley Temple, star juvenile actress Top" will return to the Rite by special

members of the committee.

Mrs. J. Ralph Truran, Mr. and Mrs. of the screen playing with John Boles request next Sunday and, Monday,

o —

J. Howard Truran, and Mrs. Mary in "Curly Top" at the Rite last Friday

Aug. 18 and 19.

Abel Davis, of Marvin Hill, is dis­ Truran attended the funeral. and Saturday drew all time record

playing the results of his amateur


How is it the Rite seems to be get­

gardening. He appeared at the freight The crossing over the Harlem Divi­ Never before has the Rite been jamting good crowds during the summer?

office yesterdayafternoon with a cusion tracks from North Main street to med to capacity during five consecu­ The answer to the question is easy.

cumber taken from his garden. The Marvin hill road is under repair. The tive performances—two shows Fri­ Because the Rite is nojt only continu­

vegetable weighs nearly three pounds old planks are being replaced with an day evening, Saturday matinee and two ally running the very best pictures,

and measures about 12 by 3 inches. asphalt pavement which, it is thought, shows Saturday evening- For the mat­ bat the management is continually


will extend from the crossing south inee last Saturday the management striving to make the Ritr as refined

The traveling plaque will come to to the end of the station platform. was forced to close the doom and as leading moving picture theatres in

Brewster Grange Friday evening. Aug.

— - o

turn more than a hundred people large cities. Needless to say the own­

16, on the final visit of its rounds this Mr. and Mrs. Timothy ^^^^^ Welch and away. However, those who were on the er. Mr. H. Sussman and the local man­

summer. Cortland Grange will bring family are at their cottage at West outside looking in will have their ager, Mr. Harry Fiechijenhaar are re­

the plaque and present the program. Stockhridge, Mass. | chance, as Shirley Temple in "Curly ceiving compliments ds(Uy.





The school house has been painted

by P. Gay Smith and assistants.

Miss Ermie Burton, of Lakeville, Is

visiting her aunt Mrs. Clinton Garn-

< v'


Charles Tuttle will occupy the pitcher's

box for the Mahopac Baseball


Friends of George Schneider are

glad to welcome him home after his

trip to the west coast.

Nelson P. Tuttle's new house on



These shoes will last for years

—these prices only during the

short period of our sale! Buy

your future needs—in sports

or year-Vound Florsheims—

at present savings.


197 Main St. Dinbury, Conn.

r; #ou are entitled to

Hillside Park is progressing well and

is about ready for the plasterers.

About 700 people attended the clam

bake given by Patterson Grange yesterday.

Everything was first class.

Many Brewster horsemen attended

the Goshen harness races this week.

The Boy Scouts broke camp at

Peach Lake last Saturday, after an

enjoyable outing.

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Budd have with

them Mr. Budd's sister, Mrs. Wm. M.

Branch, of Syracuse for a week or


Mrs. William B. Reed entertained

her school and playmates of sixty

years ago on Wednesday, Mrs. George

Hlne and Mrs. Julia Lobdell.

On Wednesday evening Mrs. E. W.

Addis gave a bridge in honor of her

cousin, Mrs. Wm. M. Branch, beginning

at early candle light and ending

at mid-night.

Carlo, a handsome collie dog owned

by Daniel Stannard was run over by

an automobile on Wednesday and sustained

a broken leg. Dr. Marshall set

the bone and Carlo will run again.

Miss Pauline Scharfenberg was hostess

to a family gathering at her home

last Sunday. Among those present

were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hagar,

Mrs. Anna Schafer and daughter, the

Misses Anna and Rena Morgan, of

Danbury and Mrs. Henry Haake and

John Haake of Hoboken.

Mrs. Llvermore was the principal

speaker at the suffrage meeting held

in North Salem in front of B. A. Lobdell's

store last Thursday which was

largely attended.

Theodore R. Knox died at his home

on Monday aged sixty-seven years. He

was the only son of T haddeus Knox.

He was a member of the Methodist

church. Rev. H. B. Chown officiated

at the funeral held at his late residence

on Thursday. Interment was

at Wooster Cemetery, Danbury.


John s. Eno and family will spend

two weeks at Asbury Park,

Mrs. John Morehouse entertained at

cards on Wednesday evening in honor

of Miss Mattie Newton.

Caterer Strang was again busy with

a fish fry on Aug 11th in honor of the


when you buy a low-priced car

birthday of Mrs. E. D. Stannard.

John F. Hammond is manufacturing

tooth powder in his factory on Carmel

avenue and has placed it on sale at

J. K. Smith's store.

There will be a lawn fete at Rest-a-

Whlle next Wednesday. Many attractions

are offered including tableaux

from Mother Goose. Stages will leave

from the Southeast House at frequent


Edwin Nichols, son of the late B.

O. Nichols, has sold a quarter section!

of this large estate at Newman, HI. A

section is a square mile of acreage

and 160 acres at $140 per acre is a

square price.

Levi Burdlck says he consulted no

agent in his purchase of the Betts

farm, reported last week. The deal

was between buyer and seller direct

and no third party knew of it until

the terms were agreed upon.

The meeting of the Board of Assessors

at the Town Hall on Tuesday to

listen to grievences was not a quiet

session. The meeting adjourned until

next Tuesday.

The death of J. A. Bolls, editor of

The New Milford Gazette, removes

from that community a strong and

helpful citizen and deprives Connecticut

country journalists of a man who

was a leader in his profession.

One hundred and two railroad and

local friends of President Vreeland assembled

under waterproof tents at

Tonetta on Wednesday for the seventh

annual outing and clam bake of the

officers and staff of the Metropolitan

Street Railway of New York City.

Later in the day Mrs. Vreeland received

the guests. The Metropolitan

Band enlivened both occasions. The

return to New York was in special

cars attached to Supt. Branson's


Honey crops have been Increased

In demonstration apiaries in 25 New

York state counties,


The need to keep bottles well labeled

and poisons out of the reach of

children is shown by the report of 500

or more deaths each year from acute

poisonings' in children under five

years of age.


and you get them only in


The most finely balanced low-priced car ever built



THE new Master De Luxe Chevrolet

is the only car in its price

range that brings you all of the

fine car features pictured here! It

is the only car of its price with

a Solid Steel Turret-Top Fisher Body

—the smartest and safest built. The

only car of its price that gives the

famous gliding Knee-Action Ride.

The only car of its price with Blue-

Flame Valve-in-Head Engine-

Stabilized Front-End Construction—

Compare Chwrulvt % $ law delivered prices and easy C. M. A. C. lerrnt. A General Mtfun Vulu.


87 North Main Street Brewster, N. Y.

and Weatherproof Cable-Controlled

Brakes, See and drive the Master

De Luxe Chevrolet and learn by

actual test how much these features

mean in terms of added motoring en­

joyment. Do this and you will agree

that the Master De Luxe is exactly

what its owners say it is—the mo.-t

finely balanced low-priced car ever

built. Visit your nearest Chevron t

dealer and drive thi6 car—lol. !


Licensed Brokers and

Salesmen in Putnam

Adams Corners—P. Bruce Adams, Br.,

Frederic Sturges Robinson, Br., Sunset


Brewster—Brandon, Daniel B., Br.,

6 Main, Budd, Arthur P., Br., Main,

Manning Birdsall T., Br., 2 N. Main,

Schaefer, Gladys P. S., T. K. Schaef-

er, Schaefer, Theodore K., Br., Main,

Stephens, D. Mallory Br., 15 Garden,

Turene Elsa, M. S., T. K. Schaefer.

Carmel—Cornish, S. G. & Son, Main,

Stanley D. Cornish, Br., Cornish, Stanley

D., Br., S. G. Cornish & Son, Main,

Flanagan, John F., Br., Main, Gleneida

Realty Co., Inc., Main, Lelahd C.

Ryder, Br. Carl Northrup, Br., Hubbard,

Marion L„ Br., Mam, Northrup,

Carl Br., Gleneida Realty Co., Palmer,

Addison E., Br., Mam, Ryder, Leland,

Br. Gleneida Realty, Whlton, Alpha

R., Br.

Cold Spring—Ball, J .Vincent, Br.,

30 Garden, Covert, Ethel V. B., Br., 119

Main, Covert, Newell S., S., Ethel V. B.

Covert, Selleck, C. M. Sz Son, 88 Main,

Charles M. Selleck Br., Theodore J.

Selleck, Br., Selleck, Charles M., Br.,

O. M. Selleck Si Son, Selleck, Theodore

J., Br., C. M. Selleck St Son, Taylor,

Nelson A., Br., Bank.

GarrlsoJh—Donohoe, Agnes A., Br.,

John P. Donohoe & Son., Donohoe

John P., Br., John P. Donohoe St Son,

Donohoe, John P. Si Son., Inc., John

P. Donohoe, Br., Agnes A. Donohoe, Br.

Holmes— Turney, Loretta M., Br.

Lake Carmel—Dockstader, JoJseph,


Br., Lottie Road.

Lake Mahopac—«Abele, Charles, E.,

Br., Bennett, Everett H., Br., Clark,

G. Wesley, Br., Dodge, Leslie Powers,

Br. New R. 6, Joyce, Edward, Br., Kulakowski,

Julius L., Br., Linden Way,

Lounsbury, (Gertrude E., Br., Lake

Oard, Travis, A. H., Br.

Lake Oscawana—Kuhn, John F., Br.,

Lawson, William, Br., Wismoth, EmII,

Lake Poekskill—Allen John C Br.,

Burgess, Frances Agnes, Br., Cent.

Dr., Gotthold, Julius B., S. L. M .Gotthold,

Gotthold, L. M., Br., Tangle-

Whylde Rd., Neary, Bertha E., S. V.

P. Neary, Neary, Virginia Payne, Br.,

66 Travers, Smith, fjharles H., Br.,

Cent. Dr. and Oscawana Rd.

Mahopac-Godsen, Lucille Eskene, Br.

Lorini, M. Campbell, Br., Croton Falls

Rd., McLaughlin, John A., Br., Croton

Falls Rd., Ruge, Bernard A., Br.,

Branch Office, Cragston Lakes, Highland


Mahopac Falls—Bassett, J. D., Br.,

Bassett, John A., Br., Wright, Harold

E., Br., Myrtle Ave.

Oregon—Ernst, Fred H., Br.

Patterson—Dale, Henrty, Jr., Br.,

Taylor, William O., Br., Front.

Putnam Valley—Stevens, Arthur V.,

Br., Marie and Arthur tSevens, Adams

Corners., Stevens, Marie and Arthur,

Adams Cors, Marie Stevens, Br., Arthur

V. Stevens, Adams Cors.

Towners—Rogers, Marion, D„ Br.,

Rogers, Robert K., s., Prin Office 11

W 42d N. Y. C, Rogers, M .D., Br.


Dress Osrsets, AMeminal Supporting,

Surgical Belts, etc., Individually

designed. Demonstrations given.


62 N. Main St., Brewster, N. Y.

Telephone 105


Theo. K. Schaefer

Counsellor at Law

Brewster, N. Y.

Telephone 260

Insurance Real Estate



of All Kinds


Brewster, N. Y.

Its the top"- In Entertainment, Food and Drinks

Louis Catone and his Orchestra Now at




Music by Blue Ribbon Casino Orchestra

i MI i i i m M i M i mil II i • II i II "Hi -


Also a la Carte





You can drive it 50 miles an hour the day you buy it

THE FOKO V-8 is ready for normal driving

when you buy it. There is no tedious period

of breaking-in for 500 or 1000 miles. You

can drive it up to 50 miles an hour the first

day. And after the first hundred miles you

can drive it as fast as you desire.

That means greater motoring enjoyment for

every motorist. It is especially important to

motorist* who are thinking about a new car

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of dragging along at alow speeds for

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The reason for this is as important as the

result. The Ford V-8 needs no breaking-in*

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bearing surfaces. Clearances are correct when

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The Ford V-8 gives you fine-car construction,

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• ».




Three reasons why concrete Is the moat

economical pavements

1. Long life and low upkeep— funds

which would otherwise he spent far

repairs may he used to complete oar

highway system.

2. Scientific invcsti«atk» has proved

that It onrts mofcorots up to 2 centa

per mile less to drive on concrete

than on inferior surfaces. Toe saving

is in gas, ou, tires and car repairs.

3. Concrete builds business, promotes

travel. A town on concrete is moved

closer to all markets.

And in addition to these money-reasons

concrete pavements give muUaists retaxation...

comfort... and SAFETY I

Write for free copy of "An Open

Latter to Henry Ford."


