production based on labor-inten- namics and entropy as the governsive,

as opposed to capital-inten- ing principle of the universe, an

sive, methods .... The end of the outlook given its modern expresprevailing

economic epoch pre- sion by the demonologist Issac

sages the end of the prevailing Newton. He writes: "The Second

theological one as well .... " Law of Thermodynamics posits a

"A steady-state ]zero- similar view of history. It states

growth] society," Rifkin contin- that all matter and energy were

ues, "will require that each person created, in this original state, with

live a much more frugal or spartan an order and value to them. That

lifestyle .... Goals will shift from ordered state is continually being

the material and physical to the eroded by an irreversible natural

spiritual and transcendent. Finally, process .... In rqaintaining the

in the model steady-state society, illusion that technology can overscience

will no longer reign su- come the forces of disorder at

preme as the arbiter of an absolute work in the world--that is, reset

of truths upon which all life is verse the process of entropy--hugoverned."

man beings have committed

ultimate sin.... "


Rewriting Genesis For all his talk about a new

This new theology is based upon religious reyival, Rifkin's intena

perverse reading of Genesis tion is in fact the destruction of the

which understands God's injunc- Christian religion by propagating

tion that man hold dominion over the idea that God Himself has limnature

as meaning "stewardship, '_' its. This argument, embodied in

rather than what Rifkin describes the emerging "creation theology"

as "people's unrestrained pillage pushed by certain fundamentalist

and exploitation of the natural churches as well as Rifkin's Jesworld."

uit-controlled Latin American ter-

Like the proverbial devil quot- rorist colleagues--is the key epising

scripture, Rifkin explains: "The temological weapon being used to

new interpretation of Genesis be- seduce especially the old-line degins

with the idea that since God nominations into embracing a pacreated

the heavens and the earth gan view of God and the universe.

and everything in the world, all Clothed in anti-liberal, anti-Darhis

creations take on importance winian trappings, creation theoland

an intrinsic worth because ogy, according to one of its adherthey

are of his making .... ants, Luther Sunderland, is

[W]hat God has created is fixed actually the brainchild of some of

... [and] anything that exploits the worst liberal atheists around,

or harms God's creations is sinful notably Karl Popper and the Britand

an act of rebellion against God ish Museum. Rifkin is actually arhimself.

Likewise, anything that guing against the existence of

undermines the 'fixed' purpose God. For if God created the uniand

order that God has given to

the natural world is also sinful and

verse out of nothing--brought or-

der out of disorder--who is teran

act of rebellion." rorist-controller Rifkin to claim

Rit'kin is aware, of course, that the opposite, or to argue that man,

"creation theology" is nothing created in God's image, is incapabut

a restatement in clerical dis- ble of excercising his creative

guise of the environmentalists' power to continue the scientific

pseudoscientific enthronement of process of creation?

the Second Law of Thermody- --Kathleen Murphy

CAMPAIGNER/June 1980 73

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