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Fte News 08_EN.indd - FTE Maximal

The company

• Commercial Alliance

• MVision and Fte maximal.


• Range of MVision receivers.

Fte Networks customized solutions

• for the operator.

• About to celebrate a decade •

• in strength fi eld meter.

Internacional Presence

Fte maximal Dubai.

• We consolidate our position

•in the MENA market.

News July

Who is who

• Jorge Monte Collado.

• Technical Manager

Scientifi cally verifi ed!

...or how to exponentially increase the

alliance of 2 leading brands!


Digital Dividend:


Fte maximal looking

• towards the future.



The company

Commercial Alliance between MVision and Fte maximal

In Fte maximal we have reached a commercial agreement with the trademark MVision, a worldwide renowned

manufacturer of satellite and terrestrial receivers. With this union we incorporate to our catalogue the current and advanced

range of MVision receivers.

This union will benefit the current net of distributors and installers from both manufacturers since they will get a wider

product catalogue to offer to their clients.

Mvision and Fte maximal bet strongly on this alliance, and they describe it as a commitment with future “vision”.

The answer to the most demanding professional’s needs:

2 Fte News July 2012



Range of receivers

MVision MVision is standing in the telecommunications market as one of the main trademarks of satellite and

digital terrestrial receivers.

The non-stopping investigation and innovation of the R + D + I Department turn our receivers into very competitive

products, which answer our clients’ demands, both in price and features.


Digital Satellite Receiver HD with Ethernet and WIFI.

1x HDMI 1080p connection, 1x smart card reader, 3x RCA, 1x S/PDIF coaxial

cable output, 1x RS232 port, 1x ethernet port, 1x USB port with WIFI (included),

1x USB port, playback audio and video fi les, upgrade software. Functions: Teletext,

Subtitles, Multi-language Menu, Parental Control, Electronic Program Guide, Zoom,

Games, Gmail, Twitter, RSS, Weather, Internet Radio, Flickr, etc.


Digital Combo Receiver High Defi nition.

1x HDMI 1080i connection (FULL HD), 1x card reader, 2x common interface slot,

2x scart, 3x RCA, 1x component video output (YPbPr), 1x optical digital audio output,

1x ethernet port, 2x USB port located in front and rear, playback audio and video

fi les, upgrade software. Functions: Teletext, Subtitles, Multi-language Menu, Parental

Control, Electronic Program Guide, Zoom, Games, etc.

HD 270 CN

Digital Combo HD Receiver with Ethernet.

1x HDMI 1080p connection (FULL HD), 2x smart card reader, 1x scart, 1x optical

digital audio output, 1x loop out (DTT signal), 1x display, 1x external power supply,

1x ethernet port, 2x USB port, playback audio and video fi les, upgrade software.

Functions: Teletext, Subtitles, Multi-language Menu, Parental Control, Electronic

Program Guide, Zoom, Games, etc.

You have chosen excellence!

HD-450T (TDT)

Digital Terrestrial HD Receiver.

High sensitivity tuner, 1x HDMI 1080i connection, 1x common interface slot,

1x smart card reader, 1x scart, 3x RCA, 1x component video output (YPbPr),

1x loop out (DTT signal), 1x optical digital audio output, 1x display, 1x USB port,

playback audio and video fi les, upgrade software. Functions: Teletext, Subtitles,

Multi-language Menu, Parental Control, Electronic Program Guide, Zoom, Games, etc.

Digital Satellite Receiver High Defi nition.

1x HDMI 1080i connection, 1x card reader, 1x common interface slot,

2x scart, 3x RCA, 1x component video output (YPbPr), 1x optical digital audio output,

1x ethernet port, 2x USB port located in front and rear, playback audio and video

fi les, upgrade software. Functions: Teletext, Subtitles, Multi-language Menu, Parental

Control, Electronic Program Guide, Zoom, Games, etc.


HD-300 NET (SAT)

Matrix Cam Air.

Easy WiFi connection, suitable for receivers and TV sets, CI reader (PCMCIA slot), easily

upgradeable through internet by FTP, MicroSD and IPHONE 4. Internet functions: Twitter,

RSS Feeds, Wheather Forecast, Email: Access your Gmail account, Electronic Program

Guide, Dictionary, World Clock.

