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Fte Networks

Fte maximal : Total networking


• Structured cabling

• Cabinets

• Power Distribution Units (PDU)

International Presence

Fte maximal’s participation in

AOTEC 2011 fair

Fte maximal reaches a Distribution

agreement in the UK with MTD

Launching of

Fte Networks


The company

The installation

• Launching of Fte maximal Germany’s • Installation of •

• catalogue

• Portugal Telecom

Fte maximal appoints an exclusive

• Distributor in Poland

• Opening of the shop Fte maximal Barcelona


October 2011

Fte Networks

Fte maximal: Total networking solutions

Fte maximal launches Fte Networks into the market with the aim of offering total

Solutions to professional installers involved in Networking projects. Check out the new

Fte Maximal’s catalogue.

Diversification has been a key point in the development

of BCN Distribuciones S.A.U. as well as

in the growth of Fte maximal trademark. Historically,

we have developed and launched into the market

solutions related to the reception and distribution of TV

signals, which were adapted specific services, and to particular

markets, including new technologies, etc. Always

avoiding only type-caste, inflexible and standardized catalogues.

The growth of Fte maximal is due to the considerable

investment in Research and Development

that make possible

a more diverse and customized

offer from our company. Thanks

to this and to the dedication and

efforts of our R&D team, we have

become a trademark that remains

a point of reference in the ever

changing needs of the market.

Everybody knows that, nowadays,

the traditional market of signal reception

and distribution is changing,

as is the world. Advancing

fast, we are participating in the

current era: The Digital Era.

Anticipating this change years

ago, the company decided to focus

upon developing future proof

products which have become the

physical support of the current

networks, including the distribution

of TV signal.

This way, Fte maximal started its

reliable model for the business of

the passive elements of Networ- June 2011 issue

ks and other equipment related

to them, creating a specific department

and taking advantage of

the large capacity of the company concerning production

R&D resources.

Several years of hard work resulted in a new catalogue,

Fte Networks, that was released at the begin-

2 Fte News October 2011

ning of July 2011. Fte maximal summarizes in it the essential

passive elements in a network, creating a simple

and useful installation guide for the professional installer,

who will be able to find solutions for any project of structured

cabling. The catalogues combine an economical

and effective offer, with the essential requirement of all

the products being compliant with the usual specification

standards (ISO 11801, 2nd issue; EN 50.173; EIA/

TIA 568B). If you want to check it out on line just go to:



Infrastructure for

data networks

The catalogue is divided in

three parts: structured cabling,

racks and Power Distribution


Structured cabling provides

complete solutions for

category 5e networks without

shielding, category 6e networks

without shielding and

category 6e networks with


In the racks section are included

three families that cover

the needs of the different devices

to place: Servers, switches,

SAIs, cabling…

The Power Distribution

Units are rated to cover all

the consumption needs of the

active network devices, with

a wide range that satisfies

the needs of the most simple

requirements up to the most

complex ones. Let’s not forget

the importance of these devices

since every racks needs,

at least, one Power Distributor

Unit, be it simple or with comprehensive features.

Besides, the company is developing a specific microsite

in order to support this Business. The link of this new

space http://networks.ftemaximal.com

Structured cabling

The structured cabling range of Fte maximal provides complete solutions for category 5e

networks without shielding, category 6 with and without shielding.

The range is divided into four product types: LAN cable, network patch cords, connectors and

connexion panels.

Fte Networks provides complete solutions, from cables to the connectors, to patch panels

and other elements of the installation.

LAN Cables

The cable reels of Fte Networks

Networks are packaged in a

305 metre box which allows

for easy cable pulling with no


The cable reels of Fte Networks

meet all standards

of structured cable: TIA/

EIA-568B, EN 50.173, ISO

11.801 2nd ed.

Fte Networks offers cables of

category 5e U/UTP and 6 U/

UTP in PVC and in LSZH (zero



The main advantage the connectors of Fte Networks

(keystone jack and RJ45) offer is that the system is

suitable for any installation, depending on which the elements

to be installed are or their intrinsic features. Also,

the universal holding system allows the connector to be

adapted to different products of the Fte Networks range,

this way we can make connections in the empty panels and

in user’s terminal points.

Patch cords

Fte Networks offers a complete range of

network patch cords in different sizes from

0.5m up to 15m.

The range of the patch cords from

Fte Networks is always halogen

free and low smoke emission,

which is the safety

guarantee at any installation.

