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2009 Wauconda Community Guide - Pioneer Press Communities ...


The Wauconda Village Board consisting of Clerk Ginger Irwin,

Trustees: Pat Murphy, Lincoln F. Knight, Jean Mayo, Ed Lockmayer,

John F. Barbini, Pam Wahl and myself, Mayor Mark F. Knigge, invite

you to discover the wonders of Wauconda past, present, and future.

The Village of Wauconda was established by a vote (49 yes, 24 no) at

the Pratt Hotel approximately 7:00 p.m. Saturday, August 18, 1877.* As we approach

our 126th birthday, we can celebrate our rich and diverse heritage. Past visits to the

beaches, water slides and apple picking bring back memories to generations

of people who have visited our village over the years…what tremendous name

recognition! Looking at the past with an eye toward the future we have much to be

proud of and much to look forward to!

Presently, Wauconda is a community abundant with distinct opportunities, from

our pristine recreational lake, to our historic downtown, to the vast forest

preserves and trail systems. Wauconda Fest, triathlons, fishing derbies and the

Farmers Market are not only activities for our residents, but bring thousands of

visitors to our town…many for the first time. Coupled with an excellent district

school system, award-winning library, outstanding park district, quality police and

fire protection and first-rate village staff, Wauconda offers the amenities that

provide a foundation to raise a family, build a business and live a quality life for all

of our residents!

As we look to the future, planning is the means to a unified and cohesive effort that

will efficiently and effectively move our village forward. Your village board is

enthusiastically looking forward to working with our highly professional staff and

village residents to develop a strategic plan that will guide the operation and

development of our village. This plan will include the establishment of an

economic development department and director, fiscal planning and forecasting,

and an overall vision for the advancement of our community. As always,

communication is crucial. The interactive web site, staff updates, village message

board, resident advisory groups and town hall meetings will broaden the

information flow and create an avenue for input and feedback vitally needed for

inclusion in the government process.

Finally, you can only be amazed at the spirit and sense of community exhibited by

the Village of Wauconda residents and always remember, together we can make a


Mark F. Knigge, Mayor Village of Wauconda

101 N. Main Street, Wauconda, IL 60084

*Referenced from the Village of Wauconda 1977 Centennial celebration pamphlet, a gift to the village from

former Mayor John Dianis

VILLAGE BOARD (left to right): Patrick Murphy, Pam Wahl, John Barbini, Ginger Irwin, Mark Knigge,

Jean Mayo, Ed Lochmayer & Lincoln Knight.


The Village of Wauconda is a community of 12,614 residents with a diversified

industrial and commercial base. Local government consists of a Mayor, Clerk and

six-member Board of Trustees who are elected to four-year overlapping terms of

office. Village Board meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Committee of the Whole meetings are held the second, fourth and sometimes fifth

Tuesday of the month. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and the agendas as well as

the approved minutes can be accessed on the Village website at



Mark F. Knigge, Mayor

E-mail: mknigge@wauconda-il.gov

Ginger Irwin, Village Clerk

E-mail: girwin@wauconda-il.gov

Patrick Murphy, Trustee

E-mail: pmurphy@wauconda-il.gov

Lincoln F. Knight, Trustee

E-mail: lknight@wauconda-il.gov

Jean Mayo, Trustee

E-mail: jmayo@wauconda-il.gov

Ed Lochmayer, Trustee

E-mail: elochmayer@wauconda-il.gov

John F. Barbini, Trustee

E-mail: jbarbini@wauconda-il.gov

Pam Wahl, Trustee

E-mail: pwahl@wauconda-il.gov

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