347 Hadison Aw, Hew York, K. Y.

Democrats Select

County Candidates

The Putnam. County Democratic

Committee at their meeting in the

County Court House, Carmel, Wednesday,

August 9, 1035, named the following

as party candidates at the Primary


County Judge


Cold Spring




County Clerk


Kent Cliffs

District Attorney





Cold Spring


Mahopac Falls

As far as one can see the ticket Is

pleasing to members of both parties

and to the electorate, a full; ticket

lending interest to an election In which

few participate.

Persons other than enrolled voters

must depend for their candidate on

the choice of the minority who trouble

to enroll and vote.

Milk has a definite


effect... it keeps you keen

Get Ready for


And Buy Your

\^ %±J Jr^. $-J>


Eaton-Kelley Co.

Phones 67-87

Feed, Coal, Lumber

East Main Street Brewstei. ..


every other car to match

Studebaker economy!

5-Passenger Sedan





Completely Equipped

Noihinp More to Pay

This delivered price in.

eludes bumpers, bumper

guards, spare tire and

tube, metal tire cover,

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"It took us a long time to convince

people that Studebaker delivers, fully

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oil mileage... tire mileage... Studebaker

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"Bring in your facts about any

other car's economy and I'll undertake

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Brewster Garage Phone 19 Brewster, N. Y.

«IPM-TU StuaalMtar Cai*.




Brewster is suffering from a shortage

of houses. If you don't believe it,

just try to rent a home in the village

or its immediate environs. Realtor Dan

Brandon admitted the other day that

he hasn't a house or even an apartment

to let on his list. He agreed that

here and now is the time and place

to invest money to good advantage in

the construction of new homes. The

gamble is completely eliminated by the

urgent demand for hour's. EJaton-

Kelley or the Danbury-Brewster Lumber

Company win prove to interested

parties that the cost of building materials

today is an inducement to build

now. If individuals are short of cash,

why not start a pool. Certainly nothing

more productive of employment

for Brewster labor, skilled and unskilled,

could be conceived than a building

program. And the demand is here I

comes under his direct supervision.

And he knows meat cutting as an

artist knows paints. Even his hand

bills are prepared with a neatness

and care which reflect the personality

of the management, printed on a

mimeograph machine by his capable

assistant Miss Agnes Ledley, with a

deft and artistic hand. The quality

of workmanship which characterises

the meat department is upheld and

maintained by the skill of Peter Bennett,

while over the whole store is

So it's worth a long chance to have

this cross-section of the life of a nation

laid bare before you as you ride

along on an otherwise profitless journey.

MacWhinncy Retires

As Putnam Conductor

When Conductor Stevenson Mac-

Whinney of the old Putnam division,

who was retired on a pension July 30,

made his last trip over the old line,

there was a party at every station on

the route and by the time the train

U. S. Government Adds

Thousands of Workers

The Civil Service Commission's

monthly personnel table for June

showed that more than 154,000 civilian

employees piave b^en added to the

Government establishment since the

Ihc ifi.tf l>

a mattci

o/ t/ati/7

own dctu'LC

George W. Sloat





advent of the new administration. The

Intimate chats about the people

reached Sedgwick avenue the end of monthly payroll Is now $109,300,000,

and things which Impress a new­

line, Steve had half the baggage car with total government employees as

comer in Putnam County.

filled with gifts of fruit, flowers, candy, of June 30, of 717,712.

thrown an air of welcome by the de­ cigars and other articles.

lightful personality of Mrs. Mergardt.

In Washington 36,600 employees have

At Crafts, two children appeared on been added in the 29 months, bring­


the plaform and gave him two pails of ing the total to 103,453. The war time

IT'S WORTH THE DANGER— huckleberries they had picked especial­

Those persons unfortunate enough

peak of civilian government employ­

There is danger in picking up hitchly for him. The youngsters probably

Licensed In New York and New Jersey.

to be afflicted with a "murmuring

ees in Washington was only 117,000

hikers. A man over In PeeksklU was didn't know it but In giving Steve the

See our display of National Caskets In

molar" or a "cantankerous canine"

and over 900,000 for the entire coun­

killed last week by two men to whom huckleberries they were honoring the

our show room.

and wise enough to seek relief from


he gave a "lift". But you miss a lot nick-name "Huckleberry Road," which

that master dentist, Dr. E. N. Ryder, of good entertainment and an insight the Putnam division was often called

are impressed not only by the skill into how "the other half" lives if you about 25 or 30 years ago.

with which he wields the tools of his refuse to observe the semaphore of the

profession, but also by his capabilities thumb. Quite a number of people Hailc Selassie I., Emperor of Ethi­


in other directions. Dr. Ryder dis­ are killed every year Just crossing the opia, King of Kings, Lion of Judah,

closes, among other traits, a rare In­ street but we refuse to stay on our addressing the world: "Our great ansight

into the science of psychology. own side. The Post Road is the avecestor, King Solomon, expressed the PANTIE DRESSES

Witness his cleverness in Impressing nue where the most pathetic and in- opinion that a wise man should roll

upon his patents the necessity for

Sizes 1 to 6

terestings stories are retailed by hitch­ his tongue seven times around his

prompt payment for services renderhikers. This young fellow came all mouth before voicing his thoughts,

ed. Oh, no, nothing Is said, but who the way from Los Angeles in ten days, and this maxim forms today the be­

could overlook the small but obvious

A Special Si C ^ Regularly

thanks to luckier travelers with cars, ginning of wisdom for a statesman."

placard which adorns the wall in front to be with his wife in New York when It's too bad Solomon didn't include

of the chair, and who could refrain their baby came. Here is a one-leg­ women In his maxim

Value H b O l Sold at 59c

from commenting on the workmanship ged boy of 20 who has learned that

of this "Cash Please" notice. For his affliction is a passport to an easy

what a sign it is. The doctor modest­

A garbage pall' of the "steps-on" IF YOU BRING THIS ADV

living by sale of lead pencils, but he

ly admits he sketched it in a free half

variety, which sprays a disinfecting


curses the customer, who accepts the

hour; not with a brush but with a

and deodorizing chemical from the lid

pencil. Usually they are after jobs.

palette knife, using all the glorious

over each addition of garbage to the

Coming back from Danbury the- other

colors that come in tubes. After he'd

pail* Is now on the market.

day, two boys, seeking hat-factory jobs

splashed the pigments on haphazard,


without avail because of lack of ex­

he discovered that the effect was that perience, told of their father, a tale Peeling off usually Indicates a good

of an Alpine scene. So he sketched which may appear'later in more de­ paint, whereas an inferior paint scales

in an elf in a red suit who points his tail. "He worked on the R. R. 48 yrs. off painted surfaces.

wand significantly at the lettering and has never had a black mark." The

across the face. Well, after the ex­ boy promised to bring a picture of

planation, there can be but one re­ his dad, who lives in Dykeman's, to

sult. The patient weakly Inquires, the Standard office for publication

"How much," and a rustle of bills or with a story of his unusual lifetime

check book follows. "Touche, doctor." record.



297 Main Street DANBURY, CONN.



This section Is served by a newspaper

organization (in the dally field)

which Is unique. The Danbury News-

Times is the only dally in the hat town.

It sits "in the driver's seat," so to

speak, from the standpoint of publicity.

Yet it is evident that a spirit of

real service and cooperation permeates

this whole institution with its 50 or

60 employees and makes itself felt in

every contact. This situation is without

parallel in our experience. A monopoly

in the daily newspaper field aljmost

inevitably brings with it a feeling

of overbearing arrogance toward

the public it serves and is accompanied

by high advertising rates, miserable

service and impertinent employees.

This can be proved in scores of similarly

situated towns. In Danbury,

however, it seems obvious that elimination

of competition has had a contrary

effect. The humblest advertiser,

the subscriber, the representative of a

weekly in the "sticks"—all are received

with courtesy and their wants satisfled

or their complaints adjusted without

question and their advertising rates

are kept at rock bottom. Of course

this is the type of business policy

which not only reaps dividends in Increased

business but actually erects an

Impenetrable wall against the danger

of successful competition. Most monopolies,

however, can't perceive the advantage

of such methods and are patronized

only until another medium

becomes available. So we take off our

hats to the Stevens-Dalton group

which has the foresight and intelligence

to steer their journalistic ship

through a course which avoids dissatisfied

customers and effective opposition.


Who said the good old days are gone?

A boy from Kent Cliffs sat down to

eat his lunch on the Dutch elm disease

control project near Lake Mahopac

the other day. He opened his lunch

box and pulled out a nice pile of venison

sandwiches. Some of his pals sampled

them. They were made with good

Put. county buck meat properly



"Keep thy shop and thy shop will

keep thee" said Ben Franklin, and

Charles Mergardt, proprietorr of Mergardt's

progress Market, is living evidence

that 200 years hasn't changed

the truth of the old axiom. But Mr.

Mergardt doesn't merely keep his shop.

He makes a science of it with a thoroughness

which is not usually disj

played by merchants. He studies

I costs, display, modern merchandising

I methods. Indulges in a definite campaign

of well prepared publicity, and

holds his thriving patronage against

the keenest kind of modern competition.

Every phase of his business

Radio Repairing

Sound Systems

G. E. Sallstrom

Tel. Croton Falls 204

Nazzerino Tranquilli

General Contractor


SO North Main 81 Brewster, N. Y.





Resulting from modern

experience and study.

Oelker & Cox

Funeral Home

Phone 67i Brewster, II. Y.

For A

Delicious Italian

Spaghetti Dinner

Go to

M. Carlone Restaurant

Phone 10-R

125 E. Main St Brewster, N. Y.



Sand Gravel and Stone


62 Marvin Ave.

TEL. 4Q2 Brewster, N.Y.


Putnam County

National Bank

Carmel, N. Y.

Interest Department

Trust Department

Christmas Club

Safe Deposit Boxes

" •




Brewster, New York

Leather Traveling Bag{-Evelyn


Floor Lamp—Mrs. Robert Kenny.

Smoking Set—Marion Gilbert.

New Books at the


National Velvet

The First Woman

The Map of Days

Roll River

Don't Ever Leave Me

Love and the Lieutenant

Paths of Glory

House on the Roof

Thunder Mountain

Highland Light

Diary of a Pensionnaire

Young Renny

Not for Heaven

Eligible Bachelor

Gentle Julia

Beautiful Derelict

Brinkley Manor

Indiscretions of Archie



The People's King. Geo.

Jean Lafitte

God's Soldier

U. S. Grant

The Four Hundred Milli<





















V Buchan




Hasta La Viste

jn Nourse


Dominant Daughter Philps

Citizens and his Government Smith

Cabins in the Laurel



You Can't Poem a Possum Bontempts

Road to Adventure Bruce

Luclnda Hunt

Vanishing Wilderness LaMonte

Lighting the Torch Lownsbery

North After Seals Williamson

Danbury Hardware Co*

Danbury, Conn.



for Lawn & Porch


with or without Canopies A Foo

rest $1J9, 11.50, $2.00, $2.50

Mrs* Rogers to Entertain

Real Estate Board

One of the Leading

Hair Dressing


— el —

J?eto Cnglanb

Is the

Corgal ftftop

We Aim To Please the

Most Fastidious.

248 Main St.

Tel. 183

W. F. COBGAL, l*ro|i.

Corrals Est 1900

Masonry Contractor

Brickwork A Specialty

Estimates on all Masonry

E. F. Hickey

Brewster, N. Y. R. F. D. 3



Before The Surrogate

Putnam County, New York

IAMEB W. BAILEY, Suitogate


E. W. Addis Estate, Publisher

Miss Florence Scaperrotta being a The Dorcas Society will meet Wed­

Friday, August 16, 1935

It has been arranged to have the popular member of the Presbyterian nesday, August 21, at the home of D.

Published Weekly at Brewster, Putnam

next meeting of the Putnam County choir she and her fiancee, Mr. Robert V. Raymond. Mrs. Reginald Jackson

Real Estate Bonrd at the home of Mrs. Kuenzle, were given a "shower" last will be the hostess.

County, N. Y.

Marion D. Rogers, at Towners, on the Wednesday evening in the form or a Mr. and Mrs Amos Harvey and Rob­

Entered at the Post Office at Brewster

evening of Aug. 23. Mrs. Rogers is op­ picnic at Whaley Lake. All kinds of ert Harvey, of Blnghamton, were week

as second class mail.

ening her home for the evening, and stunts, music and a "Weenie Roast" end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald

inasmuch as we are not having many were enjoyed by about 18 young peo­ Jackson.

meetings, I hope you will make a ple chaperoned by Rev. and Mrs. H.

