Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models: Market ... - Business Insights


Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models: Market ... - Business Insights

Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors

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Report Overview

The delivery of TV is undergoing one of the biggest transformations in its

history, driven by technological innovation and changing consumer

habits. Over the next few years, the entire broadcast market will make

the transition from analog broadcast to digital services. The movement

away from analog free-to-air (FTA) services – such as those received over

an aerial – to digital terrestrial television (DTT) and free satellite will be a

major leap forward in the provision of digital TV to the public.

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Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models: Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors’ is a new

report published by Business Insights that examines the vendor opportunities and challenges presented by

the emerging TV models of mobile TV and IPTV. This report provides an analysis of the market conditions

that have driven the emergence of alternatives to the traditional broadcast model, in addition to the

macroeconomic factors that will have an impact on their future growth. This report also examines the service

offerings of major vendors competing within the mobile TV and IPTV markets, and provides insights into the

future competitive landscapes of each sector.

Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors

Key Findings

Traditional television viewing in the UK

declined by 3.6% between 2002 and 2006.

The increasing use of the internet continues to have a

significant role in changing consumer viewing habits.

In 2012, the IPTV market is forecast to attain

household usage of 22.8m, an increase of

28.8% since 2007. IPTV market growth is being driven

by faster broadband speeds, increased competition and

the growth of digital TV.

Operators are still experimenting with pricing

models for mobile TV, and opinion is divided

about the relative merits of the flat-rate subscription

model and the pay-per-use model.

BT’s IPTV offering has grown in popularity

since launch, however the future success of this

endeavour is highly dependant upon the positioning of

Vision within the UK TV market.

Digital TV platform uptake (households in millions),


“Over the next few years, the entire broadcast market will

make the push from analog broadcast to digital services. As a

result of analog switch-off and consumer demand for

enhanced services, digital TV platforms are seeing strong

demand. In particular, digital cable and IPTV are expected to

attract a significant proportion of new subscribers...”

Use this report to...

• Understand the key trends and drivers that

are shaping the future of mobile TV and

IPTV platforms with this report’s examination

of the drivers and resistors of these new

delivery models.

• Discover the commercial potential of

mobile TV and IPTV, understand the most

effective pricing and revenue models and

assess the revenue potential of advertising

through these emerging channels.

• Identify future growth areas in the

emerging TV markets with this report’s

analysis of key data from user trials to provide

insights into changing consumer usage and

viewing habits.

• Evaluate the competitive landscape of the

market for mobile TV and IPTV services

with this report’s comparative analysis of

leading vendor strategies and the competitive

potential of their service offerings.

Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors

Explore issues including...

The transition to digital TV is a key driver of IPTV

as well as other digital TV platforms. It allows service

providers to broaden content packages and bundle

services offered to consumers.

Consumers demand for control over TV

Changing consumer viewing habits. As the Internet

has made the 24x7 culture a reality, users have

become more accustomed to instantaneous consumption

and access to TV programs according to

their own schedule and not that of the broadcasters.

Advertising plays a crucial role in the development

of mobile TV and IPTV. Although mobile advertising

requires more consumer acceptance, advertising on the

IPTV platform provides the facility to mix classic TV

advertising with the accountability and targeting

capabilities of the Internet.

Consumers demand for control over TV


“Online video aggregators and social networking sites,

such as MySpace, Joost, Jalipo and Dailymotion, have

witnessed explosive usage growth. YouTube alone

streams about 100m separate video clips daily.

Additionally, recent research by the Center of Media

Research, the US industry research body, and the

Institute for Advanced Social & Political Studies (ISPOS)

outline that consumers who use online streaming sites

watch increasingly less traditional TV...“


• What factors are responsible for the

emergence of mobile TV and IPTV?

• What are the growth opportunities and barriers

pertaining to the widespread adoption of

mobile TV?

• How do mobile TV and IPTV service providers

establish successful revenue models?

• How do vendors providing IPTV services

confront challenges and generate affective


• What are consumer attitudes towards price

plans for TV programs via these platforms?

• Who are the key vendors and service providers

in both mobile TV and IPTV markets?

Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors

Sample Information

Chapter 4: IPTV

Regional demand for IPTV

Unusually for the broadcast market, Europe leads the US in the number of IPTV households and will remain

ahead for the foreseeable future (as shown in Figure 4.6).

Despite strong support from European service providers, IPTV will remain a relatively niche proposition

across much of Europe, with the platform facing stiff competition from existing cable and satellite services

and, increasingly, DTT.

France will retain a strong position with regard to IPTV deployment in Europe, accounting for around 28%

of households subscribing to the services across the region by the end of 2010. The market conditions in

France make it an attractive market for IPTV provision, with cable penetration relatively low and strict

conditions surrounding the installation of

satellite dishes on buildings.

