The Plague - Get Mobile game

The Plague - Get Mobile game

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The Plague

The Gremlins descend from the sky with parachutes. Each has a

number and to destroy them is pressed the corresponding number on

the keyboard. The beginning is very slow, but I suppose that the

velocity increases in later levels. May well be that there are other

options later, if someone knows more and wants to post a better

description I will be grateful.

ZGroup Mobile,, +1 (504) 233-2335, contact(at)

The Ultimate Football Quiz

Test your football knowledge with questions from around the world

with the Ultimate Football Quiz. Featuring 1,500 worldwide football

questions compiled by experts, ranging from downright easy to

fiendishly hard. Have you got what it takes to get the whole way


ZGroup Mobile,, +1 (504) 233-2335, contact(at)

Tuning Cars

Train your memory while playing Pairs. Everyone has played this

game during their childhood. For more fun we have added extra three

modes. Find all the pairs and compare your score with other players

on the web.

ZGroup Mobile,, +1 (504) 233-2335, contact(at)

Ultimate Survivors

International terrorist organization COBRA is carrying out operations

in the mountains of Central Asia and the Arctic tundra, deserts of

Egypt and Paris. Thousands of soldiers are trained in special camps

and they are ready to fight against terrorists!

ZGroup Mobile,, +1 (504) 233-2335, contact(at)

Worlds Head

Don't tell me you have never been angered by words, actions or lack

of actions of the world rulers or, politicians as we call them. I bet

there were moments in your life that you had wished there was

something around that you'd throw in their faces! Well, you have the

chance now!

ZGroup Mobile,, +1 (504) 233-2335, contact(at)

X Mass Puzzle

Enjoy the Christmas season with one of Santa's favourite games on

your mobile phone. Colourful symbols on your screen – all in

Christmas theme – are ready to be sorted in a row consisting of at

least 3 symbols of same kind. They will explode and from the top of

the screen new ones will be supplied. The game is over when you do

not reach to change any symbol in the given time. The game is

available in two modes, "Twix" and "Square". Test your logical

thinking during the Christmas time.

ZGroup Mobile,, +1 (504) 233-2335, contact(at)

X Out

You will enjoy this Little game. You'll have to find outside of 40

levels (+4 tutorials.) with enemies, lifts, doors, pushable blocs, other

bonus... The manipulation of the player is really original, you can

even hang on the ceiling!

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