man quotes arch-liberal envi- does his informed readers an unronmentalist

Louis Brandeis witting favor.

favorably, Friedman is only op- Adam Smith, who wrote The

posed to government interference Wealth of Nations in 1776, was a

on behalf of growth. Brandeis was conscious political intelligence

• the Supreme Court Justice who operative deployed against the popioneered

in interference against tential of the emerging American

business expansion on behalf of nation state. Smith was opposed to

"environmental quality." Fried- the very existence of such a nation;

man shares his concern for pro- in his scheme the United States

tecting the individual from prog- would perhaps have some juridical

ress, even at the expense of the discretion, but be bound to congrowth

of the society as a whole, tinue producing the raw materials

Friedman should not be con- which would best serve the British

fused with those conservatives Empire in its own division of lawho

believe in the promotion of bor. Smith asserted individual

high-technology industry, ex- economic freedom in order to betports,

and a strong active govern- ter impose the supranational conment

promotion of education and trols of the British Empire.

science. Friedman is. a libertarian Jefferson was Smith's conanarchist

who does not blush to scious political cohort. His desire

attack every single dirigist meas- for American political freedom reure

which made the United States flected no objection on his part to

into the most powerful industrial the economic enslavement of the

Adam Smith nation in the world. Tariffs, cheap country. He only wanted more

credit for industrial development, freedom and loot to be available

the promotion of education--all to his own oligarchical class, while

come under the harshest criticism keeping America in hock for its

by Friedman. manufactures to the imperialists

Do your own thing, says who had vowed that not one bea-

Friedman. Assert individual greed ver hat, much less advanced heavy

against the government's mandate industry, should be allowed to be

to provide for the continuation of produced, much less exported, in

society as a whole, and applaud America. With his budget-cutthe

collapse of the nation as a ting, his embargo of 1808, and his

nation. Feed yourself, not your encouragement of the movement

children, or children's children, against the Bank of the United

States, Jefferson almost got his

Unwitting Truth way. The U.S. was nearly cap-

This brings us to the one area tured and balkanized in the War

where Friedman does not lie. of 1812--and economically de-

From the book's outset he stroyed under Jackson and his folmakes

it clear that his idols are lowers.

Adam Smith and Thomas Jeffer- It is time American conservason,

the complementary ideo- tives learned real economics, as

logues of "free enterprise." has been made available to them

By casting his philosophical by Lyndon LaRouche. If political

lot with Adam Smith and Jeffer- intelligence operatives for the

son, Friedman is consciously play- British System like Friedman sucing

on the misguided respect ceed this time around, there won't

which most conservative &meri- be an American nation left to

cans have for these synthetic analyze.

heroes of Americanism. But he --Nancy Spannaus

CAMPAIGNER/June 1980 71

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