bamix: Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

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Brilliantly simple.

Simply brilliant.

| bamix® . Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.


60 years of the bamix ® – we are celebrating

Every day I am fascinated anew by how the bamix ® impresses

private cooks and professional chefs. It stands

out thanks to its inner values. Believe it or not, it has not

changed much in 60 years. The dazzling idea of the inventor

Roger Perrinjaquet sparks a fire in everyone who

has tried the bamix ® . Today, in a slightly modernised

casing and equipped with additional tools, the bamix ® is

the first hand-held food processor and, at the same

time, the smallest food processor in the world with an

impressively powerful motor.

Discover the history of the bamix ® ; we are continuing

to work on its future.

Erich Eigenmann


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| Pureeing, mixing

amix ® – the strongest appliance

4 | 5

| Mincing

amix ® – the most radical appliance

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| History

The invention in 1950

| History

First manufacture



Foundation of ESGE AG



Acceptance of patent


Hanover Trade Fair


Benelux market entry


Scandinavia market entry


Mettlen, Thurgovia production




Roger Perrinjaquet invents

the bamix ®



Werner Spingler and Josef

Gschwend found the company

ESGE AG, Germany

The bamix ® is patented



The bamix ® patent goes to the company



The bamix ® celebrates its first trade

fair appearance in Hanover


Distribution for Benelux countries

at Walter Bodart


Market entry in the Scandinavian



Establishment of the production

company ESGE AG in Mettlen, Thurgovia,



Redesign by Acton Bjorn and

Count Sigvard Bernadotte

Daily production: 250 bamix ®

10 | 11

| History

First launch

Sale to

General Electric


Sales record at

Brussels Trade Fair 100,000 bamix ® sold


Takeover by

Walter Bodart



Recession in Europe


Melbourne Trade Fair

Housewives and professionals discover

the bamix ®


World record: 3,000

bamix ® sold at

Amsterdam Trade Fair


Market entry in Singapore,

USA, Malta, Cyprus, Greece

and Indonesia




Sale of ESGE AG to General Electric,



Sales record of 2,000 bamix ® at

Brussels Trade Fair


General Electric sells the ESGE AG

to Walter Bodart


Sale of more than 100,000 bamix ®


Recession in Europe slows down



Trade fair in Melbourne, quick success

thanks to Bamix Australia Ltd.


World record of 3,000 bamix ® sold at

the trade fair in Amsterdam


Singapore, USA, Malta, Cyprus,

Greece and Indonesia are the newly

opened up markets

12 | 13

| History

Company ESEG AG

First cooking

parties in Japan

New factory building construction

in Mettlen, Thurgovia


Australia on a high




New bamix ®

The bamix

processor Foundation of Pro-Ver AG Swiss Fair in South Korea

® in TV show “Kochen

wie Gott in Deutschland”

(Cooking like God in Germany)


The 1-product strategy proves itself





Sakurako Ide develops the Japanese

market with cooking parties

New factory building construction in

Mettlen, Thurgovia, Switzerland


Australia market flourishes, production

per day 1,600 bamix ®


Management buyout by Max

Rüttimann, Valentin Gunsch and

Werner Stahl, Walter Bodart

remains Chairman of the Board

Premiere of bamix ® processor


Sales boom thanks to TV show

“Kochen wie Gott in Deutschland“

Foundation of Pro-Ver AG, sales

company for foreign brands


Demand rises sharply in South Korea

thanks to Swiss Fair

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| History

Mettlen site

bamix ® Gastro for

professional chefs


Takeover of Menatec

SA and Menagros SA


Direct sales in Japan


Market entry in

Eastern Bloc countries



Twin switch

safety switch


Sales record at Ideal

Home Show, London


The bamix ® is one of

the 50 classic designs

of the 20th century


Launch of SliceSy and


Takeover by Hans Jud and

Erich Eigenmann


Relocation of registered domicile

of Menatec SA and Menagros SA


Market entry in China

and Russia


Construction of new warehouse

QA system ISO 9001

Ideal operating conditions in Mettlen,



Construction of

3 rd production line

Daily production of

up to 2,000 bamix ®


Motivation Prize of the Thurgovia

Economy (Thurgauer Wirtschaft)