The patch cords

comply with all the

current standards


50.173, ISO 11.801 2nd

ed. Fte Networks offers network

patch cords with categories 5e U/UTP, 6 U/UTP and


Moreover, Fte Networks has created a system that allows

an easy identification of the patch cords in the installation.

The patch cords are always grey, but with the CCS

identification system you will be able to distinguish the different

services according to certain colour identification. Available

in: white, black, yellow, red, blue, green.

19” patch panels

Fte Networks has a Wide range of patch panels suited to

any installation requirement.

From the traditional pre-connected panels, up to the new

concept of modularity. In the new modular panel, several

technologies (category 5e and category 6, shielded or unshielded)

can be installed, even different materials in a near

future, including optical fiber. This is possible thanks to the

empty panels and the 180º keystone jacks that Fte Networks

has in catalogue.

The modular panels allow the installation to expand as necessary.

The installer only has to install what is required at

anytime. It is possible to cover holes until needed.

FteNews Fte News Mayo-Junio October 2010 2011 3 3

Fte Networks


The Racks range of Fte Networks is formed of three product families that cover all the

needs of the different devices that it can hold. Also, there is a wide range of accessories

that provide the necessary elements for an effective and organized installation.

Server cabinet

4 4 Fte FteNews News October Mayo-Junio 20112010

Servers and network devices often have special

requirement for weight and heat dissipation. The

strong structure and wide ventilation areas in the

front and rear back doors of the Fte Networks

server cabinets are perfect for this purpose.

Static load up to 1.000 Kg

Single opened embossed front door (ventilated

area up to 65%)

Side panels with fastening opening bolt

Fast adjustment feet

130º opening door

The depth is adjustable (take 25MM as

unit), the height of capacity is adjustable

(take 1U as unit)

Accessories included: 40 sets M6 screws

and nuts, 4 elevation feet, 4 heavy duty


Multipurpose cabinet

For data distribution equipment, such as switches

and patch panels, the multi-purpose

cabinet is the perfect solution. Available in a variety

of dimensions, it has a capacity up to 500

kilos, which makes it suitable for a wide range of


Glass front door, single flat steel rear door

Side panels with fastening opening bolt

Fast adjustment feet

Accessories included: top cover fan, 3

fixed shelfs, 40 sets M6 screws and nuts, 4

elevation feet, 4 heavy duty castors

Wall cabinets

It is perfect for small installations and offices, suitable

also for TV signal reception systems and distribution

devices from Fte Networks. Fte Networks proposes 2

types of wall racks in its catalogue:

Single section wall cabinets

Static load up to 60 Kg

Glass front door, single flat steel rear door

180º front door opening

Side panels with fasten opened bolt

Accessories included: 10 sets screws and nuts in

6u to 12u cabinets and 20 sets screws in 15u to

22u cabinets

Double section wall cabinets

Static load 60 Kg

Double section body, the main can be opened up

to 120º

Glass front door, single flat steel rear door

180º front door opening

Side panels with fastening opening bolt

Accessories included: 10 sets screws and nuts in

6 U to 12 U cabinets and 20 sets screws in 15 U

to 22 U cabinets.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

The power distribution units (PDU) are the devices that centralize and make easier the

electric distribution of the active devices in the network.

The professional computer system as well as the communications systems must guarantee

a non-stop service, for this reason the power distribution units (PDU) are extremely

important, offering different confi gurations that provide greater control and information

about the installation.

Fte Networks presents a wide product range, from the simplest requirement up to the

most complex ones, covering with all its products the most used applications and usages.

The three series that Fte Networks launches into the market are: Basic Series, Vertical

Series and Remote Series.

Basic Series

the Basic series of Fte Networks incorporate, over the traditional power distribution units, multiple functionalities for

the supervision of the consumption and protection, very useful for those installations that have more advanced needs

than the traditional ones.

Vertical Series

The vertical devices series are perfect for setting a modular

and versatile installation. The number of power outlets

installed could increase according to the expansion of

the installation without the need to switch off any device

thanks to its guidelines and the modular basis system,

which allow “hot-swap” connection.

The Vertical series allows the installation to get the power

from two different power lines. So, there will be just one

power supply distributor in the cabinet, which ensures

the electrical supply redundancy to the active devices in

the data network.

Remote Series

It is the most sophisticated series of PDUs of Fte Networks.

There are different set ups and monitoring and

control options, so we can reach an individual control

and monitoring for each one of the power outputs, setting

the maximums and minimums for the alarm levels

and setting up the sending of warnings.

