2012/13 Catalogue - Metz Press


2012/13 Catalogue - Metz Press

2012/13 Catalogue

Metz Press is celebrating 20 years of independent publishing this year. A small family business, we

publish high quality information books and illustrated non-fiction for the local and the international

co-edition market. Our books have been published in countries all over the world – a vote of

confidence from renowned international companies in our quality of content and production, and

our ability to deliver.

We draw much inspiration from our craft authors. Their creativity and practical, hands-on approach and

our clever photographers in this genre contribute to a range that has helped to establish Metz Press as

the leading craft publisher in South Africa. Gardening is no less a creative activity and we are proud of

the beautiful, informative books we are able to compile with accomplished, dedicated authors.

Our parenting books are conceptualised and written by experts in their field, and in this category,

too, we have been fortunate to attract top professionals who have helped us establish a sought-after

and highly regarded parenting list. Like our craft and gardening authors, they are passionate about

what they do, and use several platforms to share their knowledge and experience with parents.

The fourth pillar of our list, general interest (which includes cookery and several self-help titles),

has seen good growth recently, and gives us the opportunity to consider amazing books that may

not be a perfect fit with any of the other categories.

For more information please contact us or visit www.metzpress.co.za


New titles 3

Craft 16

Gardening 25

Parenting 28

General interest 34

eBooks 37

Forthcoming 37

Contact details 38

New title


Katrien’s mini cakes

Cupcakes, cake pops and more

Katrien van Zyl

This book features more than 20 cake-decorating projects from start to finish, using

small chocolate decorations, mini cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and brownies, and even

some larger mini cakes which can be used as centrepieces. Each project consists of

three or four cake items that carry through the theme, all illustrated with clear, step-bystep


Tried and trusted cake and filling recipes come with guides for increasing the amounts

to suit your needs, as well as templates to use in decorations. The author shares a host

of hints and shortcuts resulting from years of experimenting to find the best ingredients

and techniques for perfect results. If you follow these, you will quickly learn to create

your own show-stoppers.

978 1 920479 66 4

Katrien se mini-koeke

978 1 920479 67 1

Lavishly illustrated with exquisite photographs, this book attests to the fact that cake

decorating has become an art form, but it is within reach of anyone who can follow simple

instructions. The projects are graded from easy to advanced, so there really is something

for everyone.

Katrien van Zyl knew from the age of 12 that she would love to bake for a living. A self-proclaimed

chocoholic, she combines these two loves when baking commissioned wedding

and party cakes. After completing a four-year degree in Home Economics at Stellenbosch

University, she worked in the catering industry for several years, where she became

involved in wedding planning and commercial baking for weddings and parties, among

other events. After her own wedding she started marketing her original wedding and party

cake designs from her website, to leave time for helping out in her husband’s business,

and being a full-time stepmom to his three boys. Her first book, Katrien’s cakes, is a

bestseller both locally and abroad.

260x193mm • 160pp illustrated • Paperback with flaps • APRIL 2013

rights: world

New title


Just mosaics

Projects for your home

Tracy Boomer & Deborah Morbin

Another collection of beautifully designed and crafted decorative and functional items,

from olive platters, pot-stands and planters to mirrors, lamps and wall-hangings, finished

with style and panache.

With several bestselling craft books in print, Tracy Boomer and Deborah Morbin’s first

mosaics book was so popular that their followers begged for more. Once again they share

fresh, creative ideas that will appeal to all hobbyists. They know what works, they know

what doesn’t and they share the results of their experience with you. Written in their

trademark humorous style, with the articles showing their less-is-more approach, their

latest book offers a range of projects that will instantly appeal.

Their detailed instructions and helpful hints, this time accompanied by technical tips,

virtually guarantee success in either reproducing the projects in this book or using them

as a basis for your own ideas.

978 1 920479 60 2

Tracy Boomer and Deborah Morbin are among South Africa’s foremost craft authors. Their

earlier best-selling books ranged from decoupage to scrapbooking and home décor. This

dynamic duo’s various craft classes have been immensely popular owing to their teaching

style and elegant ideas (which shine through in their books). They continue to experiment

using techniques across crafts, still following a less-is-more approach in the belief that

over-decorating detracts rather than enhances. Tracy and Deborah both live in Knysna on

the Garden Route. This is their eighth book.

260x193mm • 128pp illustrated • paperback with flaps • March 2013

rights: world

Net Mosaïek

978 1 920479 61 9

New title


Paying less tax made simple 2013/2014

Including highlights of the 2014 budget review

ralf metz

Our popular tax guide for laymen explains our tax system in layman’s terms, with detailed

examples to help you pay the minimum amount of tax.