Launch of 5 cm longer bamix ® Gastro


Takeover of the sales companies

Mobur Metall Holding AG with

Menatec SA and Menagros SA


Direct sales in Japan


Opening up of the Eastern Bloc



Gentle redesign, twin switch safety

switch and accessory cassette


Sales record at Ideal Home Show,



Mention in the book “50 Klassiker,

Design des 20. Jahrhunderts“ (50

Classic Designs of the 20th Century)


Thanks to the SliceSy ® , the bamix ®

cuts, shreds and grates


Relocation of registered domicile of

the sales companies from Forel to



Market entry in China and Russia


Construction of new warehouse

Introduction of QA system ISO:9001


Start of operation of 3rd production

line – up to 2,000 bamix ® per day


Motivation Prize of the Thurgovia

Economy (Thurgauer Wirtschaft)

| History

An idea conquers the world

The beginnings

Roger Perrinjaquet could never have imagined that his invention

would conquer the whole world. We know little about the inven -

tor, but it was clearly his obsession to construct a hand-held, electric

food processor. Perrinjaquet applied for a patent for his “Appareil

ménager portatif“ in Lausanne at 8 pm on 6 March 1950.

The Federal Office of Intellectual Property published the invention

patent three years later, on 16 May 1953. The technical specifications

are detailed meticulously in the document. For the user

the functions are important, however. Perrinjaquet described the

handling as very easy. All that is required is to connect the food

processor to the electricity supply, put it in the container with the

various ingredients and switch it on by pressing the button. In just

a few moments the result will be perfect. The inventor saw the

big advantage of his food processor as the fact that the device

can be used directly in the container with the ingredients which

need to be processed. It is not necessary to laboriously tip one

container into the other. With this machine, people can mix,

knead, emulsify beauty products and puree soups and other dishes.

According to the information of the inventor of the first

hand-held food processor in the world. He called it bamix ® , a combination

of “battre et mixer“, to beat and mix.

In Germany bamix ® becomes

ESGE Zauberstab ® (magic wand)

In 1954, Roger Perrinjaquet sold his patents to ESGE. This com -

pany, founded one year previously by Josef Gschwend and Werner

Spingler in Neuffen, Germany, produced bicycle stabilisers, saws

and small electric motors. It had just seven employees.

ESGE started production of the first bamix ® hand-held food

processors. The two entrepreneurs celebrated the first big appearance

of the bamix ® at the Hanover Industrial Fair on 24 April

1955. The public were very enthusiastic, the bamix ® became the

Zauberstab (magic wand) for the German market, ESGE already

had 74 employees and a turnover of 1.5 million Deutschmarks.

Great achievements of Walter Bodart

Thanks to contacts with the company Bodart BV, which sold kitchen

utensils at public fairs in the Benelux countries, in 1957 the

attempt was begun to offer the bamix ® in Valkenburg in the Neth -

erlands. The success was resounding, as was the realisation that

live presentation of the efficient and versatile food processor

was the most effective way to sell. After this, Walter Bodart was

entrusted with the distribution for Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Today his two sons Peter and Johan Bodart continue to

operate the business.

In 1959 the bamix ® conquered Scandinavia. Taking the initiative,

employees from the company Bodart travelled with the bamix ®

to a consumer trade fair in Stockholm. With an incredible 834

units sold, the level of success exceeded all expectations. The

next destination was the flower trade fair in Oslo, and there were

also 1,332 happy bamix ® buyers there. Subsequently Walter

Bodart established distributors in all Scandinavian countries.

18 | 19

| History

An idea conquers the world

Mettlen, Thurgovia only production site

Turbulent years of expansion in the countries Great Britain, Finland,

Austria, Portugal and Ireland led to the foundation of ESGE

France, where, from 1960, all bamix ® for Belgium, Holland, Lux -

embourg and France are made. In November of the same year,

Gschwend and Spingler founded another production company,

ESGE AG. In Mettlen in the Canton of Thurgovia, a former textile

factory built in 1906 was purchased for this purpose. In this building,

250 bamix ® per day were already being produced in 1961.

Bodart started to visit English trade fairs from Holland. The public

were so impressed that England soon became the most important

market, and there were even delivery bottlenecks.

The relatively unwieldy housing of the bamix ® was given a subtle

ergonomic makeover by the designers Acton Bjorn from Denmark

and Count Sigvard Bernadotte from Sweden.

This led to the model M100 in 1961. Despite small differences

and technical improvements, this design still has the unmistakeable

silhouette of today’s bamix ® .

