Rose by Milton Friedman and How Long Will Friedman

HarcourtBraceJovanovich Be Free To Lie?


314 pages There is one advantage to reading were adopted under the Thatcher

$9.95 Milton and Rose Friedman's latest government. For obvious reasons

book, a slightly expanded version he prefers instead to adduce historof

their television series, rather ical or distant examples of sothan

watching the expensively called free market economics,

made production. Without the whose prosperity he ascribes to

background graphics and avuncu- their "freedom" from governlar

smile of the Nobel prize win- ment control.

her, the lies stand out a lot more Lie number two: Hong Kong is

dearly, a free market economy of a pros-

Lie number one: Milton Fried- perous nature.

man is an economist.

This statement is a mainstay of

In fact, all of Friedman's writ- Friedman's argument, even as he

ings, as will be documented in an notes its "irony" since Hong

upcoming book by Lyndon La- Kong is still a British crown col-

Rouche's economics advisor ony, under the total, dictatorial

David Goldman, demonstrate that control of an 'unofficial oligarchy

he is nothing but a political intel- which finds it inconvenient to rule

ligence operative spreading disin- in its own name.

formation about economics, and a Friedman lies in two ways.

kooky one at that. Free To Choose, First, Hong Kong is the most conbecause

it is written for popular trolled economy in the world, as

appeal, is perhaps the most trans- LaRouche puts it: It generates a

parent example of Friedman's dope trade of $10 billion a year

fraud. Amid common sense ap- which is monopolistically conpeals

to the population's dissatis- trolled to maintain precisely one

faction about high taxes, poor ed- standard price worldwide; and it

ucation, and murderous inflation, serves as the entry point for slave

Milton Friedman Friedman provides no economic labor from Communist China, in-


'......... analysis--rather just attacks the tegrating this forced labor into the

powers of government to "inter- labor force with military precifere"

in the "natural process" of sion.

economic growth.

Second, it takes quite a nervy

Friedman makes no effort to individual to define the Hong

systematically analyze the causal Kong living standard as prospereffects

of certain government and ous. After a look at the diet, housother

policies on economic ing, and wages, one can only congrowth.

He ignores, of course, the clude that Friedman's standard of

scandalously deleterious effects of comparison had to be Peking or

his own economic "advice" to the Cambodia, not any western indusgovernments

of Israel, Chile, and

Great Britain. Britain's inflation

trialized country.

Lie numberthree: Milton Friedrate

has tripled since Friedman's man is a conservative.

policies of cutting off credit and As revealed even in the fronsubsidies

to productive industry tispiece of his book, where Fried-

70 June 1980 / CAMPAIGNER

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