FteNews Fte Mayo-Junio News July 2010 2012 3 3


Fte Networks customized solutions for the Operator:

Power Distribution Vertical Units

Among the large variety of auxiliary product for

informatics nets in the Fte Networks catalogue,

you can find the Power Distributions Units.

Every informatics net has passive and active elements.

The last ones have the necessity of electrical

feeding and Fte considered as an important

contribution to the sector the inclusion in its offer of

different devices, that make easier this supply to

the electronic systems of the net.

4 4 Fte FteNews News July Mayo-Junio 2012 2010

This way we developed the project

that gave name to the mentioned

power distribution


Among the three series

included in the catalogue,

the one who has

the highest success

among the national

operators is the

Vertical Series.

The sophisticated and

technologically advanced

data centers

of several

operators have

betted on this

useful and effective

Fte Networks

Solution” as a definitive way to

the redundant and fl exible feeding

of his servers.

The installation of a double-input vertical PDU in a

server cabinet - with its hot swappable modules addition

or extraction (one by one) capability in one or another

feeding input line - allows a simple way for charges

balancing. This constitutes an optimal solution for datacenter


A solution that definitely satisfies redundant and versatile

supply’s matters, with a feeding guarantee for the critical



Fte maximal about to celebrate a decade in one of its

most technological families: Strength Field Meters

Fte’s bet for R+D+I on its family of strength fi eld meter

was strong from the beginning. In 2003 Fte started

this business with the purchasing of the French manufacturer

Felec, acquiring the 100% of the shares of the

French company.

On its side, Felec, which was a specialist in the design

and manufacturing of measurement devices, started its activity

with a team of engineers dedicated to the design and

manufacture of sat finders in 1993.

During the subsequent years of its creation, they started

developing the famous MC1 and MC10, and later they

launched the first strength field meters MC30, MC30 A

and MC 32.

Soon after Fte acquired Felec, the company went through

a transformation getting new human as well as technical resources.

The results of such investments did not take long

to show up, and soon the launch of the fi rst Fte maximal

strength fi eld meter was a reality, the Mediamax, a

CRT fi eld strength meter with DVB-S and DVB-T.

Broadly, the high acceptance of Fte strength fi eld

meter by the sector through the years, has generated an

obligation and commitment to constantly offer the most technological

and innovative solutions to the market.

By the end of 2006 Fte revolutionizes once again the

world of the strength fi eld meters with the “Mediamax

Evo” Family, a compact and light device with TFT

screen and with really revolutionary elements such as

the simultaneous presentation on screen of the measure,

together with the spectrum and the image.

The developments do not stop in our facilities in France

and in 2008 Fte offers a small jewel: the “Mediamax

Mini”, a compact strength field meter whose weight is

only 2kgs and that has all the necessary features for

the telecommunications installations (DVB-s, DVB-T, analogical,


Today, almost 10 years later, the commitment of the company

remains intact. For this reason we launched the new

“Mediamax MINI HD” a few months ago. It is a device

that uses the Linux Platform, prepared for the measurement

and display of HD signals.

The experience, the knowledge and the commitment to

the non-stopping evolution are the values that day by day

boost us to improve and to go forward in one of the most

technological families of our catalogue and a clear benchmark

of Fte maximal.

Mediamax MINI HD

Made in EU

FteNews Fte Mayo-Junio News July 2010 20125


International Presence

Fte maximal DUBAI

We consolidate our position in the MENA


Our subsidiary in Dubai has been fulfilling the objectives

from its beginning in 2008:

- Consolidation in the existing markets in the emerging

countries of the MENA area (Middle East and North


- Searching for new opportunities from a geographical

enclave like Dubai, an area with a high value for logistics and

which is also commercial bridge for the West, the Middle East

and Africa.

It is worth highlighting our positioning in the STB’s market and

the entrance in big real estate’s projects in the area, offering

technical and development support to the MENA market from

our subsidiary in Dubai.

Below we are going to explain 2 successful cases of

our subsidiary.

