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Outgames ENG

1. Goals event

Document ‘World Outgames Antwerpen’

Goals event:

- After the successful conference in the course of the 2007 EuroGames, organized by

EGLSF (European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation) and the LGBT federation of

Flanders (Holebifederatie), a European sports charter was signed to counter

homophobia in sports. Among the signatories were the Flemish Minister of Sports and

the Belgian Football Association. Antwerp wishes to continue in this spirit by

organizing the Outgames in 2013 and a human right conference.

- In 2013 Belgium will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the introduction of civil

marriage for same-sex partners. Even though not everyone, gay or straight, will want

to get married, the provision to allow for it was a legal milestone in obtaining equal

rules for all residents of Belgium. This fact, the history of the making of and the

situation 10 years later can be used as a starting point for LGBT events and

discussions on many aspects of LGBT rights in the world.

Target groups:

- LGBT from all over the world

- The regular visitor and other minorities such as followers of various religions, persons

belonging to ethnic minorities, persons with a physical impairment and young and

elderly people.

2. Description event


Antwerp aims to create a high class multi-sports programme made to measure for LGBT

participants, whether recreational or (semi-)professional. The spirit for the sports programme

will be the original Olympic creed: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to

win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.

The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well”.

Fair play is the highest standard and will be rewarded as such. We want to give everyone the

right to become a champion, but also the right not to become a champion!

With the full support of local and regional authorities, close to 500.000 inhabitants and close

proximity to Brussels and Ghent, Antwerp has the right “scale” to turn the 2013 World

Outgames into a sports event to remember.

For information about the sports that are already confirmed view the website


Forum “Out in the world”

Antwerp wishes to organise together with the Outgames a world forum entitled ‘Out in the

World’ with a broad discussion on the present situation and the future of the LGBT world

community and its relevance to and full integration in society, based on the outcome of the

conference during the 2009 Copenhagen World Outgames and consequent events in the

run-up to the year 2013.

About 1200 participants, including renowned key speakers from many countries and

professions, are expected to attend the conference which will cover LGBT human rights

issues and assets in the fields of:legal provisions and politics, sports, culture and media,

working environment and employee rights, business opportunities, education, history, family

and relationships, aging and health, travel and psychology and spirituality.

Possible topics are

• Legal provisions and their international (mutual) recognition.

• How do we want LGBT people to live between 2020 and 2050?

• How can LGBT people in non-western cultures express themselves and how can we

assist them? And how can this have a positive influence on our own lives?

• How can we as individuals play a part in the evolution towards a worldwide LGBT

stress-less community?

• How can we contribute to the well-being of society as a whole?

• How can LGBT culture enrich the wider global culture?

• Will there still be a need for an LGBT movement in 2050?

• Psychological and spiritual elements of transformation emanating from LGBT people

and their families.


The WOG Antwerp Team has gained a lot of experience and expertise by organizing the

EuroGames 2007.

World Outgames Antwerpen 2013 vzw

c/o Draakplaats 1

2018 Antwerpen


Fax: +32 3 216 00 27



Organisation number: BE 0821.624.246

3. Press & Trade

Contact press & trade:


Communication and Marketing

Direct telephone +32 473 932 398

E-mail: sofie.merciny(a)woga2013.org

Press documents: not yet available

4. Information for the public

4.1 Period

3-11 august 2011

4.2 Place

The sporting events will take place across sports venues in and around Antwerp. The sports

venues will have to live up to international standards, but apart from that the World

Outgames Antwerp Team wants to ensure that they also provide a suitable social setting for

the participants and supporters. Antwerp has the ambition to become an official European

Capital of Sport by 2012. Thanks to close cooperation with the sports and city council we can

benefit from the investments in sports infrastructure to come.

‘Out in the world’ will take place in the city of Antwerp.

4.3 Accessibility

Several airports: Deurne (Antwerp Airport), Brussels (National Airport), Ostend, Charleroi,

Amsterdam (NL), Rotterdam (NL), Dusseldorf (D), Cologne (D), Paris (F), Lille (F), London

(UK), are all reachable in between 15 minutes and three hours of travel (by car, train, etc…)

The Eurostar and Thalys trains linking the city to London (UK), Paris (F) and Amsterdam

4.4. Inscription for sporters

The Early Registration Fee € 140,00 runs until 30 June 2011, midnight (GMT+1) The

registration fee for the same full package will be € 160, on 1 July 2011, 0 AM (GMT+1)

View www.woga2013.be

4.5. Accessibility for disabled people

There is a close collaboration with the Belgian Special Olympics Team. They will aid in

offering separate divisions for athletes with a physical impairment in 15 to 20 sports of the

official programme. This team is currently preparing their 25th edition of the Belgian Special

Olympics, in which over 3.000 participants will take part.

5. Other events during this period

The 3rd edition of World Outgames will not only provide a huge sports event and a human

rights conference. There will also be a huge, various and international cultural program:

• Opening Ceremony on Saturday, August 3rd

• Closing Ceremony on Sunday, August 11th

• OutCities Festival: a queer cultural festival with LGBT artists

• Rainbow Village “Love United” with lots of artists performing on stage

• LGBTQ-Exhibitions all over the city of Antwerp and the Flemish region

• Poetry Festival

• Literature Festival

• Movie Festival

• Musical Festival

• Choir Festival

• Boat trips on the river Scheldt

• Farewell Brunch

• Mega World Outgames Celebration Party

• Antwerp Pride

• Summer of Antwerp Festival

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