American Resource Center Movie Catalogue 2012……. 3 ...

American Resource Center Movie Catalogue 2012……. 3 ...

American Resource Center Movie Catalogue 2012……. 3 ...


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3:10 to Yuma 2007

American Resource Center

Movie Catalogue 2012

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Western

Director: James Mangold

Starring Russell Crowe Christian Bale

A small-time rancher agrees to hold a captured outlaw who's awaiting a

train to go to court in Yuma. A battle of wills ensues as the outlaw tries to

psych out the rancher

21 (2008)

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: John Moore

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson , Giovanni Ribisi, Miranda Otto

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 1 win & 5 nominations

Plot: "21" is the fact-based story about six MIT students who were

trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas

casinos for millions in winnings.

2012 (2009/I)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Roland Emmerich

Starring: John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 2 wins & 13 nominations

Plot: When the geologist Dr. Adrian Helmsley and his team discover that

the core of Earth is heating due to solar radiation, he advises the North

American President about his findings. The American Govern collects

money from the worldwide leaders to build arks to save them with

necessary people to rebuild civilization. Meanwhile, the unsuccessful

writer Jackson Curtis discloses that the world is near to end and tries to

save his son and his daughter from the tragic end.

300 (Two-Disc Special Edition) (2007)

Director: Zack Snyder

Genre: Action| Fantasy | War

Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey

Awards: 9 wins & 27 nominations

Rated R for graphic battle sequences throughout, some sexuality and


Plot: In 480 BC, the Persian king Xerxes sends his massive army to

conquer Greece. The Greek city of Sparta houses its finest warriors, and

300 of these soldiers are chosen to meet the Persians.

27 Dresses (Widescreen Edition) (2008)

Director: Anne Fletcher

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden

Awards: 4 wins & 3 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for language, some innuendo and sexuality.

Plot: After serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, a young woman wrestles

with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the

man she's secretly in love with

10 things I hate about you 1999

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Gil Junger

Starring Heath Ledger Julia Stiles Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Popular, pretty Bianca Stratford is in dilemma. A family rule forbids her

from dating until her unpopular, rebellious, boy-hating older sister Kat

gets a suitor of her own. In an attempt to win Bianca, a potential

boyfriend desperately attempts to set Kat up with Patrick Verona,

another rebel who may just be able to win Kat's heart

48 HRS. 1982

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Walter Hill

Starring Nick Nolte Eddie Murphy

A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal

temporarily paroled to him, in order to track down a killer

16 Blocks 2006

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Richard Donner

Starring Bruce Willis Mos Def David Morse

An aging cop is assigned the ordinary task of escorting a fast-talking

witness from police custody to a courthouse. There are however forces at

work trying to stop prevent them from making it

8 Mile 2002

Genre: Drama | Music

Director: Curtis Hanson

Starring Eminem Kim Basinger Brittany Murphy Mekhi Phifer

A young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, wants to make the

most of what could be his final opportunity but his problems around gives

him doubts


2 fast 2 furious 2003

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Director: John Singleton

Starring Paul Walker Tyrese Gibson Eva Mendes

Former cop, Brian O'Conner is finally arrested after letting his leader

escape the law. To avoid the consequences, he must now work with an

old college friend and help the police arrest a local drug exporter

100 Girls 2000

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Michael Davis

Starring Jonathan Tucker Larisa Oleynik Emmanuelle Chriqui

College Freshman meets his dream girl in a dorm elevator during a

blackout. They make love, and he falls for her without ever seeing her

face. Now he has one goal in life, to find his mystery girl amongst the 100

female suspects

40 days and 40 nights 2002

Genre: Comedy | Romance | Drama

Director: Michael Lehmann

Starring Josh Hartnett Shannyn Sossamon

After a brutal breakup, a young man vows to stay celibate during the 40

days of Lent, but finds the girl of his dreams and is unable to do anything

about it.

The 39 Steps 1935

Genre: thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock,

Starring: Robert Donat , Madeleine Carroll

A harrowing portrait of an innocent man struggle to prove his innocence

while the world turns inexplicably against him.

Avenging Angelo 2002

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime

Director: Martyn Burke

Starring Sylvester Stallone Madeleine Stowe Anthony Quinn

A woman who has just discovered she is the daughter of a murdered

Mafia chieftain seeks revenge, with the aide of her Father's faithful


The Accidental Husband (2008)

Genre: Drama

Director: Griffin Dunne

Starring: Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth

Rated: PG-13

Plot: When talk radio host Emma Lloyd advises one of her listeners to

break up with her boyfriend, the jilted ex sets about getting his revenge.

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy

Director: Tim Burton

Rated: PG

Awards: 2 nominations

Plot: 19-year-old Alice returns to the magical world from her childhood

adventure, where she reunites with her old friends and learns of her true

destiny: to end the Red Queen's reign of terror.

Angels & Demons (2009)

Genre: Mystery | Thriller

Director: Ron Howard

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 5 nominations

Plot: Under the watchful eyes of Father Silvano Bentivoglio and Dr.

Vittoria Vetra, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

initiates the Large Hadron Collider and captures three vials of antimatter.

Immediately afterward, someone kills Father Silvano, using his retina to

infiltrate the containment chamber, and steals one vial.

Around the World in 80 Days (2004)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Romance | Western

Director: Frank Coraci

Starring: Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan, Cécile De France

Rated: PG

Awards: 2 nominations

Plot: A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief, and a French artist on a

worldwide adventure that they can circle the globe in 80 days.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

Genre: Biography | Crime | Drama | History | Western

Director: Andrew Dominik

Starring: Brad Pitt, Mary-Louise Parker

Rated: R

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 12 wins & 19 nominations

Plot: Robert Ford, who's idolized Jesse James since childhood, tries hard

to join the reforming gang of the Missouri outlaw, but gradually becomes

resentful of the bandit leader.

Astro Boy (2009)

Genre: Animation | Action | Family | Sci-Fi

Director: David Bowers

Rated: PG

Plot: Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with

incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son

he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving man's expectations, our hero

embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and

a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City

and reconcile with the father who had rejected him.

Avatar (2009)

Genre: Animation | Action | Family | Sci-Fi

Director: James Cameron

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Won 3 Oscars. Another 28 wins & 58 nominations

Plot: A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique

mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the

world he feels is his home.

Australia (2008)

Director: Baz Luhrmann

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Romance | War

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman

Plot: Set in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat

who inherits a sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a stock-man in order

to protect her new property from a takeover plot. As the pair drive 2,000

head of cattle over unforgiving landscape, they experience the bombing

of Darwin, Australia, by Japanese forces firsthand

Atonement (2007)

Director: Joe Wright

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Romance | War

Starring: Keira Knightley, James Mcavoy

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 23 wins & 67 nominations

Rated: Rated R for disturbing war images, language and some sexuality

Plot: Fledgling writer Briony Tallis, as a 13-year-old, irrevocably changes

the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister's lover of a

crime he did not commit. Based on the British romance novel by Ian


Awake (2007)

Director: Joby Harold

Genre: Crime | Thriller

Starring: Terrence Howard, Fisher Stevens Jessica Alba

Awards: 1 win & 3 nominations

Plot: The story focuses on a man who suffers "anesthetic awareness" and

finds himself awake and aware, but paralyzed, during heart surgery. His

mother must wrestle with her own demons as a drama unfolds around

them, while trying to unfold the story hidden behind her son's young wife

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)

Director: Tim Hill

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family | Fantasy | Music

Starring: Jason Lee, David Cross

Awards: 2 wins & 1 nomination

Plot: A struggling songwriter named Dave Seville finds success when he

comes across a trio of singing chipmunks: mischievous leader Alvin, brainy

Simon, and chubby, impressionable Theodore

Assassins 1995

Genre: Action | Thriller | Crime

Director: Richard Donner

Starring Sylvester Stallone Antonio Banderas Julianne Moore

Robert Rath is a seasoned hitman who just wants out of the business with

no back talk. But, as things go, it ain't so easy. A younger, peppier assassin

named Bain is having a field day trying to kill said older assassin. Rath

teams up with a computer hacker named Electra to defeat the obsessed


Analyze this 1999

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: Harold Ramis

Starring Robert De Niro Billy Crystal Lisa Kudrow

A comedy about a psychiatrist whose number one-patient is an insecure

mob boss.

Analyze that 2002

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: Harold Ramis

Starring Robert De Niro Billy Crystal Lisa Kudrow

The mafia's Paul Vitti is back in prison and will need some serious

counseling when he gets out. Naturally, he returns to his analyst Dr. Ben

Sobel for help and finds that Sobel needs some serious help himself as he

has inherited the family practice, as well as an excess stock of stress

All the President's men 1976

Genre: Drama | History | Thriller

Director: Alan J. Pakula

Starring Dustin Hoffman Robert Redford

Reporters Woodward and Bernstein uncover the details of the Watergate

scandal that leads to President Nixon's resignation

Apocalypto 2006

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama

Director: Mel Gibson

Starring Dalia Hernández Rudy Youngblood

As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline, the rulers insist the key to

prosperity is to build more temples and offer human sacrifices. Jaguar

Paw, a young man captured for sacrifice, flees to avoid his fate

Autumn in New York 2000

Genre: Romance | Drama

Director: Joan Chen

Starring Richard Gere Winona Ryder

Romantic drama about an aging playboy who falls for a sweet, but

terminally ill, young woman

Alpha Dog 2006

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Starring Bruce Willis Matthew Barry

A drama based on the life of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who

became one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI's most wanted list

Anger Management 2003

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Peter Segal

Starring Adam Sandler Jack Nicholson

Sandler plays a businessman who is wrongly sentenced to an angermanagement

program, where he meets an aggressive instructor

American History X 1998

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Tony Kaye

Starring : Edward Norton; Edward Furlong

A former neo-nazi skinhead tries to prevent his younger brother from

going down the same wrong path that he did

Apocalypse now – The Complete dossier 1979

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Starring Marlon Brando Martin Sheen Robert Duvall

During the on-going Vietnam War, Captain Willard is sent on a dangerous

mission into Cambodia to assassinate a renegade Green Beret who has

set himself up as a God among a local tribe

As good as it gets 1997

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: James L. Brooks

Starring Jack Nicholson Helen Hunt Greg Kinnear

After his homosexual neighbor is brutally beaten, he is entrusted to the

care of the neighbor's dog, with a difficult relationship with a waitress to

add on top of that.

Advise & Consent 1962

Genre: Drama

Director: Otto Preminger

Starring Henry Fonda

Senate investigation into the President's newly nominated Secretary of

State, gives light to a secret from the past, which may not only ruin the

candidate, but the President's character as well.

And Justice for all 1979

Genre: Drama | Thriller | Crime

Director: Norman Jewison

Starring Al Pacino Jack Warden

An ethical Baltimore defense lawyer disgusted with rampant legal

corruption is asked to defend a judge he despises in a rape trial. But if he

doesn't do it, the judge will have him disbarred

Amos&Andrew 1993

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: E. Max Frye

Starring Samuel L. Jackson Nicolas Cage

When Andrew Sterling, a successful black urbanite writer buys a vacation

home on a resort in New England the police mistake him for a burglar

American Gangster 2007 The Complete First Season

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring Denzel Washington Russell Crowe

In 1970s America, a detective works to bring down the drug empire of

Frank Lucas, a heroin kingpin from Manhattan, who is smuggling the drug

into the country from the Far East

The Alamo 1960

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | History | War | Western

Director: John Wayne

Starring John Wayne Richard Widmark Laurence Harvey

The legendary true story of a small band of soldiers who sacrificed their

lives in hopeless combat against a massive army in order to prevent a

tyrant from smashing the new Republic of Texas

Air America 1990

Genre: Action | Comedy

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Starring Mel Gibson Robert Downey Jr.

A young pilot finds himself recruited into a covert and corrupt CIA airlift

organization operating in Vietnam War Era Laos

An American in Paris 1951

Genre: Musical | Romance

Director: Vincente Minnelli

Starring Gene Kelly Leslie Caron Oscar Levant Georges Guétary

Jerry Mulligan, a struggling American painter in Paris, is "discovered" by

an influential heiress with an interest in more than Jerry's art

American Pie 1999

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Paul Weitz

Starring Jason Biggs Chris Klein Alyson Hannigan Shannon Elizabeth

Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night

Alex Rider (Operation Stormbreaker)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Art/Foreign, Thriller

Director: Geoffrey Sax

Starring Alex Pettyfer, Ewan McGregor, Robbie Coltrane, Mickey Rourke,

Alex soon learns that his uncle was a spy for Britain's secret intelligence

service MI6. Uncle Ian had actually prepared Alex for a career in

espionage by encouraging his hobbies, and with Alex's skills in languages,

scuba diving, mountaineering


Are we there yet? Travel Games & Songs for kids on the Go! 2005

Genre: Educational, Children , Family

Director:Banyan Entertainment

Starring Miles the Goose

Kids learn the car games at home and play them on the road!

Ali 2001

Genre: Biography | Drama | Sport

Director: Michael Mann

Starring Will Smith Jamie Foxx

A biography of sports legend, Muhammad Ali, from his early days to his

days in the ring

Amistad 1997

Genre: Drama | History | Mystery

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring Morgan Freeman Anthony Hopkins Djimon Hounsou

AMISTAD is a slave ship. Much of the story involves a court-room drama

about the free-man who led the revolt

Apollo 13 1995

Genre: Adventure | Drama | History

Director: Ron Howard

Starring Tom Hanks Bill Paxton

True story of the moon-bound mission that developed severe trouble and

the men that rescued it with skill and dedication

Bourne ultimatum, The 2007

Genre: Action | Adventure | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Paul Greengrass

Starring Matt Damon

Bourne dodges new, superior assassins as he searches for his unknown

past while a government agent tries to track him down

Bourne Supremacy, The 2004

Genre: Action | Adventure | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Paul Greengrass

Starring Matt Damon

When Jason Bourne is framed for a botched CIA operation he is forced to

take up his former life as a trained assassin to survive.

The Bank Job (2008)

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Roger Donaldson

Starring: Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows

Rated: R

Awards: 1 nomination

Plot: Martine offers Terry a lead on a foolproof bank hit on London's

Baker Street. She targets a roomful of safe deposit boxes worth millions in

cash and jewelry. But Terry and his crew don't realize the boxes also

contain a treasure trove of dirty secrets - secrets that will thrust them

into a deadly web of corruption and illicit scandal.become a stowaway on

the trip.

The Blind Side (2009)

Genre: Biography | Drama | Sport

Director: John Lee Hancock

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 4 wins & 14 nominations

Plot: The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who

became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with

the help of a caring woman and her family.

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Romance

Director: Andy Tennant

Starring: Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston

Rated: PG-13

Plot: A bounty hunter learns that his next target is his ex-wife, a reporter

working on a murder cover-up. Soon after their reunion, the always-atodds

duo find themselves on a run-for-their-lives adventure.

The Box (2009/I)

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Richard Kelly

Starring: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 3 nominations

Plot: A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple,

who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill

someone they don't know.

Brothers (2009/I)

Genre: Drama | Thriller | War

Director: Jim Sheridan

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman

Rated: R

Awards: Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 1 win & 6 nominations

Plot: A young man comforts his older brother's wife and children after he

goes missing in Afghanistan.

The Burning Plain (2008)

Genre: Crime | Drama | Romance

Director: Guillermo Arriaga

Starring: Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger

Rated: R

Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations

Plot: A trailer is burning in the middle of a plain. The bodies of two

adulterous lovers are found. Scenes from both families, before and after

the dramatic events, suggest an unusual connection between them. But

what is their secret?

Bee Movie (2007)

Director: Steve Hickner

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld

Awards: Nomin. for Golden Globe. Another 11 nomin.

Rated: Rated PG for mild suggestive humor, and a brief depiction of


Plot: Barry B. Benson, a bee who has just graduated from college, is

disillusioned at his lone career choice: making honey. On a special trip

outside the hive, Barry's life is saved by Vanessa, a florist in New York

City. As their relationship blossoms, he discovers humans actually eat

honey, and subsequently decides to sue us

Batman Begins (2005)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine

Awards: Nomin for Oscar. Another 6 wins & 38 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for intense action violence, disturbing images and

some thematic elements

Plot: The story of how Bruce Wayne became what he was destined to be:


Babylon A.D. (2008)

Director: Mathieu Kassovitz

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh

Awards: 1 nomination

Rated: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action,

language and some sexuality

Plot: Veteran-turned-mercenary Toorop takes the high-risk job of

escorting a woman from Russia to America. Little does he know that she

is host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a

genetically modified Messiah

Bedtime Stories (2008)

Director: Adam Shankman

Genre: Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Starring: Adam Sandler, Keri Russell

Awards: 1 win & 4 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for some mild rude humor and mild language

Plot: A family comedy about a hotel handyman whose life changes when

the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically

come true

Bolt (2008)

Director: Chris Williams; Byron Howard

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Starring: John Travolta, Miley Cyrus

Awards Nominated for Oscar. Another 20 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for some mild action and peril

Plot: The canine star of a fictional sci-fi/action show that believes his

powers are real embarks on a cross country trek to save his co-star from a

threat he believes is just as real

Braveheart (1995)

Director: Mel Gibson

Genre: Action | Biography | Drama | History | War

Starring: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau

Awards Won 5 Oscars. Another 15 wins & 20 nominations

Rated: Rated R for brutal medieval warfare

Plot: Braveheart is the partly historical, partly mythological, story of

William Wallace, a Scottish common man who fights for his country's

freedom from English rule around the end of the 13th century

Beowulf (2007)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Starring: Ray Winstone, Crispin Glover

Awards 12 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence including disturbing

images, some sexual material and nudity

Plot: The warrior Beowulf must fight and defeat the monster Grendel who

is terrorizing towns, and later, Grendel's mother, who begins killing out of


The Bucket List (2007)

Director: Rob Reiner

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Drama

Starring: Jack Nicholson; Morgan Freeman

Awards: 3 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for language, including a sexual reference.

Plot: Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a

road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

Body of Lies (2008)

Director: Ridley Scott

Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe

Awards: 2 nominations

Rated: Rated R for strong violence including some torture, and for

language throughout

Plot: Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) is a CIA paramilitary operations officer. He is

in Iraq trying to track down a terrorist called Al-Saleem...

Bordertown (2007)

Director: Gregory Nava

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Starring: Jennifer lopez Juan Diego Botto,

Awards: 1 nomination

Rated: Rated R for violence including a brutal rape, sexuality, nudity and


Plot: A journalist investigates a series of murders near American-owned

factories on the border of Juarez and El Paso

Becoming Jane (2007)

Director: Julian Jarrold

Genre: Biography | Drama | Romance

Starring: Philip Culhane, Jessica Ashworth

Awards: 2 wins & 5 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for brief nudity and mild language. (edited for re-rating;

was PG-13)

Plot: A biographical portrait of a pre-fame Jane Austen and her romance

with a young Irishman

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Director: Eric Bress, J. Mackye

Genre: Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart

Awards 1 win & 3 nominations

Rated: Rated R for violence, sexual content, language and brief drug use.

Plot: A young man blocks out harmful memories of significant events of

his life. As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories

and a supernatural way to alter his life

The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006)

Director: John R. Leonetti

Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Eric Lively, Erica Durance

Awards 1 nomination

Rated: Rated R for violence, sexuality and language

Plot: A brain tumor allows a person to change the past by reflecting at

relevant pictures

The bridges on the River Kwai 1957

Genre: Adventure | Drama | War

Director: David Lean

Starring William Holden Alec Guinness

After settling his differences with a Japanese PoW camp commander, a

British colonel co-operates to oversee his men's construction of a railway

bridge for their captors - while oblivious to a plan by the Allies to destroy


Band f Brothers 2001 10 episodes

Genre: Adventure | Drama | History | War

Director: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg

Starring Damian Lewis Donnie Wahlberg

The story of Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division and

their mission in WWII Europe from Operation Overlord through V-J Day

Being Julia 2004

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: István Szabó

Starring Annette Bening Jeremy Irons

Set in '30s London, the film involves stage actors and their experiences

with love and revenge

The Big Lebowski 1998

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: Joel Coen

Starring Jeff Bridges John Goodman Steve Buscemi

"Dude" Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, seeks restitution

for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it

Bobby 2006

Genre: Drama

Director: Emilio Estevez

Starring Laurence Fishburne Heather Graham Anthony Hopkins

The story of the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was

shot in the early morning hours of June 5, 1968 in the Ambassador Hotel

in Los Angeles, and 22 people in the hotel whose lives were never the


The Big Country 1958

Genre: Drama | Romance | Western

Director: William Wyler

Starring Gregory Peck Jean Simmons Carroll Baker

A New Englander arrives in the Old West, where he becomes embroiled in

a feud between two families over a valuable patch of land

Bewitched 2005

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Nora Ephron

Starring Nicole Kidman Will Ferrell

Thinking he can overshadow an unknown actress in the part, an

egocentric actor unknowingly gets a witch cast in an upcoming television

remake of the classic show "Bewitched".

