Calendar Survey Questions Answers 1.11 - Gaston County Schools

Calendar Survey Questions Answers 1.11 - Gaston County Schools

Q14. Why doesn’t the school system exercise a waiver process for when school


A14. Waivers that have been approved by the Dept. of Public Instruction are

based on a number of inclement weather days over a period of time. Our

school system doesn’t meet the qualifications, like the mountain counties.

Q15. What happens to these calendars if the Legislature changes the calendar


A15. The Calendar Committee will reconvene to revise calendars as directed by


Q16. Why aren’t all teacher workdays mandatory?

A16. Because the calendar law specifies a set number of workdays as optional.

Q17. Why does Christmas break get shorter and shorter?

A17. Including all school days off, the following chart shows the number of days

off over the last 5 years and how the number of days off have varied:

School Year Days Off at Christmas Break

10-11 8

09-10 10

08-09 10

07-08 8

06-07 7

Q18. Why haven’t we used Saturdays for make-up days?

A18. Many of our employees have second jobs that require Saturday work. Also,

a large number of our students have jobs where they work on Saturdays.

Q19. Why isn’t April 1 in the 2012-13 calendar a make-up day before April 4?

A19. The Calendar Committee discussed this, and previous Calendar Committees

have discussed using Easter Monday as a make-up day. Many families have

asked the Calendar Committee through the years to protect Easter

Monday, which is what we have done.

Q20. Why do make-up days in April in both calendars back-up, i.e., 4, 3, 2, 1,

instead of starting at the beginning of the week?