New Column Started special effort to attend. There are E. Hillery.

many interesting things to be brought Miss Mary Segelken is visiting rela­

In this Issue

up at the meeting. Regional Vice Presitives in Franconia, N. H.

dent Thomas B. Sutton will be pre­ Mrs. A. L. Newcomb and daughter


sent. You may be assured of a pleas­ Miss Florence spent several days this

In Uas issue appears a column ant evening.

week at Cape May, N. J.

headed "Getting Acquainted" which


will run in regular installments. It is

Mrs. Elmer Oonklin has been ill the


all local and about people and things

past ten days and unable to attend


our hew end old readers should en-

to her duties at the telephone switch-

Joy. No one is Immune from this column American Boy Magazine board.

and before material to write about

n(ns its course every bu&me$ and Is Loaded with AdverttureLj*:^^ •"*


professional man and woman in the

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Robinson and son

community will be "written up."

enjoyed a motor trip vacation among

-, northern mountains and lakes the past

A great many of our new readers, THE AMERICAN BOY," states Qrif- week

particularly among the summer resort nth Ogden Ellis, editor, "a round-trip „.' r.rt^tK„ TV,,«-« «* *»«„« **.

sections often want to know more about ticket to a world-wide adwnturJ * * SEFSf 5 S % ^ ^ ' f i S

the people who are so-called natives cruise tS^I, guest , of Mary Dwyer and


and what their life work has been and, "Most boys cannot afford, the lux- fBmU y several wee]ss '

is toward making Brewster a better ury 0f travel but they can afford to' Mrs ' Chartes Sellers and Miss Louise

settle down under a reading lamp and' Austln completed summer courses at

take an imaginative trip to tolgn * ^ *•.:.•: :w

vertisers that this community is no l coming year, will take readers to the Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lyman of

different from any other. Its popula­ atolls of the South Seas in a trading i Greenfield, Mass., were guests of Mr.

tion is constantly changing and nat­ schooner, to the polar wastes behind; and Mrs. E. S. Bloat over Wednesday

urally these new comers are the very a dog team, into the Canadian wild- "Rht.

first to buy the local newspaper to erness with the Mounted Police, Miss Edith Penny is recovering at

find out "Where to Shop" and why. So through the Caribbean with the U. S.jthe Danbury Hospital from an operawhet

her you buy an inch space or a \ Navy, even to the far-away planet of tion performed last week,

page in the Brewster Standard you,Mars in a space ship! lSXBm m m a m Ackerman entertained

«>i There'll be true adventures among| the monthly meeting of the W. 0. T.

be smart and advertise.

the lions and chimpanzees of Africa u. last Friday when Child Welfare and

: e."



Cleaning your furnace

and chimney is good economics. Let the world's largest installers of heating

equipment and air conditioning do the Job by vacuum machine. Tele­

In this day and age the oldest merwith

Captain Carl von Hogman, fa­ the Radio were topics considered. This

chant in any town must realize that

mous explorer and ethnologist. In ad­ Saturday at 10 a. m. the Union will

at least a third of his potential cusdition

there"| be Stories about the hold a food sale in the empty store

tomers don't even know he is alive,

favorite characters of a million boys building next to the A. & P., the pro­

let alone the fact that he has been in

—Bonehead Jim Tierney, detective; ceeds to go to the Educational Fund

business fifty or sixty years, providing

Square Jaw Davis, engineer; Hide- now being raised by all interested In

he Is a non-advertiser.

rack, the red-and-gold collie; Connie total abstinence.

Morgan, and Doughas Renfrew.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred White and son

phone 3970 at our expense.


144 West Street Danbury, Conn.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • H I


Prize Winners At

Firemen's Carnival

There'll be vocational stories that Mr. Dougald White of New York, call­

will help the reader select his life work, ed on several old friends here Mon-

advice on hobbies, sports tips from fa-,day.

mous coaches and players, money-! R ^ and j ^ H E_ Hillery left last


Croton Falls Road Lake Mahopac, N. Y.

earning suggestions, vacation hints, i Saturday evening for the Canadian

Donations from all sources to the and worthwhile contests.

woods where they will spend their va­

8th and Final Week Starting Monday

Ambulance Fund of the Brewster Fire

THE AMERICAN BOY costs only cation.

Department exceed $1,000. The com-

$1 a year, or $2 for three years, for- Mrs. Harry Woodruff, former resi­

* £?i££? distribution of prizes eJgn subscrIptlons 50 centB a year exdent here, greeted old friends one day

as follows:

tra. Send your name, address, and this week.

Ford Car—Rev. Edward V. Dargin, remittance to THE AMERICAN BOY, Mr. Louis Harrison was on the sick

Croton Falls.

7430 Second Blvd., Detroit, Mich. list a part of this week.

August 19th through 24th



by Neefl Coward. An intimate Comedy with


Handmade Bed . Spread—George Service will start with the Issue you

Miss Hilda Moline was operated up­

Birdsall, Croton Lake.

specify. On newsstands, 10c a copy.

on at St. Francis Hospital, Poughkeep-

Cocktail Set—Eileen Durkln.

sie, for appendicitis last week and is

recovering rapiflly.

Staged by James Light

Finished Crest Chairs

new and novel—J3.00-83.50


The Worlds Best (5.50 to 88.00

Sec our line of Oil Cook Stoves In

many new styles.




\. •

£48-281 Main St

Daabary. COSUL

TftoriWT 188

L. A. WILKINSON Auctioneer


Friday, August 23. 1935

10 A. M. D. S. T.

I will sell at public auction the furnishings

of the Southeast House,

Brewster, N. Y., now located in O'Brien

storage barn opposite New York Central

R. R. station, Brewster, N. Y.,

consisting of the following:

15 single size metal beds, 15 full size

metal beds, mattresses, pillows, spreads,

1 chifforobe, 1 wardrobe, 30 oak dress- j

era with mirrors, 10 rockers 8 bed room

tables, 2 large rugs, about 9x12, small

rugs, 2 hall settees, hall carpet, 1 dining

table. 35 oak dining chairs, 25 restaurant

tables, 75 bentwood chairs, 6

barroom tables, small ice box ,coat

trees, lamps, baskets, 10 counter stools,!

6 white glass top tables, 25 ft mahofany

bar with back bar and mirror, 1

work bench. 1 cashier's desk and cigar

case. 1 water cooler and glass rack,

1 large white porcelain ice box, 6 doors,

J restaurant dish sink, 1 large gas

1 stove. 1 Richardson & Boynton Perfect

range, large assortment of glassware,

beer, whiskey, wine and cordial

glasses, water pitchers, water glasses,

beer pipecleaner and compound. 200

i>*n+ paint, 15 gals, white shellac.


The Presbyterian church was the

scene of a very pretty wedding last

Saturday at half past six when Miss

Flora Scaperrotta, only daughter of

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Scaperrotta, was

united in marriage to Mr. Robert

Kuenzle of North Bergen, N. JL, by

Rev. H. E. Hillery. Messrs. Walter

Denton and John C. Sloat served as

ushers while Mr. Paul Townsend gavel

a brief organ recital and Mr. Walter

Moberg sang "I Love You Truly" just

before the bridal party entered to the

strains of Lohengrin's wedding march.

The bride was given away by her father

and was charming in a gown of

white mousseline de sol with a white

picture hat and carried a shower bouquet

of white roses. A friend of the

groom and his wife attended them.

The ceremony was performed before

a bower of beautiful summer flowers

in different tints and a reception and

wedding supper was held later at the

bride's home and after a honeymoon

trip to Newport and other place)} the

young couple will spend some time in

Hartford and probably later in Boston.

Mr. Kuenzle is connected with

the advertising department of the

Curtis Publishing Co. and the happy

couple have the best wishes of many



Parts and Cars

Stone Garage


Repairing — Towing

Brewster 628


Prompt Service


Opposite R. R. Station

Hudson-Sedan, Excellent 976.00

Auburn Sedan-1830 ....$225.00

Also the following reconditlpned


Sedans, Club Sedans, SjjK>rt

Phaeton, Coupe andSedjan- Limousine


from 5100.0V to




69 Main Street. Danbury, Conn

Telephone 1112

"Nee! Coward presents his play nicely polished, cleverly embroidered,

always humorous and witty—lu a lot of fun."—Percy Hammond, N. Y.


, i :/n ••• ' •

»J Tickets, 77c and $1.38—including tax

». . o Every Evening Except Sunday

Tel. Mahopac 858 • Curtain 8:45


Saturday* August 24th

Immediately after the performance. Free to the Audience

Music by the popular Charles Mathewson's Orchestra. Don't Miss It!


Established 1925

Ridgebury Road, Ridgefield, Conn.

P. O. Danbury, Conn.; R. F. D. 1

10th Annual Fall Opening


We would welcome a visit from you to see our Beautiful Specimen pine, hemlock,

spruce, Douglas fir, Colorado blue spruce, etc. Also A 1 varieties or arborvitae,

yews and juniper for foundation planting.

In order to meet competition of surplus stock, much .of it thrown on the market

by bankrupt nurseries, we have again cut our prices.

A" visit to our nurseries w|U show you that we are selling the best stock at a

lower price than any other nurseries in the country.

To reach Langstroth Nurseries from Brewster: Turn right on Route 6 at State

Line where cement starts, turn right on dirt road to Q'd Ridgebury church,

then left on black road, stop at first place on right.

Central Market

281 Main Street DANBURY, Conn.

Phone 4599

Prime RIB ROAST lb 29c

Sirloin, Short and Cube Steaks ,. lb 31c


Closing Out Our Liquors

Canadian Club _„. bottle 3.19

Wolf Creek Rye or Shipping Port Bourbon

Made by Frankfurter Distillery, full qt 1.69

Italian Vermouth, (Martini 8 Rossi) bot 1.39

Specialite Cointreau, bottle 3.49

Four Roses 2.49

Seagram's Five Crown bottle 1.98

"Old Master" Port, Sherry, Muscatel

(7 yrs) bot 39<

Pure Grain Alcohol, 190 proof, full qt.... 1.49

Paul Jones 2.39

Weibel's Ale or Lager, the finest case, 24 bots



These Liquors are for Sale for Connecticut Residents Only.

For Good Health with Ecoru >my


Creed Dairy Products

All Grades of Milk


Phone Brewster 33, Carmel 288

Yes! Thousands Cheer

at the unusual values in our

•l .r,

15th. Anniversary Sale

For fifteen years the Square Deal has had a reputation

for giving bargains, and THIS YEAR


By all means attend this value celebration and

buy all your present and future needs now!


Square Deal

corner of Rose and River Sts., Danbury Conn.

Open Evenings Til 9 p. m. Plenty of Free Parking Space




Eshelman's Dairy and Poultry Feeds

at reasonable prices

We have VIGORO and Commercial fertilizers, grass seeds

and farm accessories


North Main Street Phone 121 Brewster, N. Y.



A MEMORIAL is the final tribute to those we have loved;

a remembrance of close companionships and kindred interests.

We have Designed and Erected many

Memorials for many People. May We

Assist You

Memorial Art Studio

II. J. Myers, Prop., Monuments, Markers, Engraving

P. O. Box 38 TeL 526 86 N. Main St Brewster, N. Y.






Residence - 65 PHONE Office- 158



Mortgage Loans. Mortgages Bought and Sold

Main Street Savings Bank Building Brewster, N. Y.








N*ww,< Yc**k St

58 , N. r.

H at to b t * !* • *





SIRLOIN STEAK .- 48c !&•


ROUND STEAK and Round ground 45c to.

CORN FLAKES 3Pkgs. 23c

BORDEN'S CHATEAU Cheese - 2 P^gs. 29c

APPLES - From The Farm Be lb.


J&esh Picked CQRN ...... 25c doz.

gtagh Picked TOMATOES 3 lbs 25c

Popular Brands of BEER on ice OCcplus


ROLL BUTTER __. 34c lb.

Mergardt's ProgressJIarkt

Main Stua

PSJijinSji- •§}-: B •#' -

re,. 110 Breiy.sftr.jp. Y.

Between five and six hundred were

weU fed and generously served at the

Annual Methodist Corn and Frankfurter

Roast last evening on the spacious

lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bloom*

er. Except for the noise of the Put

train and Judge BaUey's rapid double

back flip from an unsteady camp chair

the party went off without a hitch. We

dare say Rev. Dunn feels quite certain

that he will enjoy heat back of

the pulpit this winter and will take

time out next Sunday to thank those

who made his affair such a great success.

Lest we forget—Mrs. Daniel H.