Bad Lieutenant 1992

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Abel Ferrara

Starring Harvey Keitel

While investigating a young nun's rape, a corrupt New York City police

detective, with a serious drug and gambling addiction, tries to change his

ways and find forgiveness

Before Sunset 2004

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Richard Linklater

Starring Ethan Hawke Julie Delpy

There are nine years after Jesse and Celine first met; now, they encounter

one another on the French leg of Jesse's book tour. ..and they have only

one fanding afternoon to decide if they should share their tomorrows

Be Cool 2005

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: F. Gary Gray

Starring John Travolta Uma Thurman

Disenchanted with the movie industry, Chili Palmer (John Travolta) tries

the music industry, meeting and romancing a widow of a music exec

(Uma Thurman) on the way

Bad Company 1995

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Damian Harris

Starring Ellen Barkin Laurence Fishburne

One of Crowe's co-workers, discovers Crowe's current CIA involvement in

a plot to overthrow Grimes, and blackmails him to be cut in on the deal.

Bad Boys 1995

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Michael Bay

Starring Martin Lawrence Will Smith

Two hip detectives protect a murder witness while investigating a case of

stolen heroin

Bad Boys II 2003

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Director: Michael Bay

Starring Martin Lawrence Will Smith

Two loose-cannon narcotics cops investigate the flow of Ecstacy into


A Beautiful Mind 2001

Genre: Biography | Drama

Director: Ron Howard

Starring Russell Crowe

After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in

cryptography, his life takes a turn to the nightmarish

Back to the Future 1985 (The complete trilogy)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Sci-Fi

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Starring Michael J. Fox Lea Thompson Christopher Lloyd

In 1985, Doc Brown invents time travel; in 1955, Marty McFly accidentally

prevents his parents from meeting, putting his own existence at stake.

The Birds 1963

Genre: Horror | Romance | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring Rod Taylor Jessica Tandy Suzanne Pleshette

A wealthy San Francisco playgirl pursues a potential boyfriend to a small

Northern California town that slowly takes a turn for the bizarre when

birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people there in increasing

numbers and with increasing viciousness

The Black Stallion 1979

Genre: Adventure | Family | Sport

Director: Carroll Ballard

Starring Kelly Reno Mickey Rooney

While traveling with his father, young Alec becomes fascinated by a

mysterious Arabian stallion …

The Black Stallion returns 1983

Genre: Adventure | Family

Director: Robert Dalva

Starring Kelly Reno Vincent Spano

A teenager loses his horse in Morocco and gets him back after various

daredevil adventures

Black Hawk Down 2001

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring Josh Hartnett Ewan McGregor

123 elite U.S. soldiers drop into Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of

a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle with a large

force of heavily-armed Somalis

Bonnie and Clyde 1967

Genre: Biography | Crime | Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Arthur Penn

Starring Warren Beatty Faye Dunaway

A somewhat romantized account of the career of the notoriously violent

bank robbing couple and their gang

Boiler room 2000

Genre: Thriller | Drama | Crime

Director: Ben Younger

Starring Giovanni Ribisi Vin Diesel Nia Long

A college dropout gets a job as a broker for a suburban investment firm,

which puts him on the fast track to success, but the job might not be as

legitimate as it sounds

Blue Streack 1999

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Director: Les Mayfield

Starring Martin Lawrence

A thief turned ex-con poses as a cop to retrieve a diamond he stole years



Chocolat 2000

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Lasse Hallström

Starring:Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp

A woman and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French

village that shakes up the rigid morality of the community.

Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

Genre: Biography | Comedy | Drama

Director: Mike Nichols

Starring: Tom Hanks, Amy Adams, Julia Roberts

Rated: R

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 4 wins & 10 nominations

Plot: A drama based on a Texas congressman Charlie Wilson's covert

dealings in Afghanistan, where his efforts to assist rebels in their war with

the Soviets have some unforeseen and long-reaching effects.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family

Director: Phil Lord

Chris Miller

Starring: Bill Hader, Anna Faris

Rated: PG

Plot: The most delicious event since macaroni met cheese. Inspired by

the beloved children's book, the film focuses on a town where food falls

from the sky like rain.

Coraline (2009)

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Fantasy

Director: Henry Selick

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher

Rated: PG

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 6 wins & 23 nominations

Plot: An adventurous girl finds another world that is a strangely idealized

version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

Director: P.J. Hogan

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Isla Fisher, Leslie Bibb

Awards 3 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for some mild language and thematic elements

Plot: A college grad lands a job as a financial journalist in New York City to

support where she nurtures her shopping addiction and falls for a wealthy


Charlie's Angels (2000)& Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Director: McG

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore

Awards: 12 wins & 26 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for action violence, innuendo and some


Plot: Three women, detectives with a mysterious boss, retrieve stolen

voice-ID software, using martial arts, tech skills, and sex appeal

Changeling (2008)

Director: Clint Eastwood

Genre: Drama | History | Mystery | Thriller

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Colm Feore

Awards: Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 4 wins & 31 nominations

Rated: Rated R for some violent and disturbing content, and language.

Plot: A grief-stricken mother takes on the LAPD to her own detriment

when it stubbornly tries to pass off an obvious impostor as her missing

child, while also refusing to give up hope that she will find him one day

Constantine 2005

Genre: Fantasy | Horror | Thriller

Director: Francis Lawrence

Starring: Keanu Reeves

The story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine, who has

literally been to Hell and back. When Constantine teams up with skeptical

policewoman Angela Dodson to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin

sister, their investigation takes them through the world of demons and


The Cheney Vase 1955

Genre: Fantasy | Horror | Thriller

Director: "Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Patricia Collinge Darren McGavin

When Lyle Endicott is fired from his job at an art museum, he comes up

with a plan to take advantage of a trusting invalid whom he befriended at

the museum

The Constant Gardener 2005

Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Fernando Meirelles

Starring: Ralph Fiennes Rachel Weisz

A widower is determined to get to the bottom of a potentially explosive

secret involving his wife's murder, big business, and corporate corruption

Crash 2004

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Paul Haggis

Starring: Sandra Bullock Sean Cory Cooper Matt Dillon

Several stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles involving a

collection of inter-related characters

Conspiracy Theory 1997

Genre: Crime | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Director: Richard Donner

Starring: Mel Gibson Julia Roberts

Jerry Fletcher is a man who sees conspiracies everywhere. But if you keep

doing that long enough, sooner or later you're going to get one right...

Closer 2004

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Mike Nichols

Starring: Natalie Portman Jude Law Julia Roberts Clive Owen

The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when

the man from one couple meets the woman of the other

Cinderella Man 2005

Genre: Biography | Drama | Sport

Director: Ron Howard

Starring: Russell Crowe Renée Zellweger

The story of James Braddock, a supposedly washed up boxer who came

back to become a champion and an inspiration in the 1930s

Citizen Kane 1941

Genre: Drama | Mystery

Director: Orson Welles

Starring: Joseph Cotten Agnes Moorehead

We see, inside the castle, a dying man examining a winter scene within a

crystal ball. As he drops it, it smashes, and one word is heard -

"Rosebud..." What follows are pieces of newsreel-like footage detailing

how Kane amassed his fortune, and turning around full circle at the end.

Chasers 1994

Genre: Comedy

Director: Dennis Hopper

Starring: Tom Berenger William McNamara Erika Eleniak

A hapless Navy grunt is assigned SP duty. The catch : he must escort a

beautiful female prisoner on her way to prison for going AWOL

I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Dennis Dugan

Starring: Adam Sandler Kevin James Jessica Biel Dan Aykroyd

Two straight, single Brooklyn firefighters pretend to be a gay couple in

order to receive domestic partner benefits

Casino 1995

Genre: Crime | Drama | History

Director: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro , Joe Pesci

Greed, deception, money, power, and murder occur between two

mobster best friends and a trophy wife over a gambling empire

Cold Mountain 2003

Genre: Drama | Romance | War

Director: Anthony Minghella

Starring: Jude Law Nicole Kidman Renée Zellweger

In the waning days of the American Civil War, a wounded soldier (Law)

embarks on a perilous journey back home to Cold Mountain, North

Carolina to reunite with his sweetheart (Kidman). Based on the novel by

Charles Frazier

The Candidate 1972

Genre: Drama

Director: Michael Ritchie

Starring: Robert Redford

Bill McKay is a candidate for the U.S. Senate from California. He has no

hope of winning, so he is willing to tweak the establishment

Carlito's Way 1993

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Brian De Palma

Starring: Al Pacino Sean Penn

A Puerto-Rican, just released from prison, pledges to stay away from

drugs and violence despite the pressure around him and lead on to a

better life

A Christmas Story 1983

Genre: Comedy | Family

Director: Bob Clark

Starring: Peter Billingsley Melinda Dillon Darren McGavin

Ralphie has to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder

BB gun really is the perfect gift for the 1940's

Cutting Glass 1989

Genre: Comedy | Horror | Thriller

Director: Rospo Pallenberg

Starring: Brad Pitt Roddy McDowall

High school student Paula Carson's affections are being sought after by

two of her classmates: Dwight, the "bad boy", and Brian, a disturbed

young man who has just been released from a mental hospital where he

was committed following the suspicious death of his father. Soon after

being released, more murders start happening. Is Brian back to his old

tricks, or is Dwight just trying to eliminate the competition?

The Cowboys 1972

Genre: Drama | Western

Director: Mark Rydell

Starring: John Wayne

Wil Andersen finds himself with a herd of cattle which he has to get to

market before the winter sets in, but he has no men to help him. He turns

to a group of young school boys as his last hope to get the job done.

There is no better training for these boys than hands-on as they don't

know what they are in for. They set out as schoolboys but return as


Cruel Intentions 1999

Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Roger Kumble

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar Ryan Phillippe Reese Witherspoon

Kathryn makes a bet that her step-brother, Sebastian, won't be able to

bed Annette (a virgin, who wants to wait until love). If he loses, Kathryn

gets his Jaguar, if he wins, he gets Kathryn

Continental Divide 1981

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Michael Apted

Starring: John Belushi Blair Brown

A hard-nosed Chicago journalist has an unlikely love affair with an eagle


Collateral 2004

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Michael Manna

Starring: Tom Cruise Jamie Foxx

A cab driver finds himself the hostage of an engaging contract killer as he

makes his rounds from hit to hit during one night in LA. He must find a

way to save both himself and one last victim

A Christmas Carol 1938

Genre: Drama | Fantasy

Director: Edwin L. Marin

Starring: Alastair Sim

The timeworn Dickens' story about the old merchant Scrooge and how his

own disappointments in life shape


Genre: Biography | Crime | Drama

Director: Bennett Miller

Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Truman Capote (Hoffman), during his research for his book In Cold Blood,

an account of the murder of a Kansas family, the writer develops a close

relationship with Perry Smith, one of the killers

Charlotte's Web 2006

Genre: Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Director: Gary Winick

Starring: Julia Roberts John Cleese

Wilbur the pig is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that

come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. He hatches a plan

with Charlotte, a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never


Cabaret 1972

Genre: Drama | Music | Romance

Director: Bob Fosse

Starring: Liza Minnelli Michael York

A female girlie club entertainer in Weimar Republic era Berlin romances

two men while the Nazi Party rises to power around them

City of Angels 1998

Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Thriller

Director: Brad Silberling

Starring: Nicolas Cage Meg Ryan

Inspired by the modern classic, Wings of Desire, City involves an angel

(Cage) who is spotted by a doctor in an operating room. Franz plays

Cage's buddy who somehow knows a lot about angels

Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001

Genre: Drama | Music | Romance

Director: John Madden

Starring: Penélope Cruz Nicolas Cage

When a fisherman leaves to fight with the Greek army during WWII, his

fiancee falls in love with the local Italian commander

The Craft 1996

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Thriller

Director: Andrew Fleming

Starring: Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Rachel True

A newcomer to a Catholic prep high school falls in with a trio of outcast

teenage girls who practice witchcraft and they all soon conjure up various

spells and curses against those who even slightly anger them

Cry Baby 1990

Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance

Director: John Waters

Starring: Johnny Depp

"Drape" (or Greaser) Wade Walker, also known as Cry-Baby for his ability

to shed a single tear, falls

A Civil Action 1998

Genre: Drama

Director: Steven Zaillian

Starring: John Travolta

The families of children who died sue two companies for dumping toxic

waste: a tort so expensive to prove, the case could bankrupt their lawyer

Cheyenne warrior 1994

Genre: Action | Western

Director: Mark Griffiths

Starring: Kelly Preston

An interracial love story, set in the turbulent wild west, stirs up tensions

between the Indians and the settlers

Cats 1998

Genre: Comedy | Music | Musical | Romance

Director: David Mallet

Starring: Elaine Paige; John Mills; Ken Page

"Jellicle" cats join for a Jellicle ball where they rejoice with their leader,

Old Deuteronomy. One cat will be chosen to go to the "Heavyside Layer"

and be reborn. The cats introduce themselves

Coming to America 1988

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: John Landis

Starring: Eddie Murphy

An African prince goes to Queens, New York City to find a wife whom he

can respect for her intelligence and will

Chicago 2002

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Musical

Director: Rob Marshall

Starring: Renée Zellweger Catherine Zeta-Jones Richard Gere

Murderesses Velma Kelly (a chanteuse and tease who killed her husband

and sister after finding them in bed together) and Roxie Hart (who killed

her boyfriend when she discovered he wasn't going to make her a star)

find themselves on death row together and fight for the fame that will

keep them from the gallows in 1920s Chicago

Color Purple, The 1985

Genre: Drama

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Whoopi Goldberg Oprah Winfrey Danny Glover

This film follows the life of Celie, a young black girl growing up in the early


1900's. The first time we see Celie, she is 14 - and pregnant - by her

father. We stay with her for the next 30 years of her tough life...

The Dark Side of the Sun 1997

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Bozidar 'Bota' Nikolic

Starring: Brad Pitt Cheryl Pollak

Traveling in search of a cure for a rare skin disease, a man finds freedom

and love along the way.

Dear John (2010/I)

Genre: Drama | Romance | War

Director: Lasse Hallström

Starring: Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 2 nominations

Plot: A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative

college student while he's home on leave.

Doubt (2008/I)

Genre: Drama | Mystery

Director: John Patrick Shanley

Starring: Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for 5 Oscars. Another 11 wins & 33 nominations

Plot: In a Bronx Catholic school in 1964 a popular priest's ambiguous

relationship with a troubled 12 year old black student is questioned by

the school's principal.

Defiance (2008)

Director: Edward Zwick

Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller | War

Starring: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber

Awards: Nomin. for Oscar. Another 1 win & 2 nomin.

Rated: Rated R for violence and language.

Plot: Jewish brothers in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe escape into the

Belarusian forests, where they join Russian resistance fighters and

endeavor to build a village in order to protect themselves and about

1,000 Jewish non-combatants

Death Defying Acts (2007)

Director: Gillian Armstrong

Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller

Starring: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Guy Pearce

Awards: 3 wins & 6 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for some sensuality, thematic material, language, violent

content and smoking.

Plot: On a tour of Britain in 1926, Harry Houdini enters into a passionate

affair with a psychic out to con the famous magician

Dark City (1998)

Director: Alex Proyas

Genre: Crime | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: John Bluthal, Jennifer Connelly

Awards: 6 wins & 7 nominations

Rated: Rated R for violent images and some sexuality

Plot: A man struggles with memories of his past, including a wife he

cannot remember, in a nightmarish world with no sun and run by beings

with telekinetic powers who seek the souls of humans

Desperate Housewives: Seasons 1-5

Director: Marc Cherry

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Starring: Marcia Cross Eva Longoria Parker Felicity Huffman Teri Hatcher

Brenda Strong

Awards: Won 3 Golden Globes. Another 38 wins & 107 nominations


Plot: Secrets and truths unfold through the lives of female friends in one

suburban neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of a neighbor

Derailed (2005)

Director: Mikael Håfström

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Starring: Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston

Awards -

Rated: Rated R for strong disturbing violence, language and some


Plot: When two married business executives having an affair are

blackmailed by a violent criminal, the two must turn the tables on him to

save their families

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

Director: Scott Derrickson

Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly

Awards 2 wins & 5 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for some sci-fi disaster images and violence.

Plot: When a sphere from outer space lands in the Central Park in

Manhattan, a group of scientists are summoned by the American

government under the call of the Secretary of Defense Regina Jackson.

The reborn alien form Klaatu is brought to a military facility and Dr. Helen

Benson decides to help him to escape and become the only chance to

save the mankind from destruction

Departed, The 2006

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio Matt Damon Jack Nicholson

Two men from opposite sides of the law are undercover within the

Massachusetts State Police and the Irish mafia, but violence and

bloodshed boil when discoveries are made..

Down to you 2000

Genre: Romance | Comedy | Drama

Director: Kris Isacsson

Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr. Julia Stiles

A young man wins and loses the first serious love of his life

Drum line 2002

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance | Music

Director: Charles Stone III

Starring Nick Cannon

A band director recruits a Harlem street drummer to play at a Southern


Devil's Advocate 1997

Genre: Drama | Horror | Thriller

Director: Taylor Hackford

Starring> Keanu Reeves Al Pacino Charlize Theron

A hotshot lawyer gets more than he bargained for when he learns his new

boss is Lucifer himself

Down in the Valley 2005

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: David Jacobson

Starring: Edward Norton Evan Rachel Wood David Morse

Set in the present-day San Fernando Valley, the project revolves around a

delusional man who believes he's a cowboy and the relationship that he

starts with a rebellious young woman

Driven 2001

Genre: Action | Drama | Sport

Director: Renny Harlin

Starring: Sylvester Stallone

A young hot shot driver is in the middle of a championship season and is

coming apart at the seams. A former CART champion is called in to give

him guidance

Dead poets society

Genre: Drama

Director: Peter Weir

Starring: Robin Williams

English professor John Keating inspires his students to a love of poetry

and to seize the day

Donnie Darko 2001

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Richard Kelly

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal

A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that

manipulates him to commit a series of crimes, after narrowly escaping a

bizarre accident

The Day After Tomorrow 2004

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Roland Emmerich

Starring Dennis Quaid

A climatologist tries to figure out a way to save the world from abrupt

global warming. He must get to his young son in New York, which is being

taken over by a new ice age

Dr. Strangelove 1964

Genre: Comedy

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Starring Peter Sellers George C. Scott

An insane general starts a process to nuclear holocaust that a war room

of politicians and generals frantically try to stop

Doctor Zhivago 1965

Genre: Drama | Romance | War

Director: David Lean

Starring: Omar Sharif Julie Christie Rod Steiger

Life of a Russian doctor/poet who, although married, falls for a political

activist's wife and experiences hardships during the Bolshevik Revolution

Dial M for Murder 1954

Genre: Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Ray Milland Grace Kelly

An ex-tennis pro carries out a plot to murder his wife. When things go

wrong, he improvises a brilliant plan B

Drums along the Mohawk 1939

Genre: Drama | Romance | War | Western

Director: John Ford

Starring: Claudette Colbert Henry Fonda

Before the Revolutionary War farmer Martin brings bride Magdelana the

Mohawk Valley where they are burned out by Indians

Demolition Man 1993

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Sci-Fi

Director: Marco Brambilla

Starring: Sylvester Stallone Wesley Snipes Sandra Bullock

A cop is brought out of suspended animation in prison to pursue an old

ultra-violent enemy who is loose in a nonviolent future society

Dogma 1999

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy | Mystery

Director: Kevin Smith

Starring Bud Cort Barret Hackney Ben Affleck

An abortion clinic worker with a special heritage is called upon to save the

existence of humanity from being negated by two renegade angels trying

to exploit a loophole and re-enter Heaven


Deliver US from Eva 2003

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Gary Hardwick

Starring: LL Cool J Gabrielle Union

Eva Dandridge is a very uptight young woman who constantly meddles in

the affairs of her sisters and their husbands

Employee of the month 2006

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Greg Coolidge

Starring: Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook, Dax Shepard

When he hears that the new female employee digs ambitious men who

are the store employee of the month, a slacker gets his act together but

finds himself in competition with his rival, an ambitious co-worker.

