Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair


Understanding Hair Transplants and Hair Loss - Pacific Hair

Transfecting of Human Hair Follicle Cells

Gupta el al ., (2001), reported that the human hair follicle consists of plastic cells for hair

follicle cycling and for epidermal keratinocytes, melanocytes, and Langerhans cells .

They found that a combination of liposomes and vector DNA can be used to target hair

follicle cells in human scalp xenografts . The liposome composition and stage of the hair

cycle were found to be important parameters influencing transfection of human hair

follicles. Transfection was only successful during anagen onset. Hoffman (1998) has

reported that liposomes may also be used topically to deliver genes to hair follicles .


It is important to have cells which survive long enough to permit us to study their properties

and which signal molecules control their differentiation . Adult human hair follicle cells

do not proliferate and die in culture after several weeks . After transfection with hTERT,

we now have the ability to increase their lifespan and study their differentiation under the

control of signal peptides .

It is not clear how hair follicle morphogenesis is controlled, but it appears that many signal

proteins are involved. Mesenchymal and epithelial cells use fibroblast growth factor

and bone morphogenic proteins to provide the critical signals to the stem cells .

The use of mineral ascorbates in modern medicine has the ability to improve many of

the above reviewed processes. It is imperative the researchers work together and use

mineral ascorbates in every procedure to validate their beneficial effects. Every cell

process requires mineral ascorbates in one way or another. It is the job of the research

community to serve the consumer and devote substantial research efforts to the mineral

ascorbates which the public has already started to consume in great quantities .

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