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Council Behaving Badly - Fullerton Observer



photos by Bryan Crowe

From Warrior to Duck

Rob Beard to kick for Oregon

in BCS Championship

The typical college kicker is a man on an island. He

can be found alone on the side lines kicking into a net.

He is typically of a slighter build and warms up with his

holder away from the team. When called upon to perform

all eyes are on him... alone.

Former Troy Warrior and current Oregon Duck kicker

Rob Beard is hardly that. At 6 feet, 220 pounds Beard

has the legs of a running back and can tackle like a linebacker.

Credited with 6+ tackles this season, his special

teams coach Tom Osborne has to constantly urge him

to hang back on kick offs.

“His problem was he’d want to get down there and hit

guys every time,” Osborne said, adding: “He’s not a

kicking geek. He’s a football player that happens to


Rob walked on at Oregon following his injury

plagued senior season at Troy. That final Prep year he

played alongside current UCLA Bruin Derrick

Coleman and should have ended deep in the 07-08 CIF

playoffs, but that was not the case. Cross town rival

Fullerton waited 5 months to report a small infraction

Above: #93 Rob Beard

kicks a 34 yard field goal

in a win over the

USC Trojans.

Below: Beard watches one

of his 63 extra points

during the 2010 season.

At Right: Beard making

his 2nd tackle of the game

prevents UCS Trojan #13

Robert Woods from scoring

a touchdown.

Austin Babb

We would like to thank all of the

people who prayed, hugged and

supported us during this process of

healing Austin Babb.

There are not enough words to

describe the caring and warmth

shown all of us during this time.

Austin is doing really good. He

is back in school full time except

for PE and getting back into

homework and studying.

According to him his greatest

distress right now, except for not

being able to play sports, is how

slowly his hair is growing back.

We are so blessed to have him



Thank You,

Carl & Ginny Bab, Laura


Alyssa Lendennie, Easton Babb,


Mike Babb

committed the previous school year

knowing the CIF would have no choice

but to penalize Troy with removal from

post season play. Many seniors ended

their careers on that very sour note.

2008 turned into a red shirt

season for Beard as he recovered

from knee surgery. In

2009 as the Ducks kickoff specialist

he averaged 63 yards per

kickoff with 10 touchbacks.

His second season as an

active player would prove to be

challenging as well as rewarding.

2010 would begin with a

late night altercation on

January 24th that left him hospitalized

with serious facial

injuries. “I think about that

probably every day,” Beard

said. “I was once in a spot where people

were kind of questioning my actions. ... I

don’t want people to question me anymore.

That’s why I always practice perfectly

and get better every day.” Just 8

months later on September 4th he found

himself at practice, hearing the cheers of

his teammates as it was announced he had

received a scholarship and was no longer

the "Walk On" from Fullerton.

Along with his kickoff duties he is also a

very busy place kicker. Averaging 6.6 extra

points per game he leads the nation but


only has 9 field goals due to Oregon's

habit of scoring touchdowns nearly every

time they pass mid field. Beard kicked a

pivotal 34 yarder against USC at the

Colosseum with both his parents in atten-

dance. “My parents don’t get

to see many games ... so that

was exciting,” he said.

His folks Leslie and Jay

were tireless volunteers during

Rob's early years in athletics,

most notable as board

members for the Fullerton

Rangers Youth Soccer Club.

Leslie created and published

the Troy Football programs

for several years until Rob's

brother Doug finished his

football career at Troy.

Few players get the opportunity

to play for a national championship.

Rob Beard gets his at 5:30pm on

Monday January 10th when first timers

Oregon and Auburn face off in Glendale

Arizona. The Ducks have run over most

opponents this year and field goals have

not been a major part of their offense.

Following a month off and facing the

tough SEC defense of the Tigers, Beard’s

toe could come into play. My guess is.... if

the game is on the line and Rob gets the

call...... he will coolly and calmly split the


Few players

get the


to play for

a national


Rob Beard gets

his at 5:30pm

on Monday

January 10th

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