Everybody's Fine (2009)

Genre: Drama

Director: Kirk Jones

Starring: Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore , Kate Beckinsale, Sam


Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 1 win & 2 nominations

Plot: A widower who realized his only connection to his family was

through his wife sets off on an impromptu road trip to reunite with each

of his grown children.

Elegy (2008)

Director: Isabel Coixet

Genre: Drama | Romance

Starring: Penelope Cruz, Ben Kingsley

Awards 2 wins & 4 nominations

Rated: Rated R for sexuality, nudity and language

Plot: David Kepesh is growing old. He's a professor of literature. When he

finds a student attractive, Consuela, a 24-year-old, he sets out to seduce

her. Along the way, he swims in deeper feelings, maybe he's drowning.

The English Patient (1996)

Director: Anthony Minghella

Genre: Romance | Drama | War

Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche

Awards: Won 9 Oscars. Another 41 wins & 37 nominations

Rated: Rated R for sexuality, some violence and language.

Plot: At the close of WWII, a young nurse tends to a badly-burned plane

crash victim. His past is shown in flashbacks, revealing an involvement in

a fateful love affair

Eagle Eye (2008)

Director: D.J. Caruso

Genre: Action | Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan

Awards: 1 win & 7 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, and for


Plot: Jerry and Rachel are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious

phone call from a woman they have never met. Threatening their lives

and family, she pushes Jerry and Rachel into a series of increasingly

dangerous situations, using the technology of everyday life to track and

control their every move

Eye see you 2002

Genre: Drama, Crime, action

Director: Jim Gillespie

Starring Sylvester Stallone Dina Meyer

A disgraced FBI agent with a drinking problem joins nine other troubled

law enforcement officers at an isolated detox clinic in the wilds of

Wyoming. But the therapeutic sanctuary becomes a nightmarish hellhole

when a major snowstorm cuts off the clinic from the outside world and

enables a killer on the inside to get busy

Election 1999

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Alexander Payne

Starring: Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon

A high school teacher's personal life becomes complicated as he works

with students during the school elections

E.T. The extraterrestrial 1982

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Family | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas

A group of Earth children help a stranded alien botanist return home

Enemy of the State 1998

Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller

Director: Tony Scott

Starring: Will Smith, Gene Hackman

A lawyer becomes a target by a corrupt politician and his NSA goons

when he accidentally receives key evidence to a serious politically

motivated crime.

Erin Brockovich 2000

Genre: Biography | Drama | Romance

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Starring: Julia Roberts

An unemployed single mother becomes a legal assistant and almost

single-handedly brings down a California power company accused of

polluting a city's water supply.

Encino Man 1992

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy

Director: Les Mayfield

Starring: Sean Astin, Brendan Fraser

When they find a frozen caveman in their backyard, two high school

outcasts thaw him out and introduce him to modern day life while he in

turn, gets them to actually enjoy life

Evan Almighty 2007

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy

Director: Tom Shadyac

Starring: Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman

God contacts Congressman Evan Baxter and tells him to build an ark in

preparation for a great flood

East of Eden 1955

Genre: Drama

Director: Elia Kazan

Starring: Julie Harris, James Dean

In the Salinas Valley, in and around World War I, Cal Trask feels he must

compete against overwhelming odds with his brother Aron for the love of

their father Adam. Cal is frustrated at every turn, from his reaction to the

war, to how to get ahead in business and in life, to how to relate to

estranged mother.


El Dorado 1966

Genre: Western | Action | Adventure

Director: Howard Hawks

Starring: John Wayne, Robert Mitchum

Hired gunman Cole Thornton turns down a job with Bart Jason as it would

mean having to fight an old sheriff friend..

Eastern promises 2007

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: David Cronenberg

Starring: Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel, Viggo Mortensen

A Russian teenager living in London who dies during childbirth leaves

clues to a midwife in her journal that could tie her child to a rape

involving a violent Russian mob family

Elizabethtown 2005

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Cameron Crowe

Starring: Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst

Hours after a ruinous product debut, suicidal industrial designer Drew

Baylor learns of his father's sudden death. As the only son, Drew must

travel to their small hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky to attend to

his father's memorial. On the flight to Kentucky, Drew meets Claire, a

quick-witted flight attendant, who helps him navigate the rough waters

ahead and proves that amazing things happen when you least expect


Feeling Minnesota 1996

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Romance

Director: Steven Baigelman

Starring: Keanu reeves, Cameron Diaz, Vincent D’Onofrio

Just when she met the man of her dreams, along came her husband to

ruin everything

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Director: Wes Anderson

Starring: George Clooney, Meryl Streep

Rated: PG

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 13 wins & 18 nominations

Plot: An urbane fox cannot resist returning to his farm raiding ways and

then must help his community survive the farmers' retaliation.

Feast of Love (2007)

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Robert Benton

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear

Rated: R

Plot: A meditation on love and its various incarnations, set within a

community of friends in Oregon. and is described as an exploration of the

magical, mysterious and sometimes painful incarnations of love.

Flight of the Phoenix (2004)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Thriller

Director: John Moore

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson , Giovanni Ribisi, Miranda Otto

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 2 nominations

Plot: A story about the triumph of the human spirit. A group of air crash

survivors are stranded in the Mongolian desert with no chance of rescue.

Facing a brutal environment, dwindling resources, and an attack by desert

smugglers, they realize their only hope is doing the impossible--building a

new plane from the wreckage.necessary people to rebuild civilization.

Meanwhile, the unsuccessful writer Jackson Curtis discloses that the

world is near to end and tries to save his son and his daughter from the

tragic end.

Fool's Gold (2008/I)

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Romance | Thriller

Director: Andy Tennant

Starring: Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 4 nominations

Plot: A new clue to the whereabouts of a lost treasure rekindles a

married couple's sense of adventure -- and their estranged romance.

Four Christmases (2008)

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Seth Gordon

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination

Plot: Christmas morning, they're on their way to Fiji, having told their two

sets of divorced parents that they're off to do charity work. Do they know

each other well enough to weather the storms families bring?

Fireproof (2008)

Director: Alex Kendrick

Genre: Drama

Starring: Kirk Cameron, Jason McLeod


Rated: Rated PG for thematic material and some peril

Plot: In an attempt to save his marriage, A firefighter uses a 40-day

experiment known as "The Love Dare".

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring: William Baldwin, Jason Bateman

Awards: 1 win & 10 nominations

Rated: Rated R for sexual content, language and some graphic nudity

Plot: Devastated Peter takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with

recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know

Sarah's traveling to the same resort as her ex ... and she's bringing along

her new boyfriend

Friends - The Complete Series Collection (2006)

Director: David Crane Marta Kauffman

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc,

Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer

Awards: Won Golden Globe. Another 56 wins & 155 nominations

Plot: The lives, loves, and laughs of six young friends living in Manhattan

Number of discs: 40

Fast and The furious, The 2001

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Director: Rob Cohen

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

An undercover cop infiltrates an underworld subculture of Los Angeles

street racers looking to bust a hijacking ring, and soon begins to question

his loyalties when his new street racing friends become the prime


Four Feathers 2002

Genre: Adventure | Drama | War

Director: Shekhar Kapur

Starring: Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley, Kate Hudson

A British officer resigns his post just before battle and subsequently

receives four white feathers from his friends and fiancee as symbols of

what they believe to be his cowardice

The Faculty 1998

Genre: Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Starring: Jordana Brewster, Clea DuVall,

Students suspect that their teachers are aliens after bizarre occurrences.

Fargo 1996

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Joel Coen

Starring: William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi

Jerry Lundegaard's inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen's

bungling and the persistent police work of pregnant Marge Gunderson

The Fifth element 1997

Genre: Action | Adventure | Romance | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Luc Besson

Starring: Bruce Willis, Mila Jovovich, Gary Oldman

In the colorful future, a cab driver unwittingly becomes the central figure

in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep Evil and Mr Zorg at


Flight of the Intruder 1991

Genre: Action | War

Director: John Milius

Starring: Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe, Brad Johnson

After his bombardier is killed, Jake Grafton, a carrier-based Intruder pilot,

questions the purpose of Navy bombing missions.

Facing the Giants 2006

Genre: Drama | Sport

Director: Alex Kendrick

Starring: Alex Kendrick,

A losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear

and failure on and off the field to surprising results.

Flags of our fathers 2006

Genre: Action | Drama | History | War

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Jesse Bradford, Adam Beach, Ryan Phillippe

The life stories of the six men who raised the flag at The Battle of Iwo

Jima, a turning point in WWII

Funny Valentine 2005

Genre: Comedy and Romance

Director: Jeff Oppenheim

Starring: MArlo Marron, Ivan Martin, Lord Jamar, Larry Storch

A group of twenty-some things discover that finding true love in the city

can sometimes mean taking a leap of faith -- and finding oneself in the


Find me Guilty 2006

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama

Director: Sidney Lumet

Starring: Vin Diesel

Based on the true story of Jack DiNorscio, a mobster who defended

himself in court for what would be the longest mafia trial in U.S. history

Full metal jack 1987

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Starring: Adam Baldwin, Vincent D'Onofrio

A pragmatic U.S. Marine observes the dehumanizing effects the Vietnam

War has on his fellow Marine recruits from their brutal basic training to

the bloody street fighting set in 1968 Hue, Vietnam.

The favor 1994

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Donald Petrie

Starring: Elizabeth McGovern, Harley Jane Kozak, Bill Pullman, Brad Pitt

Kathy is married to Peter. Now she can't help but wonder how things

could have been if she got together with her old boyfriend.

Few good men, A 1992

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Rob Reiner

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore

Neo military lawyer Kaffee defends Marines accused of murder; they

contend they were acting under orders:

Fracture 1991

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling

An attorney intent on climbing the career ladder toward success, finds an

unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he's trying to prosecute

The Frisco kid 1979

Genre: Comedy | Western

Director: Robert Aldrich

Starring: Gene Wilder, Harrison Ford

A Polish rabbi wanders through the Old West on his way to lead a

synagogue in San Francisco.

Forever young 1992

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Romance | Sci-Fi

Director: Steve Miner

Starring: Mel Gibson

A 1939 test pilot asks his best friend to use him as a guinea pig for a

cryogenics experiment. Daniel

Funny Girl 1968

Genre: Biography | Comedy | Drama | Musical | Romance

Director: William Wyler

Starring: Barbra Streisand, Omar Sharif

The life of comedienne Fannie Brice, from her early days in the Jewish

slums of the Lower East Side

Face/ OFF 1997

Genre: Action | Crime | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: John Woo

Starring: John Travolta, Nicolas Cage

A revolutionary medical technique allows an undercover agent to take

the physical appearance of a major criminal and infiltrate his organization

Ferris Bueller’s day off 1986

Genre: Comedy

Director: John Hughes

Starring: Matthew Broderick

A high school wise guy is determined to have a day off from school,

despite of what the principal thinks of that.

Field of Dreams 1989

Genre: Drama | Family | Fantasy | Sport

Director: Phil Alden Robinson

Starring: Kevin Costner

An Iowa corn farmer, hearing voices, interprets them as a command to

build a baseball diamond in his fields; he does, and the Chicago Black Sox


Forrest Gump 1994

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance | War

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Starring: Tom Hanks

Forrest Gump, while not intelligent, has accidentally been present at

many historic moments, but his true love, Jenny, eludes him

Four Rooms 1995

Genre: Comedy

Director: Allison Anders Alexandre Rockwell

Starring: Sammi Davis, Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Beals

12 outrageous guests. Four scandalous requests. And one lone bellhop, in

his first day on the job, who's in for the wildest New year's Eve of his life

Finding Neverland 2004

Genre: Biography | Drama | Family

Director: Marc Forster

Starring: Johnny Depp Kate Winslet

The story of J.M. Barrie's friendship with a family who inspired him to

create Peter Pan


The Family Man 2000

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Drama | Romance

Director: Brett Ratner

Starring: Nicolas Cage Téa Leoni

A fast-lane investment broker, offered the opportunity to see how the

other half lives, wakes up to find that his sports car and girlfriend have

become a mini-van and wife

Farmer's Wife, The 1928

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Jameson Thomas Lillian Hall-Davis Gordon Harker

Farmer Sweetland is an old and lonely widower who manages to marry

again. He likes three ladies, but they all reject him, instigated by

Aramintha, the farmer's maid who is secretely in love with her master.

The farmer seems to start thinking love is no more his business, but he

realizes that the right woman has always lived by his side. She is

Aramintha herself

Great Expectations 1946

Genre: Drama

Director: David Lean

Starring: John Mills Alec Guinness

A humble orphan suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an

unknown benefactor

G-Force (2009)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Director: Hoyt Yeatman

Starring: Bill Nighy, Sam Rockwell

Rated: PG

Awards: 1 nomination

Plot: The story is about a team of trained secret agent guinea pigs that

takes on a mission for the US government. A specially trained squad of

guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire, who plans to

taking over the world with household appliances

The Golden Compass (2007)

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy

Director: Chris Weitz

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 3 wins & 26 nominations

Plot: In a parallel universe, young Lyra Belacqua journeys to the far North

to save her best friend and other kidnapped children from terrible

experiments by a mysterious organization.

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Ben Affleck

Starring: Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan , Morgan Freeman,Ed Harris

Rated: R

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 19 wins & 8 nominations

Plot: Two Boston area detectives investigate a little girl's kidnapping,

which ultimately turns into a crisis both professionally and personally.

Based on the Dennis Lehane novel.

Garfield: (A Tale of Two Kitties / Garfield: The Movie) (2006)

Director: Peter Hewitt

Genre: Comedy | Family

Starring: Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt


Rated: Rated PG for brief mild language

Plot: Jon Arbuckle buys a second pet, a dog named Odie. However, Odie is

then abducted and it is up to Jon's cat, Garfield, to find and rescue the


Get Smart (2008)

Director: Peter Segal

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy

Starring: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway

Awards 2 wins & 6 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for some rude humor, action violence and language

Plot: American Maxwell Smart works for a Government spy agency in an

administrative capacity. When the agency's head office is attacked, the

Chief decides to assign Maxwell as a spy and partners him with sexy

Agent 99, much to her chagrin

Grey's Anatomy Series: Seasons 1-5

Director: Shonda Rhimes

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey

Awards: Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 34 wins & 95 nominations


Plot: A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five

surgical interns and their supervisors

Gran Torino (2008)

Director: Clint Eastwood

Genre: Crime | Drama

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Brian Haley

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 4 wins & 5 nominations

Rated: Rated R for language throughout, and some violence.

Plot: Disgruntled Korean War vet Walt Kowalski sets out to reform his

neighbor, a young Hmong teenager, who tried to steal Kowalski's prized

possession: his 1972 Gran Torino

Gone with the Wind 1939

Genre: Drama | Romance | War

Director: Victor Fleming

Starring: Clark Gable; Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia deHavilland

American classic in which a manipulative woman and a roguish man carry

on a turbulent love affair in the American south during the Civil War and


Good Will Hunting 1997

Genre: Drama

Director: Gus Van Sant

Starring: Robin Williams Matt Damon Ben Affleck

Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT, has a gift for mathematics which is

discovered, and a psychologist tries to help him with his gift and the rest

of his life

Goodbye America 1997

Genre: Action | Drama | Romance

Director: Thierry Notz

Starring: Wolfgang Bodison Corin Nemec

A tragic incident during a beach party leads to an investigation by Special

Agent Danzig of the Naval Investigative Service and her opposite number,

Jess Santiago. Meanwhile, Stryzack is brooding over what he believes is a

betrayal of America. Under arrest, he escapes from prison, sworn to

assassinate the symbol of America's betrayal, Senator James Bladon

Groundhog day 1993

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Harold Ramis

Starring Bill Murray

A weatherman finds himself living the same day over and over again

Gone in 60 seconds 2000

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Director: Dominic Sena

Starring Nicolas Cage Angelina Jolie

A retired master car thief must come back to the industry and steal 50

cars with his crew in one night to save his brother's life

Good morning Vietnam

Genre: Comedy | Drama | War

Director: Barry Levinson

Starring Robin Williams

An unorthodox and irreverent DJ begins to shake up things when he is

assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam

Good night, and good luck 2005

Genre: Drama | History

Director: George Clooney

Starring: Jeff Daniels David Strathairn George Clooney

Broadcast journalist 'Edward R. Murrow (I)' looks to bring down Senator

Joseph McCarthy

Giant 1956

Genre: Drama | Romance | Western

Director: George Stevens

Starring: Elizabeth Taylor Rock Hudson

Texan rancher Bick visits a Maryland farm to buy a prize horse. Whilst

there he meets and falls in love with the owner's daughter Leslie, they are

married immediately and return to his ranch. The story of their family and

its rivalry with cowboy and Jett Rink unfolds across two generations

Guardian, The 2006

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama

Director: Andrew Davis

Starring: Kevin Costner Ashton Kutcher

A high school swim champion with a troubled past enrolls in the U.S.

Coast Guard's "A" School, where legendary rescue swimmer Ben Randall

teaches him some hard lessons about loss, love, and self-sacrifice

Gladiator 2000

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | History

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring: Russell Crowe

When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered by a corrupt

prince, he comes to Rome as a gladiator to seek revenge

Guess who 2005

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Starring: Bernie Mac Ashton Kutcher

A sarcastic father (Mac) has plenty to say about his daughter wanting to

marry a white boy

Gridiron Gang 2006

Genre: Crime | Drama | Sport

Director: Phil Joanou

Starring: Dwayne Johnson

Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their

counselor, gain self-esteem by playing football together

Good, The Bad and the Ugly, The 1966

Genre: Action | Adventure | Western

Director: Sergio Leone

Starring: Clint Eastwood

A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third

in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery

Geronimo 1993

Genre: Drama | History | Western

Director: Walter Hill

Starring: Jason Patric Gene Hackman Robert Duvall

The Apache Indians have reluctantly agreed to settle on a US Government

approved reservation. Not all the Apaches are able to adapt to the life of

corn farmers. One in particular, Geronimo, is restless. Pushed over the

edge by broken promises and necessary actions by the government,

Geronimo and thirty or so other warriors form an attack team which

humiliates the government by evading capture, while reclaiming what is

rightfully theirs

Gold Rush – Charlie Chaplin Collection, The 1925

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Family | Romance | Western

Director: Charles Chaplin

Starring: Charles Chaplin

A lone prospector ventures into Alaska looking for gold. He gets mixed up

with some burly characters and falls in love with the beautiful Georgia. He

tries to win her heart with his singular charm.

Green Mile, The 1999

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Frank Darabont

Starring: Tom Hanks

The story about the lives of guards on death row leading up to the

execution of black man accused of child murder & rape, who has the

power of faith healing.

