Swiss craftsmanship.

Swiss craftsmanship.

Swiss craftsmanship.

Comprehensive advisory services for SMEs and

public sector companies.

Piaget Altiplano Girard-Perregaux 1966

Piaget Altiplano

The 430P Calibre featured in the PIAGET ALTIPLANO

is a masterpiece that is peerless among ultra-thin

timepieces. At just 2.1 mm thick, only experienced

master watchmakers have the requisite skill to

construct the delicate mechanics.

Girard-Perregaux 1966

The Neuchâtel Observatory Centenary Prize is one of

the world’s most coveted awards for precision work.

GIRARD-PERREGAUX was awarded this prestigious

prize for the watch of the same name in 1966.

The movement is 3.2 mm thick.



Public Sector Advisory


Tax & Legal

IT Solutions

Fine Swiss watches are a passion for

connoisseurs in particular, but they also

hold a fascination for those with just a

fleeting interest.

For several centuries the sheer elegance

of their design, the allure of the

various shapes and their ingenious precision

mechanics have garnered certain

Swiss watches the status of revered

collectibles. Behind all this lies traditional

values and standards: reliability,

consistency and uncompromising precision

work. Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship

continues to thrive and delight

with its new developments.

The choice is a difficult one – how to

decide from among so many attractive


Likewise, it is widely held that the

choice between providers of accounting

services, audit, public sector advisory,

consulting, tax and legal advisory

and IT solutions is a difficult one because

they are more or less all the

same. What makes us different is the

expectations we have of ourselves.

OBT is an independent Swiss consulting

company that upholds the same

values as Swiss watchmakers. We provide

services for SMEs and public sector

companies with the same passion

as watchmakers crafting high-quality,

luxury watches. We have some 220 employees

and 20 interns who aspire to

this standard of excellence every day.

It is for this reason that OBT clients appreciate

our unique style. Our clients

trust us not because OBT talks about

We would like to thank Beyer Chronometrie (Zurich) for their competent technical advice and

support in the realisation of this brochure.

certain values, but because we let these

principles guide us in our work: thoroughness,

sound competence and client

proximity. Our primary ambition

is to secure our clients‘ business over

the long term and exploit potential on

a sustainable basis.

OBT is typical Swiss – small and unmistakable,

local and international. SMEs

receive the same level of competent

and personal service as listed companies,

public sector bodies, foundations

and associations. We will be happy

to show you what we can do for you.

Satisfied customers do not stray. If

you’re looking for greater satisfaction,

talk to us.

Wearers of fine Swiss watches know

that their timepieces can be relied

upon to never disappoint. All is as it

should be. The watch and wearer are

perfectly matched. This is precisely

how we want our clients to feel when

they work with us.

Specialised and general services

Impressive services thanks to seamless collaboration.

OBT employs experienced specialists

who understand your situation, cover

all areas and can draw on their general

knowledge to provide innovative solutions.

You can always rely on us to conscientiously

provide you with the best

service, whether in just one or even

several areas – on a consistent basis.

The longer and better we know you, the

better we can cater our advice to the

current needs of your company.

Working with OBT offers you proven

advantages that form a solid basis for

long-term success.

Continuity and personal attention.

You will have one contact person advising

you who knows you and can

offer you complex solutions. This forms

a relationship of trust, which is the

basis for successful cooperation.

Quick and discreet service. Your advisor

knows your company and does

whatever necessary for your success.

Close ties to banks, authorities and

associations make things simpler.

Quality through solid competency.

Our employees have experienced the

SME business from all angles, and we

ensure that they always have the latest

information. We also have access

to a global network thanks to the fact

that we are an independent member of

Baker Tilly International.

Modular services. Corporate heads

never know exactly whether and how

they are going to realise their visions

because the economic environment

is shaped by constant change. OBT’s

specialists can assure you that you will

always receive the best answers to new



Are watches instruments used to meas-

ure time? Yes and no. A valuable traditional

Swiss watch offers its owner

much more. It is a personal accessory

that you enjoy, that goes where you go

and which you can rely on. It is simply

part of you.

