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02/2011 Issue


Weidemann has its finger on the pulse


Quality in Korbach

02 WEIDEmANN magazine COVER


WEIDEmANN magazine 03

The little giant

There's always work that needs doing on the farm,

especially for a Weidemann. The 1250 CX35 gets

heavy work done quickly, easily and comfortably.

Like all Weidemann all-rounders, it is tailored to the

demands of the people who use it: compact dimensions

for narrow stable doors, a differential lock for

high thrust forces, enormous lifting heights despite

a small-scale design, the ability to change tools

without leaving the cabin and much, much more.

The machine has the performance and manoeuvrability

for any application. It's a real jack of all trades,

suitable for agricultural use, horse riding, municipal

projects and several other applications.

Bernd Apfelbeck

General Manager

Weidemann GmbH


Publisher: Wacker Neuson SE

Preußenstraße 41, 80809 Munich, Germany

Tel. +49(0)89 354 02-0, Fax +49(0)89 354 02-203

"The bigger the challenger, the

more compact the solution."

Dear Readers,

I have been following the rapid development of

information and communication technology with

fascination. Manufacturers want to squeeze as much

power as they can into the smallest device possible.

It feels like there's a new breakthrough every few


Sound familiar. It does to me. That's what

Weidemann has been doing for over 50 years. Ever

since the company was founded, its mission has

been to take pressure off farmers by mechanising

farmyard work. This was such a groundbreaking

idea when Weidemann first started, that it took

a while for the Hoftrac ®

to become a cult loader

for the agricultural sector. But once the ice was

broken, Weidemann started its victory parade and

hasn't looked back since. The way I see it, the more

demanding the requirements for something are, the

more complex and compact it tends to get. To stay

successful, you have to be able to meet challenges

head on. That's no problem for Weidemann, as our

comprehensive, specialised and cutting edge range

of loaders shows.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Weidemann

Magazine and find something new, exciting and

interesting on these pages.

Responsible for the content: Stefanie Herr

Editor: Simone Dilger

Employees who helped put together this issue:

Christina Heine, Sven Rahn, Katrin Neuffer

Design and Text: Heidlmair Kommunikationsdesign GmbH

Printed by: Gutenberg GmbH

04 WEIDEmANN magazine NEWS


WEIDEmANN magazine 05


Weidemann on Tour in Italy

As part of the regional trade fair "Fiera Agricola Mugellana", held between the 9th and the 12th

of June 2011 in Borgo San Lorenzo, Weidemann held a user demonstration at one of the region's

most famous farmyards. Potential customers came to Azienda Agricola "Il Grillo" to have

their own go on the T4512 CC35 and convince themselves of its abilities. To their amazement,

the miniature powerhouse easily handled everything they threw at. Even stacking 900 - 1,200 kg

silage bales was no problem at all. The T4512 CC35 proved itself as an all-rounder capable

of doing all the work that it would take several machines to do. Weidemann will be optimising

machines and attachments for the Italian market.

Cem Peksaglam appointed new CEO

Cem Peksaglam (43) was appointed CEO of Wacker Neuson SE on 1 September.

As a qualified business economist, he brings valuable international management

expertise to his position. As the President and Managing Director of Robert Bosch

Pte. Ltd, based in Singapore, he was responsible for Bosch's activities in Southeast

Asia and oversaw around 4,200 employees. "Wacker Neuson has all it needs to

play an even greater role in both established and new emerging markets: excellent

quality, innovative product solutions, outstanding service, an unconditional

focus on the customer and motivated employees. It's my

responsibility to coordinate these valuable assets in the best possible

way to make Wacker Neuson even more successful in the long term",

said Cem Paksaglam.

The Hoftrac ® — serious horsepower

The Angliker family from the Sigg horse ranch in Switzerland have

sworn by the Hoftrac ® 1370 CX50 with overhead guard for almost

two years. Before making their choice, they compared machines

from several different manufacturers – Weidemann impressed

them immediately. They use the Weidemann 1370 CX50 for

pretty much everything horse-related, from feeding and bedding

through to mucking out. The roller keeps every inch of the hall

and sand arena perfectly clean and ready for action. They especially

appreciate its excellent off-road performance. Weidemann

agricultural loaders, wheel loaders and telehandlers are imported

into Switzerland by Bucher Landtechnik AG in Niederweningen

and sold, maintained and cared for by specialist agricultural

equipment dealerships.

