Portland FEI Plant Tour Wells Fargo Check Processing Center ...


Portland FEI Plant Tour Wells Fargo Check Processing Center ...




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Date: Thursday – March 15, 2007

Place: Wells Fargo Tower

1300 SW Fifth, 3 rd Floor – Portland

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MARCH 2007



Portland FEI Plant Tour

Wells Fargo Check Processing Center

March 15 Meeting

The Portland FEI chapter will be the guests of the Wells Fargo Portland Check-

Processing Center for our March meeting. Some details:

When: Thursday March 15 th , 2007

Where: Wells Fargo Tower

1300 SW Fifth, 3rd Floor

Where to park: Parking available underneath the Tower. Access is via Jefferson Street

westbound. Please note that the garage door is open until 6:30pm. After 6:30pm

please use the speaker button at the chain gate and identify yourself by name and as

being with Portland FEI. The chain gate will then open. There is a charge for


Directions: There are 2 elevator banks in the parking area. Attendees should take

the elevators that are near the entrance and exit ramp. Take these elevators to the

1st floor. On the first floor proceed to the building elevators that service floors 2-

20. Take this elevator to the 3rd floor. (The security desk is on the 1 st floor if

attendees have questions.) On the third floor, turn towards the walkway that goes

over 4 th street. The reception will be there.

Time: Meet at the 3 rd floor walkway over 4 th street commencing at 6:00pm.

Light hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine and sodas will be available. Tours will commence

about 6:30pm. Event will end approximately 8 – 8:30pm.

What: Well Fargo Supervisors will guide small groups of approximately 6 to

8 people through their state of the art check-processing center where checks from

throughout the Pacific Northwest are processed. You will see current

OCR/Imaging technology processing checks, internal balancing procedures, and

hear why and how business and personal checks are processed so fast and why float

has become almost nonexistent.

Hosts: The check processing and commercial lending teams at Wells Fargo

are making this event possible. Wells Fargo rarely provides tours of this facility.

Other: There is not a March meeting or PD session at the Mac Club

Questions: Mark Fahey - mfahey@haltonco.com or 503-280-1573. Please

RSVP through the PFEI normal website.

February’s social was held at the Urban

Wine Works where about 60 of our

members, spouses and friends enjoyed an

exceptional evening of conversation, eating,

and blending their own wine. At the

beginning of the evening, everyone went

through the standard process in mixing the

three different wines together but by the end

of the evening there were many odd

combinations ending in an original “cuvee”.

Some of our members liked their concoction

enough to have their cuvee bottled so they

could take it home. Kudos go to Tim

Arbogast for setting up this unique and

enjoyable experience.

Getting back to an old practice within the

Portland Chapter, March’s meeting will be a

“plant tour” of the Wells Fargo check

processing facility in downtown Portland.

This is an aspect of the bank that few get to

see as it is a highly secure facility and tours

are usually not allowed. Mark Fahey has

arranged for us to be taken through the

facility in small groups by members of the

bank’s staff so we can more easily

understand the guide’s comments and ask

questions. This tour will give you an

opportunity to see how quickly your checks

are processed and why float is now almost

non-existent. Since we’re usually on the

President’s Message & Calendar

January 2007

check writing or receiving end, March’s

meeting will fill in the gap between the two.

This isn’t the “back office” we used to know

so come see how it’s changed!

March is typically the time for next year’s

officer and director nominees to be decided

and this year is no exception. Jack Raiton,

last year’s chapter President, will meet with

his committee in the next few days to

determine who has shown an interest either

by their attendance at Chapter meetings or

by their request to serve on the Board.

There is really no better way to get to know

how things get done than by participating.

Give Jack a call. We’re always looking for

good leaders to help us move the Chapter


The Portland Business Journal is currently

accepting nominations for the Portland

area’s “CFO(s) of the Year”. As members of

the profession, who better to know who

should be nominated for this prestigious

honor? Look up the requirements in the

Business Journal, and send in your

nomination. I know we have some excellent

candidates as members of our Chapter.

Let’s see if one (or more) of them can be

selected! The announcement or the winners

will be made in May so there isn’t much

time to get your nomination in.

There are always things going on at the

Portland Chapter of FEI. All you have to

do is pay attention to see them.

See you at Wells Fargo!

Randie Reed

President, Portland Chapter


Website Addresses

FEI: http://fei.org

Portland: http://pfei.org

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National Calendar

March 27, 2007

03/27/2007 8:00 am

03/28/2007 5:00 pm

Conference in New York at Marriott

Marquis Times Square

Vision for Tomorrow´s Treasurer

May 20, 2007

05/20/2007 1:00PM

05/22/2007 5:00PM

Conference in Boston at Hynes

Convention Center

Summit 2007


Mail: Financial Executives International,

200 Campus Drive, Suite 200, Florham

Park, NJ 07932 / Fax: (973) 765-1031 or

(973) 765-1018 / E-mail: conf@fei.org /

Phone: (973) 765-1029 or (973) 765-1000

(main number).

Chapter Calendar

March 15, 2007

Plant Tour: Wells Fargo Check

Processing Center

April 19, 2007

Academic Night

Marvin Kaiser, Dean, College of Liberal

Arts & Sciences, Portland State


Professional Development Speaker:

TBD, MercerTopic: Executive


May 17, 2007

Craig Wessel, Publisher, Portland

Business Journal

Professional Development Speaker:

Gary Glisan, Stoel Rives

Topic: Intellectual Property

June, 2007

Summer Social GOLF - Location

and Date TBD

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