General Electric buys bamix ®

Before long, the number of sold bamix ® exceeded one million. Production

capacities were also expanded. Domestic appliances such

as hand-held vacuum cleaners, citrus juicers, toasters, food slicers

and hairdryers were starting to be produced and sold. Despite the

ESGE quality seal, these products never matched the figures of the

bamix ® . In 1963, sales of the bamix ® completely collapsed in Germany.

At the same time, costs rose for the now considerable ad -

ministration and sales activities. The founders Gschwend and Spingler

sold their company to General Electric. The Americans planned

to restructure the group, and closed all production sites except the

locations in Mettlen, Switzerland and Neuffen, Germany.

Partners from the outset

“Unipress AG has accompanied the

bamix ® since the very beginning as a

supplier of parts and components. At

first glance, the used parts still look

like they did when the product was

first launched on the market. There is

also continual progress in the develop -

ment work with the bamix ® . For example,

component geometries have

been constantly adapted to new findings

and the processes modified for

the latest production methods. This

means the devices, materials and production

comply with the constantly

increasing general conditions and

regu lations. The great challenge of

one hundred percent exchangeability

of the components, and therefore also

maximum customer benefit, was

always the requirement with every

change, however small. We very much

appreciate the intensive cooperation

with our customers and feel inte -

grated in the supply chain as a partner.”

Gerhard Maier, Unipress AG,

Brugg, Switzerland

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| History

An idea conquers the world

Walter Bodart acquires bamix ®

From 1967, sales figures slowly rose once again. At the Foire de

Bruxelles 2,000 devices were sold, the highest number of sales at

a trade fair so far. General Electric was unable to enjoy the success

of the ESGE Group and decided to sell this off in 1971. As the

most important buyer of bamix ® food processors, Walter Bodart

purchased the production company in Switzerland with all rights

for the bamix ® and ESGE Zauberstab ® (magic wand). After this,

Mettlen, Thurgovia became the sole production site in the world

for the bamix ® .

Walter Bodart’s decisions and management style continue to

char acterise the company to this day. His strategy was based on

quality rather than quantity, and to clear commitment to a single

product. At the same time, he greatly reduced the volume of administration

work. He therefore restarted the success story of

the bamix ® and continues to influence this today.

First steps overseas

The oil crisis in 1973, and therefore the first major recession since

the Second World War, meant that business in Europe contracted.

The first contacts with distributors overseas followed. In South

Africa a distributor was found that was able to develop the local

market for the bamix ® and generate good turnover. One year

later, a committed new partner was found in the person of Hans

B. Rathke. He promoted distribution in Germany at consumer trade

fairs and greatly increased sales.

ESGE AG took part in a trade fair outside Europe for the first time

in 1977: Melbourne was the destination. Visitors were so impressed

that additional devices had to be flown in during the trade

fair. bamix ® soon became one of the best known kitchen appli -

ance brands.

bamix ® conquered other countries – Iceland, Singapore and the

USA, and then Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Malaysia and Indonesia followed.

The 3,000 food processors sold at the Amsterdam Trade

Fair in 1978 represent a remarkable figure – a record that has not

been reached again to date.

In Japan the bamix ® owes its resounding success to the Ide family.

The family bought the Swiss kitchen appliance at the start of the

1980s from the distributor at the time, and immediately fell in love

with this all-rounder. Ms Sakurako Ide showed the bamix ® to her

friends and started to organise cooking parties. With this, the

bamix ® conquered Japan with its demanding customers, and Sakurako

Ide was soon made the sole distributor. Since then, her persis -

tence and passion for the product have enjoyed huge success.

Expansion of production facilities in

Mettlen, Thurgovia

On account of the growth, in 1980 the decision was taken to expand

the factory in Mettlen and to double the production area.

The bamix ® headed to Kenya, Hong Kong and Brunei, and Sri Lanka,

Chile and Thailand followed. The distributor in Australia set a

record, with the highest bamix ® turnover per capita. By 1983 its

employees in Mettlen were producing 1,600 bamix ® per day.

22 | 23

| History

An idea conquers the world

The first TV appearances of the bamix ®

In 1986, Walter Bodart decided to agree to a management buyout

and sold ESGE AG to Max Rüttimann (technology), Valentin

Gunsch (finance) and Werner Stahl (marketing). He himself remained

Chairman of the Board of Directors. The same year saw

the premiere of the bamix ® processor. With this, dry and now also

wet foods can be chopped and ground very finely.