Figure 4.6:Europe sees a higher take-up of IPTV than the US

In the US, the IPTV market is beginning to

gather momentum and is now starting to

develop beyond the rural telephone

companies that have been delivering TV

content over DSL infrastructure for several

years. However, the US looks set to be a

more challenging market than Europe for

IPTV, with high levels of pay-TV

penetration and expected strong price

competition from established cable and

satellite providers combining to limit

uptake to around six million households

by the end of the decade.

Business Insights

IPTV delivery

To date, IPTV has mostly replicated known TV services such as those available from cable and satellite

providers. Some of these are quite new for all providers: HD video-on-demand, pause live TV, etc. but are

still direct extensions of TV. There have been some applications that give a taste of additional services, but

most of these have been fairly simple information portals or basic interactivity such as voting or games.

Moving to what has been called ‘TV 2.0’ will require integrating expertise in mobile, Web technologies, filebased

video, and consumer electronics in addition to the telecom and production video skills already in

play. The additional breadth required will favor larger companies with deep pockets as well as the strategic

need to invest.


Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors

Table of Contents


• Introduction

• Definitions

- Digital pay-TV (DTV)

- Digital terrestrial TV (DTT)

- Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)

- Internet TV

- Mobile broadband

- Mobile Internet

- Mobile TV

- Video on demand


• The emergence of new delivery models

- The drive towards digital TV services

- Broadband adoption

- Shake-up in consumer viewing habits

- TV viewing has undergone a seismic shift

- Consumers are increasingly attracted to

alternative online entertainment channels

- Content producers exploit new channels for

distribution to expand audience reach

- Consumers look to the mobile phone for


- Competition and innovation

- Broadcasters and content producers give strong

investment to new channels

- Non-traditional competitors enter into the sector

through white label services

- Development of mobile TV standards

• Resistors to future success

- Broadband development

- Monetising new digital TV platforms


• Defining mobile TV

- Mobile TV audiences

• Growth opportunities

- Current take-up of value-add services

• Delivering mobile TV content

- What to watch

- Live or on-demand content?

• Case study: mobile TV in action in Japan

- Mobile TV offerings in Japan

- Mobile TV providers

- NTT DoCoMo


• The role of the mobile operator

- External threats

• Barriers to widespread adoption of mobile TV

- The mobile TV revenue model

- Market immaturity

- Availability of content

- User experience


IPTV adoption

- Drivers behind IPTV

- Faster broadband speeds

- Increased competition in the sector

- Growth in digital TV

- Regional demand for IPTV

IPTV delivery

- IPTV supply chain

• Vendor strategies

- IPTV infrastructure providers

- Market positioning

- IPTV technology offerings

- Future outlook

- IPTV service providers

- The business case

- Service bundles

- In search of differentiation

- Video on demand as a differentiator

- HDTV as a differentiator

- Quality of experience

- Beyond broadcast

- Finding a niche market

• Challenges in rolling out IPTV services

- Challenges facing technology vendors

- Challenges facing service providers


Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors

Table of Contents

Mobile TV

- Will people pay?

- Pricing models

- Flat-rate subscriptions

- Pay per use

- Pay per view

- Making money from content

- New wholesale broadcast model

- Mobile advertising

- Consumer views on mobile advertising

- The impact of the economic downturn

- Recommendations for operators

- The likely operator model for monetising mobile TV


- Drivers behind IPTV advertising

- The advertising opportunity

- Challenges to IPTV advertising

- Scale and reliability are a must

- People and processes

- Accountability and measurement

- Regulation

- Revenue sharing

- Selling IPTV advertising

- Dynamic insertion of targeted ads

- On-demand ad insertion

- Ad tagging

- Dedicated advertising channels

- Search and auctions

- T-commerce


• Vendors in the mobile TV sector

- Vendor analysis

- Nokia

- O2

- Vodafone

- Orange

- China Mobile

- Alcatel-Lucent

- Qualcomm

• Vendors in the IPTV sector

- A competitive market

- Vendor analysis: IPTV service providers

- AT&T

- Verizon

- BT


- Vendor analysis: IPTV technology providers

- Alcatel-Lucent

- Cisco

- Harmonic

- Microsoft

- Motorola

- SeaChange

- Ericsson

- Sezmi

- Intel

• Index


• Global DSL subscriber numbers (000s), 2007-2012

• Consumers demand for control over TV content

Mobile phone take-up continues to grow 2007-2013

• The mobile phone remains primarily a communication

device for consumers globally

• Digital TV platform uptake (households in millions),


• Europe sees a higher take-up of IPTV than the US

• How much will consumers pay for blockbuster films on

their mobile phone?

• Consumer willingness to view ads in return for free

films on their mobile phone

• How mobile content services fit into ad-funded model


• Digital TV platform uptake (households in millions),


• Vendors introducing video-specific features

Emerging IPTV and Mobile TV Models

Market opportunities, challenges and key vendors

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