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It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who

points out how the strongman stumbles, or where

the doer of deeds could have done them better. The

credit belongs to the man who is actually in the

arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and

blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes

out short again and again, because there is no effort

without error and shortcoming.

The person who does actually strive to do the

deeds; who knows great enthusiasm and devotion,

who spends himself in a worthy cause, who “at best”

knows in the end the triumph of high achievement,

and who at the worst “if he fails”, at least fails while

daring greatness, so that his place shall never be

with those cold and timid souls who neither know

victory nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt (The 26 th President of the

United States of America)


Paul Okade jr wears many hats. He is an Author,

Entrepreneur,Finance coach and investment consultant.

Paul has authored dozens of articles and has featured on

several television programs in the United Kingdom. He

was born in London England to Nigerian Parents.

His Father worked for the Central Bank of Nigeria

prior to his relocation to the United Kingdom for further

studies and his Mother is a Director in a blue chip pharmaceutical

company also in the United Kingdom.

Paul has written over 50 books and brings passion and

excellence to everything he does. His love for Nigeria was what informed his decision to publish

this magazine.

He is passionate about Nigerian Politics and he is actively playing his part in order to ensure

that Nigeria remains a united entity. His book “Nigeria, one nation one destiny” offers timely

solutions to the current economic and social challenges facing the country. Paul is happily married

with children.

Paul would like to thank the following people for their incredible input into this publication;

• Engineer (Mrs) Omonefe Okade (Co-founder of Dream Academy Institute)

• Ibrahim Mohammed (CEO of Webland Visionz Nig LTD)

• Isaac David Balami (President of the National association of Aircraft Pilots )

• Honourable (Dr) Zakari M B Wali (Former Chief Whip of the Kano house of assembly)





Nigeria, By 2015



The Power Behind the Throne



For God and Country






The Son of Destiny


The Diamond of Katsina


The Wind Beneath our Wings





An Exceptional Leader


The Quest for a United



The Rising Star of Kano



The Golden Son of



The Moses of Kwara People


Gone but not Forgotton


Let He without Sin, Cast the

First Stone

Welcome to the pilot edition of our quarterly magazine titled “The Politician” a publication that aims to

bring a fresh perspective on all the political happenings across the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The magazine

will consist of “food for thought” articles and exciting interviews of some of the most influential politicians

in the nation. It was Aristotle the Greek Philosopher and Polymath that stated and I quote “Human beings by

nature are political animals” or to put it in Lay mans terms, there’s a politician in each and every one of us.

The word “politics” in many circles is viewed in the same light as profanity, and politicians are mistrusted all

over the world. People often wonder why politicians struggle to fulfil their election pledges, and they cite the

reason for this to be because in their opinion, politicians are by nature dishonest souls, but I disagree.

Many politicians step into public office with the best of intentions but they encounter already established

“power structures” which make the fulfilment of their election pledges an uphill struggle. Let’s look at the power

(electricity) sector of our economy. To the ordinary masses it looks like a simple matter. They believe that all

the government has to do is pump several billions of dollars into the sector and case closed. What they did not

factor in is the fact that they’re very powerful people in the society who are making 100’s of Billons of Naira

from the importation of Diesel and they’re not just going to sit down and allow President Jonathan to come and

close down their operation without adequate compensation. President Olusegun Obasanjo led this country for 8

years and throughout that time was he able to solve the electricity problem? No he was not able to, and it wasn’t

because the country didn’t have the money either. In fact the country had so much money that we were able to

pay of our national debt which we owed to the London and Paris club and had $67 Billion dollars left over in

the excess crude account.

Many people may not know this, but the Federal Reserve Bank, America’s central bank, isn’t actually owned

by America and neither is it controlled by the American government. The FED, as it’s popularly known is

owned by private international banks, and what they do is print $dollars, and then borrow those $dollars that

they’ve printed to the American government and charge them interest on it. Can you imagine such a thing?

International bankers came to America, bribed some high ranking politicians (Republican Senator Nelson W

Aldrich) and these bribed Politicians voted in the Federal Reserve act on the 23rd of December 1913, which

basically turned over control of the printing and distribution of the American $dollar to private bankers.


For further reading on this please purchase “The Creature from Jekyll Island” a book by G Edward Griffin.

American politicians such as Republican Senator Ron Paul have been advocating for the removal of the Federal

Reserve Bank so that the power to print currency can be returned back to the American congress. This is the

reason why Ron Paul could never clinch the Republican Presidential nomination because the powers that be, the

secret unknown, the private bankers who control the $dollar will never allow this to happen.

The only US President who attempted to close down the Federal Reserve Bank was President John F Kennedy

and we all know what happened to him, he was assassinated. Politics is much bigger than what you see on the

news or read in your daily newspapers, and until you begin to seek the real truth from alternative media outlets,

you will continue to wallow in ignorance. President Woodrow Wilson, the President who signed into law the

Federal Reserve act that gave these unscrupulous private bankers control over America’s money supply, realised

what he had done to his nation. Below are quotes from famous American Presidents and politicians about the

reality of the FED.

“A great industrial nation is controlled by it's

system of credit. Our system of credit is

concentrated in the hands of a few men. We

have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of

the most completely controlled and dominated

governments in the world-- no longer a

government of free opinion, no longer a

government by conviction and vote of the

majority, but a government by the opinion and

duress of small groups of dominant men." --

President Woodrow Wilson


“I believe that banking institutions are more

dangerous to our liberties than standing

armies. Already they have raised up a

monied aristocracy that has set the

government at defiance. The issuing power

(of money) should be taken away from the

banks and restored to the people to whom it

properly belongs." -- Thomas Jefferson, U.S.


I decided to share the above quotes with you in an attempt to open your eyes. Please conduct your own research

and start educating yourselves about the economic realities of our time. Far too many Nigerians have

placed America on some sort of moral pedestal and act as if America is a corruption free society and that is

the biggest lie of all. Let me tell you something, some nations have mastered the art of convincing the gullible

masses that a “lie” is indeed the “truth”. All we hear on the news is how righteous America is and how corrupt

the rest of the world is, and yet the entire American economic and financial system is built on corruption. Why

is it that America only has 2 political parties? A country which is supposed to be the principle exporter and

custodian of modern democracy with a population of 300 million people, only allows two political parties to

contest their Presidential elections.

The reason is because those 2 parties (The Democratic and the Republican parties), are both controlled by the

same power structure, so it doesn’t matter who becomes President because both political parties are puppets

controlled by the same central bankers that control the nation’s money system.

It was Nathan Rothschild (Part of the Rothschild banking dynasty) that said and I quote “Give me control of a

nation’s money supply and I could care less which puppet sits on their throne”.

My prayer for Nigeria is that we will have a generation of young people who would spend their time on the

internet seeking for the truth instead of wasting their lives on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter discussing

the size of Kim Kardashian’s booty or Beyonce’s Brazilian hair.

The world is a far more sinister place than many of you realise and unless you make a concerted effort to seek

the “real” truth for yourself, you will become a pawn on the chessboard of deception. Just because somebody

has been elected President of a country does not mean that he or she has absolute power. You can sit on your

laptops from morning till night insulting President Goodluck Jonathan and using derogatory adjectives such as

“useless” and “clueless” to describe him but if the truth be told, we all know deep in our hearts that the President

is a decent human being who means well for this country. When he took over as acting President in 2010

after the death of the late great President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, he met a power structure which has been in

existence since the time of Nigeria’s independence.

President Yar’Adua was President for 2 years and when he took over from President Olusegun Obasanjo, we

had well over $60 Billion dollars in our excess crude account. So why didn’t President Yar’Adua immediately

solve the power (electricity) problem? Because the power structure that controls the importation of fuel where

not ready to slaughter that multi-trillion Naira proverbial “cash cow”. So politics in any country isn’t as straight

forward as many of you may think. You have seen how America’s system is being run and now you can understand

why America’s national debt which is fast approaching $20 Trillion Dollars can never be repaid. It’s not

because President Obama does not know what the problem is (the Federal Reserve Bank) but that he is completely

powerless to do anything about it, because it was the same system that brought him to power in the first


President Goodluck Jonathan is not the problem in this country and until Nigerians start asking themselves the

right questions, they will remain in ignorance. Isn’t it interesting how the minute President Goodluck Jonathan

became the President in 2010, Boko Haram went into overdrive and intensified their activities, do you think that

it was a coincidence?


Of course not, it was clear that certain individuals were not happy with the decision to make President Jonathan

acting President after the death of our beloved President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, and they decided to make

his Presidency a living hell. My Fellow Nigerians, our problems are much deeper than what we are being shown

in the media. President Goodluck Jonathan urgently needs our support and our prayers because we have no idea

what type of internal conspiracy that man is facing. He honestly wanted to transform this country, but as you all

are seeing with your own eyes, certain power hungry and greedy elements in the society have vowed to frustrate

him and his agenda.

Even within his political party we have all seen what is going on. People who have no moral authority to

call the President “corrupt” are opening their mouths, the entire thing is laughable. They’re calling themselves

The New PDP”, wow, what an original name. What exactly is new about their movement? Do they have new

policies or new politicians with fresh ideas? No they don’t. It’s just the same old faces wrestling for power and

claiming to be fighting for Nigerians. The truth of the matter is that 2015 is on the mind of some of these so

called New PDP members and the desire to seize power by any means is far more important to them, than the

chaos and national instability that their actions are causing. Instead of them to concentrate on the job that they

were elected for as Governors of their individual states, they’re busy running up and down Abuja holding press


The people in their states need food, water, healthcare, quality education and employment today, but all their

Governors are doing is plotting about 2015 and if some of them become President in 2015 what is this new

thing that they’re going to do for Nigerians?

Nigerians need to wake up, and refuse to allow themselves to be deceived by these selfish career politicians who

do not seem to want to join any other profession other than politics or rather poli-tricks as one of my friends

would say. Nigerians should rise up and tell those people who are not allowing President Goodluck Jonathan

to govern that enough is enough. We should not allow

ourselves to get mixed up in the politics of ethnicity

because we are all Nigerians and the majority of us

believe in “one Nigeria”. We don’t want to divide the

country because many of us have friends and relatives

from practically every tribe and religion and we see

ourselves as one people.

I repeat, President Jonathan needs our support, our

encouragement and most importantly our prayers. He

means well for this country, but if we are honest with

ourselves we will admit that right from the onset of

his administration the plot to make Nigeria ungovernable

for him thickened. There is a conspiracy by some

demonic elements in the system to frustrate President

Goodluck Jonathan out of office, and every well meaning

Nigerian can see it. No matter how much money

or followers you think you have, you’re not God and

therefore you cannot behave as if Nigeria is your personal

property, and that the only person who can become

President is the one you anoint.


Even within his political party we have all seen what is going on.

People who have no moral authority to call the President “corrupt”

are opening their mouths, the entire thing is laughable. They’re

calling themselves “The New PDP”, wow, what an original name.

What exactly is new about their movement? Do they have new

policies or new politicians with fresh ideas? No they don’t. It’s just

the same old faces wrestling for power and claiming to be fighting

for Nigerians.

The day the American $dollar crashes and becomes

as worthless as toilet paper will be the day of reckoning

for some of these people who think that they’re

too rich. What will you do when the American dollar

crashes and it’s no longer accepted by the international

community as the currency of international

trade? It would mean that the $30 billion dollars you

have stashed away in your secret vault would become

practically worthless. This is the reality of the modern

economic system, nothing is certain any longer. We’ve

seen entire countries such as Cyprus brought to their


and as I

write this



such as


Italy and

Spain who

are supposed


be fully


are still on

very shaky



let us all eat a slice of humble pie and stop behaving

as if we are God Almighty, because we certainly are

not. This is why I always laugh when some people in

Nigeria call themselves elites. In Great Britain where I

was born, the elites are the ones who have had money

and influence in their families for over 500 years. In

Nigeria in order to become Elite you only have to rig

an election and become Governor, and all of a sudden

you have become part of the elite. What where some

of these Governors before they entered politics? So

please let us all relax and humble ourselves because

none of us is better than the other.

We are all one people, irrespective of our ethic

origins or religious dispositions and we need to unite

and fight the forces that seek to divide and rule our

country. Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Anioma , Ijaw , Itsekiri,

Urhobo, Efik, Tiv, Esan, Bini, Isoko and all the other


The day the American $dollar crashes and

becomes as worthless as toilet paper will be

the day of reckoning for some of these

people who think that they’re too rich. What

will you do when the American dollar

crashes and it’s no longer accepted by the

international community as the currency of

international trade? It would mean that the

$30 billion dollars you have stashed away in

your secret vault would become practically


tribes that make up Nigeria are all one people. Some

of the names we call our children and certain verbs

and nouns found in our vocabularies are almost identical

so we should stop deceiving ourselves by claiming

that we’re so different from one another, because

we’re not.

We are one people and we need to learn to celebrate

the things that unite us instead creating unnecessary

divisions. I am from Delta State and yet some of my

closest friends are Yoruba and Hausa. These are people

that I consider my Brothers and I will do anything for

them, so

we need

to stop

all this



and seek

for pragmatic

ways to



unity and



I was

born in


and yet I do not call myself British. I am a Nigerian,

and I feel sorry for other Nigerians who were also

born in the west who are claiming that they’re not


If your name is Oluwatobi Olabisi, or Chukwuemeka

Umunna, or Habib Yusuf, then I don’t care where you

were born or what colour passport you have because

as far as the western democracies are concerned,

you’re Nigerian, and if you think that you’re not a

Nigerian then I am sorry for you. Recently there was a

black Man on the news who murdered a British soldier

in broad daylight. This young black Man was born in

England and has a British passport, and yet when the

British government where describing him they did not

describe him as being British, instead they said that

he was of Nigerian descent because his Parents were

Nigerian. So you can see that the white man whose

country some Nigerians are trying to claim as their

homes do not even want them. Even if you were born

describe him as being British, instead they said that he was of Nigerian descent because his Parents were Nigerian.

So you can see that the white man whose country some Nigerians are trying to claim as their homes do not

even want them. Even if you were born inside Buckingham palace, if your skin is black then as far as the British

establishment is concerned you’re a foreigner.

Let this be a lesson to the countless Nigerians who have made the West their home, because when push comes

to shove those countries where you have chosen to domicile will remind you in a not so overt manner that you

are not from there. My fellow Nigerians, the time has come to put away the wrong looks and the bad blood and

come together and sit down at the table of Brotherhood and seek appropriate solutions for our problems. As a

nation there is no doubt that our economic potential is huge. Nigerians are go getters. We are an extremely ambitious

race of people who are willing to work as hard as is humanly possible in order to achieve our goals. But we

cannot make progress without peace and unity.

We cannot make progress until those in the society who are sponsoring Boko Haram are brought out and made

to either renounce their actions or face the full force of Justice. Pray for yourselves, pray for our President and

pray for Nigeria because despite our numerous challenges, I still believe that Nigeria’s best days are still very

much ahead of her. It is not over for us.

Nigerians are leaders, anywhere we find ourselves across the world we excel, and our faith in God and in ourselves

is what will truly turn this country into the envy of not just other African nations, but of the entire word.

I am so proud of my Nigerian lineage and there’s no other country in the world I would rather have descended

from. May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, one united nation filled with liberty prosperity and justice,

surely such a nation is worth fighting for. God bless you all. Paul Okade jr. Publisher of “The Politician”


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Many Nigerians are wondering what Nigeria would

look like at the end of the Presidency of His Excellency

President Goodluck Jonathan. Prior to the

emergence of democratic governance in Nigeria in

1999 very few Nigerians believed that Nigeria could

ever recover from the nearly two decades of military

miss rule. But nearly 14 years after the democratic

renaissance that swept across the national landscape,

it has become clear to all that the Federal Republic of

Nigeria is truly on the path to the proverbial “political


With the emergence and triumphant rise of the

Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and many other

political parties all claiming their stake in the political

quagmire of the nation, the practice of democratic

governance with a multi-party expression has become

the norm. With recent gubernatorial elections in Edo

and Ondo states respectively being flagged as the freest

and fairest electoral bouts of recent times, it is also

fair to say that the sanitisation of the electoral process

by the Goodluck Jonathan administration is yielding


The recent onslaught of the “Boko Haram” menace

across the federation has failed to dampen the optimism

of the average Nigerian, and their resolve to

forge ahead as a united and free nation stands firm.

So what does the future hold for our beloved nation?

What can we expect in the last 2 years of the Goodluck

Jonathan administration? Firstly we can expect to

see the completion of several major federal highways

which connect the country. Already we can see expedited

work on the Lagos-Ibadan express way, a major


highway which has plagued users for generations. Its

completion will open up that axis, create tens of thousands

of new jobs and cause an exponential growth in

the real estate value of the area.