Unmistakable personal character.

We can select for you the optimum

company-specifi c combination from

a wide variety of processes. But OBT

can do more. Your own personal advisor

offers you comprehensive advice,

which enables you to devote yourself

wholly to your core business, while all

your business administration matters

will be continuously and competently

taken care of, saving you not only time

and resources, but also leaving you secure

in the knowledge that everything

is being done to ensure your business

success. Trust us to administer your

business affairs in a forward-looking

and effi cient manner.

When it comes to making new decisions,

we will work with you to craft

options and show you which ones

have the most potential. Our range of


Accounting and fi nance

Controlling and reporting

Payroll and salary administration




With time comes insight: you can count on it.

The tourbillon, an ingenious technical

advancement which counteracts

the effects of gravity on watches, was

invented at the turn of the 19th century.

Today we are no less impressed

by the relentless drive to find solutions

that work seamlessly under any


SMEs grow, evolve and seek out new

challenges which are as varied as

their own unique histories and individual

goals. For this reason, in addition

to traditional accounting services, OBT

provides collaborative business consultancy

by competent specialists with a

proven track record.

At one time or another, every growing

company will suddenly be faced with a

situation which will require the special

know-how of an expert. You will be well

advised to call on the experts at OBT

for starting up a business, succession

planning, acquisitions or disposals, restructuring,

reorganisation and similar

activities. Our advisors will provide you

with the assistance you need to get you

well on the way to success.

Our business consultancy specialists

will provide you with constructive

answers to your questions in the following


Succession planning

Business valuation

Mergers & Acquisitions

Start-up and financing advice

Business plans

Turnaround & Restructuring

Special expertise


There is more to a fine Swiss watch

than just an exclusive design and pre-

cious materials. What makes it so val-

uable is that the internal mechanisms

function with the utmost reliability for

years and years to come.

Ready for the future.

Our auditors ensure that you have an

objective overview of your company at

all times through transparent financial

statements, clear reports and detailed

information. Your shareholders, creditors

and, most importantly, you, should

be able to realistically evaluate where

you stand at all times.

This is one of the keys to achieving

success in the future. As you and your

OBT advisor get to know one another,

you can be assured of continuity and

that your needs will be understood.

Right from the start every client can be

secure in the knowledge that we will

carry out our work precisely according

to your individual requirements.

If there are any weaknesses in your

company’s processes, we will find

and replace them with more efficient

solutions. OBT covers all your relevant

auditing needs.

Audits in accordance with

Swiss law:

regular and limited audits

Audits of occupational

pension plans

Audits of non-profit


Audits in accordance with Swiss

GAAP ARR and IFRS accounting


Audits of public sector


Assistance with the introduction

of an Internal Control System (ICS)

Business valuation / due

diligence and expertise reports

Audits within the realm of the

Money Laundering Act

Special audits

Swiss watchmakers are held in high

esteem thanks to their legendary pre-

cision work, incomparable designs and

relentless pursuit of the latest techni-

cal innovations. Watch connoisseurs

never fail to be surprised by delight-

fully exclusive models.

Tax & Legal

OBT clients can rest assured that tax

and legal questions and issues will

always be handled and answered by

our own competency centre. This has

one major advantage – it obviates the

need for external legal consulting.

When we work closely together with

you, we will be able to identify and deal

with any issues right away. You will also

personally collaborate with our tax

experts and lawyers, who will put their

specialist knowledge and passion to

work for you.

We aim to exceed your expectations.

Business decisions generally involve

tax and legal matters. Starting up a

business, the choice of location, general

tax planning and many other scenarios

can mean that you are suddenly

faced with new requirements. We deal

with the individual issues that affect

your company in good time.

