February 2013 - Austrian Club


February 2013 - Austrian Club



Heinz Pospech 021-7156672 082 773 8067 heinz@pouchdynamics.co.za


Alois Kornmüller 021-6741701 083 303 6014 martyk@iafrica.com


Denise Acker 021-7611608 082 593 1362 dacker@mweb.co.za

Senior Section:

Juanita Schäfer 021-4485708 076 935 2145 mawensi@cybersmart.co.za


Köbi Acker 021-7611608 072 749 1772 dacker@mweb.co.za


Köbi Acker 021-7611608 072 749 1772 dacker@mweb.co.za

Franz Gonglach 021-5591505 084 817 0135 franz@tlabs.ac.za

Sepp Ratz 021-9191586 082 760 6169 ratzj@telkomsa.net

Peter Perrin 021-8554342 084 923 1810 pelu@mweb.co.za

Österreichische Botschaft Pretoria

97 Justice Mahomed (former Charles) Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria

P.O.Box 95572, Waterkloof 0145

Tel.: 012.452.9155

Fax: 012.460.1151

Email: Pretoria-ob@bmeia.gv.at


Parteienverkehr: Montag bis Donnerstag 9:00 – 12:00 Uhr

Telefonische Auskünfte in Reisepass- und Staatsbürgerschaftsangelegen- heiten

ausschließlich Montag bis Donnerstag 14:00 – 16:00 Uhr

Die Webseite wird laufend aktualisiert und ein Großteil der notwendigen

Formulare, Informationen (Staatsbürgerschaft, Reisepässe, etc.) sind darauf


Tel No. for the Swiss/Austrian Clubhouse is 021-434 8405

e-mail catering@swissclub.co.za

Martin's Cell: 079 710 5179


For queries, contributions etc. use the following e-mail:



or send to Austrian Social & Sports Club,

P.O. Box 97, Paarden Eiland 7420

Österrreichisches Honorargeneralkonsulat


Protea Hotel Sea Point

Arthur's Road, Sea Point

Tel.: 021 430 5133; Fax: 021 430 5333

Email: austrianconsulcpt@gmail.com

Parteienverkehr: Montag und Mittwoch von 9:00 bis 11:30 Uhr

Bitte konsultieren Sie die Webseite der Österreichischen Botschaft in Pretoria für

aktuelle Informationen und Formulare unter: www.austrianembassy.co.za

Visa Information

Österreich betreibt in Südafrika derzeit das größte Netz an Visaannahmestellen

aller Schengen Mitglied Staaten. Antragsteller können wählen


den “Austrian Visa Application Centres” Durban, Johannesburg und

Kapstadt: Office 504, 47 On Strand, Strand Street, Tel: 021.423.0233

Öffnungszeiten Montag bis Freitag 8:00 - 12:30 und 13:30 - 15:00 Uhr.



und der Österreichischen Botschaft Pretoria

Annahme ausschließlich Montag UND Donnerstag 9:00 – 12:00 Uhr.

Kein Termin nötig, first come, first serve.

Telefonische Auskünfte der Botschaft in Visaangelegenheiten

ausschließlich Montag bis Donnerstag 14:00 – 16:00 Uhr.

AUSTRIAN CLUB WEBSITE: www.austrianclubcapetown.org

Editor's Comments

The New Year has truly started now. According to all the "NEWS FLASHES"

flashing around, about Concerts, a special Soccer Event and Ski-Races, the

New Year seems to be becoming an interesting one. Some of these News -

flashes are sometimes sent out at very short notice because we receive

them from the Embassy or Consulate so late. I have a suggestion to make:

When you read the Newsletter or any other message, please have paper

and pen handy and DIARIZE immediately what is of interest to you, that

will save you a lot of time later on looking it up again or phoning around.

I would like to say thank you very much to everybody who contributed

prizes towards the Tombola in Jonkershoek and also to everybody else who

contributed to the smooth running of the event.

The profit of the Tombola for the club was R 2330.-

We have a new Member

NORBERT JETZER came from Jo'burg and retired in Somerset West.

Some of you may have met him already in Betty's Bay or Jonkershoek.

This announcement should have been in the December issue, but at the

end of the year a lot of things are going upside down, sorry. I think,

Norbert will bolster the ever dwindling group of Enziane.

We wish him many happy hours in the A-Club.