General's daughter, The 1999

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Simon West

Starring: John Travolta

When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander

is murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the

matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at West Point

Get Carter 1971

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Mike Hodges

Starring: Michael Caine

When his brother dies under mysterious circumstances in a car accident,

London gangster Jack Carter travels to Newcastle to investigate

GiGi 1958

Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance

Director: Vincente Minnelli

Starring: Leslie Caron

Weary of the conventions of Parisian society, a rich playboy and a

youthful courtesan-in-training enjoy a platonic friendship, but it may not

stay platonic for long

Get over it 2001

Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance

Director: Tommy O'Haver

Starring: Kirsten Dunst Ben Foster

When Berke Landers, a popular high school basketball star, gets dumped

by his life-long girlfriend, Allison

Guarding tess 1994

Genre: Comedy

Director: Hugh Wilson

Starring: Nicolas Cage Shirley MacLaine

A former First Lady of the US wants a particular Secret Service agent to

head her bodyguard detail, even though he can't stand her

Glory 1989

Genre: Drama | History | War

Director: Edward Zwick

Starring: Matthew Broderick Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman

Robert Shaw leads the US Civil War's first all-black volunteer company,

fighting prejudices of both his own Union army and the Confederates

Guys and Dolls 1955

Genre: Musical | Comedy | Romance | Crime

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Starring: Marlon Brando Jean Simmons Frank Sinatra Vivian Blaine

In NY, a gambler is challenged to take a cold female missionary to Havana,

but they fall for each other, and the bet has a hidden motive to finance a

crap game

Game, The 1997

Genre: Action | Adventure | Mystery | Thriller

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Michael Douglas Sean Penn

Wealthy financier Nicholas Van Orton gets a strange birthday present

from wayward brother Conrad: a live-action game that consumes his life.

Get Shorty 1995

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Starring: John Travolta Gene Hackman Danny DeVito Rene Russo

Chili Palmer happens to be in Hollywood collecting a gambling debt when

he's struck by lightning (not literally). Called a natural for the movie

business, he's snagged up by a producer. The rest is history

Grapes of Wrath 1940

Genre: Drama

Director: John Ford

Starring: Henry Fonda

A poor Midwest family is forced off of their land. They travel to California,

suffering the misfortunes of the homeless in the Great Depression.

Good Year, A 2006

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring: Russell Crowe Marion Cotillard

A British investment broker inherits his uncle's chateau and vineyard in

Provence, where he spent much of his childhood. He discovers a new laidback

lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold

Grandfather , The 1998

Genre: Drama

Director: José Luis Garci

Starring: Fernando Fernan-Gomez, Rafael Alonso, Cayetana Guillen

Cuervo, Agustin Gonzales

The aging Count of Albrit returns to Spain from the Americas, where he

has lost almost all of his money searching for gold. There he finds his son

dead and two granddaughters, one of whom is illegitimate. The Count

must contend with his son's widow for his family's honor, but along the

way he learns that blood ties are less important than love

Good Son ,The 1993

Genre: Drama Thriller

Director: Joseph Ruben

Starring: Macaulay Culkin Elijah Wood

A young boy stays with his aunt and uncle, and befriends his cousin who's

the same age. But his cousin begins showing increasing signs of psychotic


Godfather, The 1972

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Starring: Al Pacino, Marlon Brando

The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his

clandestine empire to his reluctant son


High Noon 1952

Genre: Drama | Western

Director: Fred Zinnemann

Starring: Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly

A Marshall, personally compelled to face a returning deadly enemy, finds

that his own town refuses to help him

The Hours (2003)

Director: Stephen Daldry

Genre: Drama

Starring: Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 30 wins & 67 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, some disturbing

images and brief language

Plot: The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three

generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to

deal with suicide in their lives

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

Director: Kenny Ortega

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family | Musical | Romance

Starring: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens

Awards 7 wins & 9 nominations

Plot: As seniors in high school, Troy and Gabriella struggle with the idea of

being separated from one another as college approaches. Along with the

rest of the Wildcats, they stage a spring musical to address their

experiences, hopes and fears about their future

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Robert B. Weide

Starring: Kelan Pannell, Janette Scott , Simon Pegg, Megan Fox

Rated: R

Awards: 1 win & 14 nominations

Plot: A British writer struggles to fit in at a high-profile magazine in New

York. Based on Toby Young's memoir "How to Lose Friends & Alienate


The Hurt Locker (2008)

Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller | War

Director: Kathryn Bigelow

Starring: Hugh Grant, Scott Porter

Rated: R

Awards: Won 6 Oscars. Another 73 wins & 47 nominations

Plot: Iraq. Forced to play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the

chaos of war, an elite Army bomb squad unit must come together in a city

where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a deadly


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery

Director: David Yates

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Gambon, Dave Legeno, Emma Watson

Rated: PG

Plot: As Harry Potter begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft

and Wizardry, he discovers an old book marked mysteriously "This book is

the property of the Half-Blood Prince" and begins to learn more about

Lord Voldemort's dark past.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Mystery

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint Emma Watson

Awards Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 31 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for frightening moments, creature violence and mild


Plot: It's Harry's third year at Hogwarts; not only does he have a new

"Defense against the Dark Arts" teacher, but there is also trouble

brewing. Convicted murderer Sirius Black has escaped the Wizards' Prison

and is coming after Harry.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2001

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Mystery

Director: Chris Columbus

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson

Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy

with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of

Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Mystery

Director: Chris Columbus

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson

Harry ignores warnings not to return to Hogwarts, only to find the school

plagued by a series of mysterious attacks and a strange voice haunting


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2005

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Mystery

Director: Mike Newell

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson

Harry finds himself selected as an under aged competitor in a dangerous

multi-wizardry school competition

He's Just Not That Into You (2008)

Director: Ken Kwapis

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston

Awards 1 win & 3 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for sexual content and brief strong language.

Plot: The Baltimore-set movie of interconnecting story arcs deals with the

challenges of reading or misreading human behavior

The Holiday (2006)

Director: Nancy Meyers

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet

Awards 1 win & 5 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for sexual content and some strong language

Plot: Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each

other's countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love

House: Seasons 1 - 5 Collection

Director: David Shore

Genre: Drama | Mystery

Starring: Hugh Laurie Lisa Edelstein Robert Sean Leonard Omar Epps

Jennifer Morrison

Awards Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 31 wins & 74 nominations

Plot: An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine

does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his

crack team of doctors and his wits.

Number of discs: 21

Hollywood Land 2006

Genre: Biography | Crime | Drama | History | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Allen Coulter

Starring: Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, Ben Affleck, Bob Hoskins

George Reeves, the heroic Man of Steel on TV's Adventures of Superman,

as the actor dies in his Hollywood Hills home. Felled by a single gunshot

wound, Reeves leaves behind a fiancée - aspiring starlet Leonore Lemmon

- and millions of fans who are shocked by his death. But it is his grieving

mother, who will not let the questionable circumstances surrounding his

demise go unaddressed.

Hot Chick, The 2002

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy

Director: Tom Brady

Starring: Rob Schneider

An attractive and popular teenager who is mean spirited toward others,

finds herself in the body of an older man, and must find a way to get back

to her original body

Hustle & Flow 2005

Genre: Crime | Drama | Music

Director: Craig Brewer

Starring: Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson

Aspiring emcee DJay works the angles to get his first record made with

help from assorted people in his Memphis 'hood. And when he hears that

hip-hop superstar Skinny Black is heading to his area, he throws together

a supreme hustle to grab Skinny's attention

House of Sand and Fog 2003

Genre: Drama

Director: Vadim Perelman

Starring: Jennifer Connelly; Ben Kingsley

An abandoned wife is evicted from her house and starts a tragic conflict

with her home's new owners

Halloweentown high 2004

Genre: Family | Comedy | Fantasy

Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé

Starring: Kimberly J. Brown

Marnie Piper (as first noted by this movie) prepares to begin a new school

year. She proposes to bring a group of Halloweentown students to her

own high school in the mortal world.

Hudson Hawk 1991

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy

Director: Michael Lehmann

Starring: Bruce Willis

A cat burglar is forced to steal Da Vinci works of art for a world

domination plot

Hostage 2005

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Florent Emilio Siri

Starring: Bruce Willis

A failed police negotiator turned small town cop, must save the lives of a

family held hostage, which draws him into a much more dangerous


Head over Heels 2001

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Mark Waters

Starring: Monica Potter; Freddie Prinze. Jr

A young woman is attracted to a man despite her thinking she's seen him

kill someone

How to steal a million 1966

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Romance

Director: William Wyler

Starring: Audrey Hepburn, Peter O’Toole

Romantic comedy about a woman who must steal a statue from a Paris

museum to help conceal her father's art forgeries, and the man who

helps her

Heartbreak kid, The 2007

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Bobby Farrelly Peter Farrelly

Starring: Ben Stiller

A newlywed man who believes he's just gotten hitched to the perfect

woman encounters another lady on his honeymoon

Homeward Bound 1993

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Family | Comedy

Director: Duwayne Dunham

Starring> Don Alder

Remake of the popular Disney classic, this time featuring some well

known voices as two dogs and a cat.

Hardball 2001

Genre: Drama | Sport

Director: Brian Robbins

Starring :Keanu Reeves

An aimless young man who is scalping tickets, gambling and drinking,

agrees to coach a Little League team from the Cabrini Green housing

project in Chicago as a condition of getting a loan from a friend.

How to lose a guy in 10 days 2003

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Donald Petrie

Starring: Kate Hudson, Mathew McConaughey

Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a

big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10

days. Andie Anderson covers the "How To" beat for "Composure"

magazine and is assigned to write an article on "How to Lose a Guy in 10

days." They meet in a bar shortly after the bet is made

He was a quiet man 2007

Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Frank A. Cappello

Starring: Christian Slater, William Macy, Elisha Cuthebert

An office worker inadvertently becomes a hero after he saves a woman's


How the west was won 1962

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Romance | Western

Director: John Ford Henry Hathaway

Starring: Carroll Baker, Lee J. Cobb

A family saga covering several decades of Westward expansion in the

nineteenth century--including the Gold Rush, the Civil War, and the

building of the railroads


High School Musical 2006

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family | Musical | Romance

Director: Kenny Ortega

Starring: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens,

Troy and Gabriella - two teens who are worlds apart - meet at a karaoke

contest and discover their mutual love for music.

High School Musical 2 2007

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family | Musical | Romance

Director: Kenny Ortega

Starring: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens,

During the summer vacations a talent show is organized in a local country

club and Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad and Taylor take part in it

Hotel Rwanda 2004

Genre: Drama | History | Thriller | War

Director: Terry George

Starring Don Cheadle Nick Nolte Sophie Okonedo

The true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed

over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu

militia in Rwanda

Head of State 2003

Genre: Comedy

Director: Chris Rock

Starring Chris Rock Bernie Mac

When a presidential candidate dies unexpectedly, the Dem party

unexpectedly picks a WA, D.C. alderman, Mays Gilliam as his replacement

The Island 2005

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Michael Bay

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson

A man goes on the run after he discovers that he is actually a "harvested

being", and is being kept along with others in a utopian facility

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery

Director: Terry Gilliam

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Christopher Plummer, Richard Riddell, Katie


Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 2 wins & 10 nominations

Plot: A traveling theater company gives its audience much more than

they were expecting.

In Her Shoes (2005)

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Curtis Hanson

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Anson Mount, Toni Collette

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 4 nominations

Plot: Straight-laced Rose breaks off relations with her party girl sister,

Maggie, over an indiscretion involving Rose's boyfriend. The chilly

atmosphere is broken with the arrival of Ella, the grandmother neither

sister knew existed.

The Invention of Lying (2009)

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Ricky Gervais Matthew Robinson

Starring: Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill

Rated: PG

Plot: It's a world where everyone tells the truth - and just about anything

they're thinking. Mark Bellison is a screenwriter, about to be fired. He's

short and chunky with a flat nose - a genetic pool that means he won't get

to first base with Anna, the woman he loves. At a bank, on the spur of the

moment he blurts out a fib, with eye-popping results. Then, when his

mother's on her deathbed, frightened of the eternal void awaiting her,

Mark invents fiction. The hospital staff overhear his description of

Heaven, believe every word, and tell others. Soon Mark is a prophet, his

first inventive screenplay makes him rich, and he's basically a good guy.

But will that be enough for Anna?

In the Land of Women (2007)

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Jon Kasdan

Starring: Elena Anaya, Adam Brody

Rated: PG-13

Plot: His world in complete disorder after his break-up with a famous

actress, Carter, a young soft-core porn writer, goes to suburban Detroit to

care for his sickly Grandmother and heal his broken heart. Along the way

he forms a special bond with the family that lives across from his

Grandma, and changes the life of each woman. In the course of this, as is

required in every film--and thus the world, he changes his own life as


It's Complicated (2009)

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Nancy Meyers

Starring: Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Another 2 wins & 5 nominations

Plot: When attending their son's college graduation, a couple reignite the

spark in their relationship...but the complicated fact is they're divorced

and he's remarried.

The Incredibles (2004)

Director: Brad Bird

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Starring: Maeve Andrews, Michael Bird

Awards Won 2 Oscars. Another 39 wins & 32 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for action violence.

Plot: A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet

suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.

Inkheart (2009)

Director: Iain Softley

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Sienna Guillory


Rated: Rated PG for fantasy adventure action, some scary moments and

brief language

Plot: A young girl discovers her father has an amazing talent to bring

characters out of their books and must try to stop a freed villain from

destroying them all, with the help of her father, her aunt, and a

storybook's hero

I Am Legend (2007)

Director: Francis Lawrence

Genre: Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Will Smith, Alice Braga

Awards: 7 wins & 17 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence

Plot: Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest

into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to

find a cure

Iron Man (2008)

Director: Jon Favreau

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow

Awards Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 12 wins & 42 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and

violence, and brief suggestive content

Plot: When wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is forced to build an armored

suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its

technology to fight against evil

Insomnia, The 2002

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring> Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank

Two Los Angeles homicide detectives are dispatched to a northern town

where the sun doesn't set to investigate the methodical murder of a local


In the name of the Father 1993

Genre: Biography | Drama

Director: Jim Sheridan

Starring: Emma Thompson, Daniel Day-Lewis

Man's coerced confession to an IRA bombing he didn't do imprisons his

father as well; a British lawyer helps fight for their freedom

Il Postino 1994

Genre: Biography | Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Michael Radford

Starring: Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Simple Italian postman learns to love poetry while delivering mail to a

famous poet; he uses this to woo local beauty Beatrice

Illusionist, The 2006

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Director: Neil Burger

Starring: Edward Norton

In turn-of-the-century Vienna, a magician uses his abilities to secure the

love of a woman far above his social standing.

I think I love My Wife 2007

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Chris Rock

Starring: Chris Rock, Kerry Washington

A married man who daydreams about being with other women finds his

will and morals tested after he's visited by the ex-mistress of his old


Interview with the Vampire 1994

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Horror

Director: Neil Jordan

Starring: Tom Cruise , Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas

It hadn't even been a year since a plantation owner named Louis had lost

his wife in childbirth. A vampire named Lestat takes a liking to Louis and

offers him the chance to become a creature of the night: a vampire. Louis

must learn from Lestat the ways of the vampire

I, Robot 2004

Genre: Action | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Alex Proyas

Starring: Will Smith

In the year 2035 a techno-phobic cop investigates a crime that may have

been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity

Irma La Douce 1963

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Billy Wilder

Starring: Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine

In Paris, an ex-cop falls in love with a prostitute, and tries to get her out of

that life by paying for all of her time. Not so easy

Italian Job, The 2003

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Director: F. Gary Gray

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron,

Based on a 1969 Michael Caine film of the same name, thieves plan to


pull of the heist of their lives by creating Los Angeles largest traffic jam


Ice Age 2002

Genre: Adventure | Animation | Family | Comedy

Director: Chris Wedge Carlos Saldanha

Starring: Ray Romano

Set during the Ice Age, a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a wooly mammoth

find a lost human infant, and they try to return him to his tribe

It’s a wonderful Life

Genre: Drama | Family | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Frank Capra

Starring: James Stewart

An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman

by showing what life would had been like if he never existed.

Just Married 2003

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Shawn Levy

Starring: Brittany Murphy, Ashton Kutcher

A young newlywed couple honeymoon in Europe, where obstacles

challenge their ability to sustain the marriage

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Family | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Eric Brevig

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson, Anita Briem

Rated: PG

Awards: 1 win & 3 nominations

Plot: On a quest to find out what happened to his missing brother, a

scientist, his nephew and their mountain guide discover a fantastic and

dangerous lost world in the center of the earth.

Julie & Julia (2009)

Genre: Biography | Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Nora Ephron

Starring: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 9 wins & 13 nominations

Plot: Julia Child's story of her start in the cooking profession is

intertwined with blogger Julie Powell's 2002 challenge to cook all the

recipes in Child's first book.

James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set (1962 - 2007)

Genre: Adveture, Action

Plot: All 21 James Bond's riveting Adventures.

Number of discs: 42

Junebug 2005

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: Shawn Levy

Starring: Embeth Davidtz, Jerry Minor

A dealer in "outsider" art travels from Chicago to North Carolina to meet

her new in-laws, challenging the equilibrium of this middle class Southern


Jackal, The 1997

Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller

Director: Michael Caton-Jones

Starring: Bruce Willis , Richard Gere

An imprisoned IRA sniper is freed to help stop a brutal, seemingly

"faceless" assassin from completing his next job

Jurassic Park 1993

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum

Scientists clone dinosaurs to populate a theme park which suffers a major

security breakdown and releases the dinosaurs


Judge Dredd 1995

Genre: Action | Crime | Sci-Fi

Director: Danny Cannon

Starring: Silvestre Stallone

In a dystopian future, Dredd, the most famous judge (a cop with instant

field judiciary powers) is convicted for a crime he did not commit while

his murderous counterpart escapes

Just one of the Guys 1985

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Lisa Gottlieb

Starring: Joyce Hyser, Clayton Rohner

When Terry's journalism teacher passes her article up in favor of a couple

of pieces written by boys, Terry is convinced that sexism is to blame.

Determined to win the internship at any cost, Terry goes undercover at a

rival high school to resubmit her article... as a boy.

Jamaica Inn 1939

Genre: Adventure | Crime

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Charles Laughton Maureen O'Hara

Irish orphan girl Mary is sent to stay with Aunt Patience and Uncle Joss in

Cornwall. Joss is the landlord of Jamaica Inn and also the head of a gang

of pirates who lure ships to their doom on the rocky coast. Mary soon

finds herself in trouble when she discovers the truth.

Kramer VS Kramer

Genre: Drama

Director: Robert Benton

Starring Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep

A just divorced man must learn to care for his son on his own, and then

must fight in court to keep custody of him

Kung Fu Panda + Secrets of the Furious Five (2008)

Director: John Stevenson, Mark Osborne

Genre: Animation | Action | Comedy | Family

Starring: Jack Black, Ian McShane

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 12 wins & 20 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for sequences of martial arts action

Plot: In the Valley of Peace, Po the Panda finds himself chosen as the

Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is obese and a complete novice at

martial arts

Knowing (2009)

Director: Alex Proyas

Genre: Action | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne

Awards -

Rated: Rated PG-13 for disaster sequences, disturbing images and brief

strong language

Plot: A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son's

elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions -- some that have

already occurred and others that are about to -- that lead him to believe

his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold

King Kong 1933

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Horror

Director: Merian C. Cooper

Starring: Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong

A film crew goes to a tropical island for an exotic location shoot and

discovers a colossal giant gorilla who takes a shine to their female blonde


Kelly’s heroes 1970

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | War

Director: Brian G. Hutton

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas

A group of U.S. soldiers sneaks across enemy lines to get their hands on a

secret stash of Nazi treasure

Kill a Mockingbird, To 1962

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Robert Mulligan

Starring: Gregory Peck

Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man

against an undeserved rape charge, and his kids against prejudice

Knight’s Tale, A 2001

Genre: Action | Comedy | Romance

Director: Brian Helgeland

Starring: Heath Ledger, Rufus Sewell, Shannyn Sossamon

After his master dies, a peasant squire, fueled by his desire for food and

glory, creates a new identity for himself as a knight.

King of California 2007

Genre: Comedy/ Drama

Director: Mike Cahill

Starring: Michael Douglas, Evan Rachel Wood

An unstable dad who after getting out of a mental institution tries to

convince his daughter that there's Spanish gold buried somewhere under


Keeping the Faith 2000

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Edward Norton

Starring: Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, Jenna Elfman

A story about two friends, a priest and a rabbi, who fall in love with the

same beauty

Killing Fields, The 1984

Genre: Drama | History | War

Director: Roland Joffé

Starring: Sam Waterston

He was a reporter for the New York Times whose coverage of the

Cambodian War would win him a Pulitzer Prize for international

reporting. But the friend who made it possible was half the world away

with his life in great danger... This is the story of war and friendship, the

anguish of a country and of one man's will to live.

