NH90-NFH-Caiman_Erfahrungen der Französischen Marine


French Navy Feedback

June 2012 NH90 User Group LT Duclos

Aircraft behaviour

Embarkation Feedback

• Good behaviour with cross wind and

turbulences conditions

• Homologation granted on Horizon frigates,

LHD, CDG aircraft carrier


• Step A

25 mn to secure the aircraft

AGE not suitable for ops

• Step B improvements must be applicable

on step A.


Embarkation Feedback

• Very poor reliability, 1 failure every 8 folding sequences

NOGO for embarkation

2010 2011 2012 Total

ATFA 1 1

ATLA 1 1

MRBFA 4 6 10

MRSLA 10 7 17

MRIA 3 1 4

FAC 3 1 4

• MRSLA : intermediate solution on a/c 06 – 07

• Cracks of spring support on fwd folding mechanism assembly

(5 occurrences), new design in study

• Hydraulic leak on swivel manifold seizure

Creation monthly working group

Embarkation Feedback

Traversing issue

• SAMAHE vs AHS (Autonomous Handling system)

Need to establish the Douglas Mantis – NH90 interoperability stability


Caïman configuration

• Deck lock and 5th pump

• “Step B mooring” on Step A aircrafts (flyable mooring rings)

• Step B Folding AGEs

Received and tested during CW25.

Will be embarqued during CW 28

Technicians skills

• Breaking cords

• Composite repair

• Environnemental control system

• ...

Embarkation Feedback

Maintenance at sea


BFF and ALF usually done in the hangar

Tar on the deck


Safety Inspection : 3hours. On the deck or in the hangar

(including FCS Test)

With an anti corrosion treatment : 4 hours

Engine Removal and Installation

Embarkation Feedback

Maintenance at sea : Next steps


Removal and installation of :

Front cowling


Landing Gear

Scheduled 100FH operations

Technical Feedback


• About 20 MMH/FH (including scheduled & unscheduled

maintenance, servicing + 3 MMH/FH training)

• Scheduled maintenance duration have to be reduced for

deployment at sea (SI – 50FH – 100FH – 150FH & 30D)

Necessity to get the master schedule for maintenance

improvement (impact on human resources format)

Unavailability of 60%

• 45% for scheduled maintenance

• 15% for unscheduled maintenance

Electronic documentation maturity

• IPRF integration in IETP : ratio too low and too long

Short loops requested

Technical Feedback

Rescue Hoist

• Hoist cable jamming

• Hydraulic leak : motor valve (3 occurrences)

• Protection attachement

• Ball bearing hook : Rotation impossible, corrosion issue

(4 occurrences)

Cargo hook

• Unintended release in flight

Necessity to stow the rope attached to the hook in the cabin

while transiting for vertrep mission (no speed limitations)

• Load measurement instability

Technical Feedback

Floatation cover fraying

• More than 15 occurrences

• 17/06/2011, SR 1-6465495: « Industry works with its supplier on

the improvement of the cover assembly. Tolerance and

temporary repair are not conceivable for the moment »

• Spare parts a short term solution, design improvement


Breaking cords rupture on floatation device

• New lacing behaviour required

on the all fleet

Technical Feedback

Wheel Brake Metering Valve (WBMV)

• Untimely jamming on WBMV

• FCC caution well-known and applied by aircrew

• Major failure MLG brakes on 06 during running landing

2011 2012 Total

WBMV 1 5 6

Heat Modulating Valve (HMV)

• Internal seal wear

• Mechanical command jamming

• Design and logistic issues

• Required for SAR operations

2011 2012 Total

HMV 5 5 10

Technical Feedback

Rotor Brake Power Module (RBPM)

• Weakness of the metallic clamp

• Crack of RBPM support

• Design issues

Center Locking Mechanism (CLM)

• Locking axis weakness : solved by new design

• Locking lever lost (4 occurrences) : tyraps solution not satisfactory

Impact on tow position during steering manoeuvre

Main Avionic Bay Fan

• Electrical motor issue

• Stator fixation issue

Design and logistic issues

2011 2012 Total

RBPM 3 6 9

CLM 11 5 16

MAB Fan 0 4 4

We need now to embark for maritime

operations : worldwide and long deployments.

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