Bloomer sold single handed over 450

tckets. She would have sold more but

that's the way the five hundred were








,M.y. Tri»fciM tlSI



A. P. Badd, UmamaMk Real

I Mr. and

,». Jr. spent

the week e


Four rooms to rent. 56

15.00. Inquire at New York Stc ss Ella Avery and Miss Anna

N&L& Crane -leave Brewster tomorrow for

FARM FOR SALE; also saw, grist Ocean Grove, N. J.

and cider mill. Adam Morloek.

'•• *. ••o-

FOR RENT—Four rooms aid bath.

Richard Quinn, Turk Hill. 14o6


ROOMS FOR RENT—Apply evenings.

Mrs. B. O. Coolcy. Tel. 363 Brcw



FJ*AT TO RENT—On Main street, aU

modern improvements. H. O. Rack.


FOR RENT— Small cottage, suitable

for two, all improvements. Garage

If desired. John W. Phillips. Mtf

FOR SALE—Pure Bred Ayrshire ball

calves. Wan. A. Sheppard. Tel:, 768-B

Brewster. lOtf

TO RENT—4 rooms, all iprovs*

merits. 125 East Main Street Phone




On account of the prevailing fear of

Between Heats.

The Eno-Clark picnic was held on Matthew Fisher received Instruction

infantile paralysis the Presbyterian Members of the Old Guard enjoyed

Wednesday at Honesdale, Penh. Mr. In Dutch elm disease control at Peek-

picnic has been indefinitely postponed. meeting the grandsons of Samuel Mc­

and Mrs. E. D. Stannard arid family skill last Thursday and Friday and

There is a very large crop of black­


Millan and John R. Vale. So the talk

were among those present. *

will Join in this work shortly.

The Vesper Service for Sunday, the

berries this year.

turned on the horse and buggy age

18th, will be held at 6:30 p. m. on when the justices invaded Putnam on

Mr .and Mrs. James Smith and baby

Bloomer Hill. Lunch will be served. horseback.

of Scranton, Penn., spent Wednesday

The Colored Quartet of Tuskegee In­

with Mr. and Mrs. Lavarn. Mrs. W.

stitute will sing.

Wombel and son of PeekskUl were also

Dr. Marshall and Arthur P. Budd


guests there on the same day.

were, as usual, the last to remove their

Mrs. J. E. "Byrnes and family spent

Mrs. Frank Wells and Miss Mary coats as the humidity deepened. The regular meeting of the Somers

a few days visiting friends . in the

Yale attended a dinner party on Tues­

Garden Club will be held on Wednes­


day evening in honor of the 28th birth­ Boynton Towner happened along as day afternoon, Aug. 21, at the home


day of Mrs. Frank Wells McCabe at his Brewster friends were being sur­ of Mrs. Richard H. Gordon. Members

Ernest Vanderburgh is spending the the home of Mrs. Scott, Mrs. McCabe's rounded by bookies; and at his "Hello are asked to meet at Miss Crooke's,

week end with his father in the Cherry mother, in Lakeville.

there I" the path was cleared to per­ Salem Center, and then to visit the

Valley section.


mit entrance to the stand.

Waccabuc Gladiolus Gardens before

The second birthday of Donald, two-

going on to Mrs. Gordon's.

Mrs. Charles Tuttle and two daughyear-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Justice Tompkins eluded the pursuit New Fairfield baseball club will play

ters, Ernestine and Charlotte, spent Stevens of East Main street, was fit­ of Officer Robert Bruce, but Justice the Croton A. C. on Sunday, Aug. 19,

Wednesday in White Plains.

tingly celebrated last Wednesday even­ Seeger, hailed by the microphone took at 3 p. m. on this field.

o .

ing. About 17 guests, young and old, the reins for his colleague and won Goldens Bridge baseball club won

Mrs. Percy Stuart entertained the were invited in to participate in danc­ handily.

at Brewster Thursday evening 10-3.

Tuesday Club on-Aug 6th at Manuring, games and refreshments In hon­

• - o

ing Club, near Rye, at luncheon.* The or the occasion.

high scores at contract were held by

Inquiries for the Wells family re­ Vesper Service, Aug. 18

Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Reed.

vealed they were in Maine, but some

George Young has an interesting set­ of them will go to Lexington. On Bloomer Hill

up for studying the busy bees who in­

August Bader of. Tilly Foster vaded our south wall A glass framed R. Hbeffner, of Goshen, ex-potato

to New York City Tuesday for treat­

box at the point of entrance permits, grower, won in three straight heats

ment of an old break in his left leg

the sight of the bees at work and re

by Dr. Flynn of that city and Maho-

the pacing race for horses slower than

veals the fate of drones who are stung

ATTRACTIVE apartment, sic rooms pac.

2:07 at Goshen on Tuesday, carrying

to death, and no questions asked, at

and bath $20. Also garage for tiro cars.

off the purse and the Lobdeli Trophy.

• i • o

the first lapse into leisure or executive

A. P. Budd. 6tf

Highland Worthy, b. h., raised, trained

Irene Smalley celebrated her eleventh class conduct.

and driven by Mr. Hoeffner seemed to

birthday on Aug. 14 and enjoyed a

FOR SALE—4 room bnngalc bath,

enjoy sharing the honors with his

birthday party of eleven children and

on Tonetta Lake. Cheap. Inqt TeL

On Saturday evening friends of Mrs. master.

received a number of presents and


E. D. Stannard enjoyed the celebration

2tf games and songs. Refreshments were of her birthday at a dinner party at Mary Reynolds received many call­

A new and better way to shave has served.

the Gay Nineties followed by contract ers. She seemed to have as keen humor

been found. Ask about "TRVON


at her home. Mrs. Stannard was more as the Babcocks and to take Grey­

SHAVE" now at Hopes Dm* Store. "Curly Top" has all the elements of or less surprised until she marshalled hound's day in good part.

Ten days use free If not satisfied. 15p2 fine clflan entertainment .for young all the facts. Mrs. E. W. Addis and

and old and 'shows.: the diminutive Dr. Robert S. Cleaver held the high

WANTED TO RENT—House of five star at her versatile best. There will cards. «#

or six rooms with improvements in be a special matinee for the children

Brewster or within reasonable radios. on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Brewster Lodge, No. 457, I. O. O. P.,

Phone Brewster 82. 14tf

o ••

will hold an open air Sunday picnic lniing


jumpers and saddle horses. W^st Terrace

Riding Club, Danbury, Conn.

Telephone 3272. 1406

> The next Larger Vesper Service will

be held on Sunday evening, August 18,

Dan Bloomer Hill In Brewster at 6:30

o'clock. Those who desire to eat supper

on the grounds may do so any time

after 6 o'clock. There will be Vesper

Service markers to direct those attending

the service to the place of the

meeting. A splendid view of the surrounding

landscape is afforded from

the top of this hill so It is suggested

that you come early and tarry after

the meeting to enjoy the restfulness

of such a view. Those attending are

requested not to park their cars to

The Washington Hotel at Newburgh the south and west because this will

proved happy shelter from the storm. hide the landscape from the group.

There were post cards on sale, remind­ The special feature of this service

ers that "On this spot George Wash- will be the singing by a quartet of stu­

ton refused a crown,

Ralph Santorelll, Jr., and his friend,

dents from the Tuskegee Institute. The

the Immediate future for members of

story of the work of this Institution

Fred Benson, of the Catholic School; the lodge and their families." Members I

The Seeger's barn has a new weath-

for the Blind, called at our office yes­

which was founded by Booker T.

of Athena Rebekah Lodge will also be er vane> i^^g m^ a rooster. Reminds Washington will be told by one of the

terday. Fred is enjoying the country

invited to attend. The picnic wilt be an 0ne of the days before the voting ma- group of students .The program for

and the lovely shade trees that shelall

day affair. Place and date will be chines when a mark by the chick in- the evening promises to be very Inter­

GIRL WANTED, between 25 and

ter the Santorelli's home where he and

announced soon. Harvey Martin, Har­

40, to take care of small house and

Ralph play.

sured a full dinner pall.

esting and profitable. Plan to attend

old Neubert and James Foster are the

and bring others with you.ln the event

assist in care of baby. Address Drawer

committee In charge of arrangements, Whether Washington was crowned of rain the meeting will be held In the

8, Brewster.

15tf Miss Althea Sherwood, secretary of


with thorns, the sure reward of Brewster Methodist church.

Howard C. Hopson, of the Associated The Presbyterian Ladies Aid society those who serve their country, no one

DO NOT THROW your June away.

Gas and Electric Company, Miss Mar- j neid a covered dish luncheon and could say. But an old river boatman

All kinds of meaals bought, also cars

garet Mackey, secretary of the Put-jbrldge at vall's, Peach Lake on Aug. told us the Hudson altered its course

for wrecking. Highest prices pi id. CaX nam County Savings Hank, and Mr. 9tn There were fOUJteen tables and;in Orange county.

Patterson 80.

and Mrs. Theron Hopkins are spend­ winning scores were held by: 0

ing their vacation at Valeria Hall, Mrs. H. M. ReynoMs, Mrs. Wash-| Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Richie and Mr.



burn, Mrs. B. Rundle, Miss Maryland Mrs. H. H. Donley enjoyed a day


"Judge" Albro Travis witnessed a 'O'Connor, Mrs. Wallace Hopkins, Mrs. at Mohonk and cleaned up the bontl-


distresslng accident last Thursday at I Bert Hart. Mrs. Kunkel, Mrs. G. Rey-jful, festive board,


the training school he attended in nolds, Mrs. Burt, Miss Keefe, Mrs.



Bee Leon S. Mygatt, Putnam Coasts

Savings Bank Bonding. TeL 16, Brewster.


FOR RENT—Apartment house, 6

rooms and bath at 111 Main St, also

» house at 60A Marvin Avenue, 4

rooms, electric lights and water. N.

CioccolantL lltf

FOR SALE— Tender, ddttcious sweet

corn, lima beans, tomatoes, apples for

sauce or pies. Abundance and Burbank

plums for canning, at my orchards

on Joe's HU1 Road. .Albert J.

Potter. 16pl

1 preparatory to going to work Homer Smith, Mrs. Donley, Mrs. Henry

on the government project to combat;Haas, Miss Peene, Miss Leary.

Dutch elm disease locally. A fellow j 0

student, Charles Haight of PeekskUl,

fell from a tree a distance of about! The next one of those very popular

30 feet and suffered a fractured ankle Amateur Nights wUl be held under the

and a broken knee cap. Haight Is mar- auspices of the Brewster Fire Dept. at

rled and has two children. "Judge" was' Pietsch's Garden, Friday evening, Aug.

working on the same tree at the time 1 23. Contestants are requested to get

of the accident s A great crowd laughed themselves

Into better health last Monday evening

watching the Brewster Lions vs. Moses

Taylor Post, donkey baseball game

on Simeon Brady's farm, Somers.

o •

Miss Mary Curran Is the guest of

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Burns this week.


. in touch with Daniel Brandon at Mrs. Robert Hau.and Mrs. Mae Sher­

Brewster or Wm. Pietsch at Peach wood were guests

The outlook of case eggs In the Lake. The time is limited so if you

United States were lower on July 1 can act—act quickly. There will be

than in any year since 1921, excepting -big cash prises and dancing after the

1932, and were 16 per cent below the show. The proceeds,will go toward the

average of the past five years. Ambulance Fund.

WANTED by Doctor's family with

children, a second girl willing to cook.

TeL 154 Brewster. 16tf

FOR RENT—4 rooms, bath, dining

alcove; gas and electric, large enclos- WANTED— To buy used

ed porch; a beauty; free steam heat Machine. Call Brewster 656

all winter; new, modern, quiet and

private; walking distance of R. R.

and school. $32. U. B. Smith, Purdys.











- The Lions Club dinner-dance is set

for Tuesday evening, Aug 20 at the

ever popular Blue Ribbon Casino. Mr.

Marasco, the proprietor has promised

a special entertainment.

of Mrs. George

Schembeck, of Pearl River, N. Y., on


Star of Brewster Circle, Companions

of the Forest, will celebrate then* 33d

anniversary on Monday, August 19, by

The Brewster Garden Club met with I giving a supper at the home of Mrs.

Miss Pfelffer last Tuesday afternoon P. Thomas, Oak street, at 6 p jn. for

and were greatly favored with a talk members of the lodge.

sewing by Miss Khrobroff on "Abandoned! o -

lCpl Gardens of Dalmatia." It was accom- The card party for'the benefit of St.

i panled by lantern slides of most beau- Lawrence church, to be held Thursday

FOUND— Boston Bull Dog, male, | tif ul pictures taken by an artist friend j evening, August 22, in the Parochial

no collar, has been turned in to Officer traveling with Miss Khrobroff. The School HaU will accommodate fifty odd

Schaefer. Phone 77 Brewster to garden sculpture and architecture and tables. Bingo will occupy one alcove,


scenic effects showing the cypress and and the prizes and refreshments the

plane trees and shores of the Adriatic other. Mrs. A. Santorelll and her com-


Sea were most unusual and Miss m it tee extend a cordial welcome to ail

Would party, who found ring with four

diamonds last April, return It to the

Standard office.