I would like to reiterate the fact that we again and again find important e-

mails in the junk-mail section. I check up daily.

The Swiss are organizing on the 10. February a "Waldfest" in Jonkershoek.

There is a Bring and Braai, there will be Games , Drought Beer, the

Hausmusik will play, etc. etc. etc. I congratulate our Swiss friends on

keeping alive the old tradition from back home. Yes, I will attend.

On the next page you see our President pleading for helpers for the

various Austrian stalls at the Community Chest Carnival which is from:

Wednesday 27. February to Saturday 2. March

It is not only work, to help at one of the stalls, it is also fun. To put your

name on the roster contact either:

Denise Duitsman 082 457 4973 or denised@mweb.co.za

Beate Pospech 082 551 8049 or beate@autosolsouthafrica.co.za

Dear Members

Community Chest Carnival 2013

It is that time of the year again that we call on you to give us a few

hours of your time by helping at the Austrian stall at the annual

Community Chest Carnival.

May I take this opportunity to remind you all, that all the funds raised

will be donated to charity and the club will once again host the

AUSTRIAN BEERGARDEN and its famous food stalls.

We need helpers to man the BAR, Wurstlstand, Schnitzelbude and the

Apfelstrudel & Coffee stand (Cafe’ Vienna) We urge you to invite your

friends to join you and the more helpers we have the more fun it will be.

Remember we will give you a free meal and entrance ticket!

We kindly ask that you contact either

Denise Duitsman on 082 457 4973 ( denised@mweb.co.za )


Beate Pospech on 082 551 8049 ( beate@autosolsouthafrica.co.za )

The Carnival will run from the 27February’13 – 2 March’13

Everyone is welcome to help so bring your friends along.

Kind regards,Heinz Pospech








1. Zürich Chamber Orchestra

10. " Waldfescht" Jonkershoek (Swiss)

12. Senioren Treffen

14. Valentine Dinner and Pub Night

17. Gipfelstürmer Hike

22. Business Lunch /Pub Night

24. Enzian Hike

27. - 2. March Community Chest Carnival

Senioren Treffen

Wie immer am 2. Dienstag im Monat im Rosengarten

in Durbanville

Dienstag 12. Februar 2013

13.30 Uhr - 15.30 Uhr

Wir spielen Bingo

Es gibt Kaffee, Kuchen und Gemütlichkeit

Anfragen: Juanita Schäfer 021-4485708 cell 076 935 2145

Jonkershoek 2. December 2012

Profit for the club from the TOMBOLA:

R 2330.-

Rückschau: Jonkershoek 2. Dez. 2012

von Trude Klambauer

Als wir gegen Mittag in Jonkershoek bei strahlend schönem Wetter eintrafen,

waren wir erstaunt, wie viele Club-Mitglieder sich bereits häuslich niedergelassen

und Tische und Stühle für die zu erwartenden Wanderer reserviert

hatten. Köbi war mit der Tombola beschäftigt und hoffte , alle Preise los zu

werden.Doch plötzlich war viel Bewegung auf dem Gelände. Die Wanderer

trafen ein. Sie erzählten begeistert von der Runde durch den Botanik, begrüssten

alle, die sich noch nicht gesehen hatten und machten sich auf die Suche nach

ihren Plätzen auf der Terasse oder unter den Bäumen . Auch andere Familien

und Freunde kamen, um mit uns allen die letzte Zusammenkunft in diesem Jahr

zu zelebrieren. Bald danach durften wir unser vom Club spendiertes Fleisch

grillen und essen.

Selbstverständlich war das Verkaufen der Lose für die Tombola wieder

mit viel Aufregung, Freude und Gelächter einher gegangen. Doch wiederum

blieben einige Preise zurück. Nun gut, dann ist das eben ein Anfang für das

nächste Jahr.

Jonkershoek 2. Dezember2012

Bild: Trude Klambauer



hat uns

hat uns

ein Jahr

ein Jahr



Fernsehen Fernsehen gegeben.




Ein gutes

Ein gutes deutsches




Das Feuer ist bald fertig.

Bild: Köbi

Jonkershoek 2. Dezember 2012 A "Happy Trudi" Bild: Köbi



In February we will have a not too


hike in the Vlakkenberg area.

Sunday 17. Febr. 2013.