• Updated annually after the Budget Speech, with all new tables and figures

• An excellent investment, saving you much more than the cover price of the book

• Highly regarded by professional financial advisers

• Excellent advice on personal financial management

• Accurate and informative

Get your copy now and start implementing a host of tax-saving measures in good time for

the new tax year. Now also available in e-format.

Ralf Metz (B Juris, LLB, Advocate of the High Court of South Africa) has extensive experience

in the legal and financial planning fields, specialising in personal income tax,

retirement planning and healthcare legislation.

978 1 920479 62 6

Working as an independent specialist consultant, he is a popular speaker, known for his

excellent presentation skills and clear, concise writing. He has a special talent for explaining

highly technical concepts in plain language and making them accessible to a wide


“Since 1991 Ralf Metz has been helping taxpayers to understand the system and so pay

only as much tax as they have to ... [with detail that] does not typically appear in the books

for tax professionals ... Metz has found a way of doing things differently in his tax books.

Viva the difference.” Margarete Kinf, PERSONAL FINANCE

245X171mm • 308pp • paperback • March 2013 • rights: world

minder vir jan taks 2013/2014

978 1 920479 63 3

New title


Outside art

Craft projects for your outdoor living spaces

Angie Franke & Monique Day-Wilde

In this book the ever popular craft-to-art creative team focus on outside living areas and

encourage you to apply their ideas and techniques to your own materials and environment.

Projects range from simple, practical suggestions for beatifying useful objects

such as pots, pathways, birdbaths, tables and screens, to the more decorative sculptures

and murals. They have recycled wherever they could, using broken pots, left-over

cement, plastic bottles and lots more to create an appealing environment.

Whether you are limited to a blank outside wall, want to decorate a roof-top garden, or

have the privilege of living on a rolling estate, there will be something to stimulate your

interest and skills: art, craft or DIY. Brighten and beautify your garden, veranda, patio,

beaches, fences, blank walls, wherever … with your own take on our art.

978 1 920479 56 5

Monique Day-Wilde, a qualified textile designer specialised in weaving, has produced

several prize-winning designs and commissions. Having lectured in textiles and graphic

design, compiled training courses in weaving and spinning, she now teaches various

forms of mixed media and is a practising mixed media artist. For more information, go to


Angie Franke, a former high-school teacher, enjoys craft challenges, developing new ideas

and experimenting with offbeat media to create interesting art forms. She works from her

home studio, and hobbit garden, offering classes ranging from dyeing and printing to

sculpture, paper, mixed media, drawing and painting. Reach her at www.angiefranke.com

Authors of the popular series Quick art, Smart art, Fast art and Artful ways with mixed

media, they have now written nine books.

260x193mm • 144pp illustrated • Paperback with flaps • January 2013

RIGHTS: world


978 1 920479 57 2

New title


Play. Learn. Know.

A child is a work in progress

Dr Melodie de Jager & Liz Victor

A child thrives when everyday living becomes an interactive game. Play. Learn. Know. is

a guide to help Mom and Dad (and, in an ideal world, all caregivers) to shape their child’s

body, heart and mind with care and thoughtfulness. It gives simple and playful solutions

to developing complex skills. A child needs to experience life to become part of life. You

can help your child to belong by exposing him to everyday life: name the things you

touch; explain what happens around him; show him how things work; and allow him the

opportunity to discover-learn, to move and ask questions freely. You don’t need to know

all the answers – teach him from an early age to find answers on his own.

978 1 920479 58 9

This book is not a checklist or a time sheet to tick off or fill in arbitrarily; it is a road map to

guide you along the journey of development. It has no age indicators, because every child

unfolds developmentally in his own time. Child development is not a race to ‘get there

first’. It is a journey during which there are skills to be developed, knowledge to be discovered

and thousands of experiences to be enjoyed along the way to school readiness.

Don’t let the playfulness mislead you – PLAY means a child is hard at work. Doing what?

Building a better brain! Enjoy this journey with your child.

Dr Melodie de Jager is a qualified nursery school teacher who completed a master’s

degree in Science and Maths programmes, and her doctorate on the role of neurological

integration in the learning process. She regularly hosts workshops, is a frequent guest

on radio and TV, and much in demand as a keynote speaker. She is the author of Mind

Dynamics, Mind Moves and BabyGym, among others, and is listed on the American Biographical

Institute as one of the Great Women of the 21st Century.

speel leer slim

978 1 920479 59 6

Liz Victor is a qualified teacher with a further diploma in remedial education. She developed

the TOPTOTS Mother and Child Workshop programme, which is franchised. She is

involved in research to upgrade and maintain the quality of the programmes that Toptots

has become famous for. She regularly hosts seminars and writes articles for The Natal

Mercury on toddler development.