Trucking, moving and cleaning cesspools.

Night and day service. Dick's

Cottage, Sodom, Brewster, New York.


Specials This Week


Legs of FOWLS 35


27 "29







Fame, Fortune, Opportunity

await the three Lucky Winners



EVacb Lake, North Salem. N. Y.

Sat., Aug. 17

Direction of Nagle o Barry ii

conjunction with Atlantic City

National Beauty Contest


18 to 30 yrs.—Pro or Amateur

Music by Al Sagaroy and His

Famous Band

For Information Phone

Danbury 704 or No. Salem 642-F-24

Khrobroff's charming manner and card players of Brewster and vicinity.

style of description held her audience

closely. It is hoped that she may be Summary of Pars In Putnam Golf Match

secured later to give her talk on "The

Imperial Gardens of Russia."

o •

Carl I. Kellogg, member of the Ma-

Substantial progress is being made hopac Club and Putnam County Golf

on reconstruction of the FishkilN- Championship committee put himself

Stormvule highway which wUl connect j

Fresh Young


3 lb. Average

to *» arduous task last week. Of course

with the new Hopewell-Brinckerhoff I lt was a heated argument that prompthighway

at Brinckerhoff, with the Po'- ed A"* to /PECIAL*< ni


It will pay you well to stock up on these


Daring the coming week we are are offering especially attractive

values to prove that it pays to patronize


Super Special

Super Special

75c McKesson's

49c McKesson's


100 for




Super Speciaj

Super Special

McKesson's .


Milk of




100 Tablets for

29* '


the honor of being the toughest par

on the Mahopac course. Also^tve mentioned

In our story last week that the'

4th hole was an easy par 4. Mr. Kellogg

discovered that only 14 golfers

make a complete check of turned in par 4's on this hole and at

keepsie-PawUng highway at Gayhead, cards turned in by 103 contestants to the second hole a par 3 only eight

with the Taconlc parkway east of Gay- determine what hole on the course was made 3's. This is getting to be interhead

and with the StormvUle moun­ the hardest. "Figures don't lie." said esting so we're publishing the numtain

highway. Grading of the right-of- Mr. KeUogg. So the gentleman who ber of pars made on aU holes. You

way has been completed and all pre­ has never eaten a corn flake in his life will readily note that the handicap

liminary structures, such as bridges has submitted to the Standard the stroke column should be revised. The

and culverts, have been installed. Con­ information as follows:

revised handicap stroke column becrete

pouring of one strip started at It was stated In the Brewster Standing printed in bold figures.

PishkiU and it has been completed to ard last week that the 14th hole was

the Wlccopee Grange hall. The first considered the toughest par on the This point is also worthy of special

strip will be continued to the Arcadia course—a par 4. Now let's look at the mention that among the flights of six­

farms and then the second strip wiU! records. Among 103 golfers only five teen only one golfer defaulted and he

be started back to the Post road inter­ made a par 4 on the 14th, but at the had a very good reason. Where have

section at FishkUl.

12th, which is a par 4—430 yards, only you ever heard of such interest in a

4 golfers turned in par figures; so golf tournament? Nowhere, but in the

from now on lt'U be the 12th that gets Putnam County Golf Championship.


Anderson Drug

36-38 Main St. Brewster, N. Y.

Italian I^C^a*

Cut Rate Liquor Shop

76 White St. Danbury, Conn.

(formerly 68 White St.)

Straight Whisky (18 mos. old, half pt. vQA

Port, Sherry, Muscatel WINE, 1-5 gal. ZcJC


King Arthur Gin (Seagram's) 1-5 gal. 99c

AMERICAN GIN, 1-5 gal _

Green River, this blend

7 yrs. 6 mos. old, full qt. ...

Three Feather, 1-5 gal.

Old Quaker, full quart.

Straight Apple Brandy

(18 mos. old) full quart __,

Gingerale, Lime Rickey, 28 oz. bots., 3 for 25 c


Shop in Your Leisure Hours — Open daily 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

These Liquors are Advertised for Connecticut Patrons Q)nly

3 6 0 0 5 1 7 3 1 2 430 4 7 4 I

4 430 4 8 14 7 13 485532512

5 160 3 16 28 13 14 417 4 6 5/2

6 650 5 2 11 5 15 357 4 10 24 II

7 275 4 12 28 15 16 444 5 6 29 14

8 210 3 18 13 6 17 157 3 18 31 16

81603 17 3418188504 1182 17


Grand Opening

The Brewster Leading Market

Beat Barrios

62 Main Street

Free Delivery Lowest Prices

Phone 76 Brewster

Splendid Meat. Skillful Service

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Chop Meat 20c


Prime Bib Boast 34c

Chuck Boast 25c

Chuck Boast-boned 32c

Steak 28c

Breast Veal 15c

Also a full line of Fresh Killed Poultry






Sunday Masses

St. Joseph's. Croton Falls, 9

a. m.

every Sunday except the second Sunday.

Second Sunday Mass 10:30 a. m.

St. Michael's, Goldens Bridge. 9 a. m.

Lincolndale School, 7 a. m.

Mrs. Alexander Vanderburgh is recovering

satisfactorily from an operation

for appendicitis performed at

Northern Westchester Hospital.


Suburban Water Works


All Kinds of Pumping Machinery

Drilled Through Earth and Bock


Oarrnd Aveos* Brewster, N. Y.





Timken Silent Automatic Oilburners for present heating plants

—Oilboilars Air-Conditioning Oilf urnuces - Waturheater*.



Johnson Motors, Crunow Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Fishing Tackle

Psuli Block, 65 White St., DANAURy, Conn.


Without obligating ms in any way, you may sand details of you*

summer offer.









ther Freddie to a round of 9 holes and

he was to use only a niblic and putter.

Freddie beat him one up.

Artesian Well Drilling

Christian Science Services. Not much to say about last week

Services of First Church of Christ

end. It cleared up too late to entice

A beefsteak party was tendered to

The Purdys Garage has delivered to Mrs. Harrison swanson and Mrs.

Scientist, Katonah, N. Y., are held In

any one but golfers and swimmers

the members of Vail's winning baseball

Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Martin an atJohn

Anderson have gone to Mechan-

church home, The Terrace, off Bedford

out, in fact It was darn good weather

team and their wives and friends last

tractive Ford Coupe.

tcsville, N. Y. to visit Mrs. Anderson's

Preparations for the North Salem

Louis Malanchuk

Road, Katonah.

to catch up on lost sleep, though we

Saturday evening on the beautiful

Berkely H. Grey, Jr., who underwent daughter, Mrs. Harold Seaman.

D. N. A. annual card party at Blo­ Croton Falls, N. Y.

Sunday service at 11:00 o'clock.

did miss the ball game and both Vails

estate of Mr. and Mrs. Dryfus near

an operation for the removal of his

omerslde go on apace, and the usual

Mr .and Mrs. Douglas Campbell

Sunday school at 0:80 o'clock.

and Pietschs missed their crowd of

Deans Corners. Mr. Dryfus is quite a

tonsils at the Northern Westchester

good time is assured, so buy your tic­

Phone 265

have been entertaining Mr. Campbell's

Testimonial meeting every Wednes­

Sunday parkers.

baseball fan himself and has attend­

Hospital, Mount Kisco, on Monday, Is

ket (for only fifty cents!) and save

sister, brother-in-law and son, also

ed some of the games at Vails field.

now able to be about with his play­

the late, which is Thursday, August

Mr. Campbell's father, of Troy, N. Y.

day evening at 8 o'clock.

Most of the rented cottages are now

The party was held In the Play House



Uncle Ab says many a motorist finds

over last week end.

a hitch among even the best of hitch

Reading Room open on Tuesday and occupied until the close of the sea­

located on the estate In what was for­ Miss Fitzpatrick and Miss Barker, The Harlem Valley State hospital Mrs. Percy P. Carroll and Mrs. Reg­


Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 5:00 son and we can settle down to the job

merly a barn and which has been re­ Of Peeksklll, and Mrs. Edw. SeBoyar team played the local team on Wedinald M. Jackson are the committee

except holidays.

of getting acquainted.

modeled into a beautiful play room, and son Gerald, of White Plains, were nesday evening and won easily over in charge of arrangements; Mrs. Rob­ Refreshments will be served in the

Mr. and Mrs. Brennan and daugh­

with a large fire place at each end and Friday afternoon visitors, of the Miss­ the latter 12 to 1.

ert Loeb has charge of tickets and Mrs. usual D. N. A. manner, and a large

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ters of New York City, have rented

a wonderful dance floor. The lighting es Mary and Ella Fuller.

The District Nursing Association Frank A. White, with Mrs. Norellus is attendance is expected. All for fifty

"Soul" is the subject of the Lessonthe

Frazier cottage, "Cool Edge," on

system consists of chandeliers made Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Knapp spent will hold a card party in Bloomerslde looking after the prizes, so we know cents!

Sermon In all Churches of Christ, Sci­

Lake Shore Drive.

of real wagon wheels and oxen yokes a few days last week as the guests of on Thursday evening, August 29 at that will be well done .

Don't fail to be present.

entist, on Sunday, August 18.

Mr. and Mrs. Qulnn of Brooklyn, suspended from the roof beams. The Mr and Mrs. Eliot F. Stearns at Lake 8:30. Prizes, refreshments and ad­

The Golden Text Is: "I will set my

have rented the Watson cottage on Or­ steaks were broiled on a large outdoor Dunmore, Vermont, and on their mission are included in the fifty cents

tabernacle among you: and my soul

chard Drive.

grille and were served sandwich style homeWard Journey stopped for a visit for a ticket.

shall not abhor you. And I shall walk

Mr. and Mrs. Munson of Scarsdale, with all the trimmings and liquid re­ with Mr. and Mrs. Louis H Drinkwine The Croton Falls Fire Department

among you, and will be your God, and

have rented the Reld cottage on Lake freshments that go with such a feed. at their camp cottage near Mineville, was called out to a brush fire at the

ye shall be my people." (Leviticus 28:

Shore Drive for the month of Aug.


New York.

Outhouse farm, Saturday afternoon.

11, 12).

Mr. and Mrs. Hurley of New York Duke Wilson was the official chef, Mrs. Cora Mezger was a guest of Mrs. John Anderson and Mrs. Har­

City, have rented Walter Miller's large


Among the citations which comprise

ably assisted by Ed Lyon. Milt Wilson, her niece, Miss Madelalne Moore, of rison Swanson are spending several

cottage on Lake Shore Drive for Aug.

the Lesson-Sermon Is the following

our erstwhile second baseman cooked Mount Kisco, from Friday until Tues­ days in Mechanlcsville, N. Y. with

Mr. and Mrs. simmLs of the Bronx,

from the Bible: "O bless our God, ye'

the corn, because almost anyone can day.

Mrs. Anderson's daughter.

are guests at the Brunnlng cottage on

people, and make the voice of his praise

boll water.

Mrs. Jennie Totten, who is enjoying Mr. and Mrs. Pameteir and son and

Lake Shore Drive.

to be heard: Which holdeth our soul

a month's vacation from her duties

Mrs. Emma Hulsch of Malverne, L.

Rah Wilkoc. our famous shortstop,

A. D. Campbell, Sr,., of Troy returned

In life, and suffereth not our feet to be

in New York City, has been spending

I., spent last week with Mrs. Anna

can field a ball better than he can

home after spending several days with before you pay

moved." (Psalms 66:8. 9).

a fortnight with her son-in-law and

Johnson at Tremont Cottage on Lake

"feel" a few mugs of beer, while Aug

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell here.

daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Philip And­

The Lesson-Sermon also Includes the gnore Drive. Mrs. Hulsch Is a Gold

Wilkoc, his big brother, spent the ev­

Mrs. W. Wombel, of Peekskill, N.Y.

rews, of Avalon, Pa. Mrs. Totten ex­

following correlative selection from the star Mother.

ening showing everyone the new dance

spent Saturday with Mrs. E. C. Out­ another

pects to motor home tomorrow with

textbook of Christian Science, "Sci­

steps his best girl taught him.