Such a major highway which serves millions of commuters

weekly should have been completed long ago.

The proximity of Ibadan to Lagos is economically

strategic and the completion of this all too important

expressway would ease the immense pressure which

has been exerted on the Lagos real estate market and

help to stabilize prices. It is indeed an open secret that

the price of Land and housing in Lagos is ridiculously

high and even “blind Bartemaeus” can see that the city

is heading for a major bust in their housing bubble.

Ibadan, a great city filled with hospitable and highly

welcoming people will experience a housing boom

as a result of this great initiative by the Goodluck

Jonathan administration, and we will also see many

world class hotels, resorts, housing estates, recreation

centres, schools, corporate offices and hospitals

spring up along this expressway. The high taxation in

Lagos state will further fuel the exodus of Lagosians

to Ibadan and its environs, and we will see the emergence

of a new corporate cluster in the area, as major

corporations seek to escape the growing cost of being

domiciled in lagos.

Many other federal highways are also being worked

on and these highways will open up many of our

coasts and boost the local as well as the national


Already we can see expedited work on the

Lagos-Ibadan express way, a major highway

which has plagued users for generations.

Secondly, we can expect to see the completion

of the privatisation drive of the power sector and

Nigerians will at last have access to 24hr electricity

supply, something which has eluded them for

generations. Private companies will soon take over

this sector and begin to provide Nigerians their

long awaited power supply. Within the next 2 years

we can also expect to see a huge reduction in our

national debt due to the excess revenue that we will

receive as a result of the increase in world crude oil

prices that is imminent. The price of crude oil is set

to rise significantly once again due to the political

instability of the Middle Eastern political terrain.

Iran, a major oil supplier has been a proverbial

“thorn in the flesh” of the Western democracies for

well over 2 decades and the threat of war in that

region will certainly threaten the supply of crude oil

and force prices to soar. Politics and Economics are

Siamese twins and it is extremely difficult to surgically

divide the two of them, especially in a world

where crude oil is so vital to economic growth and

to the continuity of modern civilisation.

The excess crude revenues that our nation will

realise as a result of the political crisis/uncertainty

in the Middle East will be used by the Goodluck

Jonathan administration to pay our national debt

and bolster our foreign ($dollar) reserves. I will

also like to see the government building our Gold

and Silver reserves also, so that when the American

dollar collapses (something that will occur within

the next 5-10 years) Nigeria’s economy will not be

wiped out with the rest of the un-informed nations

of the world who have bought into the lie that say’s

that somehow the American economy is indestructible.

we can expect to see the completion of the

privatisation drive of the power sector and

Nigerians will at last have access to 24hr


electricity supply

America is no longer the global economic super

power, China has taken over and America’s national

debt which is approaching 20 Trillion dollars can

never be repaid by them, so their economy as well

as their currency is on life support machine. An

economist worth their salt would testify to this fact.

America is falling and the dollar is falling with it

and any nation that keeps the bulk of their foreign

reserves in dollars is heading for a major economic


The Chinese Yuan, Gold and Silver and the

three vehicles that African nations should be

stock piling and they need to substantially

decrease the amount of US greenbacks they’re

holding in reserve.

The stabilization of the Naira is another great

fete which will be credited to the Goodluck

Jonathan administration. In the next 2 years we

should expect to see a stronger and more stable

Naira due to the solidification of our political

and economic environment.

Nigeria is about to enter a period of incredible

economic growth and 2014-15 will see our economic

growth enter double-digits, and I candidly

predict that the Naira-dollar exchange will hover

around the N125 to $1 dollar figure by mid 2014.

That is the Nigeria that our President will leave

for the incoming President in 2015, a strong

Naira underwritten by a strong economy and a

stable political environ.

The drive to promote national unity, economic

stability and political tranquillity has been the

guiding star of the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency,

and by the 29th of May 2015 when the

President hands over the sceptre of national

leadership to the Man or Woman whom God has

chosen to lead our nation for the next 4 years,

Nigerians would have received the complete realisation

of the electoral pledge/promise that was

made by President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011

when he was sworn into the office of President

of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Those who wondered whether President

Jonathan truly meant well for Nigeria will soon

have their question answered as his works would

prove unequivocally that in his dispensation,

Nigeria truly entered into its finest hour.

2015 is clearly on the minds of many Nigerians,

most of whom are wondering whether

President Jonathan would contest the presidential

primaries and seek another 4 years in office.


Whatever the President decides to do, one thing

is certain, he has every right to do so. However, the

Presidency is a thankless job, and that seat is highly

contested because of the incredible power that the

office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

holds, but how many in our nation are actually vying

for that position for the right reasons?

The last thing Nigeria needs now is somebody aspiring

for the position of President just because they

desire the position. Say what you want about President

Jonathan, but we all know that he never aspired

for the office of President of the Federal Republic of

Nigeria. In 2007 he was selected as the vice presidential

running mate of the late and great President Musa

Yar’Adua, and had it not been that the cruel hands of

death snatched President Yar’Adua away, President

Jonathan would not be the president of Nigeria today.

But destiny played its hand and delivered to Nigeria

her 14th president. His presidency has been far from

rosy however due in large part to the exponential

growth of the Boko Haram terrorist threat across the

Northern part of the country. It has become ever so

clear that they’re certain elements within our nation

who are working tirelessly to undermine his presidency.

Boko Haram is not a new organisation, it has been in

existence for many years but it doesn’t take a Prophet

to see that since President Jonathan was sworn in as

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, their

destructive acts have multiplied a thousand fold. The

media onslaught against his administration has also

been relentless coupled with political infighting within

his own political party. All this would make anybody

not want to continue after 2015 and to simply say to

Nigerians “to your tents O Israel”. But leadership is

not a popularity contest and regardless of what certain

people may think or say about him, the courage of

conviction which informed his decision to contest in

2011 will continue to strengthen his resolve.

I can never forget the day President Barack Hussain

Obama was elected America’s 44th President. The

global media was buzzing and some reporters were

describing Obama as the “political messiah” who has


come to save America and the rest of world from the

political abyss. He was awarded the Nobel peace prize

only a few months into his Presidency, a decision that

did not sit well with many, because at that point in

time he had done absolutely nothing of note which

would warrant such an award. Even till date, the world

is still waiting for this man of peace to appear but to

no avail, the only peaceful things about Obama are his

speeches, body language and handshakes.

His policies are far from peaceful. He is slowly

stripping Americans of their civil liberties, constantly

under-mining their constitution, excessively taxing

businesses, crippling entrepreneurship and seeking

for ways to topple Middle Eastern governments in the

name of “human rights”. His predecessor George Bush

jr told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass

destruction and that the world should get rid of him.

They did just that, they executed Saddam and most of

his family members but today, many years later, the

truth has come out that there was never any weapons

of mass destruction anywhere in Saddam’s domain.

Was Saddam Hussein an Angel? Of course not, the

man was a despotic leader, but he was imposed on the

Iraqi people by America because America wanted to

use him to fight Iran. Mubarak was also installed and

supported by the same America who ended up removing

him from power.

I think that it’s pretty

clear that America is

not a nation that anybody

can rely on, because

the minute you

decide to stop being

their puppet and you

stop dancing to their

tune, they discover

chemical weapons in

your country and declare

war against you.

This is not the country that African nations should

be in partnership with. We need to build stronger

links with China and other emerging economies such

as Brazil, because they’re proving to be a lot more

civilised than America, and they also have much stronger

economies too. I am not saying that we should

do away with America completely, because for now

they’re still a proverbial “necessary evil” .If Obama

was a Nigerian Politician he would certainly not have

my vote. Check the opinion polls and you would see

that the Majority of Americans are not happy with his

Presidency and they were many reports of electoral

malpractice (election rigging) during the last Presidential


America has a long history of electoral malpractice.

I will never forget the fiercely contested 2000 Presidential

elections in the USA. Al Gore, the democratic

candidate received more votes than George Bush jr,

the Republican candidate and yet George Bush jr became

the president (work that one out).

I don’t know about you but to me that is a classic

case of the proverbial “the more you look the less you

see” syndrome. Why am I speaking like this? Simply

to show Nigerians that “corruption” was not founded

in Africa irrespective of what the western media may

try to project, but that the western democracies are the

true architects of political malpractice.

Obama spent $1 Billion dollars (N160 Billion Naira)

on his last presidential campaign. Where did he get the

money from? Large corporations and banks where the

ones that sponsored Obama’s campaign and they did

it for obvious reasons, and that was to gain political

favours from Obama as and when they need it. They

didn’t do it because they love America, but they’re

simply protecting their own selfish interests, end of



So please, the next time you bloggers, tweeters and

social media addicts want to malign Nigeria and the

African continent’s political terrain, have it at the back

of your mind that the “America” that many of you

worship and hold as the flagship of true democratic

expression and the place where many Africans have

made their permanent abode, is in actual fact the modern

architect of political corruption. Is Nigeria perfect?

of course not, but it is still our country. Is PDP

flawless? Certainly not, but in my opinion it is still

the only political party in Nigeria that has a national


Is President Jonathan perfect, not at all, but he is our

President and he and all the Governors, Senators, Representatives,

Ministers, advisors and LGC’s are working

for a better Nigeria.

States such as Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River, Lagos,

Edo, Kano, Nassarawa and many others have seen tremendous

economic growth and development. Can the

state governors do more, I am sure they can, but we

should still laud them over what they’re doing thus far,

all under the Goodluck Jonathan administration. If you

must criticise a leader for what you feel are his shortcomings,

then please try and balance your criticism by

also citing the things he is doing right, surely this isn’t

too much to ask?

Nigeria isn’t developing fast enough to take advantage

of its economic potential, and the state Governors

and Ministers urgently need to seek creative ways

to expedite this deficit in infrastructural development.

They need to come together and combine their

resources and develop a rail network that will connect

the country. They also need to look critically at

nursery and primary education, because this is the

foundation of the academic crisis besieging our nation.

Healthcare is also a crucial and state governments

need to do more to address this sector also, especially

in the rural areas.

Our Nation endured a destructive civil war, a gruelling

military era and a challenging transition into

democracy, but through it all our economy is growing,

and foreign investors cannot get enough of our robust

and extremely fertile investment environ. Nigeria’s

best days are still very much ahead of her and the

infrastructural and economic foundation that is being

laid by the President Goodluck Jonathan administration

will ensure that our nation will certainly be

amongst the 20 most developed nations in the world

by the year 2020. May God bless and strengthen the

Goodluck Jonathan Presidency and may God bless

the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


May God bless and

strengthen the Goodluck

Jonathan Presidency and

may God bless the Federal

Republic of Nigeria.





Dream Academy is an international Nursery and Primary school in the

heart of Abuja Nigeria. The Principal and Co-founder of this academic

institution is Engineer Mrs Omonefe Okade, a graduate of Electrical and

Electronic Engineering from Nottingham Trent University in the United

Kingdom. Her passion for education and dissatisfaction for the status quo led

her to formulate a teaching style which enabled her 6 year old Daughter

(Esther Okade) to pass the GCSE mathematics exam at the tender age of

just 6 years of age. Esther is now 9 yrs old, has already passed 3 units in A-

Level mathematics and is preparing to start her Degree shortly...

Above is a picture of Esther Okade, the 6 year old girl who passed GCSE Maths

which is the UK equivalent for GCE maths

The school is set to launch in September 2014 and as you can imagine, the

spaces are almost filled up. To register your child for a place in the next

academic session (September 2014) kindly send an email to;, a registration form and a prospectus will be

emailed to you.


Very few first Ladies of this great nation of ours

have been as maligned, ridiculed, insulted and disrespected

as much as our current first lady. They have

insulted her with adjectives that I cannot even bring

myself to repeat on this medium. The most hurtful

for me as a proud Nigerian was when the first lady

began to endure insults because of her command of

the English language. And when you consider the

fact that the majority of these insults came from her

fellow Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora,

it was even more disheartening.

Who amongst us has not erred be it unintentionally

at some point or another in either written or

spoken English? Even the so called custodians of the

language have made statements that would cause

their ancestors bones to rattle in their graves and

shriek with horror and sheer disbelief at their misuse

of the English language.

For example, President George W Bush, the last

Republican president of the United States of America

made the following statements;

The German asparagus “are” fabulous

• I thank the diplomatic corps, who “is” here

as well. March 12 2008

• And they have no “disregard” for human life.

July 15 2008

• Anyone engaging in illegal financial transactions

will be caught and “persecuted”. September 19


Sarah Palin, a Republican Governor and one time

Republican vice presidential candidate in the 2008

presidential elections made the following statements

• I love “that” smell of the emissions. May 29


• But obviously we’ve got to stand with our

“North” Korean allies. Nov 24 2010

• John McCain and I “we” love you and thank



you for spending a few minutes to talk to “me”

President Barack Obama, a man who is loved by

so many Nigerians despite the fact that since his

inauguration as President of the United States of

America in January 2009, has not even bothered

to come to Nigeria even once. Nigeria, the nation

which up until recently was supplying almost 25% of

his nations crude oil needs. Such is life. Some people

don’t want you, but are only interested in what you

have. It’s analogous to what happens in the lives of

so many beautiful women. Men are only interested

in their beauty and in the shape of their bodies, but

the real inner person (their emotions, spirituality,

aspirations, world view etc) is of no interest to them.

So when a Man tells her that he loves her so much,

what he’s probably talking about is the “physical”

part of her and nothing else.

Now you can understand why they’re so many

beautiful women in the world who are divorcees

today. The man married her because of her physical

appearance, but after the wedding day he began

to notice the other side of her being (her character,

attitude etc) and then realized that he wasn’t as “in

love” with her as he had previously thought.

Anyway, back to Barack Obama, a graduate

of the “humanly” prestigious Harvard Law School

made the following statements;

The reforms we seek would bring greater

competition, choice, savings and “inefficiencies” to

our healthcare system. July 20 2009

The Middle East is obviously an “issue” that

has plagued the “region” for centuries. January 2010

• Let me be absolutely clear, Israel has been a

strong friend of “Israels”. It will be a strong friend

of “Israels” under a McCain administration and it

will be a strong friend of “Israels” under an Obama

administration, so that policy isn’t going to change.

July 22 2008

This is just a drop in the proverbial “ocean” of

what is available for public perusal and consumption

on the worldwide web, I only added these few quotes

to this article in order to make a point. Bush, Palin

and Obama are American politicians and English is

their first language, they all attended “supposedly”

prestigious academic institutions and yet they too are

not infallible when it comes to their command of the

English language. So excuse me for being a little upset

at the manner in which our first lady Dame Patience

Jonathan has been treated in this regard.

Nigerians are the ones complaining about her

command of the English language,

not the English or the

Americans who are the true

custodians of the language

and therefore should be the

most offended at the manner

in which their precious language

is being utilized. I was

born in London England and

like all non-whites I experienced

varying levels of racism,

a situation that still exists in

London today irrespective of

the multi-cultural expression

of the city. Nigerians are hated

in Europe and are branded as

thieves and criminals, even

though the majority of Nigerians

in Europe are honest and

hardworking, and yet when

an English person comes to Nigeria they’re treated like



What is it in this mentality amongst Africans which

seems to always give preference to foreigners? We seem

to believe that “White is right” and that we “the African”

are second class citizens even in our own continent.

We love people who do not love us in return, and

yet we hate our own. They’re Nigerians who have never

entered an Airplane before who are attempting by any

means necessary, to speak with either an American or

a British accent. They’re trying tirelessly to lose their

Nigerian accents all because of their low self worth and

esteem and utter disregard for all things “Nigerian”,

and yet the Nigeria that some Nigerians hate and criticize

ceaselessly has become the investment destination

of choice for thousands of Lebanese, Chinese, American,

British and Indian investors.

As Nigerians are busy looking for visas to flee from

their own country, foreigners are taking over all the

local businesses, and if this trend continues, Nigerians

will find themselves becoming tenants in their own


Even now when you look at the business sector in

Nigeria you can see that very few of the major corporations

in the country are

Can Michelle Obama speak

Yoruba or Ibo or Hausa? If

she came to Nigeria, and

managed to speak 2 words in

Igbo while she was here every

Nigerian newspaper would be

applauding her efforts and

shouting that “she tried”.

etc are all in foreign hands.

even owned by Nigerians.