Case 1

Fte maximal has been the 1st certifi ed trademark as a

supplier of receivers for the new satellite payment platform

myHD headquartered in Dubai. After the obligatory test of

specifications and security, the new receiver model MAX

S2000, which will be available in the market from August, has

been approved by the myHD platform.

Its more outstanding features are: conditional access

CONAX7 Chipset Pairing with smart card reader,

DVB-S HD, PVR ready for external disk. The commercialization

of the model MAX S2000 will include the user’s

subscription card in prepayment mode for the initial offer of

the channels MBC HD , MBC2 HD , MBC4 HD , MBC Action HD ,

MBC Max HD , Al-Arabiya HD , MBC Drama HD. .

6 6 Fte FteNews News July Mayo-Junio 2012 2010

Receiver MAX S 2002

Case 2

Our subsidiary in Dubai has taken part in many big projects

of SMATV, CATV, etc.

One of the latest most important ones is the Ajman Pearl,

which took part in the emirate of Ajman in U.A.E. It consists

on a project for 12 buildings with distribution by 4

satellite multiswitches in each one of its departments (Nilesat,

Arabsat, Hotbird, Asiasat).

After months of negotiation in front of many offers from competitors,

Fte accomplished signing the Project with the collaboration

of its distributor/installer ONMIYA, based on the

U.A.E. Emirate of Sharjah.

The Ajman Pearl Towers Project in numbers:

- 210 Km Coaxial Cable

- 4280 Outlets

- 200 Multiswitches.

- 144 x IF amplifiers.

- and more of 20.000 connectors

Who is who


Fte’s technology par excellence

• Jorge, we know that the work of a

Technical Manager goes far beyond

the mere satisfaction of the fulfi llment

of the requirements. Let us know why.

The position of the Technical Manager

gets especial relevance in those companies

that need a particular attention towards

R+D+I. The fulfillment of the requirements is

just a part of this job but it goes far beyond.

Concerning the product, I would start with

fair attendances, congresses and events related

to the sector that, together with the inputs

from the commercial team and a tight

collaboration with them, allow us to define

new and innovative products that will be introduced

in our catalogue.

Once they are defined, we design them

following a plan until they are ready. The

plan will always depend on the complexity of

the project, on where it is developed and on

the necessary resources.

Regarding the Production we define and

incorporate the most efficient manufacturing

systems trying to get the lowest cost in and

outside the company (outsourcing). During

the production of the new product, many

times we have to redesign the existing one

in order to incorporate the latest advances in

the sector. At the same time, we investigate

the range of solutions from other manufacturers

in our business line in order to incorporate

them in our production and quality

systems if it is necessary.

Finally, we manage the system registration

and the definable improvements as industrial,

utility model or patent.

• Technologically speaking, where

does the sector of the distribution of

TV signal go towards?

In the recent years we have been under

the spread of systems and devices that little

by little are incorporating TV. These devices,

each time more interconnected, get to

an enormous variety of contents that allow

us to connect and to communicate from any

corner of the world.

Up to now our sector was anchored in the

reception of statics TV signals, without any

kind of interactivity (there was some attempt

with MHP but without a great success) and

with a small availability of contents in terrestrial

and a little bit bigger in satellite. With the

new technologies (mainly IP) this is advancing

very quickly, and there are more products

from our sector that incorporate them

from the origin each time: TV with internet

connection, hybrid receivers (terrestrial or

satellite plus IP) with almost infinite possibilities

of VoD, interconnection through social

nets, Youtube, etc.

Due to the previously mentioned, the wide

band request in our homes will have to increase

during the next years, and it will force

the establishment of optical fiber and IP nets

in a more massive way

• Are you thinking of reinforcing any

product line?

Our objective is always directed towards

the total satisfaction of our clients and, therefore,

we are working on different lines at

the same time. An example would be the

revision of our catalogue in order to make

it easier, more understandable and approachable

for the distributor and the installer.

Other lines of actions are focused on the

reinforcement of products and solutions, for

example the adaptation of our central amplifiers

Genius, where we will incorporate a

new model of programming which is totally

automatic. Another example is the introduction

of the new models of hybrids receivers

HD LINUX, that open the doors to infinite

possibilities such as plug-in’s for wheather,

Youtube, WebCAM, IRC, or VoD services

(own Video Club), also ready for Dongle

Wifi external USB.