We meet at Constantia Nek at:

9.00 AM

Köbi: 021-7611601 072 749 1772



The Enziane will have a ramble in the

Tygerberg area and afterwards there

is a Bring and Braai at Ratz's place.

Sunday 24. Febr. (4th Sunday)

We meet at Mc Donalds in

Durbanville at:

9.30 AM

Sepp: 021-9191586 082 760 6169

A Reminder !!!

This hike is on the 4th Sunday -------- 24. February


Rules of the Trail

Permits must be kept available at all times whilst utilizing the trail.

Bikers will only be allowed on existing trails as indicated on the

map and will not be allowed to utilize ecologically sensitive areas,

footpaths or any other area.

Do not take short cut at bends or zig - zags.

Smoking and the making of fires is prohibited, except at

designated facilities.

Littering is not allowed.

Pets or other animals are not allowed on the trails.

All fauna, flora and other elements of nature are protected -

please do not remove, damage or disturb.

It is illegal to interfere with infrastructure along the trails, e.g.

weather stations, stream flow monitoring equipment, sign boards,

directional arrows etc.

Night Riding

Night rides are allowed at the Upper Tokai plantation (not in the

Silvermine section) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as per

the code below:

Night Riding Code of Conduct

1. Be in possession of a valid permit.

2. Sign the register upon entering the gate.

3. Minimum 3 riders per group.

4. Minimum 2 cell phones per group.

5. Each rider have own light & helmet.

6. Post ride: Sign the register upon exiting the gate.

7. No entry after 20.00

8. All riders to vacate Plantation before 22.00

9. Parking in Arboretum area at own risk.

10. Cyclists may not enter Silvermine

Day Permit Rides 07: 00-18: 00 October - March Exit at 20:30

08:00 - 17:00 April - September Exit at 18:00

TMNP 021-7122337 e-mail: tablemountain@sanparks.org

website: www.tmnp.co.za

Drink Pause

Having fun on the run

Letzte Wanderung im Jahr in Stellenbosch

2. Dezember 2012 Photos: Peter Perrin



New Chair with cowhide seat and a plaque

with your own choice of name - R750

Refurbishment of an old chair

- R250

All the work is done free of charge and is meant to

be a fundraiser for the joint clubs.

Contact: Ernst Tobler 021 531 5779, 083 508 7906


www.techienews.co.za February 2013

Dear Members and friends!

Welcome to one and all in 2013. Glad you made it past the 21 st December 2012,

the day the world was meant to end. Gosh, and some folk actually believed this

nonsense. Goes to show how vulnerable some people out there are.

So, here we are again, new year, new article heading, same topic – techie stuff –

you know, the stuff that makes the world go ‘round. Let’s see what the specialists

will grace us with this year. You can be sure that many new items will be offered

once again, from cameras to TV’s, computers, laptops, notebooks, ultra-books,

smart phones and the new ‘animals’ on the block, the phablets, the abbreviation

for a combination of a phone and tablet such as e.g. the Samsung Galaxy Note II,

a masterpiece of technology. It’s a gadget that just about does anything, short of

making coffee for you, and you can probably do that too with it, I just haven’t

learnt how as yet ☺.

You can of course also combine other gadgets with each other such as the dude

in the picture below did. By the way, this is not a mock-up This guy got pulled

over by a traffic officer who took the pic and published it.

One other interesting stat that I read over Xmas was that

YouTube is the third biggest TV channel in the UK? I must

confess that I watch a fair number of videos on that

channel as well as some of the clips are truly hilarious

and highly entertaining.

At the time of writing this article, one of the most important

computer fairs just ended in Las Vegas, Nevada, the

CES, short for Consumer Electronics Show, a spectacle

run for 4 days where just about every company of note

exhibits and showcases their newbies – in other words, a

techie’s dream show, subject to having a wad of high

value currency in your back pocket !!!

One interesting, although not so new idea anymore, but becoming more and more

affordable, is Corning’s bendable glass called Willow Glass which shall be used in

the future for phones and other displays. Corning is also well known for its Gorilla

Glass which is used extensively these days by the likes of Apple, Samsung etc.

for near scratchproof cell phone displays on the iPhones and Galaxy’s. The

Willow Glass is as thin as a business card (about 0.1 mm) and can be curved into

a serious arc without breaking. Displays can literally be ‘wrapped around corners.

The first commercial products are expected to enter the markets in 2014.