In the construction

and Engineering sector

Julius Berger has completely

dominated it, in

the hospitality sector

the majority of the

hotel chains are foreign

owned, in the telecoms

sector, other than Globacom

which is owned

by Mike Adenuga all

the other telecoms

companies are owned

by foreigners. All the

major Oil companies,

insurance companies,

shopping malls, restaurants,

private schools

MTN, a South-African owned telecoms company

now makes 60% of its global revenue in Nigeria. We

are a nation under occupation and this new form of

colonization isn’t taking place with guns and bullets,

but by economics. Our nation is being taking away by

foreigners and all we know how to do is to insult our

first lady regarding her use of the English language. Is

she an English woman? I never knew that Okrika in

Rivers state was part of the United Kingdom.

Can Michelle Obama speak Yoruba or Ibo or Hausa?

If she came to Nigeria, and managed to speak 2 words

in Igbo while she was here every Nigerian newspaper

would be applauding her efforts and shouting that “she

tried”. So why can you not give the same respect to our

first lady, a woman who was born and bred in Nigeria?

She made a few simple mistakes in a language that is not

her native tongue, and her own fellow Nigerians decided

to use it as a weapon against her.

Have you never heard Chinese Politicians attempting

the English language? You can’t even understand 99% of

what they’re saying and yet you will never see Chinese

people insulting their leaders over their command of the

English language. It is only amongst Nigerians that you

find people taking the proverbial “medicine for another

person’s sickness”.

We have become the self appointed international

watch dog for all things relating to the English language.

For all the English that Nigerians are speaking I can’t see

what they’re doing with it. Whilst they’re in their houses

speaking good “English” the Lebanese and the Chinese

are here speaking good “economics” and are taking over

the country. Foreigners have taken over corporate Nigeria,

and yet all that doesn’t seem to bother us, all we are

concerned about is whether our leaders can speak English

better than Queen Elizabeth. When you make it a

point of duty to constantly pick out peoples weaknesses

and shortcomings, they will become so discouraged to

the point of inactivity. They will simply shut down and

won’t bother to make a difference.

I once heard a story about a Woman who was constantly

abusing her husband and repeatedly used adjectives

such as “useless” and “stupid” whilst addressing

him. She kept describing him as someone who is

constantly making wrong decisions. One day she came

home and saw her husband looking through their wedding

album, she looked at him and asked “what are you

doing”? He said “oh, I am just looking at our wedding

pictures and asking myself why I made such a stupid

decision such as marrying you”.

Perhaps she thought that by insulting her husband it

would cause him to change for the better, but the opposite

effect was the outcome. Words are powerful and

if we concentrate on peoples strengths and praise and

encourage them instead of picking out their weaknesses

and amplifying those, we will get the very best out of



There’s no human being on the surface of the Earth

who is perfect, we all have our flaws and shortcomings

and that is the reason why we need each other.

No man, woman, community, city or Nation has it all

or knows it all, we’re interdependent.

China needs Africa and vice versa, Africa has its

strengths and its weaknesses and so does China, and

if both entities were to concentrate solely on each

other’s weaknesses then that would spell the end of

the Africa-China relations.

The Chinese have trillions of dollars to invest and

Africa has multiplied billions of barrels of oil under

its surface, and both regions are in a race against the

clock. Africa must diversify its economy before the

world stops buying her oil and China must utilize its

vast dollar reserves before the American dollar collapses,

and at the rate at which the American federal

reserve bank is printing dollars “quantitative easing”,

which is in the region of $75 billion dollars per

month, it won’t be long before the American “fiat”

dollar becomes worthless. I personally do not believe

that the $dollar can survive another economic roller

coaster like the type the world experienced in the

autumn of 2008. I give the American dollar a 5-10

year life span, after which the $dollar as we know it

will be history and the global elite will have to devise

an entirely new financial system. I cover this in detail

in my upcoming book titled “winter in June; the day

money died” due for release in March 2014.

I was raised by my Mother and Grandmother

(RIP) and I witnessed firsthand the enormous power

which resides in the spirit of the African woman.

When an African woman decides to stand behind

a Man and give him her unyielding support, there’s

nothing in this world that such a man would not be

able to achieve. Such is the power of women.

When most people think about their Mothers,

thoughts of warmth, unconditional love, empathy,

compassion, encouragement, refuge from daddy and

delicious home cooked meals readily spring to mind.


Mothers are the incubators and carriers of destiny, and they’re

backbone of every family. They're the rock upon which communities

are built, and it is indeed said and rarely refuted that “the man

may build the “house”, but it is the woman who builds the “home”.

By the predetermined purpose and sovereign choice of the Most

high, his noble Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has

been chosen to lead our nation.

He is a humble and well educated man who is on a mission to

ensure that Nigeria achieves its vision of becoming one of the top 20

most developed nations in the world by the year 2020. An audacious

task indeed but one in which our dear President is more than able to

accomplish. He is a strategic, compassionate and empathetic leader

and a natural manager of men, and these qualities are the basic

building blocks of greatness. He hasn't however, always been the

President of Nigeria, and neither was he born in Aso-Rock. So what

is the secret of his meteoric rise in national politics?

The answer can be found in the ancient proverb which states and

I quote “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor

from God”. It takes a queen to produce a king, and the arrival of

her Excellency Dame Patience Jonathan into the life of President

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, was the signal that his fortune was about

to change. Dame Patience Jonathan, through feminine intuition

perceived that there was greatness wrapped up in the life of her husband

and she decided to do something about it.

She began to encourage him and to speak possibilities into his

being. She created an enabling environment through which her

husband could nurture his political ambitions, interact with the

right people and boldly step into politics without fear of failure or

of man. He walked tall with his head held high because he knew

full well that his rock, his strength, his number one encourager and

supporter, her Excellency Dame Patience Jonathan was behind him.

There is nothing in this world that a man cannot achieve when his

wife is fully backing him.

Great women have the ability to propel their men into their glorious

destinies. This is the reason why it is widely stated and rarely

refuted that “behind every successful man, there’s a woman”. If a

woman decides that her husband will be great, no power on Earth

can stop that man. However, if a woman decides that her husband

will be nothing in life, a nobody, a spectator in the affairs of affecting

his generation, a non-entity, a beggar, a perpetual failure, an insignificant

fellow, a dwarf in the midst of giants, lifeless, purposeless

and without vision, then that is exactly what that man will become.


This is the power that resides in the spirit of women, the power to

build and to destroy, to empower or to weaken, to kill or to make

alive. In the mouth of a woman are the words of power and when

she speaks she can alter the destiny of her husband in one of two directions;

Either in the direction of greatness, or in the direction of


A man can never rise above the woman that he is

married to. If she believes in your destiny, then you

will make it, but if she doesn't, well as the saying goes

in pigeon English and I quote “my Brother, your own

don finish ooo!”

Our illustrious and most noble first lady Dame

Patience Jonathan decided to use her divine power

to build up her husband. She used the words of her

mouth as an instrument of encouragement. She spoke

possibilities into him and told him that she believed

in him, and that there is nothing that he cannot do.

She told Mr President that nothing will be impossible

for him, that he should not be afraid, that her love and

strength will not allow him to fail. So he leaped out

into the unknown and entered the turbulent waters of

national politics, and just as her Excellency predicted,

destiny was on his side and he went from deputy Governor

to Governor, and then from Vice President, to

now becoming the President of the Federal Republic of


Such is the spirit and might of our beloved first lady.

This same belief that she has in her husband, is what

she also has in all Nigerians. As our mother, she has

publicly declared her love and affection for us. She has

told us as a nation that she believes in us, that she is

behind us with her spirit and with her full strength.

Nigeria will certainly achieve its goal of being amongst

the top 20 most developed nations in the world by

2020 because of the spirit of this great lady.

She is telling the nation of Nigeria that she can be a

great nation, and because she has said it, we will certainly

become that great nation.

First lady, we believe that you mean well for Nigeria.

Whatever you say we will be is exactly what we

will become. We are not afraid of the challenges that

lay ahead; we are not concerned about the mountains

that we have to climb or the seas that we must cross,

because the spirit, the love, the encouragement and the

power of our mother is with us. Nigeria, this is indeed

our moment, our hour of greatness has arrived. We

have a first lady that believes in our future, a mother

that is willing to fight tooth and nail in order to ensure

that we fulfill our highest potential.

To our first lady, our beloved Dame Patience Jonathan,

on behalf of Nigeria, I want to say a big thank

you to you. Thank you for your empathy for the poor

and your desire to eradicate poverty from our nation.

Thank you for being a role model to women across the

nation. Thank you for being the proverbial “wind” in

the sail of Mr President. Thank you for your passion

for education, and your desire to make sure that every

child in Nigeria has access to quality and affordable

education, clean water and quality healthcare. I know

that you feel the pain of millions of Nigerians who go

to bed hungry every night and that you intend to do

something about it. First lady, you have our full support.

We promise to give you all the respect and honor

that the first lady of a nation deserves. We know that

you will not let us down and that you will fight tooth

and nail to see that every Nigerian gets a fair shot of

the proverbial “Nigerian Dream”. Quality Healthcare

and Education are major issues in the country today,

please look into these sectors and use your position as

first lady to transform them and if you do, you will go

down in history as the “true” mother of the nation and

all Nigerians irrespective of their geo-political origins

will love you eternally. We know that you can do it because

finally we have a first lady with a listening ear, a

caring and wise woman who has nothing but our best

interests at heart.


A mother who only wants the very best for her

children, and who is willing to sacrifice her own comfort

and luxury in order to ensure that her children

attain greatness; Our Mother, we will not disappoint

you. Your labor of love and your sacrifice for Nigeria

will not be in vain.

Millions of Nigerians are eagerly waiting for you to

rise up and take on the “Goliaths” that are besieging

our nation. Health is wealth and a nation which places

healthcare and the education of its youth at the apex

of its national agenda, will certainly become a nation

to be reckoned with. Thank you for giving us our 14th

president, thank you for raising our hopes and aspirations,

thank you for answering history’s call to be our

illustrious first lady; May your star continue to shine

for the whole world to see.

Nigeria’s best days are still ahead of her because

God in his infinite mercy decided to give us one of his

most prized possessions, a precious jewel as our first


To her most gracious Excellency Dame Patience

Jonathan, we say thank you for being the answer to

the problems of Nigeria, truly you are the “The power

behind the throne”.


Wimbledon homes is a development which truly embodies luxury and tranquillity

in the FCT. Away from the hustle and bustle of the FCT you and your family can enjoy

your very own country mansion which rivals those found in Europe or the USA.

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development fit only for Kings and Queens, and with only a limited number of these


































Each home is on sale for N350 million.

Buyers will deposit N150 million and then pay the balance

of N200 Million upon completion.

Wimbledon country homes is an exclusive development,

only 24 mansions are being built

Napoleon developments limited: Building the impossible

Contact us at;

In 1999, the nation known as the “giant of Africa”

transitioned from an almost 20 year military dictatorship

into a democracy. The Man elected to head

this new democratic government was the one-time

military head of state President Olusegun Mathew

Obasanjo, known simply as “OBJ” to many within

and outside the country. As a Nigerian, it was a

dream come-true for me to witness this new era in

the political environment of my country. It meant

that the opinions of the ordinary people actually

counted for something, and that their interests will

be protected, being chaperoned by the Nigerian constitution.

Many things could be said about the two-term

Presidency of President Obasanjo, because it was

filled with numerous success stories. He re-negotiated

Nigeria’s foreign debt to the Paris club and paid it

off, He granted GSM licences to competent operators

and created an enabling environment for them to create

what has now become the largest telecoms market

in Africa. Prior to 1999 you could count on one hand

the number of people outside of government that had

access to mobile communication but today, they’re as

common as agege bread.

Banks and financial institutions flourished, the

stock market came alive and flourished, international

investors flocked to Nigeria and invested billions

upon billions of dollars across the country. President

Obasanjo brokered a peace between the North and

South that was comparable to the “Pax Romana” that

was created by Caesar Augustus (the sacred one)

arguably the greatest Emperor in the history of the

Roman Empire. Of President Obasanjo’s numerous

achievements, the one act that stood head and

shoulders above the rest was his recognition of the

countless talented and qualified Women of Nigerian



ancestry who needed to be grafted into the very centre

of national leadership.

From national icon’s such as Professor Dora Akunyili

to World renowned bankers like Dr Ngozi

Okonjo-Iweala , President Obasanjo recognized the

fact that as a nation which claims to adhere to the

true democratic principles of fairness and equality,

Women had to take their rightful positions within

the corridors of power. As a Man who was raised by

a strong, educated and highly accomplished Woman,

and now also married to one, and also become the

proud Father of yet another one, I have experienced

firsthand the immeasurable and irreplaceable qualities

that Women possess. They simply have an innate

ability to make anything that they touch “better”.

Women are the backbone of every home and the

lifeblood of communities, Cities and nations, and

it was only just and right that they should also be

well represented in national politics. This quality

that President Obasanjo possessed was passed on

to his protégé and current head of state of the federal

republic of Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele

Azikiwe Jonathan. President Jonathan has continued

this trend of selecting and appointing to their rightful

positions educated, experienced and service driven

Women to strategic positions within his cabinet, and

also within government run institutions. It was this

philosophy that informed his decision to appoint on

the 6th of April 2010 Mrs Deizani Alison-Madueke

to the position of Minister of Petroleum resources.

Mrs Deizani Alison-Madueke, who holds an MBA

from Cambridge University, has well over 10 years

experience in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry and

amongst her numerous accomplishments in the private

sector was her appointment as the first ever

female Executive Director of Shell Petroleum Nigeria.

She is an exceptionally talented and highly astute

woman with phenomenal interpersonal skills, whose

gift of oratory has served the nation well as she represents

us at conferences and strategic meetings all over

the world.

She has raised the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector to

“giddy” heights and has shown the World that Nigeria

isn’t just open for business, but that it is open for

“ethical” business. As a nation, we have suffered from

the pens of unpatriotic journalists within our borders,

Men and Women who profess to be Nigerian with

their lips but their works betray them. They have sold

a highly “toxic” image of Nigeria to the outside world

and given our enemies ample ammunition with

which to malign us as a people. There

are so many Nigerians in different

parts of the globe who are

not involved in any form of

criminal activity, and yet

their stories are never


However, within the

Oil and Gas sector the

story is very different.

Investors from all over the

globe are flocking to Nigeria

to invest their hard earned

money in this sector because of the

competence and extraordinary integrity

which Her Excellency the federal Minister of Petroleum

resources is endowed with. Her word is her bond

and she stands by them, contracts once ratified are

irrevocable and investors are confident of the fact that

their financial investments are safe and their promised

ROI’s are delivered. Integrity, integrity and more integrity

so help us God, this is what Mrs Deizani Alison-

Madueke has brought to the table of the ministry of

petroleum resources.

She can simply be trusted, and under her leadership

we have seen production levels rise from 1.8 million

barrels of crude per day to 2.6 million. She oversaw

the signing of the Nigerian content act, a bill that will

allow every single Nigerian to benefit from the proverbial

“national cake” in ways that were previously


unheard of. The natural Gas industry is also about to

be propelled to centre state as the honourable minister

and her team prepare to begin extracting the 187 trillion

cubic feet of Gas reserves sitting below the surface.

A move that will create well over a million jobs over

the next decade and bring revenues in excess of a trillion

dollars into the country, revenues that will develop

our nation and transform it into the “Singapore” of

Sub-Saharan Africa.

As a nation, we must learn to encourage our leaders

and not just seek for ways to bring them down. If an

elected/appointed official is found guilty of misconduct

then by all means criticize them and bring them

to order, but make sure that your criticism is based on

proven facts and not on idle speculation and predisposed

prejudice, because words once

Constructive criticism

is highly effective other hand, when they’re found

uttered cannot be retracted. . On the

if it’s just that “constructive”, to be doing what is right and

and the one’s being criticized under

such conditions are more likely

fulfilling their ministerial

obligations, we should also

trumpet that also.

to listen and even implement the critique

that you have given. But when petually on the negative and

We cannot just dwell per-

your words contain nothing but never report the positive

abuse, insult, slander and character

defamation then why in the because that only serves a

things that are taking place

destructive purpose and it hurts

World would anybody take

our brand/image at home and

you and your words abroad.


Constructive criticism is highly effective if it’s just

that “constructive”, and the one’s being criticized under

such conditions are more likely to listen and even

implement the critique that you have given. But when

your words contain nothing but abuse, insult, slander

and character defamation then why in the World

would anybody take you and your words seriously?

Facebook used to be a forum that many of us used to

enjoy logging unto and exchanging ideas, but in recent

times it has become a gutter, a place where human rats

congregate to spew out their poison against anybody

who has any form of governmental position. Some of

the comments on there are just ridiculous and I think

that the Facebook management board needs to look

into it urgently. I am an advocate of free speech but

I am an advocate of free speech but there is a huge

difference between free speech and an all out attempt

to destroy the character and public perception

of an individual, and something drastically needs to

be done about this.