Numbers that count.

Discover some impressive figures to do with

Weidemann and what's behind them.


The new plant in Korbach reduced the

production line from 1,700 metres to just

750 metres.


The year Weidemann joined the Wacker Neuson group.


parts go into Weidemann's

T4512 CC35, from the smallest

screw through to the finished



number of countries

where you can buy a


The approximate number of

machines Weidemann has

built since it was founded

in 1960.




WEIDEmANN magazine 07

What Wacker Neuson

is all about.

Wacker Neuson has reinvented the wheel; at least the wheel that has really put a lot of positive things in motion

for the company. The company's new vision and values wheel solidifies its goals, strengths and promise

and set them in stone for all of the group's brands – Wacker Neuson, Kramer Allrad and Weidemann.

We live in fast-moving and conflicted times. On the

one hand we want change, courage and innovation.

On the other, we long for security and stability. The

art of being a successful company lies in finding the

right balance for all these demands.

That's why Wacker Neuson developed its vision

and values wheel. There's certainly nothing new

in the values of quality, performance, innovation and

character. However, this is the first time that Wacker

Neuson has defined its values and its promise to

its customers. The vision and values wheel acts as

a guide to future success for the entire company.

Stability and security are today's success factors.

Stability breeds trust, which you need for any business

relationship. Take a closer look at the vision

and values wheel and you'll see straight away that

the customer is always at the centre.

An issue of character

"Wherever there is human civilisation, there will

be Coca Cola.“ That's taken from an advertising

brochure the beverage company put out in the

1960s. A lot of international groups aren't exactly

known for their modesty.

Wacker Neuson is an exception. The size of a

company, how successful it is, how international,

how well-positioned it is and how successful its

financials are, that's one thing. Soft skills are the

other. It's an issue of character. It's character that

ultimately determines how successful a company really

is in the eyes of its customers and its employees

as time goes on.







"Character for me is a balance between competence and

reliability: any promises I make today apply tomorrow."

martin Drawe, Product Specialist Diemelsee-Flechtdorf


WEIDEmANN magazine WEIDEmANN magazine

The people behind the brand

Wacker Neuson has over 3,000 employees. Every one of them plays their part in putting our unique brand

values into practice. In an ideal world, all of Wacker Neuson' employees would get their say, but sadly we just

don't have the space in this issue. Wacker Neuson asked three employees to represent its workforce and tell

you what Wacker Neuson, Kramer and Weidemann mean to them. In the process, we found out exactly what

it is that makes them proud to be part of the company.

Stefanie Schramm has been welcoming customers

through Kramer's doors for three years. Born in

Pfullendorf, she followed the construction of the new

Kramer plant intently and thought to herself, "That's

the place for me!". No sooner said than done. Now

this welcoming lady works in reception and gets

a lot of joy out of dealing with a wide variety of

people every day. "The working environment is just

amazing; it feels like a family here. I can always rely

on my co-workers and they on me. It's the sense

of community and solidarity that really makes this

places something special."

martin Drawe is a product specialist for

Weidemann in Diemelsee-Flechtdorf. He practically

grew up at Weidemann. Even at the tender age of

three, his father used to take him along whenever

he was demonstrating machines for customers,

which definitely made a lasting impression. The

young Martin Drawe developed a fascination with

red Hoftracs ®

which has lost none of its intensity

over the years. It was almost a foregone conclusion

that he would end up working for Weidemann

himself one day. Martin Drawe joined the company

as an apprentice in 1995. Here's Martin Drawe's

take on Weidemann's character: "The secret to

Weidemann's success has always been its total

focus on the customer. Actually it's more than

just that: Weidemann like to think about the future

on behalf of their customers. This leads them to

develop products which can handle the demands of

tomorrow today."

Ernst Stengl works as a salesman for Wacker

Neuson in Germany. His story is one which you hear

a lot at Wacker Neuson. It all began with his training

as a machinist in the Reichertshofen production

plant 40 years ago. Like many other employees,

Ernst Stengl remained faithful to the company after

his training. Nowadays, his position as a salesman

gives him a lot of responsibility. He enjoys that every

day brings something different. Ernst Stengl had

this to say about the character of Wacker Neuson:

"Wacker Neuson puts a lot of stock in cultivating

personal contact with its customers. Our customers

appreciate this, because no one else does that for

them. Our relationships last for decades, so trust

and personalities are key. As the saying goes, 'You

can't buy trust. You have to earn it.' There's a lot of

truth in that."

