February - Florida Gateway College

February - Florida Gateway College

February - Florida Gateway College


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I. Call to Order



February 12, 2013

12:15 P.M. Board Retreat

(Wilson S. Rivers Library & Media Center)

3:30 P.M., Board Reception (Bldg. 001)

4:00 P.M., Regular Meeting, FGC Board Room (Bldg. 001)

II. Pledge of Allegiance {SGA Representative}

III. Introduce Visitors

IV. *Approval of Minutes dated January 8, 2013

V. Audience of Any Citizen

The FGC Board of Trustees will hear any citizen who wishes to address the Board, on a

one time basis, pertaining to a relevant topic. If the Board wishes to hear more about the

topic, that topic will be scheduled for a future Board Meeting. Each speaker is limited to

three minutes and the time dedicated to this topic will not exceed twenty minutes.

VI. President’s Report {C. Hall}

A. General Information

B. *Recognition and Approval Naming Donor {M. Lee}

VII. Student Government Report {SGA Representative}

A. General Information

VIII. *Presentation of Consent Agenda {T. Riherd}

The items on the consent agenda are routine business, state directives, and/or compliance

items. All items have been reviewed by the Board attorney and have been available to the

Board for its examination. Any trustee can request a topic to be removed from the consent

agenda and discussed further. Typographical errors will be noted and corrected in the

Board Minutes.

A. *Personnel Matters

B. *Routine Contracts and Agreements

C. *Surplus Property

D. *Approval of Academic Calendar

E. *Foundation Donations

F. *Approval of New Program

G. *Approval of New Course

H. *Approval of Workforce Non-Credit Courses

I. *Approval of Revision to Policy 6Hx12:6-07

J. *Approval of Revision to Policy 6Hx12:6-10

K. *Approval of Revision to Policy 6Hx12:6-20

FGC Board of Trustees

February 12, 2013

Page 2 of 2

L. *Approval of Revision to Policy 6Hx12:6-23

M. *Approval to Delete Policy 6Hx12:04-15

N. *Approval of New Policy 6Hx12:09-38

IX. Business Services Report {M. Hamm}

A. General Information

B. *Annual Comprehensive Safety Inspection Report

C. *Unarmed Security Services Agreement

X. Instructional and Student Services Report {L. Croley}

A. General Information

B. *Authorization to Submit Letter of Intent for Bachelor of Applied Science in

Water Resource Management {T. Atkinson}

XI. Topics for future meetings

XII. Inspect Warrant Register

XIII. Set Time for the Next Meeting – March 12, 2013, 4:00 p.m., Macclenny FL.

*Denotes Board of Trustees’ action items

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