Another innovation addresses the fairer sex out there with long fingernails who

will soon be able to turn their fashion statement into a functional touch-screen

stylus.In the world of printers a lot has happened as well such as units to print out

pictures from your smart phone using Zink technology and NFC communication.

“Now what is that NFC all about again?” I hear you say. Well, NFC stands for

Near Field Communication and is a new short range wireless technology which

has been introduced into the mobile phone market. It’s basically an alternative to

Bluetooth, difference being that the phone has to either touch or be within

centimetres of the other electronic device so that info can be transferred. So,

where would you use it? a) You can tap your phone and Bluetooth headset

together and link them instantly b) You can tap you phone on to a hotspot on an

advertisement and get a phone number of even be directed to the advertiser’s

website immediately

c) You can exchange business cards with another phone without typing


d) You can ultimately make payments with your phone – enter the amount you

need to pay, then tap the electronic device in the restaurant and presto, your

Penne Arrabiata is paid for, voila – how cool is that?

Then you now get 3D printers that can no doubt come in very handy in business

and marketing, but I would imagine the ink to still cost a fortune, so you better

make some money with what you have printed out, otherwise it really is money

down the drain.The watch lovers amongst you will enjoy the fact that a new smart

watch has been developed by Martian. Users can view text, emails, tweets and

make phone calls with it. It’s called the Passport – what next! Imagine though how

environmentally challenged you look if you are seen talking into a watch, then

holding it up to your ear to listen to the other party – you’ll look as dumb as Mr.

Bean. All you still need is a teddy bear in your other hand – aikona, hakuna ma


In the world of camcorders, JVC and Kenwood have joined forces and launched

their Everio range of cameras, some really high-end units to suit everyone’s

needs, right up to their top model, the GZ-VX815 which is worth googling for its

specifications. So, as can be seen, lots and lots to look forward to this year – we

await with gaping months, big eyes and open wallets !

And to end my contribution for the month, let me share some advice with the

aspiring youngsters out there who have just matriculated or completed their

university studies and are now ready to enter the complex world of business:

“To succeed in business you don't need the brains of Einstein, the muscles of

Hercules, or the reflexes of Michael Schumacher. You just need to know what to

do next.” If you know that, you’re already half way there.With that I bid you all

farewell for yet another month, and as ever, stay focused, stay sharp, look after

yourselves and your loved ones,

Mike Hartmann – Techie

The Swiss & Austrian Social Club – Your Club

Unser herzlichstes Beileid an seine

Frau Lily und Tochter Eva.

Waldemar kam aus Wien. Er war

ein langjähriges Mitglied von

unserem Klub

In früheren Jahren war Waldemar

ein aktives Mitglied unserer


Er war auch ein Geschäftsmann.

Wir vermissen seine exclusiven


Waldemar hat in der Apartheits-Zeit

als evangelischer "Lay-Preacher"

die politischen Gefangenen im

Robben Eiland Gefängnis besucht,

um ihnenTrost und Hoffnung zu


Ruhe in Frieden

Polishes & Protects

33 Lakeshore Drive

Capricorn Business Park

- Cars Muizenberg. 7945

- Motorbikes

- Boats P.O. Box 223

- Plastic Plumstead, 7801

- Metal

- Jewellery Tel/Fax: 021 709 0379

- Leather Beate Pospech Cell: 082 551 8049

- Food Equipment E-Mail: beate@techno-autosol.co.za


Yes, I'm a Senior Citizen!!!

I'm the life of the party.........even if it lasts until 8 p.m.

I'm very good at opening childproof caps ...........with a hammer!

I'm awake hours before my body allows me to get up.

I'm smiling all the time because I can't hear a thing you're saying.

I'm sure everything I can't find is in a safe secure place, somewhere.

I'm wrinkled, saggy, lumpy, and that's just my left leg.

I'm beginning to realize that aging is not for wimps.

Yes, I'm a Senior Citicen and think I am having the time of my life.

Alt ist man, wenn man auf immer mehr Ersatzteile zurück greifen

muss, aber man wird dadurch auch von Jahr zu Jahr wertvoller: nicht

nur das Edelmetall in den Zähnen, auch ein Platin-Hüftgelenk sind

teure investitionen.

Hospital regulations require a wheel chair for patients being

discharged. However, while working as a student nurse, I found one elderly

gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet,

who insisted he didn't need my help to leave the hospital.