The next issue of the magazine will focus on the

corporate value Quality.

left to right: Stefanie Schramm, Martin Drawe, Ernst Stengl





WEIDEmANN magazine 11

Our production.

Quality in Korbach.

Genuine Weidemann originals are built piece by piece in Korbach. Strict adherence to the best

possible processes lies at the heart of keeping production efficient. We're about to take you on

the same journey Weidemann machines take before they leave the plant.

1 The plant in

Korbach, first day

of production

October 2007

2 The 6 assembly


Let's start with the obvious. The Korbach plant

is U-shaped, and for good reason. This design

reduced the length of the production line from the

1,700 metres of the old plant to just 750 metres in

the new one. An enormous step forward for efficiency.

The plant is divided into different areas, warehouses

and stations. The external warehouse area

houses the large components. They are arranged in

such a way that they have the shortest possible distance

to travel to the assembly line or pre-assembly.

Stringent inventory management ensures that each

warehouse has the right amount of materials needed

for that day's or week's production.

Order is half of production

A daily production schedule makes sure that

components are at the right place at the right time

and the facilities are used as efficiently as possible.

Optimal pre-treatment is the only way to guarantee a

high quality, long-lasting paint finish. This makes the

wheel blast machine, which removes any rust, scale

or welding residue from the components, one of the

most important stations in the production process.

Eighty per cent of all materials involved in production

are powder coated in the automatic booth after

extensive pre-treatment. The coated materials are

then taken automatically to different furnaces to

bind the material and powder together. This method

ensures Weidemann paint finishes are always top

quality. The powder coating facility is loss-free and

environmentally friendly to boot – powder that falls

off and wastewater is kept in a closed circuit. Components

that can not be powder coated for technical

reasons are given a high solid liquid coating.

Now on to the heart of the plant: the 6 assembly

lines. They keep the plant at maximum

assembly capacity. Lines 2, 3 and 4 are identical to

give Weidemann the flexibility it needs to respond

to market conditions. The fact that each individual

component is coated before assembly speaks in

Weidemann's favour. It’s the only way to guarantee a

truly seamless coating and burning process. A sign

of quality that makes a Weidemann good for the

long haul.

Proven Weidemann quality

No machine leaves the plant without first going

through a detailed final inspection. A Weidemann

is only considered ready for dispatch after final

approval. Detailed documentation of the production

process makes it easy to trace which components

were used in what machine at any time. This means

the machine can be comprehensively serviced at

any time for the entirety of its service life.

Weidemann Hoftracs ® , wheel loaders and telehandlers

are robust and built to last. However, even

the most robust machines have to be maintained

regularly. Caring for Weidemann machines couldn't

be easier.

1. Easy access for inspection

The engine bonnet is easy to open up. After

that, checking the air filter and your engine oil,

hydraulic fluid, cooling water and brake fluid levels is

a piece of cake.


Maintenance done in the blink of an eye.

That kind of speed's only possible with


2. Easy to tilt driver's cab

To tilt the driver's cab or cabin to the side on

Weidemann machines, all you need to do is loosen 2

screws. That gives you quick and easy access to the

drive components.

3. Changing hydraulic hoses is no problem at all

Weidemann hydraulic hoses come in separate

segments rather than a single piece. Instead of

having to swap out the entire hose from the control

valve to the attachment, changing a hydraulic hose

on the lifting arm only means changing the segment

you need to.

4. Perfect access to all lubrication points

During the development process, Weidemann

always makes sure that all lubrication points are

easy to access. Even lubrication points which you

would normally expect to find under the engine

bonnet are on the outside on Weidemann machines.



WEIDEmANN magazine 13

1 Then ...

The agricultural mastermind:

Think ahead and demonstrate.

The compact Hoftrac ® from Weidemann is the mobile phone of the farmyard: small, practical, always

available, can do pretty much everything and makes the user's life easier. making farmers' lives

easier has always been the point of the Hoftracs ® from Korbach. This idea was ridiculed at first, but

has since become a generic term for an entire category of machine.

2 ... and now.