This book is their first collaboration.

260x210mm • 192pp illustrated • flexi binding • january 2013 • rights: world

New title


First fact finder

A treasure-trove of knowledge for 5 to 9 year-olds

Helen Lewis

Make knowledge an exciting discovery for your child. First Fact Finder is crammed with

amazing – but bite-sized – facts that are fun to read and easy to understand. Based on

the National Curriculum (CAPS) for children in the Foundation Phase – from Grades 1 to

3 – it covers the following areas of learning:

Life Skills, Mathematics, Home Language and First Additional Language.

This beautifully designed book with stunning commissioned illustrations and fabulous

photographs, explores every subject your child needs to know, and much, much more.

It’s the only reference book you’ll need to buy at this stage, and is an absolute must for

inquiring learners aged 6 to 9. Even parents will enjoy dipping into this informative book,

and learning cool new facts, like these:

978 1 920479 64 0

Baby whales and dolphins are born with a hairy moustache.

An ostrich’s brain is smaller than its eye.

The only bird that can fly backwards is the hummingbird.

The buzzing sound that an insect makes is really the sound of its wings flapping.

Helen Lewis has written several other fact books, including Fact Finder (for children from

grades 4 to 6), Factopedia, South Africa’s Top Ten Book, A Matter of Facts and The Book

of Useless Information. She also co-wrote The South African Fact File for MWeb’s Learning

Channel. Her first children’s picture story book is Zinzi’s Stripes.

Helen was the producer of the Morning Show at Radio Good Hope with Allan Barnard for

two and a half years, has been a restaurateur, a tutor and a stay-at-home mom.

eerste feiteboek

978 1 920479 65 7

She is married to a high school teacher and they have six children.

260x210mm • 224PP illustrated • flexi binding • january 2013 • rights: world

New title


Vanishing flora

A photographic tribute to South Africa’s endangered wild flowers

Anneke Kearney

South Africa has lost 116 indigenous flower species to three extinction categories:

‘Extinct’, ‘Extinct in the Wild’ and ‘Critically Endangered, Possibly Extinct’.

Mindful of the fact that extinctions are mainly due to people, Cape-based photographer

Anneke Kearney compiled this photographic record of endangered plants to make people

aware of the dire future of our beautiful plants, so that nobody can say, ‘I didn’t know’.

Cape Town has more threatened species than any other area in the country. The most

important other hotspots are Coega, Albany, Pondoland, KwaZulu-Natal midlands and

Drakensberg, Magaliesberg, Sekhukhuneland-Drakensberg and Barberton.

978 1 920479 55 8

Renowned botanist and conservation campaigner, Dr Tony Rebelo, says in the Foreword

that a call to action is not just for us. “It is for our children. It is not just for esoteric

and idealist reasons. Thousands of visitors come … every year just for the biodiversity.

Hundreds of thousands more have it as one of the reasons for their visit. Our health, our

relaxation, our existence is enhanced by living in a biodiversity showcase. The Littlest

Kingdom on earth must retain its splendour … there is space for everyone, including the

biodiversity that occurs nowhere else on earth.”

This book, with its spectacular photographs of rare and little seen plants, is sure to make

a huge contribution to raising awareness of and spreading critical information on our

indigenous flora.

Anneke Kearney’s passion for indigenous plants developed gradually through spending

many hours photographing them in Kirstenbosch and while hiking in the wild. In addition

to spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors, studying and photographing

wild flowers, she uses her own garden to experiment extensively with indigenous plants.

Anneke is one of the few remaining old-school photographers who takes her time to get

the perfect shot, and insists on shooting transparencies. Her work has graced the pages

of most local magazines and the Botanical Society used a selection of her photographs

for their official calendar for 2002. The calendar was then continued annually as Flowers

of South Africa, sold countrywide and much sought after by locals and tourists alike.

Anneke’s previous book, Indigenous Beginnings has sold thousands of copies locally and

continues to be a popular choice for both gardeners and nature enthusiasts.

250x250mm • 176pp illustrated • Hardcover • October 2012 • rights: world

New title


2013 Crafter’s daily planner

Monean Winterbach

The 2013 Crafter’s Daily Planner will inspire crafters to take their creativity to new

heights while managing their day-to-day responsibilities. Apart from all the standard

features of a diary, this daily planner offers a wealth of information specific to crafters.

The creative lay-out and daily craft thoughts and tips will become the users’ inspiration

wherever they are. Features include:

978 1 920479 53 4


978 1 920479 54 1

12 full-colour craft projects.

