735 359 - heidenhain


735 359 - heidenhain


This User Guide describes the operation of the crosshair and optical edge series of QC5200 metrology

products. This series of QC5200 instruments conducts a wide variety of precise 2-D measurements using

crosshairs or optical edge detection probes. The QC5200 software supports manual part positioning and

feature measurement under user control, and CNC part positioning and automated measurement under program

control. While it is likely that this Guide includes some material that doesn’t apply to your specific

QC5200 system, information pertaining to your system will be easy to find using the Table of Contents

and Index.

Who should read this Guide?

This Guide is necessary for the efficient operation of the QC5200 system. Operators and supervisors will

find the contents invaluable in conducting measurements, programming automatic functions and reporting

results. User setup functions are also described that will help users and supervisors customize the QC5200

measurement tools, user interface screens and report formats.


Operators and supervisors are assumed to have a good basic understanding of dimensional metrology

theory and practice, and a good understanding of Microsoft Windows use and conventions.

Conventions used throughout this Guide

The conventions used to call attention to notes, cautions and warnings, and the shorthand used to show

menu navigation paths are described below:

Notes, warnings and cautions

This guide uses the following icons to highlight note, warning and caution information:


The note icon indicates additional or supplementary information about an activity or

concept. Notes are shown in bold type.


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