Weidemann's General Manager, Bernd Apfelbeck, is

keeping a watchful but relaxed eye on the growing

competition from budget providers: "It's all comes

down to savvy, not just being a copycat. The

Weidemann ethos is about so much more than just

tried and tested machines. Thankfully, that's not

something you can copy, because it's to do with

people and how they think and act."

Unity in diversity and turning farmers' real-life

requirements into practical and genuinely helpful,

affordable solutions – that has been the Weidemann

principle from the very beginning, and it remains the

same today.

Weidemann – as varied as the landscape

Weidemann's portfolio includes Hoftracs ® , wheel

loaders, telehandlers and a comprehensive range

of accessories.

Weidemann's entire range of products is

characterised by three main factors: firstly,

Weidemann provides an ideal selection of machines

in different classes depending on the technology

involved. Second, a consistent customer focus,

from horse ranches through to part-time farmers

and major agricultural companies – movers and

shakers with a lot to move. Municipal applications

and gardening and landscaping have also played

a significant role in recent years. Bernd Apfelbeck:

"A Weidemann in North Germany is configured

differently to one used in the Bavarian Alps. We can

tailor each Weidemann to different requirements,

because our distribution partners on the ground

know exactly what's needed."

From stable boy to all-rounder

In the past, the only thing customers were interested

in was that everything worked properly. Requirements

are much more demanding nowadays.

Comfort, ergonomics, safety, economy and sustainability

are all gaining in importance and changing

the definition of quality. Weidemann wouldn't be

Weidemann if it hadn't been quick to respond to

these changes with new ideas and approaches.


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14 WEIDEmANN magazine PANORAmA

WEIDEmANN magazine 15


First name




ZIP code / City



Trade Fairs & Dates


13 - 19 November 2011

Hanover, Germany

Agritechnica is the world's largest agricultural machinery exhibition and is held every

two years. 355,000 visitors from 88 countries visited in 2009, with a total of 2300 exhibitors

from 46 countries.

As always, Weidemann will be at Agritechnica 2011 to exhibit its latest interesting innovations.

Come visit us at Stand 06-C25 in Hall 6.

We look forward to seeing you!

Go to for other trade fairs and dates


paid by


Wacker Neuson

Vertrieb Europa GmbH & Co. KG


Preußenstraße 41

80809 Munich


4 questions about…

Wacker Neuson Used.

Gotha has been the first port of call for used equipment fans at home and abroad since opening its doors

in April 2011. Wacker Neuson's used equipment centre, built on the 20,000 m 2 site of the former Weidemann

production plant, provides a wide range of used machines and equipment for direct sale. Group brands

Wacker Neuson, Kramer Allrad and Weidemann are all represented alongside brands from outside the group.

The used equipment centre has about 800 used machines in stock at the moment, from small internal vibrators

all the way up to 15 ton excavators, wheel loaders and Hoftracs ® .

The used equipment centre in Gotha provides

what you might call "first hand second hand

equipment". What sets it apart from the


Gruber: "Wacker Neuson's corporate values

– performance, innovation, quality and character –

are all lived out by the used equipment centre in

Gotha. Performance, because we inspect all of our

machines and equipment when they come in and

perform any repairs or maintenance that are needed

then and there. Innovation, because having such

huge an selection of used construction equipment

and machines in one place is unique. Quality,

because we only sell machines and equipment

which are in perfect working order. And character,

because we guarantee our customers professional,

personal advice."

What other advantages do you offer customers?

„Aside from the benefits I just mentioned, the

demonstration area is a real bonus for customers.

They can use it to try out construction equipment

as much as they like before deciding whether or not

to buy it.“

Customers appreciate how quick and easy the

process is in Gotha. What can you tell us about


"A lot of our customers take their newly

purchased used equipment with them straight away

or have their machines picked up by a shipping

company. Customers who have been with Wacker

Neuson for a long time sometimes buy their used

equipment and machines online without even seeing

it in person. They are in constant contact with us

and appreciate that we can be trusted."

Where can existing and potential customers go

to take a look at our entire range of used equipment?

"The quickest way is online. We keep an up-todate

list of all of our machines and equipment with

photos and information on our website But it's worth giving us

a visit in person too. Gotha is right in the middle

of Germany and has excellent transport links to

neighbouring countries."

Ralph-Jörg Gruber, Head

of Wacker Neuson Used



Hall 06 / Stand 06-C25

We look forward

to seeing you!

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