to get the file - Fonds Gesundes Österreich

to get the file - Fonds Gesundes Österreich

6.3 Monitor changes in knowledge and reported behavior with a short questionnaire

to be created in connection with representative surveys of the Austrian population.

6.4 Set priorities as regards the epidemiological knowledge required, also for planning

health promotion and prevention measures and for carrying out the corresponding


6.5 Build up a knowledge base as a theoretical foundation for health promotion

measures (documentation and evaluation of intervention measures and the theoretical

approaches underlying them from the evaluation designs).

6.6 Plan and conduct an Austrian social epidemiological health survey.

7 Further media campaigns (especially one on smoking)

7.1 Have experts conduct assessments on the unclear effectiveness and efficiency

of this measure with special emphasis on a campaign carried out in Vorarlberg

in 1998. (FB+E was told that a youth research institute evaluated this campaign

at that time).

7.2 Carry out only if projects are financed with extra funding above and beyond the

current budget.

7.3 Integrate these campaigns wherever possible in other regional activities with

complementary subjects.

8 Sustainability/maintenance of projects/project documentation

8.1 Improve documentation of what happens to funded projects after FGÖ funding


8.2 Possibly continue “compelling projects”, also in other regions where applicable.

8.3 Further improve the quality of project monitoring and documentation in general.

9 Internet sites of the FGÖ

9.1 Take immediate steps to improve the site, both technically and in terms

of content.

9.2 Commission a study to be done on the use of health sites on the Internet in

Austria with an emphasis on

10 Launch phase two of health promotion in Austria

10.1 Center of competence in health promotion with an even stronger orientation

and guidance role

10.2 Politically safeguard the policy assessment process, also with the help of the Advisory

Committee and the Board; coordinate and merge discussions and developments

in health promotion, health reporting and health goals.

11 Clarify and possibly delineate fields of action for health promotion/social scientific

prevention/medical prevention/secondary prevention and health information


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