forth burnish into brighter flame; for if, in after

days, a Frenchman shall be called to indicate the

ORATIO._ character of his nation by that one individual,

..... during the age in which we live, the blood of

,.,_.,'. ,,_,,,',,.,,,_T,:_

lofty patriotism shall mantle in his cheek, the fire

.. of conscious virtue shall sparkle in his eye, and he

iilLDERT .MO'rlI.ZR DELAFAYETTE shall pronounce the name of Lafayette. Yet we,

......... too, and our children, in life and after death, shall

,1_,,,..,,_.. ,,,,o,, ......._.,,,,,_ claim you for our own ....


.......... Lafayette, in his last speech on American soil,

'_"_ "°_'_': °' "_'_"''_ responded to the joint Congress:

ol _ .lid ¢ I_,g•u_,#e , till,

By.I(,IIN, ......Q':'_Y., ,..,,o_,_.AD_M"

I have had proudly to recognize a result of the

republican principles for which we have fought,

.. Title page of and a glorious demonstration to the most timid



John Quincy Adams'

Life and Character

and prejudiced minds, of the superiority, over

degrading aristocracy, or despotism, of popular

'_"_ of Lafayette. institutions founded on the plain rights of man,

and where the local rights of every section are

preserved under a Constitutional bond of union.

The cherishing of that union between the states,

realization of the consoling object of that wish. as it has been the farewell entreaty of our great

You are in the midst of posterity. Everywhere, paternal Washington, and will ever have the

you must have been struck by the great changes,

dying prayer of every American patriot, so it has

physical and moral, which have occurred since become the sacred pledge of the emancipation of

you left us. Even this city, bearing a venerated the world, an object in which I am happy to

name, alike endeared to you and to us, has since observe that the American people, while they

emerged from the forest which then covered its give the animating example of successful free

site• institutions, in return for an evil entailed upon

them by Europe, and of which a liberal and

Because of Hamilton's economic program, both enlightened sense is everywhere more and more

the U.S. population and its territory had quadrupled generally felt, show "themselves every day more

from 1775 to 1825: from 2.5 million people and anxiously interested ....

393,152 square miles in 1775 to 11.3 million inhabitants

and well over 1.6 million square miles in 1825. When Lafayette toured America, there still ex-

The joint House and Senate adopted a resolution isted numbers of veterans of the Revolutionary War

granting Lafayette $200,000 and 24,000 acres of land, as well as nearly an entire generation, epitomized by

which grant he used to finance republican operations. John Quincy Adams, who as children were trained

The day before Lafayette left America to return and educated by the international Founding Fathers•

to France he again appeared before a joint session of These men and women, mobilized, became the moral

the Congress on Sept. 6, 1825. President John Quincy leadership force which raised the population in gen-

Adams spoke: eral to a higher level of understanding of their

historical purpose. The European republican inter-

Go, then, our beloved friend--return to the land vention into America in 1824-1825 created the genof

brilliant genius, of generous sentiment, of eration which formed the political leadership behind

heroic valour; to that beautiful France, the nurs- the Lincoln administration. Friedrich List, educated

ing mother of the Twelfth Louis, and the Fourth by Mathew Carey and later the collaborator of his

Henry; to the native soil of Bayard and Coligni, son Henry, joined Lafayette in Albany, New York

of Turenne and Catinat, of Fenelon and on July 1, 1825. He later returned to Germany, where

D'Aguesseau. In that illustrious catalogue of he established the German Customs Union, or Zollnames

which she claims as of her children, and verein, in 1832, and formed the basis in his writings

with honest pride holds up to the admiration of and life's work for the rapid industrialization of

other nations, the name of Lafayette has already Germany. As Michael Leibig, Allen Salisbury and

for centuries been enrolled. And it shall hence- others have documented, the rapid industrial devel-

18 June 1980 / CAMPAIGNER

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