Our leaders are not perfect. If they were, then they

wouldn’t be leading an imperfect people such as us.

Many of them are doing the very best they can to

improve the lot of Nigerians, and even if we feel that

the change we seek is not happening as fast or in the

magnitude that we would like, that still doesn’t justify

the use of the sort derogatory terminology being

used when we speak about them. Let us learn to

encourage our leaders and give them the benefit of

the doubt, because things are not always as easy and

as straight forward as they may appear. Leadership is

an incredibly arduous task, and more so in a country

like Nigeria where people with various motives are

tussling for the same thing.

The Oil and Gas sector is the economic backbone

of our nation and the person charged with its oversight

and leadership must be able to intertwine the

economic and political components of the sector,

and make sure that they both work in harmony.

The Oil and Gas sector is as much about politics

as it is about economics and to navigate this great

ship of state, one must be able to bridge the socioeconomic/political

and religious divides that exist

within our country. In the person that we have come

to know as Mrs Deizani Alison-Madueke, such great

qualities domicile.

She is cut from a different cloth altogether, a Woman who has distinguished herself in her field and continues

to be a shining example to Women from all the geopolitical zones of the country, pragmatically demonstrating

that Women are not just biologically different, but can indeed make a difference, and lead our country to

greater economic heights. Join me therefore in the celebration of a woman who embodies the spirit of service,

and has given her life to the development of our country.

A true patriot and a loyal daughter of the nation, whose efforts and contributions to Nigeria’s economic

development have proven to be invaluable. Our dear Sister, thank you for all that you’re doing, your labour

of love will never be forgotten and your sacrifice for the people of Nigeria will indeed stand the test of time

and in the end, even your detractors and critics would have no choice but to admit the truth, and what is this

truth? That you were truly sent from above at this specific time in our nation’s history, and that your labours

were indeed, for God and Country. God bless you, God bless the Goodluck Jonathan administration and God

bless the federal republic of Nigeria


A brand new television station poised to breathe new life

into the Nigerian political environment.

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at :

I can’t speak for anyone else but as

for me, I am sick and tired of people who constantly

complain about the state that Nigeria is in. There’s no

light, the schools are bad, the hospitals are terrible,

the roads are suicidal, kidnapping is rampant, HIV is

rapidly spreading, not enough jobs for graduates and

on and on and on. Since when did complaining about

a problem ever solved it? We can criticize the government

till we’re blue in the face and accuse all the politicians

of irresponsibility in the call of duty, but none of

these will fix Nigeria. It was John F Kennedy, a onetime

democratic president of the United States of America

that said and I quote “Don’t ask what your country can

do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”.

Nations are nothing more than a concentration

of individuals within an identified boundary. Human

beings make up countries (real deep stuff right? Lol!),

and it is the action/s of those individuals within that

country that makes the difference.

At the top of this article I have deliberately at

tached the pictures of our founding fathers, men that



decided to do something about the freedom and destiny

of our nation. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa and

Obafemi Awolowo were not Angels sent down from

Heaven, they were ordinary human beings just like you

and I who decided to stand up and be counted. What if

these three legendary figures decided to sit on their behinds

and criticize the state of the nation, like most of

us do? Had they done that, Nigeria would never have

gotten its independence, and we would still be a colony

of the British Empire, instead of the sovereign nation

that we are today.

A population that believes that their destiny is in

the hands of their government, is simply delusional

and nothing more. There is no government on Earth

that has the ability to solve all the problems facing its

citizenry. Even the nations that we admire such as The

United States of America and Great Britain are nations

that were birthed by individual men and women with a

pioneering spirit. Many towns and Cities in both these

nations are named after their founders. Yes, individuals

bought large expanses of land and began to develop


They built houses, schools, hospitals, hotels, churches,

fire stations, police stations, offices, roads and so

on, and over time, people began to migrate to those

towns, and the population began to grow alongside

their economies. Human progress and development

has never been as a function of government but rather

as a function of the individual.

The government that we have all focused all our attention

and energies upon was established by individuals.

God didn’t come down from Heaven to establish

the United States of America and neither did Angel

Gabriel write the American

constitution (the rules by

which the nation shall be

governed )these things were

thought out and written by

human beings. For a nation

to change, and rise to its

highest potential, its citizenry

must take upon themselves

the mantle of individual responsibility.

They must look

at the problems facing their

country with the eyes of duty

and service and not with the

passive stare of complacency

and criticism. They must

identify a sector that they

would like to tackle; anything

from building a school to a

medical centre and everything

in between. The nation of Nigeria is not in the

hands of politicians and elected officials but in the

hands of the ordinary citizen.

Nigeria is a nation of pioneers and as such, that

pioneering spirit must once again be stirred up and

activated in the hearts and minds of all Nigerians. We

must stop criticizing and start doing. No matter how

small you may feel your contribution will be, it will still

be a billion times better than those whose only contribution

to national development is gossip, slander,

character assassination and criticism.

History only records doers and not critics. What

our nation needs are problem solvers, not problem



We all know that the healthcare system in Nigeria

is bad but what are you going to do about it? We all

know that the educational structure is in shambles but

what are you going to do about it? We all know that

there aren’t enough jobs for graduates, so what are you

going to do about it? We all know that the nation needs

to put tribal and religious differences aside and work

nation building but what are you going to do about it?

We all know that HIV is spreading across the population

so what are you going to do about it?

We all know that there are major security issues

in the country so

what are you going

to do about it? It is

one thing for you

to sit down and

say “they will do

it” but my question

to you is this; who

exactly are they?

We behave as if the

responsibility of

building our nation

has been given to a

select few, and the

select few that we

always point to are

the politicians, as

if they alone can

fix all of Nigeria’s


Nigeria has the potential to become a G7 nation,

but what you must realize about the nations that make

up the G7 is that their citizens aren’t just sitting down

waiting for their politicians to fix everything. They, in

their own right are pioneers, they taking over entire

sectors of the economy and reforming them. They’re

partnering with one another and generating the capital

needed to birth new schools, companies, roads etc.

Here lies one of the major stumbling blocks to national

progress, the curse of individualism. When you

dwell in a nation where everyone wants to be the biggest

boy, it is hard to preach the gospel of partnership,

Arguments have been posed to the effect that these

foreign partners were brought in because of their superior

competence and expertise in business and even

though there is some element of truth in that, there

is also another reason why some Nigerians prefer to

partner with foreign entities and that reason is simply

because they don’t want any other Nigerian to know

what they know, do what they do, and have what they


This attitude however must be flushed out of the

Nigerian psyche’ if our nation is to achieve its target

of being amongst the 20 most developed nations in

the world by the year 2020. We have less than 10 years

to achieve this great vision that was set out by President

Olusegun Obasanjo, late President Umaru Musa

Yar’Adua and President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and

we can only achieve this when we realize that the

task of nation building is “ours” and not “theirs”.

So when I titled this article with a question “who is

Nigeria”? The answer is simple, we are Nigeria. You, me

and every single person of Nigerian ancestry has been

mandated to be a problem solver in our great land. My

question to you therefore is this; will you roll up your

sleeves and begin the work nation building or will you

join the other faceless and nameless critics that have

absolutely nothing to offer the nation apart from cheap

rhetoric and accusations? The choice is yours but as for

me, I have decided to be on the right side of history. I

have decided to stand up and be counted, to play my

part in the realization of the 2020 vision laid out by our

illustrious leaders.

I believe in Nigeria because I believe in myself, what

about you?


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As our nation faces its greatest challenge thus far, this book could

not have been written at a better time. As a country we are at cross

roads. Internal enemies are working tirelessly to divide our beloved

country and undermine the great work that our leaders are

attempting to do.

In this timely book you will learn the following:

• Why Nigeria must stay united

The cause of the Biafran war and lessons learnt

The future of our economy

• Why we will become the next economic super power

• What the western nations are saying about Nigeria

The benefits of a united Nigeria

• And so much more



The terrorist attack on a Catholic Church on Christmas

day which claimed scores of innocent lives was

indeed the proverbial “straw” that broke the Camel’s

back. It wasn’t the first attack of this malicious sect

against Nigerians of all ethnic and socio-economic

divides but it was the first time that they identified and

singled out a place of worship on one of the most sacred

religious days of the Christian faith “Christmas”,

a day when the birth of the son of God, Jesus Christ of

Nazareth is celebrated.

I must state at this junction that the majority of

the Muslims in Nigeria are peaceful, law abiding and

religiously tolerant people and they do not advocate

nor endorse the radical extremism of the sect that has

now come to be known as “Boko Haram”, which in

English translation simply means anti-western education/teaching.

This sect claims to be against what they

believe is the secularisation of the Northern part of

the country, and have sadly embraced violence as a

means of expressing and furthering their cause.

Although there is no historical evidence that authenticates

the actual birth date of Jesus Christ, there

is however overwhelming evidence of the existence of

such a personality. Both the Christian Bible and the

Muslim Quran recognise the existence of Jesus but

differ in their beliefs about his divinity. According to

the Christians, Jesus Christ is the Son Of God but not

in the sense that God gave birth to him in the delivery

room the way a pregnant woman delivers a baby, but

in relation to his position and heavenly ranking. The

Christian belief of a triune God i:e one God expressed

in three persons (God the Father, God the Son (Jesus

Christ) and God the Holy Spirit) is at the centre of

their faith.

The Muslims on the other hand believe that Jesus

Christ was simply a messenger/Prophet of God and

not divine as the Christians believe. Both Muslims

and Christians however do believe that Jesus Christ is

coming back again and that He will judge the World.

As far as I’m concerned, religion isn’t a good enough

reason to murder innocent lives, people who were created

by the same God you claimed to be acting for. It

makes no sense whatsoever and such acts can definitely

not go unpunished.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with any group or

sect deciding to opt out of the so-called “white man’s”

educational system in order to pursue their own form

of knowledge and intellectual capacity development.

The freedom to choose is indeed one of the hallmarks

of a democratic environment. People are free to worship

whichever God they choose, train their children

in the manner that suits their religious/ideological dispositions,

as long as it does not infringe on the lives,

liberties, freedoms and personal safety of others.

When Boko Haram decided to adopt murder and

violence as a political strategy, they lost all credibility

as a legitimate democratic opposition and became

nothing more than thugs and cold blooded murderers.

They have not only turned the government of Nigeria

against them, but the whole nation and the World at


The Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), was

a man of peace and reconciliation. He was neither

a suicide bomber, nor an advocate of one so I don’t

know where these deceived murderers are getting

their inspiration from.


Majority of the Muslims in

Nigeria are peaceful, law

abiding and religiously

tolerant people and they do

not advocate nor endorse the

radical extremism of the sect

that has now come to be

known as “Boko Haram”,

which in English translation

simply means anti-western

education/teaching. This sect

claims to be against what

they believe is the

secularisation of the Northern

part of the country, and have

sadly embraced violence as

a means of expressing and

furthering their cause.

One of the most memorable quotes of the Prophet is as follows,

“To overcome evil with good is good but to resist evil by

evil is evil”. These are the words of the Prophet himself. If he

was alive today he would be the first to condemn the murderous

actions of these terrorists. There is no place in our society

for murderous acts in the name of politics and freedom.

Nigeria is a multi-cultural society with over 250 ethnic groups

living as one entity under the umbrella called “Nigeria” and

the majority of us want to stay that way.

They’re still a number of small groups within our nation

who are still clamouring for the separation of the country. I

cover this topic exhaustively in my latest book entitled “Nigeria;

One nation, One destiny”. The book will be out on

general release from September 2013. The majority of Nigerians

however are still very happy to be part of this incredible

nation, and we will not allow the myopic views of a few racist

vermin’s in our society to alter our perception and love for

our fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters irrespective of their

ethnic/tribal origins and ancestry.

As a nation, we have come a long way since the civil war

and yet the journey is still far. We still have a lot of work to do

to in order to heal our nation of the ethnic and tribal wounds

of yester years, and bridge the gap between the rich and the

poor. Nigeria, just like every other nation in the world has its

elites, families who dominate the economic landscape of the

nation, and whose influence and connections go right to the

very apex of political power. It is the way of the world and I

don’t understand why so many people treat it as if it is idiosyncratic

to Nigeria when it certainly is not.

In the United Kingdom where I was born, the British

elites are fully entrenched in the society and they dominate

the lives of the common man on the street. The gap between

the rich and the poor is also widening and we witnessed its

manifestation last summer when the country of the United

Kingdom spiralled into an inferno of rioting and violent disorder.

Currently, in cities all across America and Europe, the

citizens have mobilized and begun demonstrations which

they have tagged “occupy”, protesting against economic inequality

and corporate greed. So for us to sit here and behave

as if Nigeria is the only country in the world where there are

issues of social class and economic division is nothing short

of “ridiculous”.

I personally believe that they’re people who love nothing more

than to sit down on their blessed assurances and tear down the

image of our nation, and the minute you begin to speak up for

Nigeria, they automatically assume that you have been bribed by

some politician to do so.

How did our minds become so bastardised as a nation? What

happened to us? Why do we behave as if our country is the worst

country in the World? We should travel to Sudan and Zimbabwe

and Rwanda and Burundi and so many other countries, and then

compare them to Nigeria. Perhaps then we will begin to appreciate

our country a bit more and begin to seek for ways to improve

our nation and the lot of our people. Thanks to social networking

sites like Facebook, so many unelected and un-appointed wannabe

politicians use these platforms to spew out garbage about

Nigeria from morning till night.

Nigeria has a destiny and no mov

divide the country, we simply won

disagreements, then we should sit

discuss them, and if tensions have

no longer bring ourselves to the ta

involve the United Nations. Let th

skilled in the art of mediation and

our meetings, but under no circum

arms and begin to slaughter innoc

They all know how to solve Nigeria’s problems and yet they

won’t even join a political party or start an NGO, or even visit a

motherless baby’s home and give out milk and pampers. All they

know how to do is insult public office holders who are not even

reading any of their stupid blogs or comments anyway.

I am yet to meet a Nigerian in all my travels who doesn’t know

how to fix Nigeria. They all have the answers and yet most of

them can’t even keep their marriages together. You can’t even keep

your marriage together and yet you believe that you can keep the

North and South together. What a bunch of clowns! Keep talking,

after all that’s all you’re good for. The rest of us will keep working

to improve our nation by investing in the country through starting

companies and creating jobs and praying for our leaders that

God will give them wisdom and strength to make the right decisions,

and continuing to speak well of our nation whenever we’re


Nigeria is a blessed nation and cursed be they who curse this

country of ours, and may their negative words return upon them

and their generations.

America has dropped more bombs than most people have had

hot dinners, and there is still a great divide economically between

the Blacks and the Whites and yet, I have never met an American

who wanted to be from another Country. They’re so patriotic, so

proud to be Americans despite all their shortcomings, and yet

Nigerians would rather spend their time on social networks rubbishing

their country, and washing their dirty linens in public.


ement can stop that destiny or

’t allow it. If we have

down like civilised people and

reached to a level where we can

ble of dialogue, then we should

e UN send personnel who are

reconciliation and let them chair

stances should we rise up in

ent civilians.

We are looking for nation builders and not nation destroyers. It

was the late President John F Kennedy who said and I quote “Don’t

ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for

your country”. These are the sorts of people that our nation needs at

this time. You’re not happy about the removal of fuel subsidy, well

who is? In every nation of the world, fuel prices have been increasing

exponentially, it was only in Nigeria where the prices were

still so low for such a long time. In the UK, the prices have risen

to historic levels and yet nobody is calling Prime Minister David

Cameron the sort of names that some Nigerians have been calling

President Jonathan.

We have no respect for our leaders and yet we want them to

respect us. We speak to them as if they’re fools and then we turn

around and wonder why they don’t take our grievances seriously.

There is a way you petition a King or somebody in authority if you

want them to listen to you and take your words into consideration.

It is called adequate or appropriate protocol, and we must learn

this as a nation. No matter how much we disapprove of our leader’s

actions/decisions, we must not use insolent or derogatory language

when we’re addressing/discussing them. Some of the comments

that have been made about President Jonathan and first lady Dame

Patience Jonathan were straight out of the gutter, and to think that

some of the people using such vulgar language claim to be educated

and exposed. Exposed to what? What were you exposed to that

would cause you to speak as one without proper home training?

Is that how your parents taught you to speak to and about people?

I think not. There are appropriate ways to address concerns and

dissatisfactions with the actions of public holders, and supposedly

educated minds should indeed know how to address authority


Sadly, the enemies of our nation are within our borders. Men and

Women who claim to be Nigerian but have become a cancer, eating

away at the health of our nation, but they shall be isolated and cut

out before they spread any further. Nigeria has a destiny and no

movement can stop that destiny or divide the country, we simply

won’t allow it. If we have disagreements, then we should sit down

like civilised people and discuss them, and if tensions have reached

to a level where we can no longer bring ourselves to the table of

dialogue, then we should involve the United Nations.