Craft glossary and tool reference.

Crafts tips and quotes.

Information on how to turn your hobby into a business.

A national craft shop directory.

Metric information specific to crafters, including paper sizes.

Colour information.

A list of anniversary gifts and birth stones.

A year planner indicating the dates for all the biggest craft fairs/shows.

Craft prizes worth more than R11 500 up for grabs and discounts of hundred of

rands from various craft partners.

After obtaining her Public Relations qualification, some of the very first clients represented

by Monean Winterbach were involved in the craft industry. Her interest in the

various crafts grew over the years and in 2010 she launched Soul Sisters Craft Club

in Cape Town. Later that year a Pretoria Club was also launched. Her career as PR

Consultant requires her to be very organised and the idea of a Crafter’s Daily Planner

was born from the need to be able to combine everyday responsibilities with creative

activities. Her motto is if you have to stick to to-do lists, at least let them be written on

pages that inspire creativity!

Monean is married and lives in Durbanville. She has two children, a busy PR career and

a Craft Club to manage, so a daily planner is a must in her life. But heaven forbid you’ll

find a boring one on her desk …

210x148mm • Page a day, with craft projects • Wiro-bound with tabs

September 2012 • rights: world

New title


Top ten home cooks

Choice recipes from Leisure Books’ winning home cooks

Compiled by Christelle Erasmus & Alana van den Berg

These mouth-watering recipes are the top ten of the top ten: the ten best recipes of each

of the ten finalists in Leisure Books’ countrywide home cook competition. The recipes

were chosen from among thousands of entries, tried, tasted, revised, tasted again… and

yet again. The result of this rigorous selection process is a recipe book that will equip you

to surprise your family and guests time and again with the most delectable dishes that

come straight from the heart. Even though they hail from the four corners of our country,

each home cook’s profile and recipes clearly tell the same tale – a tale of conviviality,

hospitality and a passion for cooking, spoiling and sharing. Cook with them and enjoy!

The recipes have been selected and tested by Christelle Erasmus and Alana van den Berg,

a mother-and-daughter team whose books regularly appear at the top of best-seller lists.


978 1 920479 41 1

Candice Stuart, George

Chantelle Bell, Vereeniging

Hannelie Brummer, Ladybrand

Jurie Kritzinger, Joubertina

Mariëtte Grové, Paarl

Nadine Theron, Worcester

Nanette Botha, Ermelo

Nicky Brecher, Pongola

Siphokazi Mdlankomo, Cape Town

Theresa Troskie, Graaff-Reinet

245x190mm • 224pp illustrated • Hardcover, quarter bound • September 2012

rights: world


978 1 920479 42 8

New title


Garden projects with Tanya & Anna

Inspirational ideas and step-by-step transformations for your garden

Tanya Visser & Anna Celliers

An inspiring DIY book that has “make your living space beautiful” as its theme. Stunning,

full-colour photos guide you through a wealth of creative suggestions on how to

transform your garden, or certain parts of it, into a sight for sore eyes. This is followed by

a vast variety of DIY projects – from the quick and inexpensive, such as planting a pretty

hanging basket, to those that require more thought, good planning and a thicker wallet.

Water features and everything associated with them, including pumps, accessories,

fountains, fish and koi, plants 
and maintenance; how to plant the most stunning pots,

containers and hanging baskets, care for and display them, as well as recipes for winning

combinations; and how to build walls, retaining walls, paths, patios, courtyards as well as

steps, and how 
to beautify these constructions using appropriate finishes or plants, are

discussed at length and illustrations are provided throughout. Most projects include tips

to keep you on the road to success, as well as short descriptions and colour photos of

suitable plants that can turn your creation into something truly special.

978 1 920479 43 5

Tuinprojekte met Anna & Tanya

978 1 920479 44 2

Tanya Visser is the editor of The Gardener and Die Tuinier magazines and presenter

of The Gardener television series. Tanya loves growing her own vegetables for the kitchen,

nurtures an impressive succulent collection and her collection of grasses is expanding.

After qualifying as a horticulturist, she began her working career in a garden centre,

learning the tricks of the trade and expanding her plant and business knowledge. After

a respectable nine years or so in the green industry, she moved on to join the world of

publishing. She lives in KwaZulu-Natal with her partner, Lyn, and her three yorkies, Chloe,

Chelsi and Holly.

Anna Celliers holds a National Diploma in Horticulture from what used to be Pretoria

Technikon and has many years’ experience in garden design and layout for both private

and corporate clients. she has written a regular gardening column for Die Burger since

2003, now also published nationally in the weekend supplements of Beeld and Volksblad.

