735 359 - heidenhain


735 359 - heidenhain

Results window

The Results window contains measurement

data for the selected feature.

Check the Windows/Results menu item

to display the Results window, or clear

the check mark to hide it.

All basic feature data is displayed for

the current coordinate system. The

information changes to reflect the new

coordinate system when the measurement

coordinate system is changed by

the user.

Results window functions can be accessed by right-clicking the window. These functions are described in

detail later in the Menus section of this chapter.

Simply changing the overall

shape doesn’t change

the text formatting

QC5200 Windows

The size and shape of the Results window can be changed by clicking and

dragging a corner, but the content’s text format remains unchanged when this

method is used.

To change the text formatting of the Results window, right-click the title bar

of the Results window to display the Results window menu, then highlight the

desired Results window text format and release the mouse. The new format

will be displayed.

Text formatting must be

changed from the Results

window menu


2 User Interface

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