Another important effort has been implemented

in the strength field meter MINI HD

in order to keep them with the same price as

the SD. During this year other innovations

and changes will be fruitful.

• A bet on the future…

We work and bet firmly on several possibilities.

Right now I can tell you that we will introduce

a security line with remote connection

for the monitoring of the cameras via internet,

or the inclusion of the optical fiber in our

Fte Networks line.

Also, and inside of the new plan of fidelity

and service to clients, we will extend the

guarantee of new products in the most professional

line which implies a clear compromise

to the quality and reliability.

• Defi ne the company you work in with

3 words.

Dynamism, Professionalism, Future

• We know that you keep really in shape…

and that makes you very special.

How do you do it? Tell us your “secrets”

Well... even if I do not do it as much as I

would like to, I try to practice some sports

twice or three times a week. It is not only

an issue of keeping an acceptable physical

state, but as an outlet that helps me to clear

my head from the work, pressure and daily

stress that we suffer in a changing environment

and each day more demanding. Mainly

I like going for a run and once a week I play

a football 7 match with some “old friends”

and after that we take a beer.

Moreover, I challenge myself to work

a little bit harder than the standard by for

example preparing some half marathon, a

marathon (finisher this year), a triathlon or

a vertical mile… Things that, besides, force

me to improve a little bit each day.

I don’t think this is any kind of “secret” and

I really recommend it to everybody, each one

inside of his/her limitations and possibilities.

FteNews Fte Mayo-Junio News July 2010 20127


+ info: www.ftemaximal.com

Digital Dividend: Looking towards the future

Fte Solutions in advanced HD receivers

The Industrial Ministry has presented to the televisions a

new plan for redistributing their channels and release some

radio-electronic space with the aim of transfer it to the telecommunications


In practice, this project implies the reduction of at least

the 20% of the capacity that the national private channels

currently have. This cutting would concentrate the high definition

(HD) offers of all the channels into some specific


In order to watch these programs, the audience

would need HD receivers, since the signal of these

channels will not be broadcasted simultaneously in

standard defi nition (SD) and HD as Antena 3, Telecinco

or Cuatro are currently doing.

“Renovating the set of TVs will be necessary and this is a

project that could take several years” say the televisions.

This readjustment in TDT is caused by the new usage that

it is going to be given to the frequencies that are occupied

by TV.

The Government wants that the space that is currently

occupied by these frequencies gets released before 1st

January 2014. From that moment on, these bands will be

assigned to the mobile telephones net, a sector that has a

bigger business projection.

The Experts assure that in the future the TV will not occupy

radio electronic space anymore and it will be distributed by

the Internet. But at the moment it is just a future possibility.

Some information has been extracted from El Pais. June 2012

• Edition: Fte maximal

• Coordination: Marketing

• Collaborators: Juan M. Calzada, Elisabet Durán, Jordi García, Jorge Monte,

Sergi Pérez, Alejandro Rodríguez and Samir Safer.


Pol. Industrial Can Salvatella

08210 Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona)

Tel. +34 93 729 27 00

Fax +34 93 729 30 73


Industrial ministry proposes to “shrink” the signals of the conventional broadcast

and concentrate the high defi nition ones. Adapted receivers will be needed.

Receptor Fte MAX T90 HD Receptor MAX T 115 HD Plus

Summary of Concepts about the redesign of the


- Analogue Switch off. In April 2012, with the total implementation

of the digital terrestrial TV, each one of the

6 private operators (Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro, La Sexta,

Veo TV and Net TV) received a multi channel. These

channels have capacity for four channels. Some operators

broadcast a high definition channel too in their wide band.

- High Defi nition. In front of the false high definition that

some channels were using, the Government imposed

some rules to the operators in order to respect a minimum

quality when broadcasting such signals.

- Digital Dividend. The Governments plans to give the

frequencies that are currently occupied by TV to the Mobile

telephones before 1st January 2014. This frequency’s

release is a process known as Digital Dividend.

- Antennas issue: The change of frequencies will force

the audiences to modify their collective antennas in order

to watch the programs.

“Only when we are able to differentiate between working as a team and a working

team we will be able to lead our organizations”.

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