Mr. and Mrs. Donchin of New York

the Andrews' family who will remain •£ Mr. and Mrs. George Rote, of Chatence

and Health with Key to the Scrip- City, have rented the Herman cottage Big George Dlckerson, our catcher. for a week's visit. z ham, N. Y. spent the week end with heating bill!

tures," by Mary Baker Eddy: "Man's ;on orchard Drive for August. They who Is used to smoking those five cent

Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Ell and two Mr .and Mrs. William Rote.

individual being can not more die nor are friends of Mr. and Mrs. Kushman Cremos, couldn't stand the gaff of a

daughters, Lois and Phyllis, of Bridge­ Mrs. Wllie, of Brooklyn, N. Y. js,

disappear In unconsciousness than'wno nave the Payne cottage for the forty cent cigar and appeared a bit

"D EFORE another ton of coal

port, spent Sunday with Mrs. Ell's spending a few weeks with Mr. and

can Soul, for both are Immortal." (p.

dizzy or perhaps it wasn't the cigars.

•^•^ goes into your basement—


mother, Mrs. J. H. Martin.

Mrs. Arthur Smith.

427: 5-7).

Ed Lyons, that grand old man on first

before you pay another month's

Phil Kenny has just launched his

Miss Ruth Shay is now employed

base, maintains as good a batting av­

new sail boat and is offering a reward

was glad there was no score to keep. by Miss Priest the welfare worker for

staggering bill for the convenience


erage with the beer as he does with a

for an appropriate name. Jane Vande-

Gosh that would have been some score. the Town of Somers, N. Y.

of automatic heat—let us show Oil-O-Matic low operating costs.


Rev. Charles A. Dann, Pastor venter suggested calling it "The Goon,"

Tarzan Ernie Watson, the boy won­

Church School 1C a. m.

but Uncle Willie after taking a look Earl Tompkins, our star pitcher, was der who picks them out of the clouds

Katy-didB have been heard here for

you how economically you can Call or telephone right away

Morning service 11 a. m.

at the tub suggested something better. the best behaved at the party. Why out in left field insisted on climbing

more than a week.

heat your home with Williams for FREE Heating Survey of

Epworth League 6:30 p. m. , Freddy Grey, better known as the shouldn't he be? He had his sister around the rafters and every time Dot Mr. and Mrs. William Purdy an­ Oil-O-Matic! Or if you have an your home.

Evening service 7:30 p. m.

David Harum of Peach Lake, is now Florence with him and they are not wanted a dance she would have to coax nounced the engagement of their old-fashioned obsolete oil burner,

swapping his navy for a fleet of Fords. like the daisies they sometimes tell. him down. She should have brought daughter, Beulah to Mr. Joseph find out how much you'll save

He has acquired a Model T coupe and Scott Fithian who gets most of them a bag of peanuts.

Brown, Jr., of Somers at a party on every month with a latest model


Presbyterian Church

a racing model he bought from Floyd out in center fie'.d cured a bad tooth­ Johnny Law, ,our former catcher, Saturday evening.



Rev. Murray H. Gardner


ache by drinking beer. After all it's one of the famous "Pour Horsemen" Miss Mary Slota is visiting her

Sou (>,,(i

Sunday Services

Far be it from us to accuse Jack better than cocaine.

of Notre Dame, was present and on mother in Yonkers for a few weeks.

10 a. m. Bible School.

Jacobl of two timing, but wc did see Harry Payne kept asking what In­ his good behavior.

Mrs. Kate Ryden and Mrs. Mary $pQ

11 a. m. Morning service.

him with Marion Massey the other ning is this? He wanted to take up Bob Sherman who gets them out in Morrisey of New York City spent the Only a Week


the collection.

right field had his banjo with him and week end with Thomas Qulnan.

And now you can enjoy genuine *249

Old P.ihit Luke's Church of Somen

George Dickinson challenged his bro­ Ed Kling, our official scorekeeper, with Gardner Peene, one of our handy

Oil-O-Matic heat for only $1.90 a

L ( omfyUirly liututll'l

Rev. Robert N. Turner, Rector

men who plays the piano, provided the

week — installed in the average

Every Sunday.

orchestra for some excellent close har­

home complete with storage tank.

8 a. m. Holy Communion.


First Sunday of each month.

Freddie Dickenson, our efficient um­

You can arrange to buy your y^ WILLIAMS ^g~\

8:30 a. m. Church School.

pire, didn't call any strikes on the Tony Ciocolanti & Bro. Oil-O-Matic under the generously


10:30 a. m. Holy Communion and

boys but he could have called some of

easy terms of the National Hous­


them out.

ing Act—with up to 3 years to

All other Sundays.

Mlbs Fithian and Marion Vail' surely General Contractor

pay I Get complete estimate of

2:10 p. m. Church School.

did punish those steaks.

3:30 p. m. Evening Prayer and Ser­

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vail, Sr., sure and Mason


!y did enjoy seeing those boys and

Holy Days.

gals having such a good time but had

8 a. m. Holy Communion.

to leave early.

Telephone 371 Higson's There were about 50 guests present.

Perhaps it was fortunate that it


rained Sunday so that the teams win­ Brewster, N. Y.

J North Salem, N. Y.

ning streak could be continued.

Sunday Mass at 10:30.

Sunday, the 18th, Vails will play

2nd Sunday at 9.

their old enemies, the Yonkers Gas &

Saint James Church, North Salem

Rev. Robert N. Tamer, Rector

First Sunday of each month,

2:15 p. m. Church School.

3 p. m. Evening Prayer and Sermon.

Second Sunday of each month.

9:45 a. m. Church School.

10:30 a. m. Holy Communion and


All other Sundays.

9:45 a^ m. -Church School.

10:30 a, m."Morning Prayer and Sermon.



• '3 years to pay the balance

Electric team. So far the score is even

but it will be different after this game.

The game wil lbe played on Vail's field,

Peach Lake road. There is plenty of

parking space and no admission charged.

Game called at 2:30 p. m.

The dance at Vail's pavilion last

Saturday night proved to be one of the

most sociable affairs we have had this

season. The young folks turned out in


great numbers. A few intimate moments

were injected into the dance

when it was announced that one of

the young ladies present was celebrating

her 17th birthday. The orchestra

Church of St Lawrence OToolc

36 Prospect Street, Brewster, N. Y.

. Rev. Thomas G. Philbin, Rector

Rev. Jeremiah J. Quill

Sunday Masses 7 a. m.. 9 a. m., 11

a. m.

Weekday Mass 7 a. m.

Communion Sundays. 1st Sunday,

Rosary Society, 7 o'clock Mass. Children

9 o'clock Mass Altar Society.

2d Sunday, Holy Name Society, 7

o'clock Mass.

3d Sunday, Children of Mary 7

o'clock Mass.

1st Friday, Masses at 5:30 and 7

o'clock. Communion also at 6 a. m.

6:30 a. m. and 8 a. m.

Confessions Saturday afternoon and

evening. 4:30 to 6, 7:30 to 9.

Thursday before the 1st Friday, 4

to 6. 7:30 to 9.


Sunday Mass 10 a. in.

These remarkably easy U. S. Government terms make it

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you in the slightest. Just mail the coupon or call on us.

copy of


played "Happy Birthday to You,"

which was followed by Mr. Genovese,

the crooner of the orchestra singing

"Stay as Sweet as You Are." The young

lady happened to be Miss Martha Mack

who was seen dancing most of the evening

with George Vandeventer. Brother

Henry was accompanied by Peggy

Sands of Yonkers. Miss Blakley, daughter

of our famous Judge was also in

the party. Billy Giesen was with Miss

Mary Gilligan who looked stunning in

her black evening gown. A!ec Steinmetz

had quite a party with him, among

whom we saw sister Oracle with Frank

Lang. Next Saturday, the 17th, Budde

Goodsell will be with us again. Budde

is a favorite with the young folks and

we should have another big night. Admission

is 55 cents including the tax.

Miss Frances Nowicki has taken a

position in Yonkers and will be with

us only on week ends. We are wondering

what Eddie Mitchell will do to


< rot on Palls, New York

Rev. Edward V. Dargin, J. C.

Timken Economy". It's a collection of actual

experiences in heating economy by Timken

users. Free for the asking.

pass the time away between week ends.

Bill Polye entertained Armand Siepa

of Scarsdale, one of his. classmates at

St. Lawrence University over the week



Service Station

125 White Street Danbury, Conn.


Miss Marie Gunnigle of Queens Village,

is spending a week with her cousin

Helen at the Polye cottage on Orchard


The kiddie parties held at the Campers

Grove each Wednesday afternoon

have proved very popular with the

young folks. We have the largest assemblage

of youngsters that has ever

been seen any season at the lake. Miss

Eli nor e Wilkoc is the hostess and has

been ably assisted by Martha and

Barbara Mack. Frances Nowicki and

Jane Vendeventer These parties are

sponsored by the Vail's Park Association,

Inc. It is a wonderful sight to

see these youngsters playing the various

games and contests for which they

receive prises.

The Hamburger roast at the Campers

Grove last Saturday night was quite

a success. Al Steinmetz and Ed Connolly

were the chefs assisted by O'Bie

who is the chief coffee taster. Every

continued on page 7

North Salem D. N. A.

Plans Benefit Party

Typical Station • to- Station

Day Kales from There are still a lot of good week*

BREWSTER to eDUS ahtf * A

SliD plenty of time to enjoy revisits you're getting up a patty in a hurry.

Ai monk Village 25c to scenes of summer vacation, spur- The few cents it costs to call nearby

Chapp&qua *$ c of-the-moment outings at the beach, points is far more than offset by the

Hastina? mJ^ * Saturday and Sunday at the lake. pleasure you will have and the time

Irving ton ............... 30c Your telephone will help you get and trouble you will save. Even to

Larchmont 85c more fun out of these week-ends— distant places, a few nickels go a long

Mamaroneck 30c nothing like it for making last min- way, especially after 7 p.m. when rates

. Kisco 20c ule ,tservjuioa!i Gr other necessary are generally reduced about 40%

Ml. > i-nioii

Port Chester

35c ,. . . .

30c a

" . * .,, ...

franu Tunis. « you intend to share on station-co-station calls for which

White Plain* 30c your i - i with congenial frieuus don't the day rate is over 35^. New York

Yonkers 35c forget the telephone—especially if Telephone Company.

Haiti ait for am iuitial J mimt.it

talking Juried, outfit ubut tbrf art

ait »r "•". to** the initial fitnod it "CAVE AFTER SFVFN"

,mJmuU,. H$ tax u*Uu tbt total •»• AMBK StVtN

tUrgt it set or mart. NOW MEANS MOKE—YOU SAVE MORE

Make the Most of Week-Ends . . Telephone Ahead



coming annual meeting. The commit-! prizes were arranged among beautiful was Mrs. Massey, the consolation prize neighbor, Bro. George Dunham was and Mrs. F. Moeske and daughter,

tee appointed was Ben Koch, chairman, j bouquets of garden flowers and made went to Mrs. Freeney.

the chef, he roasted the wienies and Beatrice, Miss Edith Wlcnhold, Mr.

Sealed proposals under Section 320-B

Ed Herbert, E .C. O'Brien, George a very pretty showing. The prize win­ The Pietsch Association held anoth­ cooked them some of VaU's delicious

of the Highway Law for furnishing continued from page 6

and Mrs. Geo. Shilling, Miss Anna

Dunham, Judge Wilson and Ed Lyon. ners were: Auction bridge: A. A. Bert, er of their sociable card parties at corn and how they packed the stuff were: Mr. and Mrs. Al Moody, Mr.

the necessary equipment, tools, labor one agreed they were good chefs. The Word has again been received from Mrs. F. C. Warner, Mrs. R. Schaefer, their pavilion last Monday evening. away. After everyone was filled, with Ryall, Miss Marion Falkner, Mr .and

and materials for the surface treat­ new Grille was used for the first time far off Honolulu that the daughter of Mrs. John Haas, G. J. White, Mrs. A. Mrs. Seynovl was the hostess and had food of course, the party turned in to

ment of County Project No. 4, Robin- and it worked great. Next Saturday Mr. and Mrs. James Stevens has been Hiller, Mrs. Buck, Mrs. E. Kling, Mrs.

Mrs. Thomas Donough and son, Frank,

some very useful prizes and delicious a sing fest lead by Miss Beatrice

sontown Schoolhou.se—Farmers Mills weather permitting we will have a named Anne Carroll Stevens. Grand­ J. W. Bert, Mrs. E. Poyle, Joe Man- refreshments. The prizes winners

Mrs. Leona Hudson, Mr. Richard Par­

Moeske. The favorite song of the

road, in the town of Kent, length 1.70 real Spaghetti dinner with meat balls pa Ed Herbert has been receiving the' cusi, Mrs. H. Simls, Madeline Kling, were: J. R. Shays, Dot Koch, Mrs.

is, Mr. and Mrs. C. Smith, of Bay

evening was, "Lets all sing like the

miles, will be received by the under­ and sauce. Dr. Picoli will be the chef congratulations of his many friends j Contract bridge: Mrs. G. Perault. Benedlno, Mrs. J. R. Shays, Mrs.