Let the UN send personnel who are skilled in the art of mediation

and reconciliation and let them chair our meetings, but under no

circumstances should we rise up in arms and begin to slaughter innocent



Such murderous conduct is against the

teachings of both the Bible and the

Quran. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus

Christ said and I quote “Blessed are the

peace makers for theirs is the Kingdom

of Heaven”. The Prophet Muhammed

(peace be upon him) said and I quote

“Do you know what is better than

charity, fasting and prayer? Keeping

peace and good relations between people,

as quarrels and bad feelings destroy


Both our lord and personal saviour Jesus Christ the

Son of God and the Prophet Muhammed (peace be

upon him) advocate nothing but peace, and cordial

relations between all people groups irrespective of

their ethnic origins or religious affiliations. We are all

human beings, born of a woman and are all destined to

die one day, and this body that we so much cherish and

indeed almost worship, will return to the dust from

which it came.

It is appointed for all Men to die and after death is the

judgment. What will you tell God when he asks you

the reason why you murdered so many innocent people

who have not done anything to you? What will you

tell him on that dreadful and terrible day of judgement,

when the books of our lives will be opened and everything

we have done is laid bare? Can’t you see that

hatred solves nothing? My dear Christian and Muslim

brothers, it is high time we put away our differences,

come together, and sit down like the civilised people

that we are, and iron out our differences. We owe it to

our children and also to generations yet unborn, to

seek a peaceful resolution to our problems so that they

can have a Nigeria to inherit. Boko Haram, I call upon

you to put down your weapons and stop the slaughter

of the innocent across the nation.

They’re not resting in peace because they left before

their time. Put down your weapons and talk to us. Our

ears are open and we are willing to talk, but you must

lower your weapons because we cannot stand idly by as

a nation and watch you continue to destroy innocent

lives, not on our watch and not during the watch of

President Goodluck Jonathan.

As the head of state and President of the federal republic

of Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

swore to protect the lives and properties of all Nigerians

and therefore he had no choice, but to declare a

state of emergency in the troubled parts of the country.

That is part of what he was elected to do and the nation

is 100% behind him. The time to heal our nation has

come. Let us put away the bad looks and the bad blood

that is stifling our economic growth and hindering the

full manifestation of our national potential.

We are the envy of the World because of our vast human

and natural resources. I don’t think that many of

us know what we have or who we are as Nigerians. It is

time for us to sit down at the table of brotherhood and

reason together. North and South, Muslim and Christian,

we are one people, Nigerians, a people of class

and incredible worth and as a nation, we are poised to

become one of the most industrialized countries in the

world by 2030.

We have so much to give to each other and to Africa,

so let us unite, let us unclench our fists and extend a

handshake of brotherhood and national identity. We

are one people and we share a common destiny and

that destiny is to be the economic powerhouse of the

21st century.

We have read the teachings of Jesus Christ the Son of

God and of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon

him), and we have seen that they both stood for peace,

love and unity. Let us therefore listen to their voices

today and embrace one another, because Christians

and Muslims are indeed “Brothers” in every way.To my

Muslim family “Asalam Alaykum”, and to my Christian

family “God bless”. Nigeria; One Nation, One destiny.

You are spilling precious blood, and the precious

blood of all those you have slain are already calling

for vengeance from the grave. Can’t you hear them?


We owe it to our children and also to generations yet

unborn, to seek a peaceful resolution to our problems so

that they can have a Nigeria to inherit.


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Once in a generation a force of nature descends upon

a nation and the destiny of that nation is forever altered.

Nelson Mandela’s emergence into the apartheid

struggle in South Africa forever altered the destiny

of that nation. Mahatma Ghandi could not stand idly

by whilst his nation was being pillaged by the British

Empire and through the principle of non-violence, he

resisted the British occupation and won India’s independence.

Time wouldn’t allow me to speak about the

impact of men such as Thomas Sankara, Michael Collins,

Kwame Nkrumah and so many others who fought

tirelessly for the liberation and empowerment of their

people and achieved great fetes despite the personal


Isaac David Balami was born in Borno state in the

North-eastern part of Nigeria. Isaac didn’t have an

easy childhood and economic challenges forced him

to do manual labour, farming and anything he could

lay his hands on in order to make money to support

himself as he tried to acquire an education. Isaac’s

persistence and determination paid off and he was able

to gain a HND in aircraft maintenance engineering followed

by a post graduate diploma in Aviation management

coupled with several other professional qualifications

from Nigerian as well as American institutions.

He is also the recipient of numerous awards

and accolades including the “this day newspaper”

top 50 professionals of 2011 and the

international African role model for business

development. In April of 2010 he was

elected as the national president of the national

association of Aircraft pilots and Engineers

(NAAPE), a position which he was

once again re-elected in this year.


Isaac is also the spokes person for the trade union

congress of Nigeria. He is an enormously talented and

hardworking professional who attributes his meteoric

rise in the Nigerian social ladder to providence, hard

work, integrity and dedication to his duties. A young

man who understands and fully implements the principle

of deferred gratification, because surely true greatness

doesn’t come except by patience and hard work.

This is the attitude that the Nigerian youth so desperately

need to imbibe in this fast food, microwave

generation where nobody wants to wait for anything.

If they try something for five minutes and it doesn’t

work they immediately throw in the towel and look

for something else to do. This short cut generation

that wants to buy a Bentley even before they’ve even

learnt how to drive car. In life’s numerous endeavours

the principle of “sowing and reaping” holds sway and

the people who we look at today as being “successful”

didn’t achieve that status overnight. They spent many

years in obscurity honing their craft and perfecting

their skills.

Tiger Woods began playing the game of Golf at the

age of 2 and his father would take him to the golf

course daily and teach him that discipline and hard

work are far more much more important than talent.

The world is filled with talented failures,

gifted people who refused to pay the price of

self discipline and commitment. They wanted

overnight success and when it didn’t come

quick enough for them they simply threw in

the towel and abandoned their dreams.


The discipline and focus that this young man brings

to every single thing he puts his hands to are the attributes

which continue to set him apart from his peers

and make him the “go to” man in every organisation

he joins. His name “Isaac” simply means laughter and

this is exactly what this young man has brought and

continues to bring into the lives of hundreds of orphans

and economically challenged Nigerians across

the six geopolitical zones of the federation.

This young man is on a mission which I sincerely

believe has been instigated by “the divine” to transform

the lives of millions of Nigerians who have given

up hope on life itself. From the school fees he pays for

over 50 orphans to the micro-business initiatives he

has launched for hundreds of people across Nigeria,

Isaac has shown the world that truly “one man can

make a difference”. His compassion for the poor and

the down and out in the society speaks for itself, and

hundreds of lives can attest to this. I personally have

never met a young man who’s sincere love for the

poor and the orphan has moved me as much as Isaac.

He has made the plight of the orphan and

the destitute his life’s ambition and he has

a dream to see poverty completed eradicated

from Nigeria and from the entire

African continent. This is not just rhetoric

either, Isaac walks his talk and well over

50% of his income is given to charitable

causes. He is a young man on an unstoppable

mission to transform the lot of Nigerians.

What an incredible role model Isaac is and his desire

to plant the seeds of greatness into the hearts and

minds of the Nigerian youth is what has now led him

to create an extension of his foundation, a National

youth organisation dedicated to raising tomorrow’s



Let the youth of Nigeria rise up and draw inspiration

from this young man who rose from obscurity like the

proverbial “cactus in the desert” to become a motivational

force that cannot be stopped. Isaac is wise

beyond his years, he is an avid reader and his thirst for

knowledge and self improvement are unquenchable. It

is often said and rarely refuted that “you cannot stop a

Man who has refused to be stopped”.

As a nation we are blessed to have such young Men

in our midst, but I wonder how many more potential

“Isaac Balami’s” are out there yet to be brought to

the limelight? Let this young man’s life inspire you

to hold on to your dreams and never let go regardless

of the obstacles. Isaac is indeed a force of nature, a

young man called and sent to his generation to declare

that “nothing is impossible for those who will dare to

dream”. The economically challenged environment

which he was raised in could have shaped him and

limited his dreams and aspirations but Isaac did not allow

it, instead he decided that “he was not going to be

a product of his environment, but that his environment

should become a product of him”.

This is just the beginning of the story of a remarkable

young Man, who is on a mission to transform his

generation, and posterity will read of his exploits and

the great fete’s which he accomplished in his life time.

Isaac, may your days be long and may millions of Nigerians

draw hope and inspiration from your incredible

life. Your parents named you Isaac David Balami but to

us you’re simply “the son of destiny”. May God bless


This is just the beginning of the story of a remarkable young

Man, who is on a mission to transform his generation, and

posterity will read of his exploits and the great fete’s which

he accomplished in his life time.



Isaac Balami Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization that has a

primary aim of EMPOWERING AND UNITING PEOPLE. The NGO is focused

on empowering the Widows, Youths and Orphans which has the core

objective of Encouraging and promoting peaceful co-existence of citizens

irrespective of ethnic or religious differences.



Isaac Balami Foundation has improved the lives of countless individuals

through programs aimed at empowering and uniting the youths and less

privileged irrespective of ethnic or religious differences.

For the past Five Years (5yrs) Isaac Balami Foundation has:

•Organized training for youths in Borno State and also Opobo Local

Government of Rivers State in liquid soap making, carpentry, antiseptics

production, brick laying etc

•Sank boreholes for irrigation in the host community {1 completed and

9 on-going in Michika-Adamawa State plus 5 on-going in Hawul-Borno


•Opened a high-tech musical recording studio for aspiring musicians to

record & produce musical albums directly promoting peaceful coexistence,

national unity and inspiring lyrics at no cost.

•Opened a computer training center where individuals undergo training

and are certified in Computer Skills appreciation

•Undertake in charitable activities for the benefit of the Nigerian


•Opened a Cyber-cafe in the host community, where individuals can

have access to internet and complete their examination forms i.e (SSCE,

JAMB, WAEC, etc) at no cost.

•Gave scholarships at various levels of education to over 400 people

between 2011 to date.



A Nursery, Primary and Secondary School project for orphans. The school

will be located in Shaffa in Borno State, Nigeria and will consist of

boarding facilities and Sports centre. Cost: N50 Million Naira


A childrens hospital project in Shaffa in Borno State providing free

medical care to Orphans and Widows. Cost: N30 Million

Kindly make your donations into the following account;




Account number: 2122082608

Block 2, Flat 1, Femi Okunnu Estate, Lekki, Lagos State

Telephone: (+234) 0806 964 8792




Katsina state has a track record of producing some

of the greatest public servants in the federation, men

and women whose sole purpose for aspiring for public

office is simply to better the lives of ordinary citizens.

From political reformers such as Shehu Musa

Yar’Adua, a military vice President in the Military

government of President Olusegun Obasanjo and the

pioneer president of the Social Democratic party, a

movement which fought tirelessly for the transition of

national governance from military to democratic rule.

Mohammed Tukur Liman, a onetime majority leader

of the Nigerian Senate and of course His Excellency

President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who served two

terms as Governor of Katsina State and then as President

of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Out of the womb of this great state comes another

public servant whose achievements and accolades are

as numerous as the stars in the sky. Musa Mohammed

Sada was born in Mani in Katsina state and as a child

he showed academic brilliance and displayed leadership

qualities which would one day take him to the

pinnacle of his career. He is a businessman of repute

and a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architects. He

serves on numerous boards as Chairman at both state

and Federal levels. He was the chairman of the Katsina

state government inauguration committee, chairman

of the implementation committee for the Katsina

state youth craft village, a fellow of the Institute of

Industrialists and Cooperate administration of Nigeria

and he currently serves as the federal minister for

Mines and steel.

He is an accomplished professional who worked his

way up the corporate and political ladder with grace

and with dignity. He is equally a deeply religious and

pious man with a heart for the poor and destitute in

society and a true public servant whose only mission

is to uplift the standard of living of his people.

In his capacity as the Federal Minister of Mines and

steel development he has completely transformed the

mining sector in Nigeria and has turned it into a viable

revenue enhancing sector. The challenges and rapid

changes currently taking place in the global economy

has thrown light to the vulnerability of the fiat currency

model and the nations of the world that can

“quickly” move their $dollar reserves into minerals


are the only ones who will survive the coming global

monetary crash. The American economy along with its

$dollar is collapsing.

Every single day the dollar loses

more and more of its buying power

and intelligent nations need to look

for alternative hedges that they

can use to secure their wealth.

Throughout history, records have

proven time and time again that the

safest way to shield your wealth

(both as individuals and as nations)

is by investing in commodities. You

only need to look at what has happened

to the price of commodities

such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron

ore and so forth in the last 3 years.

Today Gold is trading at $1311 an

ounce and it is projected to rise to

well over $5000 over the next 3-5

years because of what is happening

to the dollar.

Why is the $dollar so central to the global economy?

It is because it is the currency of international

trade and all global business transactions are quoted

and traded in US Dollars, so if the dollar should collapse,

the global economy will follow suit, and the

impact will hit nations who have not managed to

move their $dollar reserves into commodities mostly.

America’s national debt has reached $20 Trillion dollars.

How can one single country have so much debt?

and just in case you don’t understand the magnitude of

this, let me quote it in Naira. America’s debt in Naira

is 3200 Trillion Naira (in words: Three thousand two

hundred Trillion Naira). It is economically impossible

for America to ever clear this debt and to compound

the problem even more, they’re printing $billions of

dollars and dumping it into their economy in an attempt

to kick start it, and all it is doing is devaluing

It is basic economics, the more of “something” you

have in circulation, the less valuable it becomes. The

reason why Gold is so valuable is because there isn’t

a lot of it in the world, it’s a rare commodity. Nigeria

must intensify its mining operations and under the

leadership of Musa Mohammed Sada we are beginning

to see this happen. As a nation, we need to start

building up our mineral reserves. We are already

endowed with so much minerals so we do not need to

buy it, we simply need to exponentially increase our

mining output because the $dollar does not have long

to go before it finally collapses.

China is the biggest buyer of minerals, they have

the largest deposit of Gold in the world and they mine

it and store it. The Chinese do not sell their minerals

because they know that in the coming fiscal tsunami

that will soon hit the world, paper money will have

no value and the only thing which nations will be able

to trade with is minerals. As the Federal Minister of

mines and steel development, his Excellency Musa

Mohammed Sada is working tirelessly to protect Nigeria

from the coming economic storm. His knowledge

in mining will help to secure the economic future of

this nation and see to it that we do not fall victim to

the fiscal incompetence of the western democracies.

Africa must understand that

it has “real” wealth under

its soil and we need to begin

to cultivate and store it in

preparation for what is coming.

We need to stop chasing

$dollars and start mining more

and more minerals because

they’re the true wealth. America

prints paper and gives it to

us in return for our precious

minerals, they’re treating us as

fools and enough is enough.


If they want anybody to take their paper money seriously

then they need to stop printing it, because if they

don’t, it will become as worthless as monopoly money.

We need more and more leaders like Musa Mohammed

Sada occupying state governments across the

federation. Men who are in tune with the happenings

of the times and have not bought into that old colonial

lie that “white is right” because they know better. The

manner in which the European and American economies

were shaken in 2008 and continue to shake till

today has shown the whole world just how unstable

their economies are. Cyprus went bankrupt and as we

speak nations such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland

are on the verge of total economic collapse.

We have nothing to learn from the western democracies

any longer, and if we copy their system then we

will only end up suffering the same fate. We need to

look to China and model our economies around theirs,

because they have become the strongest economy in

the world and it didn’t happen by chance. We need to

look closely at what they did in order to attain such

a lofty height and then reproduce it in every state

across the federation. The governments (both state

and federal) need to look at alternative ways of raising

revenue instead of borrowing. We need to stop running

to the World Bank and the IMF each time we need

money because they’re slowly getting us into massive

debts which our children and grandchildren will have

to contend with. Debt is bondage, and borrower will

always be the slave of the lender.

I repeat, we need to look at China and study what

they did. They stayed away from the two evils (World

Bank and the IMF) and simply went into manufacturing

and as a consequence they have become the market

of the world. Everything we use is made in China.

They manufactured their way to the top of the food

chain and now the whole world is at their feet. They’re

so rich that even America owes them over a Trillion

$dollars. Isn’t it ironic that America (the country that

prints and owns the $dollar) owes China $1 Trillion

dollars? This is the reality of the modern world and

America is becoming the economic laughing stock of

the world.