Knockaround Guys 2001

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Brian Koppelman, David Levien

Starring: Vin diesel, John Malkovich , Barry Pepper, Seth Green

The wannabe sons of mobsters go to a remote town in the Midwest, and

get themselves into more trouble than anyone could anticipate.

Kiss of Death 1947

Genre: Crime | Drama | Film-Noir

Director: Henry Hathaway

Starring: Victor Mature, Brian Donlevy, Coleen Gray

With his law-breaking lifestyle in the past, an ex-con, along with his

family, attempt to start a new life, unknowing a betrayed someone from

the past is bound to see otherwise.


Kingdom of Heaven 2005

Genre: Action | Adventure | History

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring: Orlando Bloom David Thewlis

Balian of Ibelin travels to Jerusalem during the crusades of the 12th

century, and there he finds himself as the defender of the city and its


Last Ride of the Dalton Gang, The 1979

Genre: Action | Western

Director: Dan Curtis

Starring: Cliff Potts, Randy Quaid

A light-hearted view of the Dalton Gang's legendary raid on Coffeyville,

Kansas and the years leading.

Leap Year (2010/I)

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Anand Tucker

Starring: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode

Rated: PG

Plot: A woman who has an elaborate scheme to propose to her boyfriend

on Leap Day, an Irish tradition which occurs every time the date February

29 rolls around, faces a major setback when bad weather threatens to

derail her planned trip to Dublin. With the help of an innkeeper, however,

her cross-country odyssey just might result in her getting engaged.

Leatherheads (2008)

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance | Sport

Director: George Clooney

Starring: John Krasinski, David de Vries

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 2 nominations

Plot: In 1925, an enterprising pro football player convinces America's toogood-to-be-true

college football hero to play for his team and keep the

league from going under.

Legion (2010)

Genre: Action | Fantasy | Thriller

Director: Scott Charles Stewart

Starring: Paul Bettany, Lucas Black , Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki

Rated: R

Plot: An out-of-the-way diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the

survival of the human race. When God loses faith in humankind, he sends

his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies

in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner with the Archangel

Michael (Bettany).

Love Happens (2009)

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Brandon Camp

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston

Rated: PG-13

Plot: A widower whose book about coping with loss turns him into a bestselling

self-help guru, falls for the hotel florist where his seminar is given,

only to learn that he hasn't yet truly confronted his wife's passing.

The Lovely Bones (2009)

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Thriller

Director: Peter Jackson

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz

Rated: PG

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 6 wins & 21 nominations

Plot: Centers on a young girl who has been murdered and watches over

her family - and her killer - from heaven. She must weigh her desire for

vengeance against her desire for her family to heal.

The Legend of 1900 (2002)

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Music | Romance

Starring: Tim Roth Bill Nunn

Awards: Won Golden Globe. Another 14 wins & 5 nominations

Rated: Rated R for language.

Plot: A beatiful story of a man who could do anything... except be


Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)

Director: Clint Eastwood

Genre: Drama | History | War

Starring: Roxanne Hart, Ken Watanabe, Takumi Bando

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 16 wins & 15 nominations

Rated: Rated R for graphic war violence.

Plot: The story of the battle of Iwo Jima between the United States and

Imperial Japan during World War II, as told from the perspective of the

Japanese who fought it

Lions For Lambs (2007)

Director: Robert Redford

Genre: Drama | War

Starring: Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep

Awards -

Rated: Rated R for some war violence and language

Plot: Injuries sustained by two Army ranger behind enemy lines in

Afghanistan set off a sequence of events involving a congressman, a

journalist and a professor

Lost – 1; Lost - 2 (2004) Lost-3 (2006)Lost-4(2008)Lost-5(2009)

Creators: J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller

Starring: Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia

Awards: Won Golden Globe. Another 48 wins & 164 nomin

Plot: The survivors of a plane crash are forced to live with each other on a

remote island, a dangerous new world that poses unique threats of its


Last of the Mohicans, The 1992

Genre: Adventure | Romance | War

Director: Michael Mann

Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis

Three trappers protect a British Colonel's daughters in the midst of the

French and Indian War

Lawrence of Arabia 1962

Genre: Adventure | Biography | Drama | War

Director: David Lean

Starring: Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Jack Hawkins

The story opens with the death of Lawrence in a motorcycle accident in

London at the age of 47, then flashbacks to recount his adventures: as a

young intelligence officer in Cairo in 1916, he is given leave to investigate

the progress of the Arab revolt against the Turks in World War I. In the

desert, he organizes a guerrilla army and--for two years--leads the Arabs

in harassing the Turks with desert raids, train-wrecking and camel attacks

License to drive 1988

Genre: Comedy

Director: Greg Beeman

Starring: Corey Feldman,

A teen decides to go for a night on the town with his friends despite

flunking his driver's test

Last days of Frank & Jesse James, The 1986

Genre: Western

Director: William A. Graham

Starring: Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Marcia Cross

Frank is shown to be a book-loving and family-oriented man, while

brother Jesse is a money-hungry womanizer.

Let’s make love 1960

Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance

Director: George Cukor

Starring: Mrilyn Monroe

Billionaire Jean-Marc Clement learns that he is to be satirized in an off-

Broadway revue. He goes to the theatre, where he sees Amanda

rehearsing a song, and the director thinks him an actor suited to play

himself in the revue. He takes the part in order to see more of Amanda

Live free or Die Hard 2007

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Len Wiseman

Starring: Bruce Willis

John McClane takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization who is

systematically shutting down the United States.

Lord of War 2005

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Andrew Niccol

Starring:Nicolas Cage, Jared Leto, Ethan Hawke

An arms dealer confronts the morality of his work as he is being chased

by an Interpol agent

Last Tycoon, The 1976

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Elia Kazan

Starring: Robert De Niro, Tony Curtis, Robert Mitchum

A ruthless businessman who dominates studio politics but remains

haunted by a lost love from his past.

Longest Yard, The 1974

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Sport

Director: Robert Aldrich

Starring: Burt Reynolds

A sadistic warden asks a former pro quarterback, now serving time in his

prison, to put together a team of inmates to take on (and get pummeled

by) the guards

License to wed 2007

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Ken Kwapis

Starring: Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, John Krasinski

A reverend puts an engaged couple through a grueling marriage

preparation course to see if they are meant to be married in his church

Lords of Dogtown 2005

Genre: Biography | Drama | Sport

Director: Catherine Hardwicke

Starring: Emile Hirsch, Victor Rasuk

A fictionalized take on the group of brilliant young skateboarders raised in

the mean streets of Dogtown in Santa Monica, California. The Z-Boys,

pioneering a thrilling new sport and eventually moving into legend

Lot like Love, A 2005

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Nigel Cole

Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Peet

On a flight from Los Angeles to New York, Oliver and Emily make a

connection, only to decide that they are poorly suited to be together.

Over the next seven years, however, they are reunited time and time

again, they go from being acquaintances to close friends to ... lovers?

Lake house, The 2006

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Alejandro Agresti

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock

A lonely doctor who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins

exchanging love letters with its former resident, a frustrated architect.

They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance

before it's too late.

Last warrior, The 1989

Genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Martin Wragge

Starring: Graham Gary, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Maria Holvoe

As World War II comes to its savage climax, a South Pacific island

becomes the battleground for two soldiers defending their countries,

their lives, and their honors

Little big Man 1970

Genre: Adventure | Drama | War | Western

Director: Arthur Penn

Starring: Dustin Hoffman

Jack Crabb, looking back from extreme old age, tells of his life being

raised by Indians and fighting with General Custer.

L.A. Confidential 1997

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Curtis Hanson

Starring: Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito

A shooting at an all night diner is investigated by three LA policemen in

their own unique ways.

Last Boy scout, The 1991

Genre: Action | Comedy | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Tony Scott

Starring: Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans

A down and out cynical detective teams up with a down and out exquarterback

to try and solve a murder case involving a pro football team

and a politician

La Buena Vida 1996

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: David Trueba

Starring: Fernando Ramallo, Lucia Jimenez

The life of a 14 year old (Tristan) as he deals with some major issues in his

life. Things don't quite go to plan when at the crucial moment the phone

rings to tell him his parents have been killed in a car crash.

LEON, The Professional 1994

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Luc Besson

Starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, Natalie Portman

Professional assassin Leon reluctantly takes care of 12-year-old Mathilda,

a neighbor whose parents are killed, and teaches her his trade

Love & Basketball 2000

Genre: Drama | Romance | Sport

Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Starring: Omar Epps, Sanaa Lathan

In 1981 in L.A., Monica moves in next door to Quincy. They're 11, and

both want to play in the NBA, just like Quincy's dad

Longest Day, The 1962

Genre: Action | Drama | History | War

Director: Ken Annakin Andrew Marton

Starring: Sean Connery

Tells the story of the D-Day invasion of Normandy in WWII. There are

dozens of characters, some seen only briefly, who together weave the

story of five separate invasion points that made up the operation.

Leaving Las Vegas 1995

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Mike Figgis

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Elisabeth Shue

Ben Sanderson, an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter who lost everything

because of his drinking, arrives in Las Vegas to drink himself to death.

There, he meets and forms an uneasy friendship and non-interference

pact with prostitute Sera

Lonely Hearts 2006

Genre: Crime | Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Todd Robinson

Starring: John Travolta, Salma Hayek

Based on the true story, two homicide detectives track Martha Beck and

Raymond Martinez Fernandez, a murderous pair known as the "Lonely

Hearts Killers" who lured their victims through the personals

Love Actually 2003

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Richard Curtis

Starring Liam Neeson Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Tompson

Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love

lives in various loosely and interrelated tales all set during a frantic month

before Christmas in London, England

M ……..

Little Miss Sunshine 2006

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Drama

Director: Jonathan Dayton Valerie Faris

Starring Abigail Breslin

A family determined to get their young daughter into the finals of a

beauty pageant take a cross-country trip in their VW bus

Liar Liar 1997

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy

Director: Tom Shadyac

Starring: Jim Carrey

A fast track lawyer can't lie for 24 hours due to his son's birthday wish

after the lawyer turns his son down for the last time.

Lord of the Rings

I The fellowship of the ring 2001

II The Two Towers 2002

III The Return of the King 2003

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Director: Peter Jackson

Starring Sean Astin Orlando Bloom Christopher Lee

In a small village in the Shire a young Hobbit named Frodo has been

entrusted with an ancient Ring. Now he must embark on an Epic quest to

the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it

My Super Ex- Girlfriend 2006

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Romance | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Ivan Reitman

Starring: Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson

When a regular New York building designer guy Matt Saunders dumps

Jenny Johnson a smart, sexy and a reluctant superhero known as G-Girl of

her neediness, she uses her powers to make his life a living hell!

Margot at the Wedding (2007)

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: Noah Baumbach

Starring: Zane Pais, Susan Blackwell, Nicole Kidman, Jack Black

Rated: R

Awards: 2 wins & 6 nominations

Plot: Margot and her son Claude decide to visit her sister Pauline after

she announces that she is getting married to less-than-impressive

Malcolm. In short order, the storm the sisters create leaves behind a a

mess of thrashed relationships and exposed family secrets.

The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

Genre: Comedy | War

Director: Grant Heslov

Starring: George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey,

Stephen Lang

Rated: R

Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination

Plot: A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a charttopping

hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Though he's never written a

decent lyric in his life, he sparks with an offbeat younger woman with a

flair for words.

The Messenger (2009/I)

Genre: Drama | Romance | War

Director: Oren Moverman

Starring: Ben Foster, Jena Malone, Eamonn Walker

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 8 wins & 16 nominations

Plot: An American soldier struggles with an ethical dilemma when he

becomes involved with a widow of a fallen officer.

Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Romance | Thriller

Director: Rob Letterman

Conrad Vernon

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen

Rated: PG

Awards: 1 win & 4 nominations

Plot: When a meteorite from outer space hits a young woman and turns

her into a giant monster, she is taken to a secret government compound

where she meets a ragtag group of monsters also rounded up over the


Moon (2009)

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi

Director: Duncan Jones

Starring: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey

Rated: R

Plot: Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter

toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working

alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource

that has helped diminish our planet's power problems.

Music and Lyrics (2007)

Genre: Comedy | Music | Romance

Director: Marc Lawrence

Starring: Hugh Grant, Scott Porter

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 5 nominations

Plot: A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a charttopping

hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Though he's never written a

decent lyric in his life, he sparks with an offbeat younger woman with a

flair for words.

My Sister's Keeper (2009)

Genre: Drama

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Starring: Abigail Breslin, Walter Raney, Sofia Vassilieva, Cameron Diaz

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 5 nominations

Plot: Anna Fitzgerald looks to earn medical emancipation from her

parents who until now have relied on their youngest child to help their

leukemia-stricken daughter Kate remain alive.

Munich (2006)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Genre: Drama | History | Thriller

Starring: Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig

Awards: Nominated for 5 Oscars. Another 7 wins & 21 nominations

Rated: Rated R for strong graphic violence, some sexual content, nudity

and language.

Plot: The world was watching in 1972 as 11 Israeli athletes were

murdered at the Munich Olympics. This is the story of what happened


Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Director: Pete Docter

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Starring: John Goodman Billy Crystal

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 11 wins & 31 nominations

Plot: Monsters generate their city's power by scaring children, but they

are terribly afraid themselves of being contaminated by children, so when

one enters Monstropolis, top scarer Sulley finds his world disrupted

Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa (2008)

Director: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Starring: Ben Stiller, Chris Rock

Awards 1 win & 7 nominations

Plot: The sequel to 2005's "Madagascar", in which New York Zoo animals,

Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo,

still stranded on Madagascar, start to leave the island. All of a sudden,

they land in the wilderness of Africa, where Alex meets the rest of his

family, but has trouble communicating with them after spending so much

time at the Central Park Zoo

Marley and Me (2008)

Director: David Frankel

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family | Romance

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson

Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for thematic material, some suggestive content and


Plot: A family learns important life lessons from their adorable, but

naughty and neurotic dog

Martian Child (2007)

Director: Menno Meyjes

Genre: Drama | Family

Starring: John Cusack, Amanda Peet

Awards: 2 nominations

Rated: Rated PG ror thematic elements and mild language (theatrical); for

thematic elements

Plot: A science-fiction writer, recently widowed, considers whether to

adopt a hyper-imaginative 6-year-old abandoned and socially rejected

boy who says he's really from Mars

The Mist (2007)

Director: Stephen King Frank Darabont

Genre: Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Thomas Jane Laurie Holden

Awards: 2 wins & 4 nominations

Rated: Rated R for violence, terror and gore, and language

Plot: A freak storm unleashes a species of blood-thirsty creatures on a

small town, where a small band of citizens hole-up in a supermarket and

fight for their lives

Milk (2008)

Director: Gus Van Sant

Genre: Biography | Drama

Starring: Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch

Awards: Won 2 Oscars. Another 34 wins & 52 nominations

Rated: Rated R for language, some sexual content and brief violence

Plot: The story of Harvey Milk, and his struggles as an American gay

activist who fought for gay rights and became California's first openly gay

elected official

Magnificent Seven, The 1960

Genre: Western | Adventure | Drama

Director: John Sturges

Starring: Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, Steve McQueen

An oppressed Mexican peasant village assembles seven gunfighters to

help defend their homes.

Mulholland DR. 2001

Genre: Crime | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Director: David Lynch

Starring: Naomi Watts, Laura Harring

After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman

amnesic, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and

answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and


My Boss’s Daughter

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: David Zucker

Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid

When a young man agrees to housesit for his boss, he thinks it'll be the

perfect opportunity to get close to the woman he desperately has a crush


Mrs. Henderson presents 2005

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama

Director: Stephen Frears

Starring: Judi Dench, Bob Hoskins, Kelly Reilly

Laura Henderson buys an old London theater and opens it up as the

Windmill, a performance hall which goes down in history for, among

other things, its all-nude revues.

Mackenna’s Gold 1969

Genre: Romance | Western

Director: J. Lee Thompson

Starring: Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif

The gangster Colorado kidnaps Marshal McKenna. He believes that

McKenna has seen a map which leads to

Man who Shot Liberty Valance, The 1962

Genre: Drama | Romance | Western

Director: John Ford

Starring: John Wayne, James Stewart

A senator, who became famous for killing a notorious outlaw, returns for

the funeral of an old friend and tells the truth about his deed

Men of Honor 2000

Genre: Biography | Drama

Director: George Tillman Jr.

Starring: Robert De Niro, Cuba Gooding Jr.

The story of Carl Brashear, the first African American, then also the first

amputee, US Navy Diver and the man who trained him

Mean Girls 2004

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: Mark Waters

Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams

Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new

school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the exboyfriend

of alpha Plastic Regina George

Million Dollar Baby 2004

Genre: Drama | Sport

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Clint Eastwood Hilary Swank Morgan Freeman

A hardened trainer/manager works with a determined woman in her

attempt to establish herself as a boxer.

Major Payne 1995

Genre: Comedy

Director: Nick Castle

Starring: Damon Wayans

Major Benson Winifred Payne is being discharged from the Marines.

Payne is a killin' machine, but the.

My Fair Lady 1964

Genre: Drama | Family | Musical | Romance

Director: George Cukor

Starring: Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison

A misogynistic and snobbish phonetics professor agrees to a wager that

he can take a flower girl and make her presentable in high society

Master and Commander 2000

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | War

Director: Peter Weir

Starring: Russell Crowe

During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and

crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around

South America.

Matchstick Men 2003

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Crime | Thriller

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell

A phobic artist and his protégé are on the verge of pulling off a lucrative

swindle when the con artist's teenage daughter arrives unexpectedly.

Marnie 1964

Genre: Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Tippi Hedren Sean Connery

Mark marries Marnie although she is a habitual thief and has serious

psychological problems, and tries to help her confront and resolve them.

Mystery, Alaska 1999

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Sport

Director: Jay Roach

Starring: Russell Crowe, Hank Azaria

This comedy is about the residents of a small town who get over-excited

when their hockey team gets chosen to host a televised event

Malcolm X 1992

Genre: Biography | Drama | History

Director: Spike Lee

Starring: Denzel Washington

Biography of Malcolm X, the famous African American leader. Born

Malcolm Little, his father (a minister) was killed by the Ku Klux Klan. He

became a gangster, and while in jail discovered the Nation of Islam

writings of Elijah Muhammad.

Man from Earth, The 2007

Genre: Drama | History | Sci-Fi

Director: Richard Schenkman

Starring: David Lee Smith

An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a

mysterious interrogation after the retiring

Madagascar 2005

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Director: Eric Darnell Tom McGrath

Starring: Ben Stiller Chris Rock

Spoiled by their upbringing with no idea what wild life is really like, four

animals from New York Central Zoo escape, unwittingly assisted by four

absconding penguins, and find themselves in Madagascar, among a bunch

of merry lemurs

Miami Vice 2006

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Michael Mann

Starring: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx

Based on the 1980's TV action/drama, this update focuses on vice

detectives Crockett and Tubbs as their respective personal and

professional lives become dangerously intertwined.

Man on Fire 2004

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Tony Scott

Starring: Denzel Washington

In Mexico City, a former assassin swears vengeance on those who

committed an unspeakable act against the family he was hired to protect

Man without Face 1993

Genre: Drama

Director: Mel Gibson

Starring: Mel Gibson

Chuck wants to leave home but can't make the grade for boarding school.

Then he finds out the disfigured recluse living nearby is an ex-teacher

Michael Clayton 2007

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Tony Gilroy

Starring: Tom Wilkinson, George Clooney

A law firm brings in its "fixer" to remedy the situation after a lawyer has a

breakdown while representing a chemical company that he knows is

guilty in a multi-billion dollar class action suit

Mrs. Doubtfire 1993

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family

Director: Chris Columbus

Starring: Robin Williams, Sally Field

After a bitter divorce, an actor disguises himself as a female housekeeper

to spend secret time with his children held in custody by his Ex

Manchurian Candidate, The 1962

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: John Frankenheimer

Starring: Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey

Former Korean War POW is brainwashed by Communists into becoming a

political assassin.But another former prisoner may know how to save him.