Television was in its heyday, and the first cooking programmes

appeared. It is not until pointed out by customers that ESGE AG

became aware of the programme “Kochen wie Gott in Deutschland“.

Most TV chefs worked with the “magic wand”. This explains

the phenomenal rise in the number of orders in Germany. A side

effect of this was temporary delivery problems.

Growth thanks to the company Unold

Another piece of luck arrived with the takeover of the German

distribution by the company Unold in 1990. Thanks to the tireless

work of Friedrich and Gisela Unold, and later their children Michael

and Yvonne, the “magic wand” again took up its well-deserved

place on the shelves of specialist retailers.

Professional chefs all over the world use the bamix ® and give the

company interesting suggestions. In 1991 this led to the appear -

ance of the bamix ® Gastro. The high level of approval in the

catering industry surprised and pleased those responsible.

In 1995 the bamix ® underwent a gentle facelift for the first time

since 1961, with a Swiss designer carrying out this work. These

changes included the “twin switch” safety switch and the new

design of the “cassette”.

Premiere of the SliceSy ®

At long last the bamix ® can also grate and cut. After three years

of development work, in 2002 the SliceSy ® was unveiled. It impressed

consumers with its ease of use and efficiency.

The three owners Gunsch, Rüttimann and Stahl looked for a solution

for the succession after 16 years. But they had clear requirements

for a buyer in terms of the continuity of the previous business

model, which is based first and foremost on quality. Erich Eigenmann

started on 1 October 2002 as the new CEO.

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| Kneading yeast dough

amix ® – the nice little appliance

26 | 27

| Beating

amix ® – the fastest appliance

28 | 29

| Technology

Swiss through and through

| Technology


All round hand-made

In the factory building in Mettlen, Thurgovia, 40 employees

produce around 400,000 bamix ® a year. As well

as computer-controlled machines, manual work ensures

the quality and long life of the food processor.

32 | 33

| Technology


As precise as Swiss clockwork

The alternating current motor with an output of 120 to

350 watts is accorded particular care. Depending on the

model, it generates 12,000 to 22,000 revolutions per


34 | 35

| Technology

Motor as the centrepiece

The powerhouse

The armature winding machine winds the thin copper

wire in seconds. This is the centrepiece of the bamix ®

and, at the same time, also the guarantee of its performance.

36 | 37

| Technology

Precision, the key to long life

Soldered instead of clamped

Nimble hands solder on wires for the polarity. Soldering

is much more laborious than clamping by machine and

is an important quality feature.

38 | 39

| Technology

Complete quality assurance

Thoroughly checked

Before the bamix ® sets off on its journey to the big wide

world, the food processor is checked in test runs on all

levels for 5 to 10 minutes.

40 | 41

| Technology

Highest quality and repair service

A bamix ® for life

The factory in Mettlen can easily repair a 30-year-old

device. All replacement parts, including for the oldest

models, are still available.

42 | 43

| Technology

Facts and figures

Robust alternating current motor

The alternating current motor, which is made entirely in the factory

in Mettlen, Thurgovia, is extremely robust and durable. The

motor is contained in a sturdy polyamide casing from which the

wand protrudes with a flat protective cover made of chromeplated

stainless steel. The various bamix ® motors from 120 to

350 watts have 12,000 to 22,000 revolutions.

The bamix ® masters all functions with its robust motor. Depend -

ing on the attachment, it makes it possible to puree, beat, emulsify,

mince and knead. The processor and the SliceSy ® work by

being attached to the bamix ® and perform tasks such as grinding,

shredding, cutting, grating and kneading.

On the three production lines, up to 400,000 bamix ® are made

each year.

Proud Swiss suppliers

“W. Blanc AG has been working with

the company ESGE for many years

and is proud to be involved in this

quality Swiss product. The high quality

of the bamix ® products also corresponds

with the quality requirements

of W. Blanc AG. Again and again it

fills us with joy and pride when we

see a bamix ® product on television or

at trade fairs, for example, and know

that we too have been able to make

our contribution to this outstanding


Rolf Grütter, Managing Director,

W. Blanc AG, Selzach, Switzerland

Meeting Canadian requirements

“Today Canadian consumers want

power and long durability which justify

the price. This means the design

has to be great and the handling simple

and convenient. They want to buy

such a product once and know that,

thanks to its reliability and versatility,

it will give many, many years of good

service. bamix ® offers all that and

much more!”

