Geelong Liquor Licensing Accord - City of Greater Geelong

Geelong Liquor Licensing Accord - City of Greater Geelong

‘Stay Cool’, enjoy the nightlife, and help keep Geelong a Safe City

Appendum One

Model Policy for responsible serving of alcohol at functions

The aim of this “model policy” is to provide suggestions for the responsible

service of alcohol at functions held at licensed premises within Central Geelong.


• Provide the client with a copy of your policy at the time of booking.

• The licensed premises will comply with the responsible serving of alcohol

obligations and legal obligations as stated in the Liquor Control Reform

Act 1998.

• All staff will be trained in the Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA).

• The Licensee will ensure the provision of qualified and experienced crowd

controllers as per licence conditions.

• Crowd Controllers and/or Licensees are required to seek evidence of age

if they have any concern that a customer is under 18.

• The client must nominate a responsible person to assist the licensed

premises and the licensee with any issues regarding liquor service at the


• It is illegal to have underage persons on licensed premises; exceptions to

this rule apply if the underage person is accompanying a Responsible

Adult who is over 18 years of age. The responsible adult must meet the

approval of the venue manager.

• The underage persons must be identified, and will not be served alcohol

during the function

• Any underage persons found to be consuming alcohol will be removed

along with their responsible person from the venue.

• The underage persons and responsible adult must leave the venue

escorted by the Venue Manager by 11pm.

14 Version 4: 12 th September 2007

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