As I sit and write this article the entire American

government is at a standstill because their congress

cannot agree on the contents of the budget and as such

President Obama cannot sign it and authorise funds to

be sent to government agencies. America is falling and

Nigeria and the rest of Africa better move out of the

way before America falls on top of their heads.

This wealth of experience in the importance of

minerals to the next global economy is what his Excellency

Musa Mohammed Sada continues to share with

Nigerians, and he has made his own people of Katsina

extremely proud in the process. Katsina continues to

produce many other great public servants such as His

Excellency Ibrahim Shema, an outstanding governor

whose tireless work in service of the people of Katsina

speaks for itself. Katsina has undergone a complete remodelling

and the citizens of the state are seeing with

their own eyes and are fully partaking in the dividends

of democracy.

Musa Mohammed Sada’s

credentials and history in public

service speak for themselves

and he will bring his vast transformational

leadership experience

which he has gleaned over

30 years in both the private as

well as the public sector, to any

future role he is called upon to

play in Nigeria’s development.

He is a man of the people and

God has endowed him with a

listening ear. He leads with humility

and empathy and he feels

the pain of those who have less.


His plan to reduce unemployment, reduce crime

and empower the youths through his charitable deeds,

will completely transform the destiny of thousands of

ordinary residents in his home state of Katsina.

People can only rise as high

as the leader they’re following,

and when you have

leadership capital such as the

likes of Musa Mohammed

Sada at the helms, then the

sky is the limit for what the

ordinary people can achieve.

He is a visionary leader who

has the well being and prosperity

of his people as his

primary objective. Join me

in honouring an outstanding

public servant whose candle

continues to shine brighter

and brighter as he pursues his

dream to touch the lives of

ordinary people through his

philanthropic and charitable

initiatives, a man known to

his family as Musa Mohammed

Sada but to us he is simply

known as “The Diamond

of Katsina”.


Mish Aviation was registered in 2006 to undertake the business of Air Transport, Aviation

Personnel/Flight Training and Aviation Consultancy Services. Mish Aviation also

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Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

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Area 3, Garki,

Abuja, Nigeria

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Fax:+234 704 337 1122

The great people of Anambra state in the South-

Eastern geopolitical zone of the Federal Republic

of Nigeria have produced many outstanding public

servants who have done them and the entire nation

of Nigeria extremely proud. They produced the first

ever President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His

Excellency Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe (RIP), Professor Chinua

Achebe (arguably one of the finest writers of his

generation), Alex Ekwueme (Former Vice President of

Nigeria), Charles Chukwuma Soludo (Former Governor

of the Central bank of Nigeria), Emeka Anyaoku

(the first black secretary general of the commonwealth),

Dora Akunyili ( the former head of NAFDAC

whose tireless efforts to fight the importation of fake

medicines into Nigeria saved the Nigerian healthcare

system), Nwafor Orizu (the first ever senate president

of the Federal republic of Nigeria) and Chinyelu Onwarah

a British politician and first ever female member

of the British Parliament of African descent.

Once again Anambra state has produced another

outstanding public servant, a woman who is on a

mission to reclaim Nigeria’s aviation glory. Stella

Oduah- Ogiemwonyi comes from a prestigious royal

family. She is the daughter of Igwe D.O Oduah of

Akili-Ozizor in the Ogbaru Local Government area

of Anambra state. As a child Princess Stella excelled

academically, and her desire for learning was what

propelled her to the United States of America where

she acquired a Bachelors degree in Accounting and

a Masters in Business administration (MBA) respectively.

It is indeed an open secret that Nigeria almost be-



came the laughing stock of Africa because of the poor

state of the nations Aviation sector. Nigerians both at

home and in the Diaspora were becoming so ashamed

of the state of their airports, coupled with the fact that

we no longer had a national airline. All indications

suggested that as far as air travel was concerned, Nigeria

was a failed state. From decaying airports right

through to a non-existent national airline, it is fair to

say that for a Nation which is reputed to be the biggest

producer of crude oil in Africa and certainly it’s most

populated, we had a lot to live up to.

It is also projected that by 2015 Nigeria will overtake

South Africa as the Continent’s largest economy. We

are indeed a mighty nation, and to think that without

a steady supply of electricity and almost 20 years of

military miss rule, we have managed to become the

African economic super power. What then will we

achieve as a nation when the foundational necessities

of industrialization such as steady electricity, a national

rail system, a robust healthcare system, a reformed

academic system and major investments in Agriculture

(at least 20% of GDP) are fully in place? We will

become the envy of the world.

However, such great fete’s can only be accomplished

when competent public servants are installed

in their rightful positions. On the 2nd of July 2011 His

Excellency President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan,

having looked at the poor and rapidly decaying

state of the Nigerian aviation industry made a decision

that will forever transform that industry. He installed

Her Excellency Stella Oduah Ogiemwoni as the Nigerian

Minister of Aviation.

Prior to her appointment as Minister of Aviation,

Princess Stella was the CEO of Sea Petroleum and

Gas (SPG) Nigeria limited, a major player in the

downstream oil sector and it was a company that she

started after spending almost a decade as an executive

in NNPC.

When she first took the helms

of leadership in the Ministry of

aviation, many criticised her appointment

because they felt that

they were more qualified and experienced

Nigerians who should

have been given the position.

However, with just 2 years in the

job, many of her critics have suddenly

become mute because her

works are indeed speaking for

themselves. The revamping of the

International airports and the

construction of over a dozen new

ones across the federation have

shown that she is truly a visionary

leader who understood only

too well the impact that overcongestion

was having on the few

functional international airports

in the country.

This arduous task to build world class international

airports in the six geopolitical zones of the Federation

will not only create thousands of jobs for the indigenes

of those zones, but will also create an avenue for rev-


enue diversification, because an international airport

impacts many other sectors of the economy such as

hospitality, tourism and retail. Princess Stella Oduah

has only been in this exalted position for 2 years and

her proverbial “hand writing” is already on the wall.

Therefore, I am equally optimistic about the resurrection

of our National airlines. I, just like many other

well meaning Nigerians would love to see Nigerian

Airways resuscitated, revived, reformed, re-born or

any other form of “re” that will cause it to return unto

our skies, and I sincerely hope that this is on the horizon.

As a nation, we are rich enough (both in human as

well as in economic resources) to build a world class

airline which is fully owned and fully operated by

Nigerians. We don’t need Engineers from China and

pilots from America to run our airlines because we

have well trained Engineers and Pilots of Nigerian

ancestry both at home and in the Diaspora who are

well able to run our national airline. Princess Stella,

our beloved Sister, you are making us proud, please

keep up the great work, and may Nigerians see and appreciate

your tireless effort to breathe new life into our

aviation sector.

Leadership isn’t easy and people

rarely take the time to assess the

real situation of things, they simply

jump on the critical “bandwagon”

and begin to unleash

their venoms of insults and verbal

abuse upon their latest victim.

It is an open secret that I am not an “Obama” fan. I

don’t like his politics or the corresponding policies

which proceed from them but I sincerely believe that

some of the criticisms and verbal assaults that segments

of the American press have unleashed on him

are unfair, especially as it relates to the economy.

Political leadership is a relay race, and at the end of

one person’s tenure another leader is elected and handed

the Batten of leadership, and we all know the state

of the American economy when President Obama took

over don’t we? America (thanks to George Bush) was

in an economic crisis which was threatening to destabilise

the entire global economy. So when Obama

took over as President, he immediately went to work

in an attempt to revive the American economy. Now,

whether he has done a good job or not is a different

story but many Americans feel that the quantitative

easing exercises are helping, although anybody with

even a basic knowledge of economics can see right

through it and know that with each new Dollar bill that

is created out of thin air, the overall value of the dollar

goes down, but that is a discussion for another day.

Now, what was the condition of the Nigerian aviation

sector prior to Her Excellency Princess Stella Oduah-

Ogiemwonyi’s appointment as Minister? It was comatose?

A completely lifeless and visionless sector which

lacked any form of direction, and yet just 2 years into


her tenure we have seen the remarkable transformation

which is taking place in the aviation industry.

For some Nigerians that change is not happening fast

enough, and thus they have decided to overlook the

positive and dwell on sheer negativity, and this was

why I asked the former question regarding the state of

the sector prior to Princess Stella’s appointment.

As a nation, we need to learn the art of appreciation,

especially when it comes to public servants who

are pulling their weight and fighting tooth and nail to

make a difference in their sectors instead of simply

just looking for how to pull them down with our nasty

comments and counterproductive rhetoric.

We have to judge situations with an unbiased mind

and critically appraise each person’s work honestly

and without partiality. Like I said before and I believe

it’s worth repeating, the state of the aviation sector

prior to Princess Stella’s appointment was abysmal.

She practically had to start from scratch to rebuild the

sector because there was no structure in place which

she could leapfrog from, and in just 2 short years she

has transformed the industry and set very achievable

goals for the next 2 years to consolidate her efforts

thus far. Now we can all sit here and pontificate about

this, that and the other, and complain about the pace

of development till we’re blue in the face, but the fact

still remains that her work thus far is evident and visible

to all who choose to see, and therefore she should

be commended and congratulated for a job well done.

I don’t know when encouraging a public official who

is working tirelessly to do her position justice became

a Federal crime? With all that the Fashola administration

has done in Lagos State, there are still many

voices who cannot help but find something to malign

him with. From high taxation, to the increasing debt

burden of the state, Fashola’s critics seem to be having

a field day maligning his efforts and they’re attempting

to dismiss all his labours as Governor of Lagos as

superficial. This is the reality for public office holders

in Nigeria, it is practically a thankless job and

anybody who embarks a mission to become a public

office holder must have an extremely thick skin, and

be able to ignore their critics whilst remaining focused

on the job at hand.

As a Nigerian, I am proud of the

exceptional work that Princess

Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi has

done since assuming office, and

I look forward with great eagerness

to what she will accomplish

for Nigerians in the next 2 years.

Let us learn to appreciate our

public servants and extend them

the same curtsey which we would


want extended to ourselves. No

human being is flawless, we all

have our shortcomings and our

weaknesses, but if we learn to

overlook them and focus on our

collective strengths, then there

is nothing we will not be able to

achieve as a nation.

Princess Stella, thank you for

breathing new life into our aviation

sector. You have started

well and we believe that you will

equally end well. Thank you once

again for being the proverbial

“wind beneath our wings”. May

God bless you.



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Far too many people in the world stake their future and indeed the future of their families on the illusion

known as paper or fiat currency which is popularly known as legal tender. Paper money, which isn’t backed or

under-girded by anything, is nothing but an accident waiting to happen. There was a time when printed paper

money was backed by Gold and it was called the Gold standard. For every $dollar of printed money that was in

circulation there was a $dollar’s worth of Gold set aside to guarantee it.

The American government gradually removed the $dollar from the Gold standard until they abolished it completely.

Today the $dollar is not backed by anything, and with America’s debt situation spiralling out of control

with debt figures approaching £20 Trillion $dollar’s, it is only a matter of time before the dollar crashes completely.

The only reason why the dollar has not collapsed is because it is still the currency of international trade, but

even that has not shielded it from the economic quagmire of devaluation and diminishing buying power which

as clearly demonstrated in the table below.


Table showing the devaluation of the American dollar over a 100 year period

From the table you can see how the American dollar

has depreciated in “real” value i:e purchasing power

by over 25 times. For example, what $1 dollar could

buy in 1900 now requires $25 dollars, or to put it in a

real scenario, if you wanted to buy a house which cost

$1 million dollars in 1900 today,

it will cost you $25 million dollars.

Many people seem to believe

that the more “paper” money

they have in their bank accounts,

vaults, mattresses and safes, the

more economically secure they

will be and yet that assumption

couldnt be further from the truth.

Paper money is not wealth, it is a

means of exchange which means

that it can be used to purchase

wealth. So if paper money isnt

wealth then what is?

Wealth is any asset which has the inherent ability to

maintain its value over several generations. The greatest

form of wealth known to Man is “land”. It was

Mark Twain the famous American poet who said and I

quote “Buy land because they’re not making anymore

of it”.

In communities all over the world the value of land

continues to increase from generation to generation.

What your Grandfather paid for a plot of land in 1930

is certainly not what you and I would pay for that

same piece of land today. So if land is valuable then

so is anything built

upon that land. This

now leads me to the

ultimate wealth preservation

vehicle “property”.

The demand for

housing in Nigeria far

outstrips the supply

and this is what has

fuelled the exponential

growth we are seeing

in the real estate sector.

Houses which were

sold last year for N20

million naira are being sold for N40 million a year

later. It is an open secret that Nigeria has one of the

fastest growing real estate sectors in the world and this

is just the beginning.

With a teeming young population which makes up

75% of our 180 million population, the growth in the

real estate market has only just begun.

We are a professional real estate development and management company and our services are second to

none. We will hedge your paper money against currency devaluation through the construction, rental and management

of exquisite apartment blocks.

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• We seek tenants for the apartments

• We rent out and manage them on your behalf

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Our bespoke development model works perfectly on the Airport road axis of Abuja, and here we will develop

the following for our clients;

• 12 (3 Bedroom apartments)

• Fully furnished

• Swimming pool

• Tenis court

• Gymnasium

• Corporate rental

• N1.5 Million rental income per apartment

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Upon completion each Apartment will have a market value of

N35 Million Naira, making the entire development value

including swimming pool N500 Million.

For an investment of N250 Million, We will build you an

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annual rental income of N18 Million.

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By Paul Okade jr and Ibrahim Mohammed

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and

then seek to win” Sun Tzu (Chinese military strategist)

Many people desire to enter the Nigerian political terrain and become House of Reps members,

Senators and Governors without adequate planning. It is often said and rarely refuted that

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”.


Sun Tzu, one of the greatest military and political strategists of all time, has truly said it all in the opening

quote stated above. Victory belongs to the person who wins the battle long before the fight even starts but in

order for that to happen, you must be in possession of a winning strategy.

What is strategy? Strategy with the Synonyms strategics-tactics is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve

a major or overall aim.

As a company we are experienced in the development and design of winning political strategies. We intertwine

our knowledge of grass roots politics with modern technology to deliver strategic political master plans

totally capable of winning any election. Our services are as follows;

Our research team will conduct an indepth study of each of the local government areas in your state in order

to ascertain important demographic data that will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

We will design an action plan for you which will enable you to penetrate effectively all the local government

areas in your state with your campaign message.


Social media has become such a dominant force in the world today and it is the biggest “opinion shaping”

medium currently in existence. The youth (people below 30 years of age) make up 70% of Nigeria’s population

and tens of millions of Nigerians are now on social media.

It has indeed become an inescapable reality. We will design and update your social media content and integrate

it with your website in order for you to stay connected to voters and all your state indigenes both at home and in

the Diaspora. You will win the social media campaign war.


A world class website for a political aspirant is no longer optional. As I stated previously, Nigeria is now a

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As a political aspirant in this modern age it is more than likely that you will be called upon to attend a television

interview. We will prepare you thoroughly via role plays for the interview, so that when the time comes you

will be fully prepared to answer every question in a relaxed and yet competent manner.


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successful political outing. Our budgeting department will design a financial plan for you that will allow you to

implement your campaign strategies effectively in order for your campaign to be a success.


When one person can wear the number of hats worn

by Her Excellency Senator Aisha Jummai-Al Hassan,

you instantly take notice and ask yourself a very

poignant question; who is she, where does she come

from and what makes her tick? In 2011 Aisha Jummai

won the PDP senatorial primaries after defeating

the incumbent Manzo Anthony in a fiercely contested

primary which has gone down in the history of Taraba

state as one of the most prolific political contests in

modern times.

Taraba north which is made up of Jalingo, Yorro,

Zing, Karim-Lamido, Lau and Ardo-Kola local government

areas became a political battleground, and

through superior political intuition and sheer determination,

Aisha Jummai Al-Hassan saw off all competition


clinched the

seat decisively.

Today, 2 years

into her Senatorial

position her

great works are

indeed speaking

for themselves.

She has represented


people with

great dignity

and class. Tirelessly

she works

day and night

to ensure that the civil rights of ordinary people are

protected. Aisha Jummai is a Lawyer by training and

prior to her ascension into political life, she was a devout

and committed civil servant. She was the former

Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice of

Taraba state and also the former chief registrar of the

High court of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. She

hails from an outstanding political family. Her brother

Abdulazeez Ibrahim once held a Senatorial seat also.

She is an industrialist, entrepreneur and philanthropist

whose sole desire is to improve the living standards of

all the residents of Taraba state.