Glenda and Harvey Klassen,

Ocean Sales Ltd., Calgary, Canada

44 | 45

| Frothing

amix ® – the foam whisk

46 | 47

| Binding

amix ® – the best at binding

48 | 49

Born in Switzerland,

at home all over the world

| Emulsifying

amix ® – the safest appliance

54 | 55

| Grinding

amix ® – the most fascinating appliance

56 | 57

| Around the world

The big attraction of Switzerland

| Around the world

Commitment to Switzerland as a location for industry and trade

The town of Mettlen in the Canton of Thurgovia

is the only manufacturing site for the ent -

ire bamix ® production and is the headquarters

of the company ESGE AG.

Mézières near Lausanne is the headquarters

of the trade fair company Bamix SA and the

distribution company Menagros SA.

A Swiss product from A to Z

All individual parts needed for a bamix ® come from

Switzerland. The suppliers have been partners for many

years and guarantee the high quality and precision. This

deliberately chosen luxury is in contrast to other kitchen

appliances which are produced mainly in Asia.

60 | 61

| Around the world

At home all over the world

The bamix ®

transport network

Central Europe

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany,

Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Northern Europe

Denmark, Finland, Great Britain,

Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Southern Europe

Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain

Eastern Europe

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary,

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania,

Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine

Middle East and Africa

Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar,

South Africa, Tunisia, United Arab


Asia and Australia

Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia,

Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore,

Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam


Canada, Dutch Antilles, Mexico, Peru,


62 | 63

| Around the world

The top ten countries

Germany China









Partners familiar with their location are

worth their weight in gold

Long-standing partnerships with national distributors

make it possible to develop strong markets. The passion

for the bamix ® is something shared by the entrepreneurs

in the top ten countries. The share of exports

amounts to 90 percent.

64 | 65

| Around the world

The 1-product strategy as a success factor

Premium product as solitaire

Thanks to many changes in detail and clever attachments,

the bamix ® is still able to increase its fan base.

Just as 60 years ago, today it impresses with its multifunctionality

and strength. Its form remains, while the

colours change from country to country.

66 | 67

| Around the world

Market success with trade fairs

Good things can still be found

The bamix ® is a reliable object whose advantages and

magic power can still be best shown at trade fairs today.

Other sales channels are retail and the catering industry.


20% catering

20% trade fairs and home parties

60% retail



68 | 69

| Around the world

bamix ® in the world

Passionate bamix ® ambassadors

As well as trade fair appearances, probably the strongest

and most handy kitchen appliance in the world is

appearing increasingly in TV cookery programmes. The

diversity, speed and guaranteed success of the bamix ®

call for presentations – in addition to the explanatory

films of the manufacturer, there are now also many vid -

eos on YouTube.

70 | 71

| Around the world

Endurance of a long-distance runner

It is still running after 40 years

The modular system of the bamix ® really does mean

that devices from the 1960s can still be repaired.

Owners of a bamix ® can therefore assume that even

their grandchildren will be able to inherit their beloved

food processor.

72 | 73

| Around the world

Everyone loves the bamix ®

From bamix ® with love

As we know, the way to a man’s heart is through his

stom ach. And anyone who wants to serve up something

fine for their loved ones is given excellent service for

nearly all cooking and baking requirements with the

reliable bamix ® . The proof of this is the many hobby

chefs, countrywomen, househusbands, young people

from the age of twelve, singles and professional chefs

all over the world.

74 | 75

| Around the world

bamix ® friends have their say

bamix ® , the travel companion

“Over the past year I have used the

bamix ® every day. I was given it as a

present for the birth of our son.

We are impressed by how versatile

and fast it is. I would never want to

give it away. It also comes with us

when we go on our camping holidays,

the bamix ® is always there.”

Tatjana Stäheli with Lenn,

mother and housewife, Fischingen,


Cooking parties in the living room

“My encounter with the bamix ® 30

years ago was a kind of lucky coincidence.

I was fascinated by this ‘good

friend’ and tried to convince everyone

in Japan about its charm and abilities.

The first office of Cherry Terrace was

my kitchen. Here I welcomed countless

guests to the bamix ® demonstrations.

