try and members of Congress, cruits. Ferguson gloats: "The

regularly attend brainwashing ses- meditative technique, cleansed of Society of Jesus

sions. Yet that is the case. As Fer- ideology, was a smash. Feedback To the Editor:

guson reports, the Aquarian Con- from the company commanders I have just read your editorial

spiracy is treason that has was so favorable that the [Leader- in the February 1980 issue of The ,

penetrated to the topmost layers ship and Management Training] Campaigner, entitled "The Society

of the nation: guides have since been adopted for of Jesus: Evil Heirs of Aristotle."

"One veteran bureaucrat at use throughout the armed services. Please make note that the Univerthe

National Institute of Mental ... All basic training programs sity of Notre Dame, which I at-

Health said, 'There are a lot of us must now include mention of re- tended, is and has always been

in the woodwork.' He was refer- laxation and meditation as an al- under the control of the Congrering

to a loose coalition of con- ternative to drug use." No won- gation of the Holy Cross, not the

spirators in agencies and on der the U.S. army in Germany is Society of Jesus, which you have

Congressional staffs. Within the the scandal of Europe! so accurately portrayed in your

Department of Health, Education The United States Congress is article.

and Welfare, innovators have cre- similarly tainted. It has already

ated informal rap groups to share established a "Clearing House for Serge A. Martinez

their strategies for slipping new the Future," which holds seminars Omaha,

ideas into a resistant system and to for a hundred Congressmen at a Nebraska

give each other moral support, time, addressed by kooks such as

,"Concepts that might other- "right to die" advocate Elizabeth ThoiiiasJefferson

wise appear 'far out' can be given Kubler-Ross. A recent such semilegitimacy

by a single Federally nar considered the financial bur- To the Editor:

funded program." Ferguson den to the nation imposed by el- _ I liked reading Donald Phau's

leaves no doubt that these "con- derly "useless eaters" who are essay on "The Treachery of

cepts" are anything other than the now kept in nursing homes be- Thomas Jefferson" in the March

delusional ravings of a bunch of cause they are incontinent. Glee- issue of The Campaigner. It elimipsychotics.

"Research projects on fully, they reported a solution to nated another "black hole" in my

meditation, biofeedback, psychic the problem of disposing of those knowledge of human history, so

phenomena, and alternative med- whose survival does not depend that from his work one has an

ical approaches have been funded upon life support systems such as actual basis for looking at that

by the Department of Defense. dialysis: give these senior citizens period. The international charac-

... Several years ago Admiral large-size diapers and turn them ter of the anti-republican British

Elmo Zumwalt, then head of back on the streets to fend for conspiracy around 1800 became

United States naval operations, themselves, even clearer to me when I learned

proposed a 'human goals' program through a small note in a book by

that met considerable resistance A Decisive Victory a certain Victor W. von Hagen,

from old-timers in the service. In The U.S. ruling elite is scarcely Der Ruf der neuen Welt--Deutsche

1975 a similar program, renamed competent any longer to compre- bauen America (Droemer Knaus

Leadership and Management hend the enormity of their na- 1974; originally published in the

Training, was introduced. Admi- tional betrayal; they are either al- U.S.A.), p. 209, that Madame de

rals and the Chief of Naval Edu- ready psychotic or wilfully Stall was a cousin of Jefferson's

cation and Training were among driving themselves mad. Mean- Secretary of the Treasury Albert

the attendees, and they endorsed while, the average citizen is being Gallatin, who had been born in

the idea that all company corn- worn down into submission by Switzerland in 1761. So you have

manders receive instruction in hu- large-scale exercises in brainwash- it all in the family: American antiman

behavior areas." ing: through deliberately con- industrialism and the organizing

Like the earlier MK-Ultra trived emergencies and disasters, activities against Europe's Neoproject

that administered LSD to the deliberate collapse of the U.S. platonic cultural tradition.

unsuspecting enlisted men and economy, the threat of nuclear By the way, it would be fine

large numbers of youth, and thus war. So far, there are only pockets if you would be able to detail the

created the counterculture, these of resistance, organized around the actual character of the Humboldt

ego-stripping sessions gained re- Continued on page 79 Continued onpage 77

CAMPAIGNER/June 1980 3

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