She is a regular guest on SABC’s lifestyle programme, Pasella, featuring as their gardening

guru. A stint as gardening editor of Home and Tuis, was followed by her appointment at

Lonehill Trading’s The Gardener and Die Tuinier, where she writes features about all the

pleasures of gardening and works as assistant editor of Die Tuinier.

260x210mm • 224pp illustrated • Hardcover • September 2012 • rights: world

New title


Pewter impressions

Contemporary designs and popular projects

Sandy Griffiths

Once crafters experience the ease with which intricate designs can be created on pewter,

they are hooked in no time. Both Easy pewter projects and Pewter it were so popular that

it was only a matter of time before Sandy Griffiths succumbed to the pressure of her fans

to write another book.

Pewter impressions is a collection of more than 30 original pewter projects with easyto-follow,

step-by-step instructions and clear photographs. It starts at the beginning so

that there is no need for novices to go back to earlier books to enjoy this rapidly growing

craft. Beginners’ exercises explain the basics, teaching crafters how to apply the art of

embossing and then add lustre, radiance and dimension to their design. These are followed

by a wide range of stunning projects that will appeal to every crafter. The projects,

from fabulous frames and beautiful boxes to gorgeous gifts and delightful décor items,

combine pewter with mosaics, canvas, glass paint, gold and silver leaf foil, crystals and

more, offering a variety of looks and finishes. In addition to the projects, the book covers:

978 1 920479 37 4


978 1 920479 38 1

Essential tools and how to use them

Tracing and transferring patterns

Low and high relief embossing



Adding colour and patina

Cutting out and adhering designs to various surfaces

There are exquisite photographs of all finished projects as well as templates for all

designs used in the book.

Multicrafter Sandy Griffiths has demonstrated and taught several crafts for many years.

Always looking for something new to try, she started working with pewter many years

ago, taking classes with one of the doyennes of pewter work, who stopped teaching for

personal reasons. At that stage there were no other pewter teachers in Cape Town, nor

was there much in the way of the written word. So Sandy spent many hours experimenting

with and teaching herself this craft before starting to teach others. She has a studio

in Devil’s Peak in Cape Town where she teaches adults and runs a children’s craft class.

She is married, and has a daughter who inspires much of her own craft. Sandy has also

produced an excellent DVD cover ing all the basic techniques.

260x193mm • 160pp illustrated • Soft cover with flaps • June 2012

rights: world

New title


Scrapbook maps

Mix ’n match plans for hundreds of layouts

Lelani Koen

Are you crazy about scrapbooking but get flustered when faced with the

never-ending array of paper and embellishments?

Do you want to use the limited time you have for scrapbooking

most effectively?

Does your mind sometimes go blank when you need to plan layouts?

978 1 920479 39 8

Then this book is for you! It contains 60 double-page layouts, each of which

can be used to create up to 64 different layouts by rotating the pages and

using them in different combinations – more than enough to keep you scrapping

for a long time and to ensure that you’re never stuck for ideas. By using

different papers and embellishments you can also give the same layout a

completely new appearance.

In addition to the clear layout plans, each double-page layout has been exquisitely

executed and photographed, with further variations shown. The book

also has a host of useful hints and tips to make scrapbooking even easier and,

by using the quick reference guide, you can choose a suitable layout for your

number of photos at a glance.

A beautiful book brimful of ideas no scrapbooker, whether experienced or a

novice, would want to be without.


978 1 920479 40 4

Lelani Koen has been scrapping for many years. She studied marketing at

Stellenbosch and worked in advertising and graphic design before starting an

online scrapping club – Get Scrapping – to turn her favourite hobby into a business.

She loves needlework, beading, knitting and music or being creative in

other ways. She is also quite sentimental, which makes scrapbooking the perfect

hobby. Her motto is, “life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.” She

recently launched Lilly K, her own line of craft embellishments, décor and gifts.

Lelani is married and lives in Paarl, where she enjoys raising her two sons.

210x260mm (landscape) • 160pp illustrated • Soft cover with flaps

June 2012 • rights: world

New title


Sewn toy tales

12 fun characters to make and love

Rosalie Quinlan & Melanie Hurlston

Step into the vibrant world of Melly & Me to discover sewn softies that are utterly irresistible!

Colourful fabrics, personality-packed characters and lots of fun details make up 12 distinctive

designs. Girls of all ages will adore Lou-Lou the panda and shy mouse Mabelle.

Little and not-so-little boys will want to make friends with Harry the monster and cuddly

alien Alvin.

With expert advice about choosing fabrics and sewing techniques, all you have to do is

decide who you’d like to meet first!

