The Cream of The crop

The Cream of The crop

The Cream of

The crop


It is


in that it numbs

Here are your options: Me and only me. None of your friends will

remember you, and you’ll have wasted an entire life.


Open Flame,

In my Gar-


By the Tree.

A ghost

passes by,

and it


by the tree.

I could recognize his

voice in a sea of a million

voices. Easily. Unfortunately

I never listened

to what Harold said

Once upon a time, there was a rat that could create purple lightning

with his tail. He was the King of all other rats, and they all loved him.

King Love is what he was called.

King Love, with his amazing lightning reach, could grab hold of food

that was inaccessible to all other rats. He shared his food generously,

with the entire rat nation. It was indeed a wonderful time to be a rat.

One day, King Love, found a whole wheel of bright orange cheddar

cheese, sitting on the window sill of an apartment belonging to a starving

artist. The king had stolen from this particular artist many times before,

as he always had high quality cheese lying around. The cheddar cheese

was the perfect thing to take back to the entire rat nation, and everyone

would love him even more than they already did. So he extended his

purple lightning tail at the wheel of cheese, and grabbed it down from the


I always tried to use a different a different type of writing for each piece. This way I kept

interest throughout the entire blink unit. I also noticed I became more and more playful

with my writings as we went along. I even wrote a little children’s story at one point. My

writing was really inspired by the visual piece for the sculpture assignment. The sculpture

ended up looking a lot like a rat, and there were angular purple lines covering the base

of my sculpture. So, I ended up writing about a rat that could create purple lightning as a

child’s story. My favorite prompt was the one about moral culpability vs. freewill. It was

the most challenging and gave me the most to think about while I drew. My favorite material

was the drawing pencil on its own, because it was simple, and I could create a lot of stuff

with just the pencil. I took the most risks in the composition of my pieces. The composition

for most of them is very chaotic, and there is a lot to look at. This is usually a bad thing

in design but I hoped it worked effectively. Also, I noticed angular, sort of boxy lines in the

corners of some of my pieces. It seems to be a repeated design.

Comfort vs. Risk

Instant Gratification


Paranoia vs. Caution

Picking your battles.

Exploiting beauty

Leaving home

Crazy love

The slowness of nature

Psychic energy.

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