betweenJacobinism, the Aquarian

Conspiracy, and the American

Revolution quite explicitly in his

play William Tell. Tell, the hero,

assassinates the despotic governor

who is oppressing the people of

Switzerland. He becomes a leader

WillAmerica Survive? popular insurrection to free

the land. At the same time as Tell

kills the governor, who is a Haps-

" 'The American War is over,' Throughout the 1960's and burg agent, the Hapsburg mon-

Benjamin Rush wrote in 1787, '70's, horrified Americans arch himself is assassinated by his

'but that is far from the case of the watched their children perverted cousin in an act of personal re-

American Revolution. On the by the counterculture. Now these venge. The cousin flees to Tell for

contrary, nothing but the first act same people are willfully brain- asylum, only to be refused. For

of the great drama is over.' Not washing themselves, increasingly Tell's revolution is to be guided

only was the Revolution ongoing, losing touch with reality. They by the principles of natural law,

as Rush said; it had preceded the are bridging the generation gap not Jacobin terror.

military confrontation. 'The war by jumping onto a precipice, and Since the Jeffersonian presiwas

no part of the revolution,' they threaten to take the nation dency, the international humanist

John Adams reflected in 1815, 'but with them. conspiracy has suffered a series of

only an effect and consequence of The same British-Trilateral major defeats, despite the offsetit.'

The revolutionwas in the mindsof Commission conspiracy which ring effects of the Lincoln presithe

people. This radical change in placed the demented Jimmy dency, the efforts of Count Witte

the principles, opinions, senti- Carter in the presidency, is sub- in Russia and Gabriel Hanotaux in

ments, and affections of the people verting every level of government France, and the Ecole Polytechwas

the real American Revolu- and national life. But this conspir- nique and GSttingen University

tion. Long before the first shot is acy is not new. The Aquarian scientific networks led by Gaspard

fired, the revolution begins. Long Conspiracy is only a more evil Monge, Lazare Carnot, Karl

after truce is declared, it continues version of the Tory Jacobinism Friedrich Gauss and Georg Friedto

overturn fives." which John Adams and his son rich Bernhard Riemann. Lincoln

The above quotation, includ- John Quincy dedicated their lives succeeded in rallying the nation to

ing emphasis, is from the book, to defeating. The ancestors of the defeat Britain's Civil War con-

The Aquarian Conspiracy, written puppet masters who run Jimmy spiracy, despite the ugly effects on

by Marilyn Ferguson and commis- Carter ran Thomas Jefferson, the nation left by the Jeffersonsioned

by a Club of Rome associ- Aaron Burr, Damon and Marat. Jackson mobocracy. Witte and

ate. Ferguson, in quoting, the How brazenlyFergusonflouts Hanotaux were also successful

Founding Fathers, attempts to the American revolution, which temporarily, only to be eventually

falsely portray the leadership of was fought precisely to defeat driven from power. Two world

the American revolution as a these anti-humanist irrationalists, wars and the imminent threat of a

bunch of radical freaks, a "libera- the British oligarchs who wished, third bear witness to mankind's

tion movement" whose interest to reduce America and the world failure to decisively defeat the olilay-in

a "revolution of the mind," to the conditions of "noble" say- garchs.

irrespective of their struggle to agery. This nation was built by an

prevent Britain from suppressing international conspiracy of Neo- Kookery at the Top

America as it did colonial India. platonists whose collaborated It sounds like a bad joke to be told

Without doubt, the Aquarian strategy to defeat the British lay in that the top Pentagon brass receive

Conspiracy today is indeed such a raising the populations in America daily horoscopes and biorhythm

movement--a network of kooks and Europe up to the level of reports on Soviet leaders as part of

and cultists who operate as a de- reason, the intelligence briefing upon

mented ruling elite, carrying out America's great playwright which they base strategic assess-

United States policy for the Brit- and poet, the German Friedrich ments. Or that top military echeish

oligarchy. Schiller, presents the difference lons, along with leaders of indus-

2 June 1980 / CAMPAIGNER

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