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Council Behaving Badly - Fullerton Observer

Council Behaving Badly - Fullerton Observer


Page 8 FULLERTON OBSERVER HEALTH MID DECEMBER 2010 ROSE PARADE PARTICIPANTS FROM FULLERTON Anthony Garcia Anthony Garcia (pictured at right), a Fullerton Union High School student, is one of ten Kaiser Permanente patients who have been selected to ride on the healthcare provider’s Rose Parade float on New Year’s Day. Anthony and the others were chosen to ride due to their heroic and inspiring fight against significant diseases. As a defensive end on his high school football team, Anthony is familiar with facing and tackling powerful forces. He had to face a more formidable opponent in late 2009, when, after experiencing headaches and fatigue, he was diagnosed with a cancer of the white blood cells -the cells in the body that normally fight infections -- known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). After undergoing grueling treatment, during which he lost Dave Hollon As a result of adult onset Type 1 diabetes, Dave Hollon’s kidneys failed in 2001. He began dialysis and was listed for a transplant. “The support of my wife, Sonya, and children Leslie and Michael (who were eight and four at the time) kept me moving along,” recalled 50-year old Dave. “By my second year on dialysis, life was, in a word, agony. I could not be the husband and provider my wife deserved and could not keep up with my kids. How do you tell your little son that you can’t go bike riding?” Dave’s overall health was failing fast, and he was not looking forward to several more years on the transplant list. His brother, Mike, could not stand to see Dave and his family suffer. In April 2004, Mike donated a kidney to save his brother’s life. “He had the love and support of his wife, my sister-in-law Sharon,” Dave said. “He would have not made that life-saving decision without her support and counsel. “After that transplant, I could enjoy life again. In fact, my son asked my surgeon, before I could, when I could resume bike riding. Also, Mike and his family moved from Virginia to Fullerton and we are now able to enjoy life together.” his hair, he achieved remission in January of 2010. Still, lasting side effects and complications have led to multiple noncancer re-admissions requiring days or weeks of hospitalization. Because of this, Anthony, 15, is currently being home schooled, but he’s looking forward to returning to his Fullerton High School this January. Though Dave’s life was renewed and he was enjoying life and work again, he still suffered from diabetes. A few months after his kidney transplant, his blood sugar levels became very erratic and he ended up back in the hospital, and was then listed for a pancreas transplant. While Dave was dealing with managing his health, 16-year old Lacey Rodia of Murrieta, California, became aware of organ donation while preparing for her driver’s license. She let her wishes be known to her parents and joined the Donate Life California Organ & Tissue YWCA Honored with $90,000 Komen Grant On December 3, 2010 the YWCA was honored by the Orange County Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Grant Program, in a ceremony at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. The YWCA received a recognition plaque along with a $90,000 grant for its Early Breast Cancer Screening and Education Program. The YWCA outreach program helps women 40-64 years and older with screenings located throughout the community. Our multicultural staff reaches out to the Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish and English populations providing breast health education and referral services to over 7,000 women and schedules over 5,000 women for annual mammograms. This program helps low-income or uninsured women with early breast cancer detection. Workshops provide life saving self breast exam awareness and education. Clinics are held in churches, temples, and local community centers. For information on these and other programs call the YWCA at (714) 871-4488. He misses his friends and wants to rejoin the debate team, a favorite activity for the aspiring public interest attorney. He’s also active with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and plans to continue raising funds through charity walks and the sale of anti-cancer bracelets. The entertaining float presents an image of a momma cat and family practicing healthy eating and active living in a Victorian-inspired garden. Working and playing alongside these giant feline figures are young patients, all courageous fighters against life-threatening diseases. Entitled “Purrfectly Healthy,” the float aims to inspire people to make the lifestyle changes that can lead to better total health, a central theme of Kaiser’s ongoing “Thrive” message. On Jan. 1st, turn on your TV and look for Anthony Garcia on Kaiser Permanente’s Rose Parade float! At Left: Dave Hollon with mom Adriane and sister Laura decorate a memorial floragraph of a donor being honored in the float. Donor Registry. A few months later, in February 2006, Lacey was involved in a fatal auto accident. Lacey touched four lives as an organ donor, including Dave’s. He now has a pancreas that produces insulin. His diabetes is no longer active. Dave and his extended family first met the Rodias in December 2006, and together they placed Family Circle roses on the 2007 Donate Life Rose Parade float. For more infor on organ donation: or For more information on the float: AT LEFT: BACK ROW: YWCA staff members Susana Torres, and Vi Nguyen; YWCA board member Don Thurmond; YWCA President Nancy Schultz; YWCA staff member Nancy Hoan Le; Eileen Frere from ABC News; YWCA Executive Director Diane Masseth-Jones; YWCA physician Dr. Chi Phan; YWCA board members Rosamaria Gomez-Amaro, and Mona Wehner; Rose Ruiz, YWCA Staff. FRONT ROW: CSULB interns Kenneth Nguyen and Viet Nguyen; and Martha Detor, YWCA Board Member. Doctors Debra and Dallas Stout Danielle Nava Takes Over Direction of Violence Prevention Coalition The Violence Prevention Coalition of Orange County (VPCOC) announced that after 8 years of dedicated service, Drs. Dallas and Debra Stout will be stepping down as Co- Chairs of the Board of Directors at the end of the year. Danielle Nava, MAOL, currently the Director of programs for the California Conference for Equality and Justice will serve as Chair of the VPCOC in 2011. In 2007, Danielle was one of three Danielle Nava Californians awarded the prestigious American Marshall Memorial Fellowship; a unique opportunity for emerging leaders representing diverse sectors from the United States and Europe to engage with policymakers and counterparts across the Atlantic on political and public policy issues. In 2009, she was named Distinguished Alumna of the year by Cypress College. Danielle holds a BA in Sociology from CSUF, and a MA in Organizational Leadership from Chapman. The VPCOC, established in 1996, is a county-wide affiliation of businesses, community organizations, public and private agencies, and individuals seeking to promote violence prevention through a public health model. The mission and goals of the VPCOC are to promote the health and wellness of our community by reducing violence, changing community norms by establishing non-violence as a desired behavior. To find out more about the group go to

