Service instructions for Maintenance Tires Accident Repairs

Service instructions for Maintenance Tires Accident Repairs


instructions for

(please check)



Accident Repairs

Only valid in conjunction with Service Card.

Company name

User‘s first and last name

Registration number

Mileage (kilometers)

The invoice should be addressed to GE. Please send in this service

instruction form and the workshop invoice to GE.

Invoices cannot be processed without a service instruction – in this

case they may be returned to you.

Costs in excess of Euro 400,– require our prior consent.

Approval no.

Servicing and diagnosis

The following work needs to be carried out:

Place, date

User‘s signature

Please mail in the service instructions or fax to +49 89 744 23 240.

Please note the terms and conditions on the reverse side.

102-E / 09.12

GE Capital

GE Auto Service Leasing GmbH

82038 Oberhaching


GE Capital

Terms and conditions

■ ■ A large-customer spare parts discount is to be granted

■ ■ Please settle repairs under warranty and at

manufacturer‘s expense (with an appropriate comment

on the invoice) directly with the manufacturer

■ ■ Tires may only be supplied via our contracted tire partners

(unless we have agreed otherwise)

■ ■ Assembling tools, small accessoires and motor wash will

not be accepted

■ ■ Only inexpensive oils approved by the manufacturer

should be used

■ ■ Please write seperate invoices for damage repairs

(accident repairs, glass breakage)

■ ■ Servicing should only be performed at the intervals set

by the manufacturer

Our service team is available around the clock to answer any

questions: T +49 89 744 23 100

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