This protocol allows the control of the remote PDU unit

to be done through IT software system.

FteNews Fte News Mayo-Junio October 2010 20115


International Presence

Fte maximal’s participation in AOTEC 2011 fair (Madrid)

The AOTEC (Asociación Nacional de

Operadores de Telecomunicaciones

y Servicios de Internet / National

Association of Telecommunications and

Internet Services Operators), fair took place

last June and, of course, Fte maximal

played a very important role, launching

into the market its range of headend professional

solutions for CATV operators.

In this peerless framework Fte maximal

presented the simulation of three kinds

of headend scenarios, which cover absolutely

all the options that a Network may

need. These solutions are:

The creation of a transmodulator headend

made from DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T modules

to QAM with or without Common

Interface, which allows the conversion of

any kind of Terrestrial or Satellite signal,

that can be free or encrypted, into DVB-

C and distributing it. The same option is

possible by transforming it into DVB-C.

The whole set takes on a high relevance

thanks to the new remote control device

Fte maximal reaches a Distribution agreement in the UK with MTD

Last March 2011, Fte maximal has reached

a Distribution agreement for the

UK territory with the company a

Martin Turner Direct Ltd. (MTD),


MTD is one of the key players in the market

for the distribution of MATV and

SMATV professional products in the UK.

In addition to offering the normal distribution

facilities to the professional installer,

the company also offers a high quality

value added service, offering the

customer a “Turn-Key Solution”, as well

as the design of the distribution systems

thereby ensuring a successful performance

of their professional TV installations

throughout the UK.

One of the key products that has made

this agreement beneficial in short term is

6 6 Fte FteNews News October Mayo-Junio 20112010

of Fte maximal: RCM 310, which easily

allows the usage and monitoring of the

whole headend set through a simple internet


Another proposal of Fte maximal is the

creation of networks with encrypted channels

through the usage of its IP Scrambler

/ Multiplexor. To do so, the channels that

will be distributed are previously converted

into IP thanks to the DVB-S2, DVB-

S, DVB- T with or without CI, which have

been already in the market for more than

3 years, and they are later processed in

the multiplexor / Scrambler, that allows

the Genius range of Fte maximal. The

very popular Genius 5, 6 and 10 are products

that not only satisfy the technical

needs of the UK installer, but also come

very competitively priced.

Other key products like the DVB 310

Headends, the range of Passives (AS,

AM), the LNB’s or the products for

Amplifi cation for installations with

Multiswitches are products now quite

the control of up to 8 multiplex of 25 services

each. Once encrypted, we only have

to turn them into DVB-C thanks to an IP-

QAM encoder. A prototype of the new

receiver DVB-C HD with Conax 7 was

presented in the fair too. It gives a global

solution to all these kind of projects.

But perhaps the most complete solution

in terms of technique was the one presented

by the new business unit of the

IP View Media Solutions, trademark,

which consists of a multimedia system

for the transmission of IP television, that

allows the distribution of all kind of TV

and VoD contents, as well as addressed

advertisement. In the fair there was a real

test made with the company TFO with its

technology of GPON fiber nets. Several

successful pilot tests have been made

previously with this company.

All this set of solutions makes us become

a clear benchmark in the professional

market of the networks.

popular among MTD’s customers.

The cooperation between Fte maximal

and MTD was made official last March

at the Epsom CAI Trade Fair and it has

been endorsed in two further exhibitions,

where Fte maximal and MTD have shared

a booth: Leeds CAI Trade Fair in

June and at the CEDIA Home Technology

Event in London also on June. The

visitors to the CEDIA show were very interested

in the presentation of the solution

IP View Media Solutions for Hospitality,

as the potential market for this

technology in the UK is huge.

During the following months, MTD and

Fte maximal are going to work together

on new and exciting projects that

will undoubtedly, result in the firm establishment

of the Fte brand in such a difficult

economic climate.

The company

Launching of Fte maximal Germany’s


Last July Fte maximal Germany launched its

new product catalogue.

The most notable feature of this new

version of the catalogue (1.6) is that the

issue is much more reduced than the previous

versions, since it only highlights the most

outstanding descriptions and data of each


This new issue contains a high number of

product innovations. It is worth mentioning

the addition of new products in the multi-

From last May, Fte maximal is beginning

to be present in the Polish market.

The company has reached a Distribution

Agreement with the company SATMANIA

(www.satmania.pl) for the Polish territory.

