Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair


Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair


I have put together this book in order for the non-physician public to understand the pro-

cess of hair loss and hair transplants . Many people think that hair loss generally is the

common male and female pattern baldness. In reality, they are close to being right, as

almost all cases are either male or female pattern baldness .

Nevertheless, there are some rare endocrine abnormalities, scarring alopecias from a

variety of causes, and other reasons why a person may have hair loss . That is why it is

very important to consult an experienced physician for proper diagnosis before deciding

what you should do .

In this book, we first walk you through the diagnostic process for each type of hair loss,

and then describe the treatments available for the most common types of hair loss, the

pattern baldnesses .

Following that, we discuss in detail the process of hair transplantation and, finally, bring

you a brief synopsis of some of the latest research regarding hair loss .

I hope you enjoy it.


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