After a chat about rules, he reluctantly let me wheel him to the elevator.

On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him. "I don't know", he

said. "She's still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown."

An elderly lady was invited to an old friend's home one evening.

She was impressed by the way her lady friend preceded every request to her husband with

endearing terms such as: Honey, My Love, Darling, Sweetheart, etc.

The couple had been married almost 70 years and clearly, they were still very much in

love. While the husband was in the living room, her lady friend leaned over to her hostess

to say,"I think it's wonderful that after all these years, you still call your husband all those

loving names". The elderly lady hung her head."I have to tell you the truth," she said, his

name slipped my mind about 10 years ago, and I'm scared to death to ask the cranky old

bastard what his name is."

From the Horses mouth

Sunday Times 13. January 2013

An interesting article from Matthew Lester.

Lester is a professor at Rhodes University

Taxpayers plan to retire in poverty

How many South Africans will be able to afford to retire? Here are some

numbers based on the recently released SA Revenue Service statistics for 2012.

There are 13 million registered taxpayers in South Africa. Roughly half of that

number are unemployed or economically inactive. Some 4.5 million people

have submitted their tax return for 2011 so far. The bulk of the remainder fall

below the tax threshold, which is roughly R 5 000 a month. So, about one in 11

of South

Africa's total population of 52 million is a taxpayer, and there are five times as

many unemployed people as there are taxpayers. Of the 4.5 million taxpayers,

only 1.9 million claimed deductions for pension fund contributions -

totalling R 24 billion - and 1.2 million claimed deductions for retirement annuity

fund contributions,which totalled R 12 billion. Put simply,the bad news is

that only three million South Africans are planning for retirement - about half of

those who file tax returns, or one in 10, compared with the number of people

who are unemployed. To compound this fewer than one in 100 taxpayers -

a mere 440 000 people - earn more than R 400 000 a year. Of the 440 000,

a healthy 352 000 are contributing to pension funds and 155 000 to retirement

annuities. They truly have an incentive, because their marginal tax rates exceed

35%. But even with these contributions - and their tax deductions - many of

those earning more than R 400 000 a year are substantially underfunded for

retirement. The number of South Africans who can afford to retire


is statistically insignificant. And the state cannot afford to do much about it,

especially if National Health Insurance Implementation is a priority.

So I hope you handed out family savings plans instead of cellphones this Christ -

mas - and made a New Year's resolution to work until you're 70 and then spend

the children's inheritance while waiting for god.

For more, go to www.criticalthought.co.za

Liebe nur, wenn deine Liebe

erwiedert wird, sonst hat es keinen


Was du liebst, lass es frei. Kommt es

zurück, gehört es dir f ür immer.




Regenfall in Plumstead in 2012

Im Jahr 2012 hatten wir 778 mm

" 2011 " 384 mm

" 2010 " 511 mm

" 2009 " 722 mm

Durchschnittlicher jährlicher Regenfall für Plumstead is 500 mm.

Letztes Jahr war gut, die Zahl 384 von 2011 wollen wir nicht wieder sehen.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you

didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away

from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.

Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

We could learn a lot from Crayons: Some are sharp, some are pretty, some

are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colours......but they all

exist very nicely in the same box.

Tough times never last, tough people do.

Dem Wagemutigen hilft das Glück, der Faule steht sich selbst im Wege.

Die Erfahrung ist wie eine Laterne im Rücken: sie beleuchtet stets nur das

Stück Weg, das wir bereits hinter uns haben.


HUMOR !! && @@ %% > ** ++


Beamtenhumor (gibt es das?)

Die Strafabteilung der Bezirkshauptmannschaft Amstetten erhielt

folgendes Gedicht von einem Verkehrssünder.

Mit Interesse hab ich Ihr Schreiben gelesen und streite nicht ab, ich bin es

gewesen. Wie es kam liebe Leut, ich sag es Euch genau, in Kamaten war

ich bei einer reizenden Frau. Und hab dann, sonst hätt ich etwas

versäumt, von diesen schönen Tagen ein wenig geträumt. Auf einmal

ging's bergab, ich war ganz verwundert, wurde immer schneller und am

Tacho stand "Hundert". Und plötzlich glaub ich, es klingt wie ein Witz. Es

kommt ein Gewitter, denn da sah ich ein Blitz. Nach Ihrem Schreiben ist's

mir nun klar, dass es das nicht, sondern Eure Kontrolle war. Auf die Strafe

dafür warte ich nun geduldig. Mit einem Wort, ich bekenne mich schuldig.