Masked and Anonymous 2003

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music

Director: Larry Charles

Starring: Bob Dylan Penélope Cruz

A singer (Dylan), whose career has gone on a downward spiral, is forced

to make a comeback to the performance stage for a benefit concert

Men In Black 1997

Genre: Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones Will Smith

Two men who keep an eye on aliens in New York City must try to save the

world after the aliens threaten to blow it up.

Men In Black II 2002

Genre: Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones Will Smith

Kay and Jay are back in black as the scum-fighting super-agents -

regulators of all things alien on planet Earth. Their latest mission: to save

the world from a total intergalactic disaster! When a renegade Kylothian

monster disguised as a lingerie model threatens the survival of the human

race, the boys of the MIB get the call to step up and get busy.

Million Dollar Hotel, The 2000

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Wim Wenders

Starring: Jeremy Davies Milla Jovovich Mel Gibson

Tragi-comic, romantic whodunnit set in a run down hotel which plays host

to mentally ill people too poor to afford medical insurance.

Man apart, A 2003

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: F. Gary Gray

Starring: Vin Diesel

A man known as Diablo emerges to head a drug cartel after the previous

leader is imprisoned.

My darling Clementine 1946

Genre: Drama | Western

Director: John Ford

Starring: Henry Fonda

A Western retelling the tale of the Shoot-out at the OK Corral.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939

Genre: Drama

Director: Frank Capra

Starring: Jean Arthur James Stewart

A naive man is appointed to fill a vacancy in the US Senate. His plans

promptly collide with political corruption, but he doesn't back down

Miss Congeniality 2003

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime

Director: Donald Petrie

Starring: Sandra Bullock

An FBI agent must go undercover in the Miss United States beauty

pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event.


Mystic river 2003

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Sean Penn

With a childhood tragedy that overshadowed their lives, three men are

reunited by circumstance when one loses a daughter.

Manxman, The 1929

Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Carl Brisson Malcolm Keen Anny Ondra Randle Ayrton

Despite their differing backgrounds, fisherman Pete and lawyer Philip

have been life long friends on the Isle of Man. Pete wants to marry Kate,

the landlord's daughter at the local inn; however Kate's father doesn't

think he is good enough. Pete leaves the island to seek his fortune abroad

and entrusts Kate to Philip, but they start to be attracted to each other

Net, The 1995

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Irwin Winkler

Starring Sandra Bullock

Angela Bennett's a software engineer type who works from home and has

few friends outside of cyberspace. Taking her first vacation in years she

becomes embroiled in a web (sic) of computer espionage

New Moon (2009)

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Chris Weitz

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Christina Jastrzembska , Robert Pattinson, Billy


Rated: PG-13

Awards: 1 win & 14 nominations

Plot: When Edward leaves Bella, her whole world is turned upside down.

With Bella's heart broken, she turns to Jacob (Jake) her best friend to fill

the void that was left by Edward. As Bella spends more time with Jake, she

learns that there's more than vampires in the town of Forks.

New York, I Love You (2009)

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Fatih Akin Yvan Attal

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, Andy Garcia

Rated: R

Awards: 1 nomination

Plot: Ten vignettes in New York City: a pickpocket meets his match; a

young Hasidic woman, on the eve of her marriage, reveals herself to an

Indian businessman; a writer tries a pick-up line; an artist seeks a model; a

composer needs to read; two women connect; a man takes a child to

Central Park; lovers meet; a couple takes a walk on their anniversary; a kid

goes to the prom with a girl in a wheelchair; a retired singer contemplates

suicide. There are eight million stories in the naked city: these have been

ten of them.

No Country for Old Men (2007)

Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller | Western

Starring: Javier Bardem, Rodger Boyce

Awards: Won 4 Oscars. Another 94 wins & 45 nominations

Rated: Rated R for strong graphic violence and some language

Plot: Violence and mayhem ensue after a hunter stumbles upon some

dead bodies, a stash of heroin and more than $2 million in cash near the

Rio Grande

The Number 23 (2007)

Director: Joel Schumacher

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Starring: Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen

Awards: 4 nominations

Rated: Rated R for violence, disturbing images, sexuality and language

Plot: Walter Sparrow becomes obsessed with a novel that he believes was

written about him. As his obsession increases, more and more similarities

seem to arise

Nights in Rodanthe (2008)

Director: George C. Wolfe

Genre: Drama | Romance

Starring: Richard Gere, Diane Lane

Awards -

Rated: PG-13

Plot: A doctor who is traveling to see his estranged son sparks with an

unhappily married woman at a North Carolina inn.

The Ninth Gate (2000)

Director: Roman Polanski

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Starring: Johnny Depp, Frank Langella

Awards: 1 win & 3 nominations

Plot: A rare book dealer, while seeking out the last two copies of a demon

text, gets drawn into a conspiracy with supernatural overtones

New In Town (2009)

Director: Jonas Elmer

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Renee Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr.

Awards -

Rated: Rated PG for language and some suggestive material. (edited for

re-rating; originally PG-13 for brief strong language

Plot: A Miami businesswoman adjusts to her new life in a tiny Minnesota


Night at the Museum (2006)

Director: Shawn Levy

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Starring: Ben Stiller Robin Williams Bill Cobbs

Awards: 1 win & 8 nominations

Plot: A newly recruited night security guard at the Museum of Natural

History discovers that an ancient curse causes the animals and exhibits on

display to come to life and wreak havoc.

North By Northwest 1959

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring Cary Grant Eva Marie Saint James Mason

A hapless New York advertising executive is mistaken for a government

agent by a group of foreign spies, and is pursued across the country while

he looks for a way to survive.

Nothing to Lose 1997

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime

Director: Steve Oedekerk

Starring Martin Lawrence Tim Robbins

Nick Beam's life couldn't get any worse. He discovers he has been living a

lie and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown...


Night Listener, The 2006

Genre: Mystery | Thriller

Director: Patrick Stettner

Starring Toni Collette Robin Williams

In the midst of his crumbling relationship, a radio show host begins

speaking to his biggest fan, a young boy, via the telephone. But when

questions about the boy's identity come up, the host's life is thrown into


New World, The 2005

Genre: Adventure | Biography | Drama | History | Romance

Director: Terrence Malick

Starring Colin Farrell Q'orianka Kilcher Christopher Plummer

When 17th century explorer John Smith and a few men go up the river to

trade with the Indians, he befriends the princess Pocahontas and they fall

in love. While in love, Smith must obtain his duties as president of

Jamestown fort and challenges to himself what is the better path for

himself to take: stay with the fallen apart colony or go up the river and

love Pocahontas in the wild.

Number 17/

Genre: crime drama

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring Carl Brisson, Lillian Hall-Davis

A band of Criminals pull off a jewel robbery and stash their loot in what

they think is a safe house.

Narnia. The lion The witch and the wardrobe 2005

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy

Director: Andrew Adamson

Starring William Moseley Judy McIntosh

Four kids travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of

their destiny to free it with the guidance of a mystical lion

Once upon a time in America 1984

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Sergio Leone

Starring: Robert de Niro

A former Prohibition-era Jewish gangster returns to Brooklyn over 30

years later, where he once again must confront the ghosts and regrets of

his old life

Over the Hedge (2006)

Director: Karey Kirkpatrick, Tim Johnson

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Starring: Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling

Awards 5 wins & 12 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for some rude humor and mild comic action

Plot: A scheming raccoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures

into helping him repay a debt of food, by invading the new suburban

sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating...and learns a lesson

about family himself.

Over Her Dead Body (2008)

Director: Jeff Lowell

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance

Starring: Eva Longoria Parker, Paul Rudd

Awards -

Rated: PG-13

Plot: A ghost tries to sabotage her former boyfriend's current relationship

with a psychic

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest 1975

Genre: Drama

Director: Milos Forman

Starring: Michael Berryman, Peter Brocco,

Upon arrival at a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients

together to take on the oppressive Nurse Ratched, a woman more a

dictator than a nurse

Out of Africa 1985

Genre: Biography | Drama | Romance

Director: Sydney Pollack

Starring: Meryl Streep, Robert Redford

In 20th century colonial Kenya, a Danish baroness/plantation owner has a

passionate but ultimately doomed love affair with a free-sprited big-game


O Brother, where art thou? 2000

Genre: Comedy | Adventure | Crime | Music

Director: Joel Coen

Starring: George Clooney

With nothing to lose and buried loot to regain -- before it's lost forever in

a flood the three embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this hilarious

offbeat road picture.

Old School 2003

Genre: Comedy

Director: Todd Phillips

Starring: Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn

Three men are disenchanted with life and try to recapture their college


Once upon a time in The West 1968

Genre: Western

Director: Sergio Leone

Starring: Claudia Cardinale, Henry fonda, Jason Robards

Morton, the power-hungry owner of a railroad company, hires Frank , a

gunfighter without a conscience, to kill anyone who stands in the way of

the completion of the railroad. After Frank murders land owner Brett

McBain, McBain's widow hires two killers of her own to protect her and

gain revenge

Outsiders, The 1983

Genre: Crime | Drama | Romance

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon

When two poor greasers, Johnny, and Ponyboy are assaulted by a vicious

gang, the socs, and Johnny kills one of the attackers, tension begins to

mount between the two rival gangs, setting off a turbulent chain of


Ordinary People 1980

Genre: Drama

Director: Robert Redford

Starring: Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland

The accidental death of the older son of an affluent family deeply strains

the relationships among the bitter mother, the good-natured father, and

the guilt-ridden younger son

Oklahoma! 1955

Genre: Musical | Romance | Western

Director: Fred Zinnemann

Starring: Gordon MacRae, Gloria Grahame

A couple of young cowboys win the hearts of their sweethearts in the

Oklahoma territory at the turn of the century..

Officer and a Gentleman, An 1982

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Taylor Hackford

Starring: Richard Gere, Debra Winger

A young man must complete his work at a Navy Flight school to become

an aviator, with the help of a tough gunnery sergeant and his new


Oscar 1991

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: John Landis

Starring: Sylvester Stallone

Angelo "Snaps" Provolone made his dying father a promise on his

deathbed: he would leave the world of crime and become an honest


Oliver Twist 1948

Genre: Adventure | Crime | Drama

Director: David Lean

Starring: Alec Guinness

Based on the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist is about an orphan boy

who runs away from a workhouse and meets a pickpocket on the streets

of London...

Off the Map 2003

Genre: Drama

Director: Campbell Scott

Starring: Joan Allen, Valentina de Angelis, Sam Elliott

An 11-year-old girl watches her father come down with a crippling

depression. Over one summer, she learns answers to several mysteries

and comes to terms with love and loss

Ocean’s (11, 12, 13) 2001 , 2004 , 2007

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Starring: George Clooney Brad Pitt

Danny Ocean and his ten accomplices plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos

simultaneously (Ocean 11)

Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member so he can pull off three

major European heists in this sequel to Ocean's 11 (Ocean 12)

Danny Ocean rounds up the boys for a third heist, after casino owner

Willy Bank double-crosses one of the original eleven, Reuben Tishkoff

(Ocean 13)


Over the Top 1987

Genre: Action | Drama | Family | Sport

Director: Menahem Golan

Starring: Silvester Stallone

Lincoln Hawk is a struggling trucker who's trying to rebuild his life. He

tries to make amends with his son who he left behind years earlier. Upon

their first meeting, his son doesn't think too highly of him until he enters

the nation-wide arm wrestling competition in Las Vegas

Primary Colors 1998

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: Mike Nichols

Starring: John Travolta Emma Thompson Billy Bob Thornton

A man joins the political campaign of a smooth-operator candidate for

president of the USA

Post Grad (2009)

Genre: Comedy

Director: Vicky Jenson

Starring: Alexis Bledel, Zach Gilford

Rated: PG-13

Plot: Ryden Malby graduates from college and is forced to move back into

her childhood home with her eccentric family, while she attempts to find

a job, the right guy, and just a hint of where her life is headed.

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Genre: Animation | Family | Fantasy | Musical | Romance

Director: Ron Clements

John Musker

Starring: Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos

Rated: G

Awards: Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 6 wins & 24 nominations

Plot: A fairy tale set in Jazz Age-era New Orleans and centered on a young

girl named Tiana and her fateful kiss with a frog prince who desperately

wants to be human again.

The Proposal (2009/I)

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Anne Fletcher

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 2 wins & 11 nominations

Plot: For three years, Andrew Paxton has slaved as the assistant to

Margaret Tate, hard-driving editor at a New York publisher. When

Margaret, a Canadian, faces deportation for an expired visa, she hatches a

scheme to marry Andrew - he agrees if she'll promise a promotion. A

skeptical INS agent vows to test the couple about each other the next

Monday. Andrew had plans to fly home that weekend for his grandma's

90th, so Margaret goes with him - to Sitka, Alaska - where mom, dad, and

grams await.

Public Enemies (2009)

Genre: Biography | Crime | Drama | History | Thriller

Director: Michael Mann

Starring: James Russo, David Wenham

Rated: R

Awards: 9 nominations

Plot: The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John

Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime

wave in the 1930s.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Director: Joe Wright

Genre: Drama | Romance

Starring: Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen

Awards: Nominated for 4 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 35 nominations

Rated: PG

Plot: The story is based on Jane Austen's novel about five sisters - Jane,

Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia Bennet - in Georgian England. Their lives

are turned upside down when a wealthy young man (Mr. Bingley) and his

best friend (Mr. Darcy) arrive in their neighborhood

Pink Panther 2 (2009)

Director: Harald Zwart

Genre: Pink Panther 2 (2009)

Starring: Jeremy Irons, Alfred Molina

Awards: 3 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for some suggestive humor, brief mild language and


Plot: Insp. Jacques Clouseau teams up with a squad of International

detectives who are just as bumbling as he is. Their mission: Stop a globetrotting

thief who specializes in stealing historical artifacts

The Pink Panther (2006)

Director: Shawn Levy

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Mystery

Starring: Steve Martin, Kevin Kline

Awards: 3 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for occasional crude and suggestive humor and


Plot: Loosely based on the 1964 Peter Sellers original film, where the

detective must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out

who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond.

Polar Express, The 2004

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Fantasy

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Starring Tom Hanks Eddie Deezen Nona Gaye

On Christmas Eve, a doubting boy boards a magical train that's headed to

the North Pole and Santa Claus's home

PCU 1994

Genre: Comedy

Director: Hart Bochner

Starring: Jeremy Piven Chris Young

A high school senior visits college for the weekend, and stay at the wildest

house on campus in this classic tale of anti-political-correctness

Presumed Innocent 1990

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Alan J. Pakula

Starring: Harrison Ford

When the woman deputy prosecutor R.K. Sabich had an affair with is

murdered the prosecutor asks him to lead the investigation. When Sabich

digs too deeply he finds himself framed for the murder.

Prime 2005

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Ben Younger

Starring: Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, Bryan Greenberg

A career driven professional from Manhattan is wooed by a young

painter, who also happens to be the son of her psychoanalyst

Pianist, The 2002

Genre: Biography | Drama | War

Director: Roman Polanski

Starring: Adrien Brody

A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the

Warsaw ghetto of World War II

Places in the Heart 1984

Genre: Drama

Director: Robert Benton

Starring: Sally Field

In 1930's Southern US, a widow and her family try to run their cotton

farm with the help of a disparate group of friends

Philadelphia 1933

Genre: Drama

Director: Jonathan Demme

Starring: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington

When a man with AIDS is fired by a conservative law firm because of his

condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing

advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit

Poseidon 2006

Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Starring: Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell

On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner, Poseidon, capsizes after being

swamped by a rogue wave. The survivors are left to fight for survival as

they attempt to escape the sinking ship

Pulp Fiction 1994

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Starring: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman

The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife, and a pair of

diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption

Psycho 1960

Genre: Horror | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles

A young woman steals $40,000 from her employer's client, and

subsequently encounters a young motel proprietor too long under the

domination of his mother

Patriot 2000

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Director: Roland Emmerich

Starring: Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger

Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin is driven to lead the Colonial Militia

during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his


Pocketful of Miracles 1961

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: Frank Capra


Boozy, brassy Apple Annie, a beggar with a basket of apples, is as much as

part of downtown New York as old Broadway itself. Bootlegger Dave the

Dude is a sucker for her apples --- he thinks they bring him luck. But Dave

and girlfriend Queenie Martin need a lot more than luck when it turns out

that Annie is in a jam and only they can help:

Prestige, The 2006

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Hugh Jackman Christian Bale Scarlett Johansson

Robert and Alfred are rival magicians. When Alfred performs the ultimate

magic trick, Robert tries desperately to find out the secret to the trick

Pay it Forward 2000

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Mimi Leder

Starring: Kevin Spacey Helen Hunt Haley Joel Osment

Young Trevor McKinney, troubled by his mother's alcoholism and fears of

his abusive but absent father, is caught up by an intriguing assignment

from his new social studies teacher, Mr. Simonet. The assignment: think

of something to change the world and put it into action.

Perfect Stranger 2007

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: James Foley

Starring: Halle Berry Bruce Willis

A journalist goes undercover to ferret out businessman Harrison Hill as

her best friend's killer. Posing as one of his temps, she enters into a game

of online cat-and-mouse.

Pearl Harbor 2001

Genre: Action | Romance | War

Director: Michael Bay

Starring: Ben Affleck Kate Beckinsale Josh Hartnett

Pearl Harbor follows the story of two best friends, Rafe and Danny, and

their love lives as they go off to join the war.

Pursuit of Happyness, The 2006

Genre: Biography | Drama

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Starring: Will Smith

A struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a

life-changing professional endeavor.

Paparazzi 2004

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Director: Paul Abascal

Starring: Cole Hauser Robin Tunney

An actor decides to take personal revenge against a group of persistent

photographers to make them pay for almost causing a personal tragedy

involving his wife and son

Proof 2005

Genre: Drama

Director: John Madden

Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow Anthony Hopkins

The daughter of a brilliant but mentally disturbed mathematician tries to

come to grips with her possible inheritance: his insanity. Complicating

matters are one of ex-students who wants to search through his papers

Producers, The 1968

Genre: Comedy

Director: Mel Brooks

Starring: Zero Mostel Gene Wilder

Producers Max Bialystock (Mostel) and Leo Bloom (Wilder) make money

by producing a sure-fire flop


Platoon 1986

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Director: Oliver Stone

Starring: Keith David

A young recruit in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the

horrors of war and the duality of man

Pancho Villa 1972

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Western

Director: Eugenio Martín

Starring: Clint Walker Telly Savalas

Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa is double-crossed in an arms deal

planned by his comrade Scotty. Villa and Scotty plot a raid on a U.S...

Painted Veil 2006

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: John Curran

Starring: Edward Norton Naomi Watts

A British medical doctor fights a cholera outbreak in a small Chinese

village, while also being trapped at home in a loveless marriage to an

unfaithful wife

Pacifier, The 2005

Genre: Comedy | Action | Family | Thriller

Director: Adam Shankman

Starring Vin Diesel

Disgraced Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe is handed a new assignment: Protect

the five Plummer kids from enemies of their recently deceased father -- a

government scientist whose top-secret experiment remains in the kids'


Rush Hour 1 1998

Genre: Action | Comedy | Thriller | Crime

Director: Brett Ratner

Starring: Jackie Chan Chris Tucker

Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter

Rush Hour 2 2001

Genre: Action | Comedy | Thriller | Crime

Director: Brett Ratner

Starring: Jackie Chan Chris Tucker

Carter and Lee head to Hong Kong for vacation, but become embroiled in

a counterfeit money scam

Rush Hour 3 2007

Genre: Action | Comedy | Thriller | Crime

Director: Brett Ratner

Starring: Jackie Chan Chris Tucker

After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter

head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads'

secret leaders.

The Road (2009)

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Thriller

Director: John Hillcoat

Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Robert Duvall, Guy Pearce

Rated: R

Awards: Nominated for BAFTA Film Award. Another 1 win & 10


Plot: A father and his son walk alone through burned America. Nothing

moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind and water. It is

cold enough to crack stones, and, when the snow falls it is gray. The sky is

dark. Their destination is the warmer south, although they don't know

what, if anything, awaits them there. They have nothing: just a pistol to

defend themselves against the lawless cannibalistic bands that stalk the

road, the clothes they are wearing, a rusting shopping cart of scavenged

food--and each other.