MID DECEMBER 2010 SPORTS photos by Bryan Crowe From Warrior to Duck Rob Beard to kick for Oregon in BCS Championship The typical college kicker is a man on an island. He can be found alone on the side lines kicking into a net. He is typically of a slighter build and warms up with his holder away from the team. When called upon to perform all eyes are on him... alone. Former Troy Warrior and current Oregon Duck kicker Rob Beard is hardly that. At 6 feet, 220 pounds Beard has the legs of a running back and can tackle like a linebacker. Credited with 6+ tackles this season, his special teams coach Tom Osborne has to constantly urge him to hang back on kick offs. “His problem was he’d want to get down there and hit guys every time,” Osborne said, adding: “He’s not a kicking geek. He’s a football player that happens to kick.” Rob walked on at Oregon following his injury plagued senior season at Troy. That final Prep year he played alongside current UCLA Bruin Derrick Coleman and should have ended deep in the 07-08 CIF playoffs, but that was not the case. Cross town rival Fullerton waited 5 months to report a small infraction Above: #93 Rob Beard kicks a 34 yard field goal in a win over the USC Trojans. Below: Beard watches one of his 63 extra points during the 2010 season. At Right: Beard making his 2nd tackle of the game prevents UCS Trojan #13 Robert Woods from scoring a touchdown. Austin Babb We would like to thank all of the people who prayed, hugged and supported us during this process of healing Austin Babb. There are not enough words to describe the caring and warmth shown all of us during this time. Austin is doing really good. He is back in school full time except for PE and getting back into homework and studying. According to him his greatest distress right now, except for not being able to play sports, is how slowly his hair is growing back. We are so blessed to have him healed. SPORTS Thank You, Carl & Ginny Bab, Laura Lendennie Alyssa Lendennie, Easton Babb, and Mike Babb committed the previous school year knowing the CIF would have no choice but to penalize Troy with removal from post season play. Many seniors ended their careers on that very sour note. 2008 turned into a red shirt season for Beard as he recovered from knee surgery. In 2009 as the Ducks kickoff specialist he averaged 63 yards per kickoff with 10 touchbacks. His second season as an active player would prove to be challenging as well as rewarding. 2010 would begin with a late night altercation on January 24th that left him hospitalized with serious facial injuries. “I think about that probably every day,” Beard said. “I was once in a spot where people were kind of questioning my actions. ... I don’t want people to question me anymore. That’s why I always practice perfectly and get better every day.” Just 8 months later on September 4th he found himself at practice, hearing the cheers of his teammates as it was announced he had received a scholarship and was no longer the "Walk On" from Fullerton. Along with his kickoff duties he is also a very busy place kicker. Averaging 6.6 extra points per game he leads the nation but FULLERTON OBSERVER Page 9 only has 9 field goals due to Oregon's habit of scoring touchdowns nearly every time they pass mid field. Beard kicked a pivotal 34 yarder against USC at the Colosseum with both his parents in atten- dance. “My parents don’t get to see many games ... so that was exciting,” he said. His folks Leslie and Jay were tireless volunteers during Rob's early years in athletics, most notable as board members for the Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club. Leslie created and published the Troy Football programs for several years until Rob's brother Doug finished his football career at Troy. Few players get the opportunity to play for a national championship. Rob Beard gets his at 5:30pm on Monday January 10th when first timers Oregon and Auburn face off in Glendale Arizona. The Ducks have run over most opponents this year and field goals have not been a major part of their offense. Following a month off and facing the tough SEC defense of the Tigers, Beard’s toe could come into play. My guess is.... if the game is on the line and Rob gets the call...... he will coolly and calmly split the uprights. Few players get the opportunity to play for a national championship. Rob Beard gets his at 5:30pm on Monday January 10th

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