Ridge, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Longstreet.

Birdies Sing". Among those present

signed until one o'clock Standard Time assisted by Al Steinmetz, Al Moody, at the lake even from Ben Koch. These parties are held every Friday Coursens and Mrs. Ed Kling. These

continued on page 8

in the afternoon of August 6th, 1935. Ed Connolly, Bert Frawley and Lish Congratulations are again in order.; evening at 9 p. m. Admission is 50 parties are held every Monday even-

Bids must be plainly marked "Seal­ O'Brien.

We have Just learned that Miss Beulah cents including prizes and refreshtog at 9 p. m. Admission is 50 cents.

ed Proposal" and addressed to Rich­ At the meeting of the Vail's Park Purdy and Joe Brown have become enments. The hostesses this week are The Bunco Parties at Vails Pavilion

ard Michell, County Superintendent of Association, Inc., held at the Grove gaged and that "Dewey" is the proud Mrs. E. Connolly and Mrs. Huff. are proving very popular, especially


Highways, Brewster, N. Y. Each pro­ last Saturday night with Bert Praw­ recipient of a beautiful diamond en­ Mrs. O. B. Hawley was the hostess with the young folks, who seem to get

posal must be accompanied by a certiley presiding the nominating commitgagement ring. Congratulations and at an afternoon bridge and lunch a big thrill when their name Is called LADIES and GENTS TAILORING

fied check for 5% of the amount of tee was appointed to present the names best wishes.

held at the Frawley cottage, "The for a prize. The winners this week

the gross bid and payable to "E. D. of the officers to be voted on at the The Ladles Aid of the Presbyterian Shanty," Tuesday afternoon. There Were: Jean Sullivan, Jeanne Shays, Pressing 50c Cleaning $1.00 - also Repairing

Stannard, County Treasurer," In a

church, Brewster, held a covered dish were four tables in play and several Jean Juengst, Frank Carney. Mrs.

separate envelope plainly marked

lunch and bridge at Vail's pavilion non players. Those present were Mrs. Johnson, Virginia Creet, Helen E. SENSATIONAL CUT IN CLOTHING PRICES

"Certified Check." Specifications may


last Friday afternoon .The lunch was J. B. Frawley, hostess, Mrs. Helen Faber, Mildred Ortland, Edward Ca­

be examined at the office of the County

Superintendent, 32 Main Street, Completion of Assessment

served under the trees In the grove af­ Moore. Mrs. George Dunham, Mrs. Ed hill, Anne Goivan. These Bunco The result is a saving to you of $5.00, $7.50 and as high as

Brewster, N. Y.

Notice is hereby given that the Aster

which all repaired to the pavilion Kling, Mrs. J. Ballnt, Mrs. Newkirk, Parties are held every Tuesday even­

$10.00 on a Suit

sessors of the Town of Southeast, N.

where bridge was enjoyed for the rest Mrs. Wm. Hubbel, Mrs. C. Kling. Mrs. ing at the Pavilion, the admission is

The right is reserved to reject any Y., have finished their Assessment Roll

of the afternoon. Mrs. Myra Tuttle Freeney, Mrs. Charles Miller, Mrs. F. thirty-five cents including prizes and

Main Street Brewster, N. Y.

or all bids.

for the year 1935 and that a copy

was hostess of the bridge. Among those Klnderman, Mrs. A. Steinmetz, Mrs. A. refresments. Games start at 8:30

A questionnaire stating equipment

thereof is at the Town Hall, Village of

from the grove were Mrs. Arthur Vail, Bowles, Mrs. H. Murphy, Mrs. Ed Con­ There was great doings around the

available, responsibility, experience

Brewster, N. Y., where it may be seen

Mrs. Peene, Mrs. Hendricks, Mrs. nolly, Marion Massey, Mrs. Massey, Moody Cottage, "The Lark," on Ter­

and financial resources may be requir­

and examined by any person interest­

Brouns, Mr. and Mrs. H. Haas.

Mrs. W. Polye. The first prize winner race Drive, last Saturday night when

ed. Bids of parties not submitting

ed between the hours of 10 A. M. and The Vail's Park Association card

Mrs. Moody was hostess to the mem­

questionnaires may be returned un­

12 Noon daily until Tuesday, Aug, 20, party at Vail's pavilion last Friday PUTNAM COUNTY

bers of The Ancel Club, made up of


1935, at 10 A. M, at which time the evening was another success. Mrs. L. CLERK'S OFFICE

the 1934 officers of Stella Chapter No.

Board of Assessors will meet at the pjcolli and Mrs. P. Cahill were the Pursuant to Section 514, Article 16, 29, of Brooklyn, N. Y, O. E. S. The

Attention of bidders is called to the Town Hall in the Village of Brewster, hostesses and had some of the most of the Consolidated Laws of 1909, No­ garage was pressed into service as the

following resolution ladopted by the N. Y., to review their assessments. useful prizes for the winners. The tice is hereby given that a panel of banquet hall, Mrs. Moody had it dec­

Board of Supervisors May 24, 1932:


Grand and Trial Jurors will be drawn orated with flags, bunting and strea­

Public Notice

Monday, Aug. 26, 1935, at ten o'clock mers. The table was decorated with


"Resolved, that the County Super­

State of New York

in the forenoon to serve as such at a the various emblems of the order but


intendent of Highways be and he here­

Department of Public Service term of the Supreme Court to be held those decorations on the napkins were


by is directed to ask for bids for the

State Division

at the Court House in the Village of far from emblems pertaining to the

construction of such highways only

Dated Brewster, N. Y., August 1, 1935.

Public Service Commission Carmei, in said County, on Monday, Eastern Star. Husband Al took care

from Contractors whose main office is Pursuant to an Order of the Hon.


Sept. 9, 1935, at ten o'clock in the of the thirst department and you can

located in New York State and that James W. Bailey, Surrogate of the

July 31 ,1935.

forenoon, > be sure that no one went dry. Al's

Putnam County citizen labor be em­ County of Putnam, N. Y., notice Is Case No. 8597

Dated Aug. 16, 1935.

ployed, except supervising or skilled hereby given to all persons having NAME OF PETITIONER: Walter Held.


which may be employed in not claims against the estate of James NATURE OF PETTTIQN: For a certi­

County Clerk. TION.—Stale of New York, Putnam

to exceed 10 per centum of the total Murty, late of the Town of Southficate of public convenience and neces­

County, ss:

number employed."

east, In said County, deceased to presity by this Commission for the op­

The undersigned Sheriff of the said

sent the same with the vouchers eration of a motor bus line from Mc­

County of Putnam in conformity to a

The successful bidder will be re­ thereof to the undersigned Edna H. Lean avenue where said avenue divides

precept to him in the behalf directed

•quired to execute a contract, furnish Stiles, Executrix of the estate of James the city of Yonkers and the City of THE


and delivered by this, his proclama­

a surety company bond to the amount Murty deceased at her place of tran­ New York, to the hamlet of Amenla hi

tion, requres all persons bound to ap­

of 50% of the gross sum bid, and comsacting business at the office of F. the town of Amenla, Dutchess county, PUTNAM COUNTY pear at the

ply in all respects with the provisions Leon Shelp. Putnam County Savings via Hartsdale, Hawthorne, Briarcliff


of the Highway Law applicable there­ Bank Building, in the Village of Brew­ Manor, Millwood, Kltchawan, Croton SAVINGS BANK to be held at tl*e Court House in the



ster, Putnam County, New York, on Lake, Somen, Croton Falls, Brewster,

Town of Carmei, In the County of

Dated at

or before the 15th day of February, Patterson, Pawling, Wlngdale, South

Brewster, N. Y.

Putnam, commencing on Monday, OUR lumber is taken from the best parts of

Brewster, N. Y.,


Dover, Dover Plains and Wassaic, and

Sept. 0, 1935, at ten o'clock in the

July 24, 1935.

Dated Brewster, N. Y., August 1st, passing through the towns of Green-

forenoon of that day, by recognizance carefully selected trees. We make sure the

By order of the Board of Supervis­


burgh, Mt. Pleasant, Osslnlng, New

Incorporated 1871

or otherwise, to appear thereat the


EDNA H. STILES, Castle, Yorktown, Somen and North

undersigned hereby requires all Jus­ lumber is perfect before we sell it to you—


Executrix, Salem, Westchester county; Southeast


tices of the Peace and other officers

County Superintendent F. LEON SHELP,

at Patterson, Putnam county; Pawling, Alexander F. Lobdell President who have taken any recognizance for that it why you can rely on us absolutely.

Attorney for Executrix,

Dover and Amenla, Dutchess county.

the appearance of any person at the

Arthur P. Budd, Vice President

Putnam County Savings Bank' Build­ NOTICE is hereby given that a pub­

Court or having taken any Inquisition

Supreme Court, County of PUTNAM ing,lic

hearing will be held in the above

David P. ValU Vice President of examination of any prisoner or wit­

"Where a Promise la K«pt"


matter by this Commission at its of­ Margaret R. Maokey, Secretary ness to return such recognizance, in­

PANY, Plaintiff, against CARMEL

fice in the State Office Building, 80

and Treasurer

quisitions and examinations to the

COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES CORPO­ Surrorate'f Court of Putnam County Center Street, New York City, on Aug­ F. Leon Shelp, Counsel said Court at the opening thereof, at

RATION, et al Defendants.

New York.

ust 12, 1985, at 10:80 A. M., Daylight

the first day of its sitting.

Danbury-Brewster Lumber Co.

In pursuance of a judgment of Pursuant to a Statute, I hereby or. Saving Time.

Deposits made on or before the Signed at the Sheriff's Office in Car­

foreclosure and sale, duly made and der and appoint the terms of the Sur­

By the Commission tenth business day of January, mei, Aug. 16, 1935.

Phone 450

entered in the above-entitled action rogate Court of the County of Put­

FRANCIS E. ROBERTS April, July or October, or the


East Main Street Brewster, N. Y.

and bearing date the 13th day of June, nam in the State of New York, during

Secretary. third business day of other months


1935, I, the undersigned, the Referee the year 1935 /or the trial of Issues of Messn. Whltestone de Clayman, will bear interest from the §nt of

in said Judgment named* will sell at law and fact and for the hearing and 274 Madison Ave.,

these months, rapeeilvrfr. In­

public auction, at the front entrance. determination of all matters of which N. Y. C.

terest compounded quarterly.

County Court House, Carmei, N. Y., said Court has Jurisdiction, at which a Walter Held.

on the 6th day of September, 1935, at Trial Jury will be required to attend,

11:30 o'clock A. M., on that day, by to>be held in the Court House In the



Raymond Costello, Esq., the premises Town of Carmei, in said County, as

directed by said Judgment to be sold follows:

Pursuant to the provisions of Sub­

therein described as follows: On the last Monday of the months


division 9 of Section 320-B of the

ALL those parcels of land situate in of February, April and October, Highway Law, State of New York, as

the Town of Carmei, in the County and the first Tuesday of June and amended, and other sections applic­ NATIONAL BANK

of Putnam and State of New York, December.

able thereto:

known as the Pinckney Farm, and de­ Dated December 17th, 1934.

Sealed proposals for furnishing the


to tempt

scribed as follows:

JAMES W. BAILEY, necessary equipment, tools, labor and


Surrogate. materials for applying a bituminous

H «

North by lands of Lewis Townsend Piled December 17th, 1934.

surface treatment to County road pro­


and Sarah D. Barrett; on the East by Putnam County Surrogate's Office, ss.: jects numbers 5, 6 and 11, respective­

lands of late Vincent Barrett, deceas­ I, JAMES W. BAILEY, Surrogate of ly in the towns of Carmei, Southeast

Capital $100,000 HOT WEATHER 1

ed; on the South by lands of said County of Putnam and exofflcio and Patterson, and known as the

Henry Barrett and of late Vincent clerk of the Surrogate's Court, Drewville Road (Bloomers Corners-

Surplus $30,000

' Barrett, deceased, on the West by other de hereby certify that the pre- Guntners Corner) and Harmony Road

I 1 ,-:

lands of said Henry Barrett and Sarles (LB.) ceding is a true copy of the ori­ (Station 17 plus 59 to Dutchess Coun­


Drew; containing 75 acres of land, be ginal designation of the trial ty Line), totaling a length of 4.36 BURGLAR

i i9L

the same more or less.

terms of the Surrogate Court of miles, wilt be received by the under­

EXCEPTING therefrom a parcel of

the County of Putnam for the signed until one (1) o'clock Standard PROOF VAULT

26 acres heretofore conveyed by Car­

year 1935, now on file in my office. Time in the afternoon of August 19th,

It's never "too hot to eat" when an

mei Country Club, Inc., to Monica C.