Since their first contact with Fte maximal,

SATMANIA has been very interested in

distributing the whole range of Fte branded

products. A proof of this is that in

less than 2 months, the new distributor

of Fte maximal in Poland has available

stock of almost all the product groups of

the company’s catalogue (Aerials, Dishes,

Passives, LNB, Coaxial Cable, Multiswitches,

Field Strength Meters, Amplifiers,

Receivers, Accessories…), and already

In July, Fte maximal inaugurated in its

headquarters in Barberà del Vallès a sales

counter that will become a meeting

switches range (OLY and KAD series),

modular headends (growth of 310 series),

field strength meters (new models and

options for the mediaMAX MINI series) and

new digital receivers that are adapted to the

new technological needs of the users.

In order to download this catalogue

please go to http://www.ftmaximal.com/

aleman/menu.php or check out its on-line

version: http://www.ftemaximal.com/


Fte maximal appoints an exclusive Distributor in Poland

the feedback from their customers is very

positive so far.

It is the first time that Fte maximal has established

a presence in Poland, and the

expectation in the short and medium term

is very promising for both parties.

Opening of the shop Fte maximal Barcelona

area for the clients around Barcelona.

This way, Fte maximal takes one more

step in order to improve the service by

offering a personal and direct attention

to its clients.

This area has been created for the professional

people of the sector. Fte maximal

will provide a direct service in the

delivery of the products and besides it

will offer a specialized technical-commercial

advisory service.

In terms of promotional activities, now is

available the new website www.ftemaximal.pl

(still under construction), and SAT-

MANIA as launched some advertisements

in the Satkurier magazine (local professional

magazine in Poland), and they will exhibit

at the SATRAK exhibition (which will

take place in Krakow from 13th to 15th

October 2011).

This way, Fte maximal opens a completely

new Distribution point, very important

in terms of expansion and strategy for the

company, and we are very confident that,

together with the excellent involvement of

SATMANIA, this mutual cooperation will

result in a successful commercial enterprise

for both parties.

In the shop there is an OUTLET zone

where the visitor will be able to check

a wide range of products that have very

interesting offers.

Visit our Fte maximal shop in Barcelona

and find out all the offers and promotions

Mogoda 110 - Pol. Industrial Can Salvatella

(Avinguda de Torre Mateu)

08210 - Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona)

Direct phone: +34 93 729 27 60

Opening hours: From 7:00 to 15:00 h.

FteNews Fte News Mayo-Junio October 2010 20117 7

+ info: www.ftemaximal.com

The installation

Installation of Portugal Telecom

Fte maximal Portugal has reached an agreement

with its client Portugal Telecom in order to offer a

solution that allows the display of different encoded

contents that are received in high definition in Hotels,

without the need of making any additional modification

in their final infrastructure.

The hotel chain Hoteles Grupo Pestana, as the biggest

group of tourism and leisure in Portugal and

which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2012, has

chosen this solution as the one to be installed in 30

building groups in different areas of Portugal. It is

worth mentioning that this hotel chain currently manages

45 Pousadas de Portugal and 42 hotel resorts

placed in three different continents: 22 in Portugal

(10 in Madeira, 7 in Algarve, 1 in Lisbon, 1 in Oporto,

1 in Cascais and 2 in Beloura/Sintra), 1 in Argentina

(Buenos Aires), 3 in Mozambique (Maputo, Inhaca Island

and Bazaruto Island), 1 in South Africa (next to

Kruger Park), 1 in Cape Verde (in the city of Praia)

and 1 en São Tomé e Príncipe.

The headend that we propose in each installation

has been mounted on a 42U rack, assembled

with equipment that belongs to the modular headend

family of Fte maximal with the following items

for each rack: 28 modules of DVB 300S HD that

allow unencrypting Nagra encoded signals and that

convert the signal received from DVB-S2 satellite

with high definition (MPEG-4) into a baseband

signal; 14 units of MTW 310 each of them modulates

2 audio and video channels to PAL-BG; some

MUX 310 have been installed too in order to make a

combination of the new RF channels and the set has

been amplified by an AMP 310 P modular amplifier

for headends with a 45 dB gain.

Within Fte maximal’s quality commitment and as an

added value, the equipment is delivered totally assembled,

adjusted to the requested channels and

inspected. Likewise we have to point out that the installation

has been managed in situ by the local branch

of Fte maximal in Portugal.


en el Hotel

El Fuerte



Pol. Industrial Can Salvatella

08210 Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona)

Tel. +34 93 729 27 00

Fax +34 93 729 30 73


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