735 359 - heidenhain


735 359 - heidenhain


Windows present numeric, text and graphic information describing probe position, feature measurement

results, tolerance measurement results, program content and measurement database statistics.

Windows include:

• DRO (digital readout) window: Probe position referred to the current measurement reference

(machine zero or part zero)

• Part View window: Graphic display of measured features

• Results window: Measurement result data

• Templates: Eight default templates display feature data, program steps,

database and report statistics and tolerance measurement results.

Additional custom templates can be created by the user.

DRO window

The DRO window shows the current probe position with respect to the zero position

of the current reference frame.

Check the Windows/DRO menu item to display the DRO window, or clear the check

mark to hide it.

The zero location of each axis can be

temporarily changed by clicking the

axis button on the right side of the DRO


QC5200 Windows


The X and Y axis Cartesian coordinates are changed to R and Ө for polar coordinate


The DRO window can be resized by clicking and dragging the side

or corner of the window.

Axis zero buttons


2 User Interface

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