978 1 920479 35 0

Rosalie Quinlan began designing her own patterns for dolls, bags and quilts many years

ago under the label Rosalie Quinlan Design, and went on to teach sewing throughout Australia

and also internationally. In 2006 she teamed up with her sister, Melanie Hurlston, to

set up a second design label, Melly & Me, which gave her the opportunity to explore fun

and zany designs rather than more traditional work. Rosalie is also a regular contributor

to various Australian and international quilting magazines, and in 2009 she embarked on

designing textiles for the Japanese company Lecien, recently releasing her second range

of fabric titled ‘Sweet Broderie’.

Melanie Hurlston is a pattern and fabric designer based in Melbourne, Australia, working

with her sister, Rosalie Quinlan, under the pattern label Melly & Me. She loves designing

items that are original, fun and achievable in a day, as well as being completely usable

in everyday life. In 2010 she launched a second design label, Sew Little, which includes

patterns that are aimed at the baby market. Melanie draws her inspiration from her two

young children, childhood memories and her love of colour.

280x210mm • 128pp illustrated • Soft cover • April 2012

rights: David & charles

Stik ’n storie

978 1 920479 36 7



Cards galore

More than 150 original hand-made card designs

Fransie Snyman

Featuring a wide variety of techniques, this book contains all the information you need never to be

stuck for original card-making ideas. Each technique is explained with clear, step-by-step photographs

and instructions, followed by a gallery of cards using that technique. Further information and

a host of practical hints and tips come in the form of extended captions, with every card indivi dually

photographed. With both detailed cards that are artworks in their own right, and quick and simple

creations to make in a moment, this book is a most useful, hands-on resource for all those paper

addicts out there. Techniques include: punching; stamping; quilling; textiles and haberdashery;

alcohol inking; glass painting; embellishments: bought and handmade; folding; metalwork and


978 1 920479 22 0

260x193mm • 176pp • Flexi binding • April 2012 • rights: world

kaartjies by dosyne

978 1 920479 23 7

Crewel twists

Fresh ideas for Jacobean embroidery

Hazel Blomkamp

978 1 920479 24 4

kroelwerk met ’n kinkel

978 1 920479 25 1

Whether you refer to it as crewel or Jacobean, this free form of surface embroidery has been around

for centuries and is still popular amongst needle artists today. In this book Hazel Blomkamp uses a

wide selection of materials to update techniques and inspire embroiderers to explore whilst working

loosely within the confines of crewel work styles. Learn how to be creative with fabric, threads, beads

and alternative stitches, borrow ing techniques from other forms of needlework, and still produce a

product typical of crewel or Jacobean embroidery. The original designs include the use of beads

and metal threads to add sparkle and texture; monochrome embroidery making use of a variety

of threads and beads; needle-made laces with designs defined by texture; traditional embroidery

including shading and satin stitch and the many variations of trellis couching to provide texture

and interest.

260x193mm • 144pp • Paperback with flaps • April 2012

rights sold: UK, USA, Aus, NZ, RUSSIA



Scrap it!



back to basics

978 1 920268 96 1

Apply scrapbooking techniques to turn

everyday items into gorgeous gifts or

décor for your home. With paper, glue

and embellishments you can alter just

about anything. Make personalised

gifts from recycled containers, take

scrapbooking to your walls with frames

and clipboards; apply styles ranging

from vintage to rustic, from girlish to

sophisticated; display photo graphs in

clever, creative ways using assemblage

and collage.

978 1 920479 14 5


978 1 920479 15 2

Deborah Morbin & Tracy Boomer

A technique-based book with step-bystep

instructions clearly illustrated with

photo graphs. Keep the focus on your

photos rather than embellishments that

can overwhelm them. All techniques illustrated

with photo graphs of finished pages

where they have been applied. Loads of

tried and tested hints and tips, as well as

cost-cutting advice scattered throughout

the book. Over 150 sample pages.

260x193mm • 128 PP • Paperback with flaps • May 2011

Rights: world

260x193mm • 160pp • Paperback with flaps • january 2012

rights: world






decorative ideas

Knitted toy tales

Laura Long

d e c o r a t i v e i d e a s

tracy boomer

deborah morbin

978 1 920268 68 8


978 1 920268 69 5

Deborah Morbin & Tracy Boomer

Beautifully crafted, decorative and

functional items, finished with style and

panache. Fresh creative ideas combined

with detailed instructions and

helpful hints virtually guarantee success

in either reproducing the projects in this

book or using them as a basis for your

own ideas, irrespective of your level of


978 1 920268 48 0


978 1 920268 49 7

20 adorable little knitted characters,

packed with personality and individual

charm, making them the perfect gift for

a loved one or the quirky home accent.