Ratatouille (2007)

Director: Brad Bird Jan Pinkava

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Starring: Patton Oswalt Peter Sohn

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 43 wins & 20 nominations


Plot: Remy is a young rat in the French countryside who arrives in Paris,

only to find out that his cooking idol is dead. When he makes an unusual

alliance with a restaurant's new garbage boy, the culinary and personal

adventures begin despite Remy's family's skepticism and the rat-hating

world of humans.

Reservation Road (2007)

Director: Terry George

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Susan Powell

Awards -

Rated: Rated R for language and some disturbing images

Plot: Haunted by the tragedy, both fathers react in unexpected ways, as

do Grace and Emma. As a reckoning looms, the two fathers are forced to

make the hardest choices of their lives

Revolutionary Road (2008)

Director: Sam Mendes

Genre: Drama | Romance

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet

Awards: Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 6 wins & 22 nominations

Plot: A young couple living in a Connecticut suburb during the mid-1950s

struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to

raise their two children. Based on a novel by Richard Yates

Robin Hood 1991

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Romance

Director: Kevin Reynolds

Starring: Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman

When Robin and his Moorish companion come to England and the

tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham, he decides to fight back as an


Reign over me 2007

Genre: Drama

Director: Mike Binder

Starring Adam Sandler Don Cheadle Liv Tyler

A man who lost his family in the September 11 attack on New York City

runs into his old college roommate. Rekindling the friendship is the one

thing that appears able to help the man recover from his grief.

The Rundown 2003

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Thriller

Director: Peter Berg

Starring: Dwayne Johnson Seann William Scott

A tough aspiring chef is hired to bring home a mobster's son from the

Amazon but becomes involved in the fight against an oppressive town

operator and the search for a legendary treasure.

Rock, The 1996

Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

Director: Michael Bay

Starring: Sean Connery Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris

A group of U.S. marines, under command of a renegade general, take

over Alcatraz and threat San Francisco Bay with biological weapons. A

chemical weapons specialist and the only man to have ever escaped from

the Rock are the only ones who can prevent chaos

Rio Grande 1950

Genre: Romance | Western

Director: John Ford

Starring: John Wayne Maureen O'Hara

Union officer Kirby Yorke is in charge of training of new recruits one of

which is his son whom he hasn't seen in 15 years. his mother shows up to

take him out of there.The decision to leave is left up to Trooper Yorke

who decides to stay and fight. Through it all Kirby and Kathleen fall back

into love and decide that it's time to give it another try. But Yorke faces

his toughest battle when his unorthodox plan to outwit the e Apaches

leads to possible court- martial. Locked in a bloody Indian war, he must

fight to redeem his honor and save the love and lives of his broken family

Recruit, The 2003

Genre: Action | Thriller

Director: Roger Donaldson

Starring: Al Pacino Colin Farrell

A brilliant young CIA trainee is asked by his mentor to help find a mole in

the Agency.

Rio Bravo 1959

Genre: Western | Romance | Drama

Director: Howard Hawks

Starring: John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson

A small-town sheriff in the American West enlists the help of a cripple, a

drunk, and a young gunfighter

Red River 1948

Genre: Western | Action | Adventure

Director: Howard Hawks Arthur Rosson

Starring: John Wayne Montgomery Clift

Dunson is driving his cattle to Red River when his adopted son, Matthew,

turns against him


Revenge of the Nerds I, II, III, IV

Genre: Comedy | Thriller

Director: Jeff Kanew

Starring: Robert Carradine

At a big campus, a group of bullied outcasts and misfits resolve to fight

back for their peace and self respect

Ring, The 1927

Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring Carl Brisson Lillian Hall-Davis

In the second feature, a boxer must fight an opponent who is in love with

his wife

Requiem 2000

Genre: Drama

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Starring: Ellen Burstyn Jared Leto

The hopes and dreams of four ambitious people are shattered when their

drug addictions begin spiraling out of control

Roman Holiday 1953

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: William Wyler

Starring: Gregory Peck Audrey Hepburn

A bored and sheltered princess escapes her guardians and falls in love

with an American newsman in Rome

Scalphunters, The 1968

Genre: Comedy | Western

Director: Sydney Pollack

Starring: Burt Lancaster Shelley Winters

Forced to trade his valuable furs for a well-educated escaped slave, a

rugged trapper vows to recover the pelts from the Indians and later the

renegades that killed them

Serious Moonlight (2009)

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Romance

Director: Cheryl Hines

Starring: Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton

Rated: R

Plot: A high-powered attorney duct tapes her adulterous husband to the

toilet ... right before their home is invaded by burglars.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Guy Ritchie

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 5 wins & 14 nominations

Plot: Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage

in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of


Sleepwalking (2008)

Genre: Drama

Director: Bill Maher

Starring: Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb, Charlize Teron, Deborra-Lee


Rated: R

Plot: James "Speedy" Reedy is anything but. He's a twenty-something

slacker sleepwalking through life in a Midwestern town. His older sister,

Joleen calls him in the middle of the night after the police have arrested

her boyfriend and tossed her and her 12-year-old daughter Tara on the

street. James takes them in, then Joleen, who claims to have a plan, leaves

with a trucker and a stash of drug money. James tries to cope, but soon

he's lost his job, and child protective services places Tara in foster care.

She's miserable. Can James wake up and find a way to be more than just a

nice guy? A road trip to his childhood may hold a key, or it may be another

bad dream.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy

Director: Mark Waters

Starring: Freddie Highmore, Mary-Louise Parker

Rated: PG

Awards: 1 win & 6 nominations

Plot: Upon moving into the run-down Spiderwick Estate with their

mother, twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, along with their sister

Mallory, find themselves pulled into an alternate world full of faeries and

other creatures.

The Spy Next Door (2010)

Genre: Action | Comedy | Family

Director: Brian Levant

Starring: Jackie Chan, Amber Valletta, Madeline Carroll, Will Shadley

Rated: PG

Plot: Former CIA spy Bob Ho takes on his toughest assignment to date:

looking after his girlfriend's three kids, who haven't exactly warmed to

their mom's beau.

State of Play (2009)

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Kevin Macdonald

Starring: Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations

Plot: A team of investigative reporters work alongside a police detective

to try to solve the murder of a congressman's mistress.

Street Kings (2008)

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: David Ayer

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker

Rated: R

Plot: Tom Ludlow is a veteran LAPD cop who finds life difficult to navigate

after the death of his wife. When evidence implicates him in the execution

of a fellow officer, he is forced to go up against the cop culture he's been a

part of his entire career, ultimately leading him to question the loyalties of

everyone around him.

Southland Tales (2006)

Director: Richard Kelly

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Awards: 2 nominations

Rated: Rated R for language, violence, sexual material and some drug


Plot: Southland Tales is an ensemble piece set in the futuristic landscape

of Los Angeles on July 4, 2008, as it stands on the brink of social,

economic and environmental disaster. Boxer Santaros is an action star

who's stricken with amnesia. His life intertwines with Krysta Now, an

adult film star developing her own reality television project, and Ronald

Taverner, a Hermosa Beach police officer who holds the key to a vast


The Seeker - The Dark is rising (2007)

Director: David L. Cunningham

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Thriller

Starring: Frances Conroy, Wendy Crewson

Awards -

Rated: Rated PG for fantasy action and some scary images

Plot: A boy's life is turned upside down when he learns that he is the last

of a group of immortal warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting

the forces of the dark

Shrek 2 (2004)

Director: Andrew Adamson

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Starring: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 13 wins & 34 nominations

Rated: Rated PG for some crude humor, a brief substance reference and

some suggestive content

Plot: Princess Fiona's parents invite her and Shrek to dinner to celebrate

her marriage. If only they knew the newlyweds were both ogres

Sex and the City - The Complete Series

Director: Darren Star

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattrall Kristin Davis Cynthia Nixon

Awards: Won 8 Golden Globes. Another 36 wins & 125 nominations

Rated: R

Plot: Four beautiful female New Yorkers gossip about their sex-lives (or

lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a woman in the 90's

Sex and the City - The Movie (2008)

Director: Michael Patrick King

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattrall Kristin Davis Cynthia Nixon

Awards: 1 win & 10 nominations

Rated: Rated R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language.

Plot: A New York writer on sex and love is finally getting married to her

Mr. Big. But her three best girlfriends must console her after one of them

inadvertently leads Mr. Big to jilt her.

Seinfeld - The Complete Series

Director: Larry David Jerry Seinfeld

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus Michael Richards Jason


Awards: Won 3 Golden Globes. Another 58 wins & 121 nominations

Plot: The continuing misadventures of neurotic New York stand-up

comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally neurotic New York friends.

Seven Pounds (2008)

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Genre: Drama

Starring: Will Smith Rosario Dawson

Awards: 2 wins & 5 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for thematic material, some disturbing content and a

scene of sensuality.

Plot: An IRS agent with a fateful secret embarks on an extraordinary

journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers

Space Buddies (2009)

Director: Robert Vince

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Starring: Diedrich Bader Josh Flitter

Plot: One Small Step For Dog. One Giant Leap For Dogkind

Shakespeare in Love (1999)

Director: John Madden

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes

Awards: Won 7 Oscars. Another 43 wins & 60 nominations

Rated: Rated R for sexuality

Plot: A young Shakespeare, out of ideas and short of cash, meets his ideal

woman and is inspired to write one of his most famous plays

Searchers, The 1956

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Western

Director: John Ford

Starring: John Wayne

As a Civil War veteran spends years searching for a young niece captured

by Indians, his motivation becomes increasingly questionable

Shanghai Noon 2000

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Western

Director: Tom Dey

Starring: Jackie Chan Owen Wilson Lucy Liu

Jackie Chan plays a Chinese man who travels to the Wild West to rescue a

kidnapped princess. After teaming up with a train robber, the unlikely duo

takes on a Chinese traitor and his corrupt boss

Silence of the Lambs, The 1991

Genre: Crime | Thriller

Director: Jonathan Demme

Starring: Jodie Foster Anthony Hopkins

A young FBI cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer

to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims

Siege, The 1998

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Director: Edward Zwick

Starring: Denzel Washington Annette Bening Bruce Willis

The secret US abduction of a suspected terrorist leads to a wave of

terrorist attacks in New York that lead to the declaration of martial law

Specialist, The 1994

Genre: Action | Thriller

Director: Luis Llosa

Starring: Sylvester Stallone Sharon Stone

A woman entices a bomb expert she's involved with into destroying the

mafia that killed her family

She's all That 1999

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Robert Iscove

Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr. Rachael Leigh Cook

A high school jock makes a bet that he can turn an unattractive girl into

the school's prom queen

Splendor in the Grass 1961

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Elia Kazan

Starring: Natalie Wood Warren Beatty

A fragile Kansas girl's unrequited and forbidden love for a handsome

young man from the town's most powerful family drives her to

heartbreak and madness

Spiderman Trilogy Spider man I /II/III

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Superherro

Director: Sam Raimi

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst

Spider man I - The story of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man."

Spider man II - As Peter struggles to juggle the dual responsibilities of his


Spiderman III - Every hero has a choice to face the darkness or be

consumed by it. The greatest battle lies within.

Shrek I 2001

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Andrew Adamson Vicky Jenson

Starring: Mike Myers Eddie Murphy Cameron Diaz

An ogre, in order to regain his swamp, travels along with an annoying

donkey in order to bring a princess to a scheming lord.

Shane 1953

Genre: Drama | Western

Director: George Stevens

Starring: Alan Ladd Jean Arthur Van Heflin

A weary gunfighter attempts to settle down with a homestead family, but

a smoldering settler/rancher conflict forces him to act

Stagecoach 1939

Genre: Action | Western | Drama | Romance

Director: John Ford

Starring: John Wayne Claire Trevor

A stagecoach trip is complicated by the fact that Geronimo is on the

warpath in the area. The passengers on the coach include a a drunken

doctor, two women, a bank manager who has taken off with his client's

money, and the famous Ringo Kid, among others

Saved 2004

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: Brian Dannelly

Starring: Jena Malone Mandy Moore Macaulay Culkin

When a girl attending a Christian high school becomes pregnant, she finds

herself ostracized and demonized, as all of her former friends turn on her

Silverado 1985

Genre: Action | Western

Director: Lawrence Kasdan

Starring: Kevin Kline Scott Glenn

A misfit bunch of friends come together to right the injustices which exist

in a small town

Starship Troopers 1997

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Starring: Casper Van Dien Dina Meyer Denise Richards

Humans of a fascistic, militaristic future do battle with giant alien bugs in

a fight for survival.

Somethin's Gotta give 2003

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Nancy Meyers

Starring: Jack Nicholson Diane Keaton Keanu Reeves

A swinger on the cusp of being a senior citizen with a taste for young

women falls in love with an accomplished woman closer to his age

Sixth Sense, The 1999

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Starring: Bruce Willis Haley Joel Osment

A boy who communicates with spirits that don't know they're dead seeks

the help of a disheartened child psychologist

Sentinel, The 1977

Genre: Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Michael Winner

Starring: Chris Sarandon Cristina Raines

Not ready for marriage, a fashion model moves into an unbelievably nice

Brooklyn Heights apartment, where scary occurrences turn into a much

more frightening turn of events

Shawshank Redemption, The

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Frank Darabont

Starring: Tim Robbins Morgan Freeman

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and

eventual redemption through acts of common decency

Saving Privat Ryan 1998

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Tom Hanks Tom Sizemorew

Following the Normandy Landings, a group of US soldiers go behind

enemy lines to retrieve a paratrooper whose brothers have been killed

Seabiscuit 2003

Genre: Drama | History | Sport

Director: Gary Ross

Starring: Jeff Bridges

True story of the undersized Depression-era racehorse whose victories

lifted not only the spirits of the team behind it but also those of their


Step up 2006

Genre: Crime | Drama | Music | Romance

Director: Anne Fletcher

Starring: Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan

Tyler Gage is a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore¹s tracks and the

only thing that stands between him and an unfulfilled life are his dreams

of one day making it out of there. Nora is a privileged ballet dancer

attending Baltimore¹s ultra-elite Maryland School of the Arts -- and the

only thing standing in the way of her obviously brilliant future is finding a

great dance partner for her senior showcase.

Sands Of Iwo Jima 1949

Genre: Action | Drama | War | Romance

Director: Allan Dwan

Starring: John Wayne

A dramatization of the World War II Battle of Iwo Jima

Serenity 2005

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Joss Whedon

Starring: Nathan Fillion Gina Torres Alan Tudyk

The crew of the ship Serenity tries to evade an assassin sent to recapture

one of their number who is telepathic

Stealth 2005

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Rob Cohen

Starring: Josh Lucas Jessica Biel Jamie Foxx

Deeply ensconced in a top-secret military program, three pilots struggle

to bring an artificial intelligence program under control ... before it

initiates the next world war

Straw Dogs 1971

Genre: Thriller

Director: Sam Peckinpah

Starring: Dustin Hoffman

A young American and his English wife come to rural England and face

increasingly vicious local harassment

Schindler's List 1993

Genre: Biography | Drama | History | War

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Liam Neeson Ben Kingsley

Oskar Schindler uses Jews to start a factory in Poland during the war. He

witnesses the horrors endured by the Jews, and starts to save them

Sweet Home Alabama 2002

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Andy Tennant

Starring: Reese Witherspoon Josh Lucas Patrick Dempsey

A young woman with a white trash background runs away from her

husband in Alabama and reinvents herself as a New York socialite

Stardust 2007

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Starring: Claire Danes Michelle Pfeiffer

In a countryside town bordering on a magical land, a young man makes a

promise to his beloved that he'll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into

the magical realm

Singin'in the rain 1952

Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance

Director: Stanley Donen Gene Kelly

Starring: Gene Kelly Donald O'Connor Debbie Reynolds

A silent film production company and cast make a difficult transition to


Stand and Deliver 1998

Genre: Drama

Director: Ramón Menéndez

Starring: Eliot Edward James Olmos

A dedicated teacher inspires his students to learn calculus to build up

their self-esteem and do so well that they are accused of cheating

Six Days Seven Nights 1998

Genre: Action | Adventure | Romance

Director: Ivan Reitman

Starring: Harrison Ford Anne Heche

Robin Monroe, a New York magazine editor, and the gruff pilot Quinn

Harris must put aside their mutual dislike if they are to survive after crash

landing on a deserted South Seas island

Spy game 2001

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Director: Tony Scott

Starring: Robert Redford Brad Pitt Catherine McCormack

Retiring CIA agent Nathan Muir recalls his training of Tom Bishop while

working against agency politics to free him from his Chinese captors

Sweet nowember 2001

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Pat O'Connor

Starring: Keanu Reeves Charlize Theron

Nelson is a man devoted to his advertising career in San Francisco. One

day, while taking a driving test at the DMV, he meets Sara. She is very

different from the other women in his life. Nelson causes her to miss out

on taking the test and later that day she tracks him down. One thing leads

to another and Nelson ends up living with her through a November that

will change his life forever.

Saving Sarah Cain 2007

Genre: Drama

Director: Michael Landon Jr.

Starring: Lisa Pepper

When Sarah Cain, a self-involved big-city newspaper columnist, travels to

Pennsylvania for the funeral of her Amish sister, she soon discovers that

she is the legal guardian of her five Amish nieces and nephews. Rather

than choose to move to Lancaster County to finish raising them there

herself, or let them be separated by the foster care system, Sarah decides

to take them with her back to Portland where she believes she can make

a new life for them

Swordfish 2001

Genre: Action | Thriller | Crime

Director: Dominic Sena

Starring: John Travolta; Hugh JAckman; Halle Berry

A secretive renegade counter-terrorist co-opts the world's greatest

hacker (who is trying to stay clean) to steal billions in US Government

dirty money

Sleepers 1996

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Barry Levinson

Starring: Kevin Bacon; Robert DeNiro; Dustin Hofman; Brad Pitt

After a prank goes disastrously wrong, a group of boys are sent to a

detention center where they are brutalized; over 10 years later, they get

their chance for revenge

Star Wars Trilogy

IV A New Hope 1977- Luke Skywalker leaves his home planet, teams up

with other rebels, and tries to save Princess Leia from the evil clutches of

Darth Vader

V The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - While Luke takes advanced Jedi training

from Yoda, his friends are relentlessly pursued by Darth Vader as part of

his plan to capture Luke

VI Return of the Jedi 1983 - After rescuing Han Solo from the palace of

Jabba the Hutt, the Rebels attempt to destroy the Second Death Star,

while Luke Skywalker tries to bring his father back to the Light Side of the


Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Director: George Lucas/ Irvin Kershner/ Richard Marquand

Starring: Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Peter Mayhew

Scarface 1983

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Brian De Palma

Starring: Al Pacino

In 1980 Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug empire

while succumbing to greed

Some like it Hot 1959

Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Family | Music | Romance

Director: Billy Wilder

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft, Pat O


When a pair of bumbling, out-of-work musicians accidentally witness the

St. Valentine's Day gangster murders, they disguise themselves as women

and join up with a travelling all-womens' band to escape the mobsters

who are after them.

Superbad 2007

Genre: Comedy

Director: Greg Mottola

Starring: Jonah Hill; Michael Cera

Two co-dependent high school seniors are forced to deal with separation

anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry

Scent of a woman 1992

Genre: Drama

Director: Martin Brest

Starring: Al Pacino Chris O'Donnell

A prep school student needing money agrees to "babysit" a blind man,

but the job is not at all what he anticipated

Skin Game, The 1931

Genre: Drama

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: C.V. France Helen Haye

A rich family, the Hillcrests, is fighting against the speculator, Hornblower,

who sends away poor farmers to build factories on their lands. When

Mrs. Hillcrest finds out that Chloe Hornblower was a prostitute, she uses

this secret to blackmail the speculator and force him to stop his business.


