ership rosters of any of these or- municating the Club of Rome's Environmentalist cultism: The

ganizations will uncover a heavy ideas," say conference spokesmen, antinuclear movement is "a way

personnel overlap with the Trila- What must be undermined is the of allying environmentalists with

teral Commission, a CFR spin-off, Book of Genesis injunction to man- workers by capitalizing on workthe

Bilderberg Society, an elite kind--dominion over nature, ers' growing fears of industriallyorganization

of the British and There was warm praise for the caused disease and death," says

European med.ievalist families religion of the American Indians Episcopalian priest David D0dson

with selected American members, as an alternative to the notion Gray. He proposed that a "green

and British intelligence's U.S.- of dominion in the Judeo-Chris- death cult" be created, mergbased

Aspen Institute. tian heritage. Fundamentalist cults ing Kubler-Ross's "right to die

The Cults

At the Bethesda conference, it was

reported that the past decade's batinflation,

oil supply scares, drugs,

are to be pitted against Americans' movement" with environmenreverence

for the power of science, talism.

tering of the U.S. population by TV's New ")lumpstreet'"

and the rock-and-roll countercul- MusicalBrainwasbing

ture had already weakened America's

commitment to the idea of

progress. Americans, reported the The Public B¥oadcasting Corpo- Even the conscientious parent

profilers, have come a certain dis- ration, the national network of the who monitors his or her children's

tance and are now in a "transi- so-called "educational television television consumption will not be

tion" to "new values." stations," has prepared a new tel- able to shield them from "From

The targeting strategies out- evision series consciously designed Jumpstreet." Under the condilined

by the conference to com- to destroy school-aged Americans' tions of the Emergency Education

plete this "Great Transition" can capacity to understand classical Act grant, "From Jumpstreet"

be outlined as follows: music. The television series, will be used as primary music ed-

Death cultism: Elizabeth Ku- "From Jumpstreet," will purvey ucation material in public schools,

bler-Ross's celebration of death two vicious racist falsehoods: 1) driving out what little remains of

must be adapted to broader social that "authentic" American music exposure to works of classical muissues.

A "death-education pro- is "black music," and2)thatblack sic, or even insipid high-school

cess" is to be launched in schools, music is such bestial, mind-numb- chorus fare. Students or teachers

churches and other institutions na- ing noise as disco, rock, jazz, the who object to the double fraud of

tionally, blues, and so forth. "American music as black music"

, will be told that they are betraying

" Women s Liberation" cultism: "racist, white European attitudes"

Women's sense of intellectual in- and feeding racial disharmony by

feriority can be exploited to depict

failing to appreciate "the achievescience,

technology and develop- ments of black Americans in the

ment as "evils" caused by men. arts." In the same way, serious

Notes the official conference pro- black classical music students,

spectus, "There are new oppor- whose career and artistic problems

tunities for participation and are already a national disgrace,

leadership by women.., drawing will be vilified as "traitors to their

on the theory that, from a psycho- race" _for playing "white man's

logical and emotional viewpoint, music."

women's perceptions and abilities This hideous message is being

are particularly well-suited to delivered with the most highcoping

with an age of transition in powered tools of population prowhich

there will be few neat, sim- filing and psychological persuapie,

or immediate solutions."

sion to ensure that the target au-

Fundamentalistcultism: "Church

dience responds as planned. Some

institutions will be vital in corn- "Roots"ofjazz: racistsin blackface, three thousand adolescents from

CAMPAIGNER/June 1980 65

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