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Summary 1

1.1 Evaluation of the Fonds Gesundes Österreich (FGÖ): Basis, Goals

and Methods

In August 2001, the FGÖ publicly invited bids for an outside evaluation of its activities

from 1998 and 2001. In January 2002 FB+E (Forschung, Beratung + Evaluation, Berlin)

was commissioned to conduct the evaluation.

As proposed and conducted by FB+E, the study focused on evaluating the organization’s

structures, processes and products. Given the limited period of FGÖ activities

and interventions so far and the time and budget restrictions in the evaluation contract,

it was neither sensible nor possible at this time to evaluate the results in achieving the

overriding goals of the Health Promotion Act, the legal basis for the work of the FGÖ.

These primary goals are as follows:

q To improve the general public’s knowledge of health, health risks and disease


q To improve the health of the general public.

Nevertheless, efforts must now be stepped up (see recommendations) to create the requisite

instruments for a later evaluation of results.

The evaluation revolves around two central questions:

1.q How successful was the FGÖ in implementing the law with its activities?

2.q How suitable were FGÖ activities for initiating and stabilizing the requisite process

developments in health promotion and prevention?

Before goal attainment in process development can be analyzed, appropriate process

goals must be defined within the framework of a program. The FGÖ based its activities

on a Three Year Program. This work program also sets down 26 process goals meant to

guide the activities of the FGÖ as a whole and in connection with the various performance

objectives and work priorities (project promotion/funding, advanced training,

coordination and networking, priority activities, media campaigns).

The very act of deducing and defining these process goals is a key mark of quality for

the work program deserving of special mention. The review of goal attainment for these

process goals now allows an initial evaluation to be made of the results achieved for the

process goals.

A variety of methods were utilized in this evaluation. They range from literature analyses,

desk research, Internet research, document analyses, in-depth and quantitative interviews

to on-site visits. Against the backdrop of analyses of the genesis of the Health

Promotion Act, the Three Year Program and the activities of the FGÖ, all this culminated

in an overall evaluation of FGÖ activities based on a synoptic evaluation of the findings

resulting from all methods used.

1 No bibliography is cited in connection with the findings of the expert report. The reader is kindly asked to

refer to Annex 2 for an overview of the sources cited in this report.


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