Projects combine simple knits with cute

fabric appliqué accents. Clear makingup

instructions, fun narrative text and

the lavish photography make this book a

delightful gift or addition to your knitting


260x193mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • January 2011 •

rights sold: uk, us, aus, can, nz, russia

275x210mm • 128PP • paperback • June 2010

rights: david & charles



978 1 920479 06 0

kunsprojekte met

gemengde media

978 1 920479 07 7

Artful ways

with mixed media

Monique Day-Wilde &

Angie Franke

A book that combines texture, line and

colour in unique form by way of collage,

altered art and montage, it makes this

popular form of expression accessible

and appealing to all. Stunning, layered

projects using a myriad of techniques

will get your creative juices flowing

and inspire you to experiment. A great

source of design ideas to encourage you

to mix media to create new art.

978 1 920268 37 4


978 1 920268 38 1

Fast art

Angie Franke &

Monique Day-Wilde

50 projects divided into three cate gories:

fabulously fast, fairly fast and fast. Stepby-step

instructions and photo graphs

show you how, with full-colour photographs

of each finished project. Basic

techniques, all you need to know about

colour and a useful glossary of requirements

and tools complete this guide for

everyone who enjoys crafts.

260x193mm • 144pp • Paperback with flaps • September 2011

RIGHTS: world

260x193mm • 128PP paperback with flaps • september 2010

rights sold: russia

Smart art

monique Day-Wilde &

Angie Franke



Designs galore

Monique Day-Wilde &

Angie Franke

978 1 919992 92 1


978 1 919992 91 4

Learn how to combine driftwood, recycled

metal and glass, everyday items

as mundane as bottle tops and used

teabags, and materials such as barbed

wire with art media to create your own

display art. Sculptural materials, from

clay and wire to papièr mâché, building

materials such as cement, and craft elements

including beads and gold leaf, are

also brought into creative play.

more than

400 designs

for every

imaginable craft

978 1 920268 82 4

monique day-wilde

& angie franke

Whether it is pewter work, wall art, cardmaking,

fabric-painting and printing,

embroidery or paper craft that inspires

you, you will find the design you want in

this collection of original line drawings

created over many years of crafting by

two top visual artists. A source book no

crafter can afford to be without!

260X193mm • 144pp • paperback with flaps • SEPTEMBER 2008

rights: WORLD

260x210mm • 224PP B&W templates • flexi binding

april 2011 • rights: world



Quilt a gift

Barri Sue Gaudet



978 1 920268 66 4

kwilt ’n geskenk

978 1 920268 67 1

Create beautiful quilted gifts for friends

and family. Choose from projects for

every occasion and skill level, from simple

ideas that can be done in an evening

to more intricate creations. Immerse

yourself in these easy patchwork and

appliqué techniques and add a personal

touch to a range of wonderful gifts.

978 1 920268 39 8

eietydse kleurkuns

978 1 920268 40 4

Melanie Brummer

Dyeing fabric to create interesting patterns

and colours is an ancient craft,

practised throughout the world for

centuries, and enjoying a resurgence

in recent years. With this book, dye

specialist Melanie Brummer unlocks

the infinite possibilities of dyed cloth

for the everyday person, using simple

techniques, household equipment and

ready-made garments.

275x210mm •128PP • paperback • september 2010

rights: david & charles

260X193mm • 144pp • paperback with flaps • JANUARY 2010

rights sold: north america

Words for paper, art

and craft creations

monica de beer

Wonderful ways

with wax

Jann Visser

978 1 920268 58 9

woorde vir papier, kuns

en kreatiewe skeppings

978 1 920268 59 6

Words for paper, art and craft creations

is the first of its kind. In this book, artists,

crafters and creative souls are

inspired and taught how to make use of

words in their projects, be they cards,

scrapbook pages, wall art or fine art.

The bulk of the book is filled with words,

making the hunt for the right words for a

specific situation an absolute pleasure!

978 1 920268 33 6

wonderlike waskuns

978 1 920268 34 3

This book brings encaustic art into the

realm of crafters. Learn how to apply the

coloured wax to anything from glossy

cardstock, to woodfree paper, canvas,

glass and porcelain, as well as wood,

candles and bisque wear. With over

50 projects from cards, paper stock,

wall art, stamping and wax mosaics to

mixed media.

200x200mm • 160PP • paperback with flaps • april 2011

rights: world

260x193mm • 128PP • paperback with flaps • April 2011

rights sold: uk, us, can, aus, nz, Russia



Paint on paper

Photo stories

978 1 919992 56 3

verf op papier

978 1 919992 57 0

Angie Franke &

Monique Day-Wilde

A fully illustrated guide to the art of

decorating paper with a wide range of

techniques, mostly using ordinary copy

paper and paints. Obvious uses are

scrapbooking, cards, stationery and gift

wrap, but you can also create mosaics

or collages, make beads for jewellery,

decorate boxes and bowls and make as

many other functional or quirky items as

you can think of.