21 Std.kilometer zu schnell, leicht zu berechnen, ich sehe es ein, es war

ein Verbrechen. Bitte trotzdem um Freispruch, ich sag's ganz banal,

ein Mann der glücklich ist, fährt nicht normal.

Antwort in Poesie des Sachbearbeiter im Strafbescheid von Amstetten

Ist der Reim auch so gelungen, zum Bussgeld seh ich mich gezwungen.

Kommen's wieder mal von dieser Frau, nehmen's den Zug, seien Sie so


Sex is now classified as a misdemeaner.........

The more you miss, the meaner ya get!


Nie aber nie während des Fahrens trinken,

Du könntest das Bier verschütten!


Teacher: Why are you late?


Class started before I got here.

Teacher: Now, Simon, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating?

Simon: No, Sir, I don't have to, my Mom is a good cook.

Teacher: " Glenn, how do you spell "crocodile?"

Glenn: "K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L-"

Teacher: No, that' s wrong.

Glenn: "Maybe it is wrong ,but you asked me how I spell it".

Teacher: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when

people are no longer interested?

Harold: A Teacher

The South African Government is going to impose a 40% tax on ASPIRIN.

Why do you ask?

Well, primarily because it's white and it works.


* Memory was something that you lost with age

* An application was for employment

* A program was a TV show

* A curser used profanity

* A keyboard was a piano

* A web was a spider's home

* A virus was the flu

* A CD was a bank account

* A hard drive was a long trip on the road

* A mouse pad was where a mouse lived

* And if you had a 3½ inch floppy

....you just hoped nobody found out

Every wife is a "Mistress" for her Husband.

"Miss" for one hour and "stress" for the rest 23 hours.

Regter: "Waar is jy gebore?"

Gatiep: " Djou Honour, ek is gebore innie Kaap!"

Regter: "Watter deel?"

Gatief: "My hele lyf is daar gebore, djou Honour, net die tanne is van Jo'burg


Gatiep and Maraai steel'n snoek, en sien toe 'n Polisie man.

Gatiep se: "Sit die snoek onder djou rok!"

Maraai se: " Dit gaan stink Gatiep!"

Gatiep se vir Maraai: "Drukkie snoek se nies toe!"


"Optimist, Pessimist and Realist.

While you guys were busy arguing whether the glass of water is

½ full or ½ empty: "I drank it!


the Opportunist

An Irish priest is driving down to New York and gets stopped for speeding

in Connecticut. The state trooper smells alcohol on the priest's breath and

then sees an empty wine bottle on the floor of the car. He says, "Sir, have

you been drinking?" "Just water," says the priest. The trooper says, "Then

why do I smell wine?" The priest looks at the bottle and says, "Good Lord !

He's done it again!'

The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good

ending: and have the two as close together as possible.

Gallagher opened the morning newspaper and was dumbfounded to read

in the obituary column that he had died. He quickly phoned his best

friend, Finny. "Did you see the paper?" asked Gallagher. They say I died!"

"Yes, I saw it!" replied Finney. Where are ye calling from?"


the doctor says

I need more exercise,

I want you

to start jogging

for me

Suchen Sie

ein Nachschlagwerk, einen guten Roman, einen Klassiker…

Bücher über

Afrika und andere Länder, Geschichte,

Schöne Künste, Religion, Philosophie, Zeitgeschehen, Freizeit, Familie,

für Kinder und Jugend, Erziehung & Lebenshilfe, Essen & Trinken…


Grußkarten und Geschenkpapier, Weihnachts- & Osterschmuck,

Zeitungen, Zeitschriften & Musikkasetten.

Wir besorgen Ihnen jedes gewünschte Buch oder jede Zeitschrift in

allen Sprachen aus allen Ländern.


Ein Angebot der


(Fordern Sie kostenlos die Programmzeitschrift "Die Lesestunde" an)




Park Building Durban Road

Tel.: (021) 949-9366 Fax (021) 948 3136


Burgstraße 17

Tel.: (021) 423-7832 Fax (021) 423 3208

E-mail: buchhandlung@naumann.co.za

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