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The character and quality of the process whereby republican humanists against the forces of oligarchical

the American nation was mobilized for a strategic evil.

purpose by the international republican movement is The secretary to General Lafayette during his

echoed today in the presidential campaign of Lyndon American tour, A. Levasseur, reports on his being

H. LaRouche. In 1980, the American population is stunned at a reception held at Georgetown College:

exhibiting the most tenacious sheeplike smugness in

its acceptance of the theater of the presidential elec- This institution, which we visited on the morning

tions being staged by other c_mdidates, whose cam- after our arrival in Washington, and in which

paigns are filled, in fact, with the substance of fascist General Lafayette was received with great evieconomics,

dences of gratitude and patriotism, is under the

In 1811, John Quincy Adams, the President who direction of the Jesuits. I could not avoid feeling

would serve as an instrument for a return to the a painful sensation when I saw the reverend

founding principles of the international republican fathers in the costume of their order. All the

movement, forewarned of the consequences if Amer- mischief with which the Jesuits are reproached in

ica were to scorn those principles:

Europe, presented themselves in a crowd to my

alarmed imagination, and I deplored the blindness

Instead of a nation, co-extensive with the North

of the Americans who confide the education of

American continent, destined by God and nature

their children to a sect so inimical to liberty.

to be the most populous and most powerful

people ever combined under one social compact,

Today, without relearning that higher purpose of

we shall have an endless multitude of little insig- the American republic in world strategic responsibil.-

nificant clans and tribes at eternal war with one ity, presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche has

another for a rock, or a fish pond, the sport and warned, the American population's paralysis in the

fable of European masters and oppressors. (letter face of the greatest political-economic crisis in our

to hismother,AbigailAdams) history will literally doom the nation. In the face of

disaster, we are witnessing what amounts to nothing

The internationalFounding Fathers who built and less than a mass epidemic of day-to-day pragmatism,

developed the United States engaged in one struggle cultural banality, and national chauvinism, hardened

after another to defeat the notorious a-historical ha- into a rationale for inaction. John Quincy Adams

ivetEof Americans who did not see the purpose of this noted the symptoms of the same fundamental problem

nation in terms of the centuries-long struggle of in his Diary on Nov.-24, 1843, near the end of his life:

6 June 1980 / CAMPAIGNER

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