Her exposure to the Judiciary, business and politics


She is a grass roots politician who

understands the needs of the common

man and has devised an action plan

that will completely eradicate poverty

and injustice in Taraba North local

government area. An outstanding

public servant on an unstoppable mission

to be the voice of the voice-less,

and bringing light where there was

once darkness and prosperity instead

of poverty and peace instead of chaos.


has given her exceptional qualities which she is currently

using to represent her people at the senate. Her

leadership experience is undeniable and her desire

to help the poor and the needy of Taraba state is well

evidenced by her own efforts in the state. She is a

grass roots politician who understands the needs of the

common man and has devised an action plan that will

completely eradicate poverty and injustice in Taraba

North local government area. An outstanding public

servant on an unstoppable mission to be the voice of

the voice-less, and bringing light where there was once

darkness and prosperity instead of poverty and peace

instead of chaos.

Aisha Jummai is a political change agent who has

been commissioned by the divine to be the saviour of

her people. As religious as

many Nigerians may be, they

cannot deny the fact that

God uses people as instruments

of assistance i:e that

God uses people to answer

other peoples prayers, and

when a leader whose sole

desire is to better the lives of

her people, then it can truly

be said that such an individual

was truly sent from

above. Nigerians as a whole

are crying out for leadership.

They want to be led

by somebody who actually

cares about them and their

children, somebody who has

not only good intentions, but

the corresponding strategy necessary in order to make

those good intentions a reality.

We must realise that there is a world of difference

between politics and governance and even if we have

a leader who has incredible attributes that will enable

him or her to govern well, if that leader isn’t well

versed in the art of politics then he or she will not be

able to govern effectively, and in some extreme cases

they won’t be able to govern at all.

What is politics? It comes from the Greek word

politikos and is defined as “the practice and theory

of influencing people on a civic or individual level”.

Governance however comes from the Greek word Kubernao

and it simply means to steer, direct and effectively

manage something. But my question is simple;

how can you steer something that you have not yet

influenced? This is the reason why individuals with

this dual ability are the types of leaders desperately

needed in Nigeria today, and Senator Aisha Jummai

Al-Hassan embodies both qualities completely.

As a politician she is first class and she demonstrated

especially during her grass roots campaign to become

the Senator for Taraba North that she knows how to

influence people effectively and caused them to rally

behind her and support her cause. In business and in

all her entrepreneurial endeavours, she has demonstrated

incredible management and leadership qualities

which have strengthened her ability to govern, and to

become an effective manager of both human as well as

financial resources.

She exemplifies a courageous heart and as Aristotle

one of the greatest philosophers of all time said and

I quote “Courage is the first of human qualities

because it is the quality which guarantees the others”.

It takes the personal conviction of one’s intentions

and a courageous disposition, to embark on a

political career in Nigeria. Senator Aisha Jummai

Al-Hassan is a political trailblazer who continues

to serve her people with dignity and with the highest

level of integrity. She is a role model to women

nationwide and a credit to the great people of Taraba

state; a truly remarkable Nigerian Politician, lawyer,

business woman and philanthropist who feels the pain

and struggle of the common man, and works day and

night seeking for ways to alleviate the sufferings of the

masses. We are highly expectant and unequivocally

convinced that the future has only great things in store

for this remarkable public servant and humanitarian

whose life is impacting thousands of people in and out

of Taraba state. She is truly an “exceptional leader”.

She is a role model to women nationwide and a credit to

the great people of Taraba state; a truly remarkable

Nigerian Politician, lawyer, business woman and

philanthropist who feels the pain and struggle of the

common man, and works day and night seeking for ways

to alleviate the sufferings of the masses.


One cannot ignore the reality of the tribal, religious

and ethnic divides which exist across our beloved

Nigeria. We call ourselves “Nigerians” in public, but

in private we retreat back into our ethnic enclaves and

speak about other Nigerians of differing ethnicities as

though they’re from another planet. Whilst the majority

of Nigerians would never even contemplate the idea

of dissolution, voices still exist in our nation whose

prayers and wishes are centred around the division of

Nigeria. While their rationale for such a disposition

may well be valid, it isn’t the wish of the majority of

Nigerians who have embraced the idea of a united


By Paul Okade

On the 1st of October 1979 President Olusegun

Obasanjo peacefully handed the reins of power to the

democratically elected government of President Shehu

Shagari of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN). Several

years later the military intervened once again and

ousted President Shagari in 1983. It would be another

16 years before Nigerians would be given the opportunity

to elect/choose their own leader. They say that

lightening does not strike in the same place twice but

on the 29th of May 1999 that myth was forever disproved

by the emergence of President Obasanjo as the

overall winner of the presidential elections with over

62% of the votes.

How does one even begin to unite a country with

over 200 different ethnic groups and languages with

varying religious beliefs such as Islam, Christianity,

Traditional/native religions, sorcery and witchcraft,

as well as the Polytheist’s who also are amongst us?

What type of personality would such an individual be

who would even attempt such an audacious task?

In 1999 our nation transitioned into a democracy after

years of military rule, and the Man who was divinely

selected to lead this democratic renaissance was none

other than a former military head of state during the

1st republic President Olusegun Mathew Obasanjo. He

first took the helms of national leadership on the 13th

of February 1976 when the Supreme Military Council

appointed him as Head of State after he restored order

and security in the nation by arresting the perpetrators

of the coup attempt of 1976 which culminated in the

assassination of General Murtala Muhammed the then

Military head of state.


Once again the man who saved the country in 1976

and peacefully transitioned the nation into a democracy

3 years later, was at the helm of national affairs.

But what condition was Nigeria in when President

Obasanjo became its President once again? After

16 years of military rule one could not blame many

Nigerians for being cautiously optimistic, because as

far as they were concerned the Nigerian nation was no

longer a reality, and the country had descended into a

freefall of every man for himself. However, the nation

was in for a huge surprise because as history will now

read, the Obasanjo Presidency was marked with one

success story after another.

The national debt was paid off, GSM licences were

granted and the telecoms industry became a major sector

of our economy leading to the creation of hundreds

of thousands of jobs, the Nigerian Stock exchange was

revitalised, Banks flourished, the Real Estate market

experienced a boom which still continues till today.

There was equal representation in the corridors of

power for all ethnic groups,

Nigeria became the investment hub of Africa as

foreign investors flocked to our shores and sunk billions

of dollars into our economy due to the enabling

entrepreneurial environment that was created by the

President Olusegun Obasanjo administration.

Women took their rightful places as leaders of several

government ministries, Nigerians in the Diaspora

began to shut up shop and return home to take advantage

of the countless economic opportunities that were

now available, and many of them have never looked


Both Citigroup and the World Bank gave the Nigerian

economy a clean bill of health and cited that Nigeria

was the nation to watch with regards to economic

supremacy in the new markets.

Over and above this catalogue

of achievements by the President

Olusegun Obasanjo administration,

the greatest fete of his administration

has to be the creation and preservation

of the unity of Nigeria.

A kingdom divided against itself

cannot stand, irrespective of the

vast natural and human resource

that such a kingdom might possess.

Even in a family unit which sociology

describes as the smallest unit of

socialisation, there cannot be progress

and prosperity outside of unity.

Nigeria has never lagged in potential

or in economic possibility.

We are a nation that has been blessed by God with

unprecedented Natural and human resources and with

a population fast approaching 200 million, it is truly

an entrepreneur’s wet dream. 200 million people who

need to be fed, clothed, educated, housed and entertained,

and the entrepreneurs that can supply those

needs to the population will prosper, and are indeed

prospering beyond their wildest dreams. Look around

you, the Indians, the Chinese, the Europeans and

Americans are flocking to our shores in order to capitalise

on this economic renaissance, and the Lebanese

have practically made Nigeria their home because they

know that they cannot prosper in Lebanon in the manner

with which they are doing in Nigeria.

President Obasanjo fought tireless for the preservation

of our national unity via the strategy of political

inclusion. He made sure that all the ethnic/geopolitical

zones across the nation where fairly/proportionately

represented and that the proverbial “national cake”

was evenly distributed across the states.

The principles of fairness and equity where the hallmarks

of the Olusegun Obasanjo administration and in

2007 when his tenure had ended, he once again demonstrated

his passion for unity and national tranquillity

by supporting a candidate of Northern extraction to

contest the PDP presidential primaries, that candidate

not only won the primaries but he later went on to win

the Presidential elections in 2007. Without compromise

there can be no unity and those who refuse the

see the wisdom of the unofficial “zoning” arrangement

do not have the interest of Nigeria at heart.

The divine wisdom, with which President Obasanjo

regularly functioned in, is what saved our union and

kept the nation united. One tribe/ethnic group cannot

hope to govern peacefully if they don’t recognise the

leadership qualities/potentials in neighbouring tribes.

Every ethnic group in Nigeria has something to contribute

towards the leadership of the nation and the

recognition of this truth and its pragmatic implementation

by the Obasanjo administration was what secured

forever the oneness of Nigeria.


Women took their rightful places as leaders of several

government ministries

The national debt was paid off


GSM licences were granted and the telecoms

industry became a major sector of our economy

leading to the creation of hundreds of thousands of


When the clarion call of duty is echoed across a nation

very few have the audacity and courage of conviction

to take the proverbial “Bull by the horn” and

rise to the occasion. The majority seem to be content

to dwell in a state of mediocrity and inactivity, where

as the microscopic few, summon the courage and dare

to believe the impossible, and pick up the gauntlet of

sacrificial service for the sake of humanity.

From the prestigious and royal family of Bashir Wali

comes a man on a mission to transform the destiny

of his beloved people of Kano State. Honourable Dr

Zakari Mahe Bashir Wali embodies the spirit of political

service like no other in his generation. He is a man

whose heart and mind have been fully engaged in the

service of his people. Integrity, hard work and philanthropy

are his trademarks. He is a devout Muslim who

follows closely all the tenets of Islam especially as

they relate to the poor and the needy in society. It was

the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), that said

and I quote “Do not turn away a poor man, even if all

you can give him is half a date. If you love the poor

and bring them near you, Allah will bring you near

him on the day of Resurrection”.

This burning desire to help his generation achieve

great things was what informed his decision to contest

for the Kano state house of assembly, and in 1999 he

was elected as a member of the house. Such was the

dedication and political brilliance that Honourable

Zakari M B Wali brought to the Kano state house of

assembly that it wasn’t long before the other members

of the state house of assembly conferred on him

the prestigious position of “Chief Whip”, a position

he held for 4 years. He is an exceptional lawyer and

public servant whose passion for service and love for

the people of Kano are immeasurable.


By Paul Okade

Once again he has responded to the cries of his

people for effective representation at the federal level

and as a consequence, he has decided to contest to

become a member of the Federal House of Representatives

in 2015. An audacious and bold step, but one is

hardly surprised, because such great fete’s of courage

and duty are exactly the stuff that his Excellency Honourable

Zakari Mahe Bashir Wali is made of. He is a

fearless go getter who is willing to climb any mountain

and overcome every obstacle which may stand in

the way whilst attempting to achieve his dreams.

Kano State, the great centre of

commerce has once again given Nigeria

one of their greatest stars, a

man poised to make history and

redefine the practice of politics in

Nigeria. He is a true democrat who

believes wholeheartedly in the rule

of law, justice and equity for all

Nigerians irrespective of their geopolitical


I sincerely urge the great people of Kano state to get

behind this great son of the soil and give him all the

support and encouragement that he requires in order

to achieve his goal of representing his people at the

national level.

It was Caroline Kennedy the Daughter of John F Kennedy

the late/former President of the United States of

America who said and I quote “Sometimes it takes a

while to recognize that someone has a special ability

to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to

our highest ideals and to imagine that together we can

do great things. In those rare moments, when such a

person comes along, we need to put aside our plans

and reach for what we know is possible”.

Honourable Zakari Mahe Bashir Wali symbolises everything

that is good about the great kano people such

as honesty, dedication, hard work, transparency and

philanthropy. The people of Kano are one of the most

hardworking and industrious people in the Federation,

and their desire to succeed despite the odds was

the catalyst that ignited the Kano renaissance which

transformed Kano into an economic power house with

a GDP bigger than several African nations.

Kano is a land that produces political giants and Captains

of industry whose impact can be felt across the

globe, so therefore it is not surprising that once again a

political giant is about to emerge from its loins. A true

son of Kano state who carries his royal status with dignity

and humility, a man destined to impact the lives

of his people and set a new precedence for the practice

of democracy in Nigeria.

Please join me in celebrating a man who has been

singled out by providence to carry the glorious torch

of equity, unity and prosperity on behalf of the people

of the industrious and hard working state of Kano to

the Federal House of Representatives, Kano’s royal

son, his Excellency Honourable Dr Zakari Mahe

Bashir Wali, a man who I have aptly called “the

rising star of Kano politics”.



In this high impact 1 day seminar you will be taught the following;

Mortgage and Real Estate financing

How to create Wealth

How to protect your wealth

The history of the American Dollar

What is inflation

How currency works

History of money

Gold and silver the currency of the new economy

The difference between money and wealth

GDP and balance of payments

Stocks and Shares

Bond Market

Central Bank and interest rates

Boom and bust economic cycles

Credit crisis (What caused it)

Why the rich are getting richer



Anybody who knows the history of Adama

wa State doesn’t need to be told the record numbers

of exceptional public servants who come there. From

Politicians to technocrats and industrialists, Adamawa

has numerous Sons and Daughters that are doing them

and the nation as a whole extremely proud. It is therefore

not a surprise that the state named after the great

warrior Emir Modibbo Adama has once again given

Nigeria one of its finest Military personnel.

From the cradles of Vimtim in the Mubi North Local

Government Area of Adamawa state cometh a

distinguished gentleman of the highest integrity and

bravery. Air Marshall Alexander Sabundu Badeh rose

from obscurity to become the Chief of Air staff of the

Federal Republic of Nigeria. His career spans well

over 30 years, and in that time he has undergone training

and instruction from some of the finest institutions

in the world.

He holds an MSC in strategic studies from the prestigious

University of Ibadan, and his exceptional Piloting

skills/training were honed at the world renowned

Vance Air force base in the United States of America.

He worked his way up the proverbial “ladder” and has

held numerous positions within the air force such as

fleet operations officer in the Presidential air fleet, and

later he became the overall commander of the Presidential

air fleet.

He was appointed as Chief of Air staff of the Federal

Republic of Nigeria by President Goodluck Jonathan

and he has not looked back since. Alex Sabundu

Badeh is a strategic thinker, world class Pilot and a

natural leader of Men. As impressive as his service in

the national air force is, his philanthropy in his home

state of Adamawa is just as outstanding. He is truly an

unsung hero and because of his meek and calm nature,

he has never sort the praises of men for his philanthropic


Alex Sabundu Badeh embodies everything that

is exceptional about our great nation. He has fully

understood that success is more than the acquisition of

personal wealth, but it is rather a function of charity

and empathy for the poor and needy. Charity cer-


tainly begins at home and this was the reason why Air

Marshall Alex Sabundu Badeh embarked on one of

the most philanthropic missions ever witnessed in the

history of Adamawa.

From his borehole and clean water

projects to his micro-Entrepreneurship

endeavours, he is impacting

the lives of hundreds of Adamawa

indigenes. He is indeed a man with

a big heart and this is only the beginning

of the wonderful plans he

has for his people.

It is widely stated that the true definition of a leader is

the person who is able to identify and meet the needs

of those around him with dignity and honour, and

Air Marshall A S Badeh certainly ticks the proverbial

“boxes” of what a true leader is. We pray that God will

continue to lift him higher and higher and put more

resources into his hands in order for him to serve his

people better.

Often times it is human beings that are the answer

to the prayers of other people, and when Men and

Women who have a heart for the people are exalted

and placed in positions of great wealth and authority,

destinies are preserved. With almost 4 million people

spread across 21 Local Government Area’s endowed

with incredible skills in Agriculture and industry, Adamawa

state has the potential to become an outstanding

state in Nigeria.

Air Marshall Alexander Sabundu Badeh, thank you

for remembering your people and for having the empathy

and human decency to give back to the poor and

needy in Adamawa state. Hundreds of families have

access to clean water, food, and hope for the future

because of you. May God continue to strengthen,

preserve and bless you in every way, because we know

that this is only the beginning of your labours for your

beloved people of Adamawa. We therefore join with

all indigenes of Adamawa state to celebrate the life

and achievements of one of their brightest stars, Air

Marshall Alexander Sabundu Badeh“The Golden Son

of Adamawa”.

From the cradles of Kaiama local government area of

Kwara state cometh a man with a mission to liberate

the great people of Kwara state from the shackles of

poverty and destitution which has plagued the state for

generations. Just like the historical account of Prophet

Moses whom God sent to liberate his people from the

grip of slavery and impoverishment, Abdullahi Sanusi

Kaiama, a proud and loyal son of the great and

harmonious people of kwara state has a burning and

an unquenchable desire to take his

people into the proverbial “promised

land” flowing with peace,

prosperity and overwhelming

happiness. He has a robust and a

well thought out plan to completely

eradicate poverty and illiteracy

from Kwara state and turn kwara

into the most industrialized and

literate state in the Federal republic

of Nigeria.

