Gen. Lafayette, than a Hottentot


possesses of

It was by directly battling their ignorance of their

world strategic responsibility and their blindness to

the program of the Founding Fathers that John

Quincy Adams--then both the president of the American

Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Secretary

of State--captured the Presidency.

The American Presidency was viewed as the key


piece in a larger strategic plan, in the same way that

....._ the American Revolution itself had been viewed by

_ the international Founding Fathers as the prelude to

transformations in Europe. The overall conception

which Benjamin Franklin and his international networks

were operating on was to bring into being a

new world economic system, based upon the concep-

:_'...... tions of Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683), the French

finance minister under Louis XIV.

Colbert's economic program, later adopted by

Alexander Hamilton when he was Secretary of the

Treasury, was to promote the rapid industrialization

and development of the economy through govern-

The people of this country do not sufficiently ment-directed and funded programs, promoting the

estimate the importance of patronizing and pro- most rapid advances in science. After Colbert, Gottmoting

science as a principle of political action; fried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) developed Coland

the slave oligarchy systematically struggle to bert's outlook into a specific world _political battle

suppress all public patronage or countenance to plan of building up republican institutions and scienthe

progress of the mind.

tific academies in strategic areas.

Leibniz's conceptions, which informed the plan

The International American Revolution of Benjamin Franklin, were to capture the American

From Aug. 14, 1824 until Sept. 9, 1825, General colony, demonstrate anindustrialdevelopmentmodel

Lafayette and his son George Washington Lafayette-- on Europe's flank, and then use the American model

accompanied for the last two months by the future as a lever to transform Europe itself.

great "American System" economist from Germany, Benjamin Franklin and his colleagues viewed the

Friedrich List--toured every principal city and town American Revolution as the stepping stone toward

in all 24 states of the union, remobilizing the popula- consolidating republican institutions, dedicated to

tion tO the highest level of understanding of the scientific progress and economic development, in

tradition and purpose of the American republic. France, Italy and afterwards, the Hapsburg Empire.

The nature of the problem they confronted of Leibniz and Franklin as well as their heirs were

lower-order conceptions about America's role in operating from a world conception in which Europe,

world history shows in certain wretchedly chauvin- Russia, America and Asia would be organized into a

istic reports appearing in even patriotic newspapers, new world economic and scientific alliance.

In the midst of thousands of words of "hosanna" to Franklin's strategic enemies the City of London

Lafayette on the occasion of his visit to Baltimore, banking houses, Lord Shelbourne and British Prime

Niles' Weekly Register on Nov. 6, 1824 wrote: Minister Pitt--deployed to destroy phase two of

Franklin's plan in France. They used paid agents

The king and priest-ridden population of the Marat and Danton alongside Robespierre to transform

European continent--the white slaves of Russia, large sections of the population of France into a

Prussia, Austria--the degraded people of France, radical mob against science.

and the miserable wretches who make up the In the middle of the 1820s, when Lafayette and

races that inhabit Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. List deployed into the United States, the heirs of

cannot have any thing more like ajust conception Franklin conceived of mobilizing the United States

of our feelings, as associated with the arrival of to renew the offensive of the republican humanist

CAMPAIGNER/June 1980 7

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