Risks need to be covered and opportunities

exploited in order to lower

costs and boost efficiency. This will

save you from unpleasant and expensive

surprises. The experts at OBT

can advise you on both business and

personal matters and are thoroughly

knowledgeable in the relevant local

and international issues. Our clients

can rely on our competent legal and

tax services:

Local and international tax advisory,

planning and optimisation

for companies, private individuals

and expatriates. Review of your

current tax situation

Advice and support on starting up,

restructuring, liquidation and


Consulting in the area of local and

international contract law, particularly

in the areas of employment

law, immigration and social security

law, rights of acquisition and

sale, intellectual property rights

and IT law

Creating a watch that displays the

phases of the moon presents a genuine

challenge for watchmakers. The phys-

ics involved makes it a difficult task

because a moon cycle lasts 29 days,

12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds.

Watch enthusiasts are thrilled by the

brilliant solution to the problem – every

122 years the watch loses only one day.

IT Solutions

Superior, versatile solutions that are always a perfect fit.

If you want to be successful in today’s

world, you have to have top-quality IT

solutions that are customised to your

needs and are compatible with the

latest technologies. Mediocrity is not

an option.

Continually updating and optimising

your systems costs a good deal of time

and money. Specialists in management

positions must devote themselves entirely

to their core business and thus

do not have the time to constantly stay

abreast of the latest IT developments.

Letting the specialists at OBT take care

of your IT needs is a much more efficient

solution, because not only do we

have in-house experts specialised in

every technical area, but your personal

OBT advisor also knows your business

inside out.

This makes it possible for you to plan

down to the last detail and implement

new solutions whenever necessary.

The specific advantages OBT gives

you, such as client proximity and

consultancy from one and the same

person, are especially beneficial when

it comes to IT solutions.

OBT advises and supports SMEs, local

and municipal authorities, utilities

companies, schools and retirement and

nursing homes on all aspects of IT:

Comprehensive advice (needs

assessment, conception, IT analysis,

security check, evaluation

support, etc.)

Advice on strategy and techno-

logy, set-up and operation of

system platforms and networks

Procurement and logistics for IT

hardware and software products

Advice on and implementation

of standard solutions (ABACUS,


Outsourcing of specific services

Electronic data processing centre


Data transfer from third-party


Integration of standard solutions

Integration and connection of

third-party solutions

Comprehensive support, advice

and hotlines

Training and coaching

Public Sector Advisory

Time is always related to perform-

ance. As the big and small hands in-

dicate the unstoppable progression

of hours and minutes, my watch lets

me know whether I have achieved my

goals within a specific period of time.

This is a question that people in posi-

tions of responsibility continually ask


Time is ticking away – so let’s use it.

Municipal authorities and public agencies

and companies are increasingly

faced with new challenges and require

timely solutions if they are to successfully

manage the future. In this respect,

OBT is a recognised and esteemed partner

for projects in the most varied of

areas. In numerous cantons we help

communities enjoy greater cooperation

or even merge with their neighbours.

Social and political change are prompting

many communities to position

themselves as a residential area with

job opportunities. They use attractive

conditions to boost their competitiveness.

We also support public institutions

in rethinking and retooling their

organisational structures in order to

better meet expectations for efficiency,

competence and influence. Thanks to

its internal network, OBT can call in its

own specialists from all relevant areas

of expertise for any project.

Our varied range of services are very

popular with the federal government,

cantons, local authorities, schools and

utilities at various levels:

Development prospects,

strategies, mission statements

Community marketing and

economic development

Structural reforms and

community mergers

Administration analysis and

organisational development

Quality management and

assistance in obtaining certifica-

tion (ISO 9001, EFQM)

Management tools such as

qualifications systems, perform-

ance-related compensation, etc.

Seminars and workshops; OBT

Academy for School Districts

Round tables and forums

Expertise reports on various issues



Public Sector Advisory


Tax & Legal

IT Solutions

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