He plans to remove poverty and

illiteracy in the rural communities through the orchestration

of his micro-business model and the rural

literacy initiative that his administration will launch.

He is a visionary leader who understands only too

well that poverty and illiteracy are the two biggest

challenges facing far too many of his people and he is

determined to stamp them out. Kwara has a population

of 2.8 million people and many of them are domiciled

in the rural communities with poor schools and few

employment opportunities.

As a successful business man and astute entrepreneur

Abdullahi Sanusi Kaiama fully understands that

the way to break the curse of poverty and bring his


By Paul Okade

people into true and lasting prosperity is by training

his people on how to run and manage micro-businesses,

so that instead of them looking for a job, they will

create their own jobs by becoming micro-entrepreneurs.

The ancient proverb states and I quote “give a

man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach him how

to fish and he will eat for a life time” readily springs to


Abdullahi Sanusi Kaiama is a

man who has ran an extremely

successful oil and gas company

for many years and therefore

understands only too well the

skills necessary in order to run a

successful business, and he wants

the opportunity if elected Governor

of Kwara state, to pass these

skills on to his people.

We live in an economically

driven world and the leader than

can solve, once and for all, the

economic challenges of his people and completely

erase systemic and endemic poverty from their lives

will certainly go down in history as the true “saviour

of his people”. What is the job of a leader?

Simply put, a leaders job is to identify the problems

facing his people, organisation or any other entity that

he has been mandated to lead, and then to apply the

appropriate solutions necessary in order to solve those


Far too many leaders across our great federation are

doing the exact opposite. They don’t even know the

“real” challenges facing the majority of the people

with whom they have been elected to lead.

The minute they see a Governor in one state building

an international airport, they too quickly jump on the

band wagon and begin to build airports, even though

that may not be the immediate need of their people.

What is the point of spending billions and billions of

Naira to build an international airport when well over

half the population of your state cannot even afford 3

square meals in a day? Who exactly did you build that

airport for? Not for your people obviously, because

your people certainly cannot afford the plane tickets,

most of them are seeking for ways to put food on their

tables and stay alive.

only good intentions for his people and come 2015, if

he is given the opportunity to lead his people, he will

completely transform the destiny of Kwarans.

With his agenda to completely eradicate poverty

and illiteracy from the state and take his people into

the promise land filled with happiness, prosperity and

harmony, no child in Kwara state will ever go to bed

hungry ever again. Any Man or Woman of working

age will be empowered either by the micro-business

initiative or by the employment opportunities that this

initiative will provide.

A friend of mine from a particular state told me

about a road construction project that took place in

one of the communities in his state in western Nigeria.

The road project cost billions of Naira and yet very

few people in that community even have a car. He said

he has driven on that road several times when he visits

his state and that you can be driving on that road for

hours and not see a single car. The people in that community

can hardly feed themselves so where exactly

are they going to get money to buy a car when they

can hardly feed themselves and their children?

This is where Abdullahi Sanusi Kaiama is different,

he exemplifies true leadership by identifying the real

challenges that are facing his people and then applying

the appropriate solutions.

When the people of Kwara state come to understand

the nature, integrity and sincerity of his noble Excellency

Abdullahi Sanusi Kaiama, they will unanimously

and wholeheartedly elect him as the Executive Governor

of Kwara state in 2015. This visionary leader and

widely exposed entrepreneur and business guru has


100,000 Kwarans will be trained in business and given

microfinance loans to launch their businesses. Each of

them will be mandated to grow their business to the

point where they can employ at least 10 people over a 4

year period and by doing this they will create 1 million

brand new jobs for the great people of Kwara state.

Now for a state which has a population of 2.8 million

people, 1 million jobs will completely eradicate unemployment

in the state. No state in Nigeria has ever

achieved this, but this is what is waiting for the people

of Kwara if they elect his Excellency Abdullahi Sanusi

Kaiama as their Executive Governor in 2015.

God has heard the cry of the great people of the Harmony

state and has decided to send them a deliverer.

Kwarans, the hour of your freedom and your prosperity

has come, vote for change, vote for peace, vote for

prosperity, vote for Abdullahi Sanusi Kaiama, THE


With his agenda to completely eradicate poverty and illiteracy

from the state and take his people into the promise

land filled with happiness, prosperity and harmony, no

child in Kwara state will ever go to bed hungry ever again.

Any Man or Woman of working age will be empowered either

by the micro-business initiative or by the employment

opportunities that this initiative will provide.


By Paul Okade Jr

On the 5th of May 2010 Nigeria lost one of its

greatest sons. President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua may

only have led the nation for 24 months, but in that

short space of time he exemplified leadership in its

purest form and gave the nation a glimpse of what it

could become. He was a selfless and a humble politician

whose sole desire was to better the lives of all

Nigerians irrespective of their religious dispositions or

geopolitical origins.

President Yar’Adua was born and raised as a Muslim,

but he never allowed his religious beliefs to

interfere with his politics because he understood that

all Nigerians whether they’re Muslim, Christian,

Traditionalists, Witches, Wizards, idolaters or any

other belief are all human beings who require housing,

healthcare, education and all other things necessary for

human existence.

This is the reason why racism, tribalism and all other

ethnic divisions are truly the pastimes of the ignorant

because irrespective of the colour of your skin, the

language you speak or the religious belief you adhere

to, we are all still God’s children and we all breathe

the same air, drink the same water and aspire for the

same things in life. We all want to see our children

succeed, our elderly parents retired comfortably, and

for wealth and health to be the proverbial “cushions”

under our feet.

There’s nothing worse than an educated bigot, and

such people should never be allowed to ascend the ladder

of national politics. Tribalism and ethnic divisions

shouldn’t have a place in Nigerian politics, because


every Nigerian should embrace and welcome each

other and seek to find a common national expression.

This is why Sport is so important? Because if there’s

one thing about sport, especially football, it is that

for those 90 minutes that those 22 players are on the

pitch, people forget their religion, language and skin

colour and become completely engrossed in the game.

Even the most ardent racists in Great Britain that hate

all things “Black”, suspend their racial prejudices for

those 90 minutes, and if an African player happens to

be the person who scores the winning goal, then as far

as they’re concerned that player is no longer Black, he

has now become one of them, a full British national


The day a match is lost however due to a mistake

made by a Nigerian player, the same British public

who were calling him British a moment ago will

quickly remind that player of his Nigerian ancestry.

Such is the power of sport. People get emotional over

their football teams, and in Europe Football is fast

becoming a religion and the players are the Prophets.

President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, our 13th President

loved his country. He was a man of exceptional integrity

and the first ever Governor in the history of Nigeria

to declare his assets prior to assuming political office.

He was born into a political family, his late Father

was a former minister of Lagos in the first Republic

and his older brother the late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua

was one of Nigeria’s first progressive politicians and

leader of the Social Democratic Party, an organisation

which sought to end military rule in Nigeria.

President Yar’Adua Governed Katsina state for 8

years and his transformational leadership style was the

catalyst for the vast economic growth which occurred

during his tenure. He worked tirelessly to deliver the

dividends of democracy to the people of Katsina, and

earned his hereditary title of the Mutawalli of the Katsina

Emirate, a prestigious title which once belonged

to his late Father, a title which in English simply

means “The custodian of the treasury”.

On the 29th of May 2007 he was sworn in as the

13th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and

immediately he went to work. Several months into his

Presidency, the world experienced one of the worst

economic crisis in history, and Nigeria was not exempt

from the fall out. Our capital market went into a freefall

and the Naira was shaken to its core.

The banks were exposed and several of them were

found wanting. Their CEO’s were removed, prosecuted

and some were sent to Jail. It was a challenging

time for the fragile Nigerian economy, but President

Yar’Adua rose to the occasion and with the help of his

very capable cabinet, he was able to save the Nigerian

economy and currency from the economic abyss.

Although his passing was a great loss to Nigeria, we

are thankful to the Almighty God that we were able to

experience (be it only for a short while) his incredible

leadership style and his relentless efforts to keep the

nation united.

President Yar’Adua, though you’re no longer

with us in the flesh, your spirit and the great works

you accomplished in your life time continues

to live on and Nigeria is a better country today

because of your sacrificial and selfless service for

the nation. Continue to rest in peace and know

that even though you’re gone, you will never be


He was a selfless and a humble politician whose sole desire was to better the lives of all

Nigerians irrespective of their religious dispositions or geopolitical origins. President

Yar’Adua was born and raised as a Muslim, but he never allowed his religious beliefs

to interfere with his politics because he understood that all Nigerians whether they’re

Muslim, Christian, Traditionalists, Witches, Wizards, idolaters or any other belief

are all human beings who require housing, healthcare, education and all other things necessary

for human existence.




Love him or hate him, the truth of the matter is that

you certainly cannot ignore him. Many Nigerians are

still wondering how Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu

rose from extremely humble beginnings to become

the most powerful politician in South-west Nigeria.

Till date they’re still intense debates going on about

his state of origin, parentage, his wealth and business

interests and his relationship with an accounting firm

charged with overseeing revenue collection in Lagos

state. His leadership style is described by many to be

“Machiavellian” at best and at worst “Orwellian”, but

while his critics are on social media pontificating, the

man who has come to be known as the “Asiwaju of

lagos”, continues to expand his proverbial political


For me, even though I have also heard the above criticisms

on numerous occasions, the reason why I don’t

weigh in on them is simply because none of these

accusations have ever been proven. So, for supposedly

educated and exposed minds to condemn a man with

whom no evidence of misconduct has ever been unearthed

leaves little to be desired. I personally pay no

mind to unfounded gossip and speculation which have

nothing to substantiate them, because such a disposition

is retrogressive and certainly doesn’t convey the

educated mind which many of Tinubu’s critics claim

to subscribe to.

I will never forget the incidence which occurred on

social media where a supposedly educated and exposed

Nigerian domiciled in the United Kingdom was

calling all Nigerian politicians corrupt, only for that

same individual to be arrested by the British Police for


By Paul Okade Jr

using somebody else’s documents to work, and for being

an illegal immigrant in the UK. Isn’t it interesting

how the same people who lied and cheated their way

through their Visa applications in order to leave the

country have now re-invented themselves as the moral

compasses of the Nation?

They sit on social media from morning till night

spouting their poisonous rhetoric against anything

Nigerian, and yet many of them are overseas illegally,

or conducted fake marriages in order to gain American

and European citizenship, and daily they continue to

lie to and deceive the authorities in their host communities.

We also have many Nigerians at home who

have also jumped on this band wagon and equally

spend their days abusing politicians and calling them

a bunch of thieves, and yet many of these same people

got their jobs by nepotism, bribed their way through

school and slept with lecturers in order to pass their

exams. None of these acts are deemed corrupt in their

eyes all they know is that politicians are corrupt.

You studied fine art at university and yet

you got a job as an account executive in a

bank. What connection has a degree in fine

art with banking? You got that job because

you knew somebody in the bank and not because

you were qualified for it. Is that not

corruption? Oh I get it, when you do something

wrong then “God understands”, but

when a politician does it they’re corrupt.

It is this hypocrisy that is hindering true reformation

across our Federation, because the sins which you accuse

these politicians of committing are the very same

sins that you also are committing, the only difference

is that you’re an unknown person so nobody is blogging

or tweeting about you. When we can agree as a

nation that “corruption” is not only found in politics

but in every sphere of society then we will begin to

make changes, but as long as we keep pointing our

“self righteous” holier than thou fingers at the political

class, and forgetting that for every finger we’re pointing

at them, 3 fingers and a thumb are pointing right

back at us, we will not make true progress.

Many Nigerians are in

their homes praying that

their Brother, Sister, Aunty,

Uncle and School friend

will be elected/selected

into public office. Why

are they so interested in

somebody they know occupying

a political position?

Is it because they

love Nigeria so much and

want the nation to change?

Or is it so that they can use

the “connection” to benefit

themselves? The latter

is the truth for many people, and just admitting it to

one’s self would be a great place to start. When a Man

or Woman is elected/appointed as a Governor, Senator,

Minister and Commissioner, do you have any idea the

amount of pressure they automatically come under?

Every relative, friend, school mate, town man, old

neighbour, church/mosque member etc would descend

to his or her office seeking for favours. So who is really

corrupt, the politician or the thousands of people

that descend on them asking for favours? God help

that politician if he or she refuses to oblige them.

was not born in the Governors lodge and that

when his tenure completes he will still have to come

home and answer to them, so if he likes let him not

begin to share the dividends of democracy with them.

His school friends also abandoned him and many other

people followed suit.

It didn’t take long before this said individual buckled

under the weight of the psychological and emotional

pressure that his friends, family and acquaintances put

him under and he immediately started issuing contracts

without due process to people.

This is the reality of the Nigerian environment.

Some of the biggest critics

of the government

today are those who use to

enjoy political patronage

in the past, but now that

their connections are no

longer in power they have

transformed themselves

into preachers of holiness

and integrity. They’re only

deceiving themselves,

because when their “man”

was in power, and they

were enjoying contract

money, they didn’t know

that there was corruption in Nigeria. Now that the

money has finished and other people’s “Man” is in

power, they have turned in a political “John the Baptist’s”

and are now preaching repentance to us all.

When a Man or Woman is elected/appointed as

a Governor, Senator, Minister and Commissioner,

do you have any idea the amount of pressure

they automatically come under? Every relative,

friend, school mate, town man, old neighbour,

church/mosque member etc would descend to his

or her office seeking for favours. So who is really

corrupt, the politician or the thousands of people

that descend on them asking for favours? God

help that politician if he or she refuses to oblige


If you truly want to convince us that you’re the

righteous messiah sent from heaven to save the nation,

then you should start by selling all the houses and assets

which you acquired through the money you made

via your old political associates.

I once read an article about a particular politician

who attempted to do everything by the book. He refused

to do special favours for his school friends, relatives,

town people etc. One day a delegation of elders

from his home town came to his office to see him. In

the meeting they made it crystal clear to him that he


You cannot live in a house built with money made

without “due process”, drive a car bought with money

from the same source and send your children to school

overseas with the same money, and still turn around to

condemn the rest of us, and call us corrupt.

You are nothing but a hypocrite and if hypocrisy was a

crime you would be in prison.

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu has risen to giddy

heights in the Nigerian political terrain and has

amassed so much political capital that nothing can

happen politically in the South-West without his say

so. He seized control of the Action Congress of Nigeria

and used tribalism to bring many of his Yoruba

brothers and sisters under his iron grip, and became

the undisputed Godfather of South-west politics. It

takes a particular kind of political intuition and will, to

accomplish such a task in such a short space of time.

His political skills and prowess are exemplary, and his

ability to spot and select talented individuals to work

with him, and in the case of Fashola, succeed him, has

indeed marked him as a one of the greatest leaders

ever to emerge from the South west.

that as a politician he has certainly carved a place for

himself in the history books, and when the history of

South-West politics is written, his name will certainly

be amongst the likes of Awolowo, Akintola, Abiola

and Obasanjo ,as one of the great political titans of the

Yoruba clan that has left his footprints in the sands of


Asiwaju 1, the Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom, may

God bless you and your family and may his face

continually shine upon thee. You’re indeed a force

of nature whose exploits has forever redefined the

political landscape of South-western Nigeria.

Alex Ferguson became an iconic figure in Football

because he knew how to build winning teams, and this

unique skill which he possessed turned Manchester

United into one of the world’s greatest football clubs.

They’re people in my home town who have never left

Delta state who know who Alex Ferguson is. Whether

or not you support Manchester united or “Man U” as

they’re affectionately called, is neither here nor there,

the truth however is that you cannot ignore them or

pretend that they have not achieved great things.

This is the same rationale that I have applied whilst

talking about Bola Tinubu. I have never been a member

of the AC, or ACN and now APC, but that does not

mean that I cannot give honour and recognise the talents

of those who are members of that political party.

Tinubu is a gifted man and there’s no doubt that God

called him to be a politician. Is he a perfect man? Well

that’s not for me to judge because the bible clearly

states and I quote “remove the log in your own eye

before trying to remove the speck from your brother’s

eye”, and what that means in layman’s terms is that

before you condemn your brother for his shortcomings

you should deal with your own, because believe it or

not, you’re not perfect either.

I do not know what the future holds for Bola Ahmed

Tinubu and neither do I know what other “political”

surprises he is yet to unveil, but one thing I do know is



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