While I used the bamix ® , I served

lunch or tea in the dining and living

room. To my great fortune, many

other people became as enthusiastic

about the bamix ® as I am. Our marketing

efforts were concentrated on

warehouses, direct sales and TV sales

companies. We still work in these

channels and are grateful to our

partners that they let us expand the

market in Japan. In the future we also

hope to continue to sell the bamix ® as

the best food processor in the world.

To market the bamix ® with its quality,

its functions and its design fills us

with pride.”

Sakurako Ide, Cherry Terrace Co.

Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Revolution in the kitchen

“The invention of the bamix ® has

revo lutionised work in the kitchen!

Hardly any kitchen appliance com -

bines as many functions as the bamix ® .

With ideal performance, speed, flexibility,

handling, cleaning and always

ready for use – the bamix ® will never

let you down. All age groups enjoy the

finely seasoned dishes prepared with

the unique bamix ® .”

Donato Sabia, Sales Manager,

ESGE AG, Mettlen, Thurgovia,


76 | 77

| Around the world

bamix ® friends have their say

The long-running

ESGE Zauberstab ® (magic wand)

“The successful Swiss appliance is sold

in Germany as the ESGE Zauberstab ® .

Its reputation is legendary. Quality

made in Switzerland – that’s something

Germans are happy to have.”

Michael Grabaum, Yvonne Unold,

Michael Unold (from left to right),

Unold AG, Hockenheim, Germany

Product for different generations

“Australia loves the bamix ® because

the bamix ® simply always works in

the kitchen when it is needed. The

original and reliable bamix ® is today

part of Australian culture as every

gen eration inherits it from their

parents or receives it as a gift for

their wedding. Australians know that

they have to invest in a quality

product if they want something that

will last for the rest of time. For

kitchen appliances the only option is

called bamix ® .”

Sean Caulfield, Cambur Industries

Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

78 | 79

| Around the world

Tailor-made packaging

| Grating

amix ® – the dutiful appliance

82 | 83

| Cutting slices

amix ® – the universal appliance

84 | 85

| Future

Conquering the world

| Future

At home all over the world as a niche player

Commitment of CEO Erich Eigenmann

It is both amazing and pleasing that, even after 60 years, the

bamix ® still impresses everyone as soon as they hold it in their

hand. Its incredible efficiency, speed and diversity amaze even us

again and again. So why change something which works so well?

We are sticking to this one product. We do not stand out with a

fancy design or short-term gimmicks, instead we look after our

production where precise manual work is required as well as

state-of-the-art machines. Even if the comparison with a Swiss

clock is an ambitious claim, our standard of quality for the bamix ®

is comparable with clockwork. Every detail has to be right so that

we can guarantee the long life of the food processor. With this

strategy we have the role of a niche player, can secure jobs in

Switzerland and stand out clearly from our competitors.

The challenge in the coming years will be to open up new markets

profitably. It is not our goal to grow at all costs, however. Instead

we want to exceed the expectations of our customers and, in the

future, also be able to respond with flexibility to the desires of

the people in the individual countries.

88 | 89

| Future

bamix ® manufacture in Switzerland

Remaining independent as an SME

ESGE AG with its only product bamix ® is one of the many

gems among Swiss SMEs. The secrets of the success of

the owner-managed company include keeping to the

production site in Switzerland and financial independence

for investments.

90 | 91

| Future

Employer of social institutions

Win-win situation for everyone involved

The two social workshops located in the region, Herdern Castle

and opdi-werk of the foundation “Stiftung Zukunft Thurgau“

(Future of Thurgovia), carry out valuable work on every bamix ® .

This includes soldering the circuit boards to various cables,

assembling and packing individual parts and grinding the chopper

for the processor. ESGE AG also wants to maintain this cooperation

in the future.

Valuable cooperation

“Cooking and baking are not hard

when you use the bamix ® . Honesty,

trust, flexibility and quality are char -

acteristics of the ‘kitchen help’ and

also the cooperation.

It makes us particularly proud that,

with our work, we are making a contribution

to the production of a high

quality product. For us the coopera -

tion is very valuable, we know however

that we have a capable and qualityconscious

partner at our side.“

Hugo Weyermann, head of department

at opdi-werk, foundation

“Stiftung Zukunft Thurgau“,

Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Working for a successful product

“You can rely on bamix ® – not only in

the kitchen but also as an employer.

