GeMS overview

! 5 sodium Laser Guide Stars on X shape, 60 arcsec on a side, with 5

16x16 Shack Hartmann WFS

! 50W laser split in 5x10W (in practice 4W on sky/LGS)

! Tip-Tilt, plate scale and rotation correction done from either:

! (up to) 3 visible NGS +

one flexure GS using GSAOI On-Detector Guide Window (ODGW)

! (up to) 3 NIR GSAOI ODGW + one visible GS for slow focus

! 3 Def. Mirrors conjugated at 0, 4.5 and 9 km (currently 0 and 9 only)

! Instrument suite:

! GSAOI, imager (4kx4k NIR array = 4 HAWAII2RG)

! Flamingo2, NIR MOS & Imager

! GMOS, Visible imager & MOS

! Many subsystems: Laser, Beam Transfer Optics (BTO), Laser Launch

Telescopes (LLS), ASCAM, Laser Traffic Control (LTC), Telescope laser

extension, Safety systems, etc, etc, etc.

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