The sturdy technology of the Rexel 5500 series is designed ...

The sturdy technology of the Rexel 5500 series is designed ...

The sturdy technology of the Rexel 5500 series is designed

specially for large throughputs and high total service times. With

a capacity of up to 425 sheets per cycle, the top model, Rexel

5500 S3 can process entire volumes of documents and folders at

once. Our large machines are therefore suited ideally for large

archives or as central shredding points.

HSM COMPACT – die technischen Merkmale:

REXEL – The technical features

• automatische Start-/Stopp-Steuerung

Stand-by-Betrieb ohne Stromverbrauch

• Arbeitsbreite Material feed 225 via mm conveyor (>DIN A4) belt

• Wippschalter Practical loading für Ein-Aus tableund Rücklauf

• gehärtete Touch-sensitive Vollstahl-Schneidwalzen, keypad for continuous unempfindlich and reverse

gegen operation Heft- und Büroklammern

kraftvoller Antrieb für hohe Leistung – Motor thermisch

• Auto-stop with LED


• geräuscharmer Auto reverse for Betrieb paper jams

• das Convenient bewährte trolley geschlossene with extremely Zahnradgetriebe sturdy verhindert reusable

Verschmutzung waste bag und Verschleiß und erhöht dadurch die

• Lebensdauer

Very sturdy gear motor with chain drive

Bei Partikelschnitt-Varianten Schneidwalzen mit

• Mobile

patentierter HSM V-Nut

• Available as strip cut or particle cut model



REXEL 5500 S3

Up to



The REXEL 5500 Industrial Shredder

is suited ideally for continuous

operation at IT departments or

in other business areas where

large amounts of paper have to

be shredded effectively.

• Designed for large amounts and continuous


• Material infeed via a conveyor belt – for

optimum loading and maximum throughputs

• Practical loading table for easy loading

• Touch-sensitive keypad for continuous and

reverse operation

• Automatic reverse for paper jams

• Integrated manual oiler for cutting unit

(only with particle cut devices)

• Very sturdy gear motor with chain drive for

maximum throughputs

• Mobile

• Intake width: 19 3/4”

• Container volume: 92.5 gallons (using a waste

collection trolley with sturdy reusable waste

bag as option)

• Weight (without any options): 2130 lbs.

• Also available as combination systems with

REXEL balers: 40VL and K88.

• Also available: auto-oling system

Loading table for easy


Cutting unit components

of the highest quality

Touch-sensitive keypad

and additional main switch

5500 with waste

collection trolley

Waste collection trolley

• REXEL 5500 available in the following cutting

versions: 5/16” x 2” (S3 cut)


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