The inhabitants of Herdern Castle are

grateful that they can work on this

successful product! We extend our sincere

thanks for the appreciated


Peter Siegenthaler, head of workshops,

Herdern Castle, Herdern,


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| Future

Leading role among food processors

amix ® – the little all-rounder

It has all the important functions of a large food processor.

Its simple exterior and sophisticated accessories

also call for intensive communication with customers in

the future. As well as conventional marketing, online

channels are being increasingly used.

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| Future

Continuing to impress the cooking world

Awakening bamix ® passion

In the same way Chinese want to fulfil their wish of trav -

elling to Switzerland, Swiss products are also close to

their hearts. The countries of China and Russia are already

in the top ten in terms of sales. The potential is

far from being fully tapped in both markets.

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| Future

Thanks to the employees

Clever minds and nimble hands

The greatest asset is the loyal employees who have

been here for many years and work hard every day to

ensure there is a quality product. Whether in manufacture,

sales, marketing, at trade fairs or in administration,

the 60-year-old success story of the bamix ® makes their

hearts beat faster. This commitment deserves a big

thank you.

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| Future

bamix ® ambassadors have their say

International pressure is

an incentive

“For me as an employee of the company

ESGE AG who is allowed to work

on this ‘icon bamix ® ’, it is a new joy

every day to face up to the intern -

ational competition and be able to

help improve the product, and license

it and sell it worldwide. We at bamix ®

also feel the international pressure of

the markets, and this is even more incentive

for us to give our best for our

product every day. Only the best lasts

– we will work on this in the future


Leo Hungerbühler,

Technical Director, ESGE AG,

Mettlen, Thurgovia, Switzerland

A bamix ® for every kitchen in


“First of all it is necessary to understand

the bamix ® . Understand that

the bamix ® is a unique and excep -

tional food processor which no other

device can beat. If you have understood

this, you can also let others

experience it and convince them that

every kitchen and also every holiday

home needs a bamix ® .”

Kenneth Hou Jensen, ExperiSense

A/S, Hellerup, Denmark

Switzerland has a good reputation

in Russia

“The current trend for kitchen appliances

in Russia has led to increasing

demand for European products. The

bamix ® completely combines the five

most important desires of Russian

consumers: design, Swiss origin, simple

handling, safety and durability.

Russians associate the high price

cate gory of Swiss products with the

highest quality.”

Svetlana Sushentsova, Marketing

Director, Alex Trade LLC, Moscow,


Two loyal companions

“I cannot help writing to you to sing

the praises of the bamix ® . I am also

celebrating an anniversary. I have had

two loyal companions for 50 years:

my fantastic husband and the indispensable

bamix ® in the kitchen.

The bamix ® needs little space, is always

at hand, is flexible, easy to use

and very effective.

I still own the M 133,140W model.

Even though I need the bamix ® nearly

every day, it has never broken in all

these years. For my 50th wedding anniversary

I will treat myself to the

even more powerful bamix ® 250W,

however. Finally, here is my honest

tip: the bamix ® is a real hit, without it

the kitchen is in no fit shape!”

Béatrice Schmid, housewife,

St.Gallen, Switzerland

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| Future

bamix ® ambassadors have their say

A must-have for the kitchen to

prepare soups and sauces

“I have been using the bamix ® for 28

years now, which means I started

using it even before I began my career

as a chef. Back then the bamix ® was

presented at a private sales party. The

model I bought at the time still works

perfectly today. Today I use this and

also a new, even more powerful

model to quickly prepare soups and


Yoko Arimoto, chef and cookery

book author, Tokyo, Japan

The best in its class

“The magic wand ESGE Zauberstab ®

has accompanied me since the beginning

of my professional career. I am

still using it today and can say with a

clear conscience that, in my opinion,

it is the best of the many different

models in this range of products. In

my business, only the ESGE Zauberstab

® will continue to have a permanent


Alfons Schuhbeck, chef and cookery

book author, Schuhbecks am

Platzl GmbH, Munich, Germany


“My mother had a bamix ® , and I love

my bamix ® .“

Adrian Richardson, chef and

cookery book author, Brunswick,

Melbourne, Australia

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| Grating

amix ® – the sophisticated appliance

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| Making shortcrust pastry

amix ® – the most amazing appliance

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