Brosnahan by deed dated February


A modern burglar roof safe

Electric Refrigerator plays chef.

Competitive bids must be plainly

8, 1930, and recorded in the office of

Dated December 17th, 1934.

marked "Sealed Proposal" and ad­ deposit vault hat recently

Ice cream, and other frozen desserts

! •-•xK,

the Clerk of the County of Putnam in

dressed to Richard Michell, County

County Court

been installed. Boxes rent

Book 155 of Deeds at Page 403, and

Superintendent of Highways, Brewster,

— refreshing appetizers or jellied


all mining and mineral rights, if any,

N. Y. Each proposal must be accom­ for $5 per year.

Putnam County, New York

bouillons—chill, crisp salads—all

which may be owned by persons other

panied by a certified check for 5% of

Pursuant to Statute, I hereby order

than Carmei Country Club Estates

the amount of the gross sum bid and

hot weather delights can be pre­

and appoint the terms of the County

Corporation, and which were acquir­

made payable to "E. D. Stannard,

Court of the County of Putnam in the

ed prior to the 20th day of June, 1931,

County Treasurer," in a separate

HENRY H. WELU3, President

pared quickly and inexpensively

State of New York, during the year

the date of the mortgage for the fore­

sealed envelope plainly marked "Cer­ J. DOUGLASS MEAD, Vice-President

when an Electric Refrigerator is


1935, for the trial of Issues of law and

closure of which this property is betified

Check." Plans and specifications E. D. STANNARD, Cashier

fact, and the bearing and determinaing


may be examined at the office of the

yours. Special terms enable you to

tion of all criminal matters of which




County Superintendent of Highways,

PARCEL TWO: BEGINNING at a said Court has Jurisdicaiton, at which

have an Electric Refrigerator now

3rd Floor, 32 Main Street, Brewster,

corner of land (formerly Henry Bar­ a Grand Jury and Trial Jury will be

N. Y.

without waiting another week.

retts) now Ezra Pinckney and Sarles required to attend, to be held in the

Drew and running Southerly along said Court House in the Town of Carmei, The right is reserved to reject any

Pinckneys land to a corner and a large in said County In the year 1985 as fol­ or all bids.

chestnut tree; then Southerly with lows:

A questionnaire stating equipment

lands of Sarah Barrett to lands of OB the First Tuesday of June

available for the work, responsibility,

Isaac Lock wood, deceased; thence

experience and financial resources will

Westerly with said Lockwood's land 15

be required and must be submitted on

On the First Tuesday of December

rods to lands of William Hunt; thence

or before August 17tb, 1935. Bids of

I further order and appoint the

Northerly along said William Hunt's

parties not submitting questionnaires

terms of the Court of the County of

land and lands of Henry Chadwick

may be returned unopened.

Putnam in the State of New York .for

and lands late of Jeremiah Travis, de­ he trial of issues of law, and the hear­ Attention of bidders is called to the

ceased, to lands of Maria Tompkins, ing and decision of motions and other following resolution adopted by the

deceased; thence Easterly along Sarles proceedings at which no Jury will be Board of Supervisors May 24th, 1932:

rew's land to the place of beginning; required to attend, to be held in the "Resolved, that the County Super­

itaining 16 acres of land, be the same Court House In the aforesaid town of intendent of Highways be and he

more or leas.

Carmei on the second Monday of each hereby is directed to ask for bids for

EXCEPTING all mining and min­ month, and at the office .of the Coun­ the construction of such highways

eral rights, if any, which may be ownty Judge of Putnam County Is the Vil­ only from Contractors whose main of­ Danbury

ed by persons other than Carmei lage of Cold Spring in said County, on fice is located in New York State and

Country Club Estates Corporation, and the second and fourth Saturday of each that Putnam County citizen labor be

which were acquired prior to the 20th month, exoept during the months of employed, except supervising or skill­ Upholstering Co.

day of June, 1931, the date of the January and August.

ed labor which may be employed in not 16 Montgomery St. Tel 2518

mortgage for the foreclosure of which Dated December 17th. 19M.

to exceed ten (10) per centum of the

this property is being sold.


total number employed."

We reupholster and recover your

Both of the aforesaid parcels shall

Putnam County Judge. The successful bidder will be requir­ furniture at the lowest possible

sold subject to any state of facts Putnaaa County Clerk*' Office, as.:

ed to execute a contract, furnish a price.

hich an accurate survey and a per­ I, EDWARD S. AOOR, Clerk of the

surety company bond to the amount Parlor suites and odd pieces made

of fifty per oentum (50%) of the gross to order.

sonal Inspection of the premises may County of Putnam and of the

sum bid, and comply in all respects


County Court of said County, do

Curtains, Drapery Work and Re­

with the provisions of the Highway

Dated New York, July 22nd, 1935.

storing of Antique Furniture a

hereby certify that the preceding Law, Bute of New York, applicable Specialty.

RAYMOND COSTELLO, is a true copy of the original de. thereto.

Referee. signation of the terms of the

Also Slipcovers and Window

Dated at Brewster, N. Y., August


Shades made to order.

County Court of the County of 7, 1935.

Attorney fox Plaintiff,

Sample* of covering and esti­

Putnam fox the year 1985, now on By order of the Board of Supervis­

Office and P. O. Address, 342 Madison

mates cheerfully furnished.

flit In my office.

ors. Putnam County.

Avenue, Borough of Manhattan, City

Work called for and delivered.



New York.

County Clerk.

County Sup't. Highways.

Dated December 17, 1984.

: i£


- • • '






m "

• • . - • •

&•. ..- - * **-, **





f i ^j fe-**"'"'*** * •*"

lji|H i

.. ,»v • -»•* '- •


An Electric Refrigerator provides the right

kind of cold for every purpose, all in the

Special Terms same cabinet. There's fest freezing for

making ice cubes and desserts; frozen storage

for meats and ice cream; extra cold storage

REFRIGERATORS for keeping a reserve supply of ice cubes;

moist storage for vegetables and fruits; and

as low as

normal storage for foods requiring dry

frosty cold.





Phone 700 Brewster, New York

and ICE CREAM in



continued from page 7

Kenneth Moody, who 1* attending

the summer classes at Bucknell T*1lege

has been confined to the infirmary

at college and Is expected home

on the 16th. Russell Moody Is spending

the vacation at the lake.

Vails Golf Club Gossip: Now that

the Tournament at Mahopac is over

and every one has presented their alibi's

the members have settled down

to disscusslng the winner of the

fJrecn Cup Tournment, the semi-flnaj^

were played off last Sunday with



If You're Not Interested

In Bargains

Don't Read This Ad.

But...if yon want the big­

gest suit value of the sea­

son.....a $25 suit fot $15

jump into your car and come

over to Heyman's. Onr Val­

ues are always good....but

exceptional reductions such

as this are possible only dar­

ing oar Angast Clearance




Department Store

40 White St. Corner Ivea.

Danbury, Conn.


Lake Carmel Benefit

For Catholic Church


' A card and bunco party will be held

at the Club House at Lake Carmel on

August 24, 1935, at 3 p. m. for the proposed

Catholic Church. The tickets

will be priced at SO cents and refreshments

will be served without extra

charge. There will also be prizes. We

are convinced that a pleasant time will

be had by all who partake of the afternoon's

activities and invite all who

would care to Join us at the club house.

Rockridge Theatre I

4 miles north of Carmel, Route 216

Aug. 19, 20, 21—PRIOR TO


9F.H. Sharp


Crack Up"


James Warwick



Katherine Warren and Ruth Fallows

For reservations Phone Carmel 312

Prices: .55, si.io, 11.65


the following results: Johnny Balint

defeated Bert Pultz 3 up and Stanley

Brown defeated Bill Baldwin, 5 up.

This Sunday the finals will be played.

Mrs. Purdy Outhouse held an afternoon

bridge at her home in Oroton

Falls, Tuesday afternoon. Marie Gunnigle

won first prize and Helen Polye

the consolation prize. After the game

a delicious luncheon was served by the

hostess. Among those present were, I

Peggy Herman, Helen Poyle, Mildred

Persons, Marie Gunnlgle and a young

lady named Elsie.

Always in the midst of our pleasures

there comes the knock on the

door to remind us of our Mortal existence.

We have just learned of the

death of Mrs. Brown, mother of Leonard

and Stanley Brown, who are well

known at the Lake. Mrs. Brown has

been ill for some time and her death

occurred at 7:00 p. m., Wednesday,

August 14th, at her home in Mt. Klsco.

Leonard Is probably better known as

the assistant to Johnny NowicJd, the

Golf Pro at Vails Golf Club. Our

heartfelt sympathy is extended to the

bereaved family.

"Treasured thoughts of one so dear,

Often bring a silent tear;

Thoughts return to scenes long past,

Tears roll on, but memories last."


The card party committee under the

chairmanship of Mrs. Mildred Rcilly

consists of the following:

The Mesdames Gomez, Scheppens,

McKay, Levins, Arnold, Mulholand,

67>e RITZ

Brewster, N. t. Phone 688


Evening Continuous from 7 P. M.

to 11 P. M.

Matinee Wednesday at 3:00 P. 1\L

Saturday Continuous Performance

from Z p. m. to 11 p. m.

Sunday and Holidays Continuous

Performance from 2:30 to 11 P. M.

Fri. and Sat August 16 and 17




First All Technicolor Production

News Color Cartoon

Todd & Kelly Comedy

"Bum Voyage"

Saturday Only—3rd Episide of

"The Miracle Rider"

Tim McCoy in

"Square Shooter"

Sun .and Mon. Aug. 18 and 19

Double Feature Program


with Jack Holt

and Return Engagement by Demand




NOTE: Due to the fact that we

could not accommodate all who

wanted to see this marvelous picture,

we are pleased to bring this

back again.

News Cartoon

Toes, and Wed. Aug. 20 and~zT



John Boles, Jean Mulr

Interesting Short Subjects Comedy

Thurs* Aug. 22 (One Day)

Double Frature



Mona Barrle, Gilbert Roland



May Robson, Fay Wray

News Cartoon

Fri. and Sat. Aug. 23 and 24



Dick Powell. Joan BlondeU


Episode 4 of "Miraote Rider"

with Tom Mix


with Bob Steele



and ready to make deliveries of

Haley, VenderPutten, Pinto, Beary,

Silvers, Carroll and Miss Bracht.

These ladles with the aid of others

are bending every effort toward making

this first card party a huge success.




Eves 8:30—Thurs. Mat 3:00


Aug. 19 to 24




A smile for every thrill and a hearty

laugh when danger seems closest.




4 Days Beg. Sum, Aug. 18






"China Seas''

3 Days Beg. Thu., Aug. 22




"Accent on


All L imestone Products







Immediate Deliveries Can Be Made. Phone For Prices.

Putnam Quarries, he.

Formerly Patterson Quarries

Telephone Patterson 17 PATTERSON, N. Y.

'. r



- » ' ' ' -



Route 22, one mile north of the Village of Brewster (Sodom)

Dancing Saturday and Sunday Evenings > \^


Finest Wine, Liquor and Brandy Stock in Putnam County

WILLIAM LYON McLAUGHLIN. Management Telephone Brewster 324 ,

When You Board The Train For

College Is Your



Week end Cases $1.84 up

Laundry Cases $1.00 up

Military Sets $1.95 up

Here You'lrt'ind an Exclusive Line of




Every Needed Item at Specially Reduced Pre-College Prices




J 3.95 •*

Leather Zipper


50.95 up

Leather Wallets (zipper) QCc

Fitted Cases $2-95 up

Wardrobe Genuine Leather


$ 12 ,95up


$ ^ QC; up

6- 95

Zipper Brief Cases $1.00 up

Hand Bags, Umbrellas,

Key Cases, Manicure Sets


We've Been Repairing Trunks, Leather Goods and Umbrellas for Over Twenty-five Years.

Pershing Bldg., Main and West Sts. Danbury, Conn. —>


At A Fraction Of Former Cost

... : • •.

Feature DeLury's August Sale

; ' V. -

Other Record-Breaking Values Such As




formerly sold for $950

Every Rug











sold for

$ 225




formerly sold for $990

In Our Large

STOCK Reduced 25%


111-113 M«in St

Etubliih.d 1890

Tel.T34-R DANBURY, Conn.


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