Terminal, The 2004

Genre: Drama | Romance | Comedy

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring Tom Hanks Catherine Zeta-Jones

An eastern immigrant finds himself stranded in JFK airport, and must take

up temporary residence there

Tooth Fairy (2010/I)

Genre: Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Director: Michael Lembeck

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Stephen Merchant, Ryan Sheckler

Rated: PG

Plot: Derek Thompson is 'The Tooth Fairy,' a hard-charging minor league

hockey player whose nickname comes from his habit of separating

opposing players from their bicuspids. When Derek discourages a

youngster's hopes, he's sentenced to one week's hard labor as a real tooth

fairy, complete with the requisite tutu, wings and magic wand. At first,

Derek "can't handle the tooth" - bumbling and stumbling as he tries to

furtively wing his way through strangers' homes...doing what tooth fairies

do. But as Derek slowly adapts to his new position, he begins to rediscover

his own forgotten dreams.

Twilight (2008)

Director: Catherine Hardwicke

Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Romance

Starring: : Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Awards: 22 wins & 7 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for some violence and a scene of sensuality

Plot: A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire

There Will Be Blood (2008)

Director: Paul Thomas

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Barry Del Sherman

Awards: Won 2 Oscars. Another 57 wins & 52 nominations

Rated: Rated R for some violence

Plot: A story about family, greed, religion, and oil, centered around a

turn-of-the-century prospector in the early days of the business

Taken (2008)

Director: Pierre Morel

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Starring: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen

Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations

Plot: A former spy relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter,

who has been forced into the slave trade.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider/The Cradle of Life) - (2003)

Director: Jan de Bont, Simon West

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Thriller

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler

Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations

Plot: Lara Croft is on a quest to save Pandoras box

Plot2: Lara Croft races against time and villains to recover powerful

ancient artifacts

The Terminator (1984)

Director: James Cameron

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton

Awards: 5 wins & 6 nominations

Plot: In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the

ultimate plan. They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The

plan required something that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something

unstoppable. They created 'THE TERMINATOR'

Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (1991)

Director: James Cameron

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton

Awards: Won 4 Oscars. Another 20 wins & 18 nominations

Plot: The cyborg who once tried to kill Sarah Connor must now protect

her teenager son, John Connor, from an even more powerful and

advanced cyborg

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

Director: Jonathan Mostow

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Kristanna Loken, Claire


Awards: 1 win & 17 nominations

Plot: John Connor is now in his 20's, and a female terminator, called T-X

or Terminatrix, is after him. Another T-101 is sent back through time to

protect John once again on the verge of the rise of the machines

Transformers 2007

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Michael Bay

Starring Shia LaBeouf Megan Fox

An ancient struggle re-erupts on Earth between two extraterrestrial clans,

the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, with a clue to the ultimate

power held by a young teenager

Truman Show, The 1998

Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi

Director: Peter Weir

Starring Jim Carrey Laura Linney

An insurance salesman/adjuster discovers his entire life is actually a TV


Three Amigos 1986

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Western

Director: John Landis

Starring Steve Martin Chevy Chase Martin Short

Three unemployed actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to

replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing

Take the Lead 2006

Genre: Drama | Music

Director: Liz Friedlander

Starring Antonio Banderas Rob Brown

The real story of a dance teacher who believed in the talent of a group of

problem kids

Two of a kind 1983

Genre: Comedy | Romance | Fantasy

Director: John Herzfeld

Starring John Travolta Olivia Newton-John

God has had just about enough of the human's attitude so he will destroy

the planet very soon. It is up to a struggling inventor and a bank teller

True Lies 1994

Genre: Action | Comedy | Romance | Thriller

Director: James Cameron

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Jamie Lee Curtis

When a secret agent learns of his wife's extra-marital affair, he pursues

her and uses his intelligence resources in a job he kept secret from her

There's something about Mary 1998

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Bobby Farrelly Peter Farrelly

Starring Cameron Diaz Matt Dillon Ben Stiller

A man gets a chance to meet up with his dream girl from highschool, even

though his date with her back then was a complete disaster

Three Kings 1999

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | War

Director: David O. Russell

Starring George Clooney Mark Wahlberg Ice Cube

In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, 4 soldiers set out to steal gold

that was stolen from Kuwait, but they discover people who desperately

need their help

Tombstone 1993

Genre: Action | Drama | History | Romance | Western

Director: George P. Cosmatos

Starring Kurt Russell Val Kilmer

A successful lawman's plans to retire anonymously in Tombstone,

Arizona, are disrupted by the kind of outlaws he was famous for


Time to Kill, A 1996

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Joel Schumacher

Starring Matthew McConaughey Sandra Bullock Samuel L. Jackson

A young lawyer defends a black man accused of murdering two men who

raped his 10-year-old daughter, sparking a rebirth of the KKK

Troy 2004

Genre: Action | History | Romance

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Starring Brad Pitt Orlando Bloom Eric Bana

An adaptation of Homer's great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy

by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved

Tuskegee Airmen, The 1995

Genre: Drama | History | War

Director: Robert Markowitz

Starring Laurence Fishburne

The true story of how a group of African American pilots overcame racist

opposition to become one of the finest US fighter groups in World War II

Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The 1948

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Western | Action

Director: John Huston

Starring Humphrey Bogart

Fred C. Dobbs and Bob Curtin, down on their luck in Tampico, Mexico in

1925, meet up with a grizzled prospector named Howard and decide to

join with him in search of gold in the wilds of central Mexico. Through

enormous difficulties, they eventually succeed in finding gold, but

bandits, the elements, and most especially greed threaten to turn their

success into disaster

To Have and Have not 1994

Genre: Adventure | Music | Romance | Thriller | War

Director: Howard Hawks

Starring Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall

Harry Morgan and his alcoholic sidekick, Eddie, are based on the island of

Martinique and crew a boat available for hire. However, since the second

world war is happening around them business is not what it could be and

after a customer who owes them a large sum fails to pay they are forced

against their better judgement to violate their preferred neutrality and to

take a job for the resistance transporting a fugitive on the run from the

Nazis to Martinique. Through all this runs the stormy relationship

between Morgan and Marie "Slim" Browning, a resistance sympathizer

and the sassy singer in the club where Morgan spends most of his days

Titanic 1997

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: James Cameron

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet

Fictional romantic tale of a rich girl and poor boy who meet on the illfated

voyage of the 'unsinkable' ship

Thin red Line, The 1998

Genre: Action | Drama | War

Director: Terrence Malick

Starring Sean Penn Adrien Brody George Clooney John Cusack

Director Terrence Malick's adaptation of James Jones' autobiographical

1962 novel, focusing on the conflict at Guadalcanal during the second

World War

Twins 1988

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ivan Reitman

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny DeVito

A physically perfect, but innocent, man goes in search of his twin brother,

who is a short small-time crook

Terms and Endeanment 1983

Genre: Romance | Comedy | Drama

Director: James L. Brooks

Starring Shirley MacLaine Debra Winger Jack Nicholson

Aurora and Emma are mother and daughter who march to different

drummers. Beginning with Emma's marriage, Aurora shows how difficult

and loving she can be.

Trouble with Angels, The 1966

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ida Lupino

Starring Rosalind Russell Hayley Mills

Two high-spirited young students at St. Francis Academy For Girls keep

things hopping for the challenged Mother Superior and her staff of

bewildered Sisters

Traffic 2000

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Starring Benicio Del Toro Jacob Vargas

A conservative judge is appointed by the President to spearhead

America's escalating war against drugs, only to discover that his teenage

daughter is an addict

Three o'clock High 1987

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy

Director: Phil Joanou

Starring Casey Siemaszko Richard Tyson

A high school nerd, Jerry Mitchell is assigned to write a piece for the

school paper about new boy Buddy Revell, who is rumored to be a

psychopathic nutcase. When Jerry accidentally touches Buddy, he says

that they must fight in the parking lot at 3pm. Jerry will just about do

anything to avoid the confrontation



Truth About Cats and Dogs, The

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Michael Lehmann

Starring Uma Thurman Janeane Garofalo

A successful veternarian & radio show host with low self-esteem asks her

model friend to impersonate her when a handsome man wants to see


Ten, The 2007

Genre: Comedy

Director: David Wain

Starring : Paul Rudd; Adam Brody

Ten stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments.

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Director: Marc Forster

Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

Starring: Daniel Craig, Jesper Christensen

Awards: Nominated for 2 BAFTA Film Awards. Another 4 wins & 20


Rated: PG-13

Plot: Seeking revenge for the death of his love, secret agent James Bond

sets out to stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country's

valuable resource

Unforgiven 1992

Genre: Crime | Drama | Western

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring : Clint Eastwood Gene Hackman Morgan Freeman

Retired Old West gunslinger William Munny reluctantly takes on one last

job, with the help of his old partner and a young man.


Up (2009)

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Director: Pete Docter

Bob Peterson (co-director)

Starring: Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer

Rated: PG

Awards: Won 2 Oscars. Another 40 wins & 29 nominations

Plot: By tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78-year-old Carl

Fredricksen sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South

America. Right after lifting off, however, he learns he isn't alone on his

journey, since Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has

inadvertently become a stowaway on the trip.

Up in the Air (2009/I)

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Jason Reitman

Starring: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman

Rated: R

Awards: Nominated for 6 Oscars. Another 44 wins & 53 nominations

Plot: With a job that has him traveling around the country firing people,

Ryan Bingham leads an empty life out of a suitcase, until his company

does the unexpected: ground him.

Usual Suspects 1995

Genre: Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Director: Bryan Singer

Starring : Stephen Baldwin Gabriel Byrne Benicio Del Toro Kevin Pollak

A boat has been destroyed, criminals are dead, and the key to this

mystery lies with the only survivor and his twisted, convoluted story

beginning with five career crooks in a seemingly random police lineup

Volver 2006

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Mystery

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Starring : Penelope Cruz

After her death, a mother returns to her home town in order to fix the

situations she couldn't resolve during her life


The Visitor (2007/I)

Genre: Crime | Drama | Music | Romance

Director: Thomas McCarthy

Starring: Richard Jenkins, Haaz Sleiman

Rated: PG-13

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 13 wins & 14 nominations

Plot: A college professor travels to New York City to attend a conference

and finds a young couple living in his apartment.

Valkyrie (2008)

Director: Bryan Singer

Genre: Drama | History | Thriller | War

Starring: Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh

Awards: 1 win & 8 nominations

Rated: PG-13

Plot: Based on actual events, a plot to assassinate Hitler is unfurled during

the height of WWII

Verdict, The 1982

Genre: Drama

Director: Sidney Lumet

Starring : Paul Newman

A lawyer sees the chance to salvage his career and self-respect by taking a

medical malpractice case to trial rather than settling

V for Vendetta 2005

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: James McTeigue

Starring : Natalie Portman; Hugo Weaving

A shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" uses terrorist tactics to

fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret

police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally

What’s Cooking? 2000

Genre: Drama | Comedy

Director: Gurinder Chadha

Starring: Joan Chen, Julianna Margulies, Mercedes Ruehl, Kyra Sedgwick

Four households celebrate Thanksgiving amidst family tensions. Around

each table, things come to a head. A gun, an affair, a boyfriend, and a

pregnancy precipitate crises forcing each family to find its center

What Happens in Vegas (2008)

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Director: Tom Vaughan

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher

Rated: PG-13

Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations

Plot: Set in Sin City, story revolves around two people who discover

they've gotten married following a night of debauchery, with one of them

winning a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. Unhappy pair try

to undermine each other and get their hands on the money -- falling in

love along the way.

Wall-E (2008)

Director: Andrew Stanton

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Romance

Starring: Ben Burtt, Jeff Garlin

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 44 wins & 40 nominations

Plot: In the distant future, a small waste collecting robot inadvertently

embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of


What Just Happened? (2008)

Director: Barry Levinson

Genre: Comedy-drama, Satire

Starring: Robert De Niro, Stanley Tucci

Awards -

Rated: Rated R for language, some violent images, sexual content and

some drug material.

Plot: Two weeks in the life of a fading Hollywood producer who's having a

rough time trying to get his new picture made.

The Women (2008)

Director: Diane English

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Starring: Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes

Awards 2 nominations

Rated: PG-13 for sex-related material, language, some drug use and brief


Plot: A wealthy New Yorker leaves her cheating husband and bonds with

other society women at a resort.

Wanted (2008)

Director: Timur Bekmambetov

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller

Starring: Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 2 wins & 11 nominations

Rated: R for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and

some sexuality.

Plot: A young man finds out his long lost father is an assassin. When his

father is murdered, the son is recruited into his father's old organization

and trained by a man named Sloan to follow in his dad's footsteps.

War of the Worlds 2005

Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Tom Cruise

As Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, one family fights for


Wind Talkers 2002

Genre: Action | History | Romance | War

Director: John Woo

Starring: Nicolas Cage

Two U.S. Marines in WWII are assigned to protect Navajo Marines who

use their native language as an unbreakable radio cipher

Whole nine Yards, The 2000

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: Jonathan Lynn

Starring: Bruce Willis, Mathew Perry

Nick is a struggling dentist in Canada. A new neighbor moves in, and he

discovers that it is Jimmy "The Tulip" Teduski. His wife convinces him to

go to Chicago and inform the mob boss who wants Jimmy dead

Wild at heart 1990

Genre: Crime | Drama | Romance | Thriller

Director: David Lynch

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern

Lula's psychopathic mother goes crazy at the thought of Lula being with

Sailor, who just got free from jail. Ignoring Sailor's probation, they set out

for California. However their mother hires a killer to hunt down Sailor

When we were colored 1995

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Tim Reid

Starring: Al Freedman Jr, Phylicia Rashad, Leon

A narrator tells the story of his childhood years in a tightly knit Afro-

American community in the deep south under racial segregation

What’s the Worst that could Happen? 2001

Genre: Comedy | Crime

Director: Sam Weisman

Starring: Martin Lawrence; Danny DeVito

A rich man catches a thief burglarizing his home and steals the thief's

lucky ring, who then tries to get it back

Wyatt Earp 1994

Genre: Action | Adventure | Biography | Romance | Western

Director: Lawrence Kasdan

Starring:Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman

Wyatt Earp is a movie about a man and his family. More of a

documentary than Hollywood tinsel, this movie shows us the good times

and the bad times of one of the West's greatest heros

Weather man, The 2005

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Director: Gore Verbinski

Starring: Nicolas Cage

A Chicago weather man, separated from his wife and children, debates

whether professional and personal success are mutually exclusive

Willow 1988

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy | Romance

Director: Ron Howard

Starring: Val kilmer, Joanne Whalley

A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby

from an evil queen.

Wild things 1998

Genre: Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Director: John McNaughton

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Matt Deillon, Neve Campbell

In south Florida, a high school counselor is accused of rape by a

manipulative rich girl and her trailer trash classmate. The cop on the case

begins to suspect a conspiracy and dives into an elaborate and devious

web of greed and betrayal to find the truth

Wicker Park 2004

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Director: Paul McGuigan

Starring: Josh Hartnett

A young Chicago advertizing executive (Hartnett) believes a woman he

sees in a cafe is his long-lost love. His conviction leads to obsession, as he

puts his life on hold to trail her

What’s love got to do with it 1993

Genre: Biography | Drama | Music

Director: Brian Gibson

Starring: Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburne

A film about the singer Tina Turner and how she rose to stardom with her

abusive husband Ike Turner and how she gained the courage to break


Working Girl 1988

Genre: Comedy | Romance | Drama

Director: Mike Nichols

Starring: Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver

When a secretary's idea is stolen by her boss, she seizes an opportunity to

steal it back by pretending she has her boss's job.

White Squall 1996

Genre: Adventure | Drama

Director: Ridley Scott

Starring: Jeff Bridges

"White Squall" is the true story of a ship school called the "Albatross."

The school is run by the captain, Christopher "Skipper" Sheldon and his

wife, Dr. Alice Sheldon. In the of 1960, the couple took aboard eight

teenage boys from around the country for eight months of learning how

to sail, be a crew, and respect one another. the crew goes through hard

times and more laid-back times, but they must come together when a

freak storm gets them in trouble in the middle of the ocean

Walk The Line 2005

Genre: Biography | Drama | Music | Romance

Director: James Mangold

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon

A chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash's life, from his early days

on an Arkansas cotton farm to his rise to fame with Sun Records in

Memphis, where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and

Carl Perkins.

We’re no angels 1955

Genre: Comedy

Director: Michael Curtiz

Starring; Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, Peter Ustinov

In Christmas, three prisoners - Joseph, Albert and Jules - escape from the

Devil Island to a French small coastal town.

We were Soldiers 2002

Genre: Action | History | War

Director: Randall Wallace

Starring: Mel Gibson

The story of the first major battle of the American phase of the Vietnam

War and the soldiers on both sides that fought it.

Waitress 2007

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Director: Adrienne Shelly

Starring: Keri Russell

Jenna is a pregnant, unhappily married waitress in the deep south. She

meets a newcomer to her town and falls into an unlikely relationship as a

last attempt at happiness.

Wall Street 1987

Genre: Crime | Drama

Director: Oliver Stone

Starring: Michael Douglas , Charlie Sheen, Daryl Hannah

A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the

top, including trading on illegal inside information taken through a

ruthless and greedy corporate raider whom takes the youth under his


Wizard of OZ, The

Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Musical

Director: Victor Fleming

Starring: Judy Garland

Dorothy Gale is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks

on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home

Wild Hogs 2007

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy

Director: Walt Becker

Starring: Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, W.H. Macy

A group of suburban biker wannabes looking for adventure hit the open

road, but get more than they bargained for when they encounter a New

Mexico gang called the Del Fuegos


Wild Bunch, The 1969

Genre: Action | Western

Director: Sam Peckinpah

Starring: William Holden

An aging group of outlaws look for one last big score as the "traditional"

American West is disappearing around them

Wild wild west 1999

Genre: Action | Western | Comedy | Sci-Fi

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Starring: Will Smith, Kevin kline, Salma Hayek

The two best hired guns in the West must save President Grant from the

clutches of a 19th century inventor-villain

Walk to Remember, A 2002

Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Adam Shankman

Starring: Shane West, Mandy Moore

The story of two North Carolina teens, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan,

who are thrown together after Landon gets into trouble and is made to

do community service.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Director: Gavin Hood

Genre: Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber

Awards: 2 wins & 6 nominations

Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, and some

partial nudity

Plot: Colonel, Stryker, recruits Logan and Victor, and other mutants as

commandos. Logan quits and becomes a logger, falling in love with a local

teacher. When Logan refuses to rejoin Stryker's crew, the colonel sends

the murderous Victor.

X-Men Trilogy (X-Men/ X2 - X-Men United/ X-Men - The Last Stand)


Director: Bryan Singer

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, James


Awards: 11 wins & 23 nominations

Rated: Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence

Plot: Two mutants come to a private academy for mutants whose


resident superhero team must oppose a powerful mutant terrorist


xXx - 2002

Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller

Director: Rob Cohen

Starring : Vin Diesel

Xander Cage is standard adrenaline junkie with no fear. When the US

Government "recruits" him to go on a mission, he's not exactly thrilled.

His mission: to gather information on an organization that may just be

planning the destruction of the world, led by the nihilistic Yorgi

Yes Man (2008)

Director: Peyton Reed

Genre: Comedy | Romance

Starring: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel

Awards: 2 wins & 7 nominations

Plot: Carl Allen is at a standstill. No future... Until the day he enrolls into a

personal development program based on a very simple idea: say yes to


You got Served 2004

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music | Sport

Director: Chris Stokes

Starring : Jennifer Freeman J-Boog Lil' Fizz Raz B

In order to achieve their dream of opening a recording studio, two friends

(Omarion, Houston) must first win their city's dance contest -- a fierce

competition that pits them against a group of tough street dancers

Young & Innocent 1937

Genre: Crime | Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Nova Pilbeam Percy Marmont Edward Rigby

A film actress is murdered by her estranged husband who is jealous of all

her young boyfriends. The next day, writer Robert Tisdall (who happens

to be one such boyfriend) discovers her body on the beach. He runs to

call the police; however, two witnesses think that he is the escaping

murderer. Robert is arrested, but owing to a mix up at the courthouse, he

escapes and goes on the run with a police constable's daughter Erica,

determined to prove his innocence



Zodiac (2007)

Director: David Fincher

Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr.

Awards: 25 nominations

Plot: A San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed

with tracking down the Zodiac killer

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