978 1 920268 44 2


978 1 920268 45 9

Retha van der Walt

Scrapbooking guru Retha van

der Walt, compiler of the popular

KykNet TV programme

Fotostories, demonstrates the

top 12 scrapbooking techniques,

all illustrated with clear,

step-by-step photo graphs.

Includes contributions by

well-known international scrapbookers.

260x193mm • 144pp • paperback with flaps

april 2007 • rights sold: uk, us, can, aus, nz

260X193mm (landscape) • 128pp • paperback with flaps

September 2009 • rights: world

Pewter it!

Sandy Griffiths

Easy pewter


978 1 920268 05 3

piouter dit!

978 1 920268 06 0

Décor ideas for just about every room

in the home, from a stylish bathroom

mirror to elegant salt and pepper

shakers, serving platters, pewter art

for the living room and a bedside

table with a pewter door. The designs

are completely original and the book

includes templates for all of them.

978 1 919992 50 1

maklike piouter-projekte

978 1 919992 51 8

Sandy Griffiths

Step-by-step instructions for more than

30 projects, with general descriptions

of and ideas for many more. Stunning

photo graphs of the finished projects as

well as clear, step-by-step photo graphs

will inspire you to create your own

master pieces in no time.

workshop on dvd – english only

978 1 920268 74 9

260x193mm • 144pp • paperback with flaps • january 2009

rights sold: north america

260x193mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • january 2007

rights sold: uk, us, can, aUS, nz, Russia



Jewellery in a jiffy

Fransie Snyman

More jewellery

in a jiffy

978 1 919992 87 7

juwele in ’n japtrap

978 1 919992 88 4

Beading remains as addictive as ever,

and this book will go a long way to

ensure it stays that way! Especially compiled

with the impatient beader in mind,

it offers more than 55 original beaded

jewellery projects with many more variations,

often completed in under an hour.

Instant gratification indeed.

978 1 920268 50 3

nog juwele in ’n japtrap

978 1 920268 51 0

Fransie Snyman

Loads of original jewellery designs with

the focus on crystals, pearls and gemstones

used either singly or in splendid

combinations for necklaces, chokers,

bracelets and earrings for every taste

and occasion. Clear, step-by-step

instructions and photo graphs explain

the simple techniques so anyone can

achieve attractive results quickly and

easily. A treasure trove indeed.

260X193mm • 160pp • paperback with flaps • april 2008

rights sold: north america

260x193mm • 160PP • paperback with flaps • june 2010

rights sold: north america

Dare to bead

Heather Laithwaite

Dare to bead

some more

978 1 919992 23 5

waag met krale

978 1 919992 24 2

Create stunning jewellery from the vast

range of beads available, using techniques

such as basic ropes, tassels and

lariats, brick stitch and peyote in various

applications and combinations. All the

designs are original, demonstrated with

easy-to-follow instructions and step-bystep

photo graphs and line drawings.

978 1 919992 58 7

waag met krale en meer

978 1 919992 59 4

Heather Laithwaite

Combine wire work, chain, crystals

and big beads with off-loom weaving

to achieve unique results, whether you

want bold, glamorous pieces or timeless

elegance. More stunning, original

designs by Heather Laithwaite following

the phenomenal success of Dare

to bead. This book is a visual feast no

beader will be able to resist.

260x193mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • september 2005

rights sold: uk, us, can, aus, nz

260X193mm • 160pp • paperback with flaps • june 2007

rights: world



Flowers simply


Ansia Kohrs

Stylish crafts

for your home

deborah Morbin & tracy Boomer

978 1 919992 96 9

blomme eenvoudig pragtig

978 1 919992 95 2

A guide to contemporary flower arranging.

The beauty, shape and sweet

fragrance of fresh flowers bring colour

and life to any space. This delightful

book, with its superb photo graphs and

inspirational ideas, tells you how best to

display them and prolong the pleasure

they bring you.

978 1 919992 07 5

handgemaak vir jou huis

978 1 919992 08 2

More than 150 craft ideas and projects

to enhance your living spaces – from

the kitchen to the patio – covering various

design styles to suit your existing

décor, from country florals to minimalist

neutrals to rich colours and textures.

Techniques include decoupage, pewter,

paint and mosaics.

260X193mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • June 2009

rights sold: UK

260x193mm • 160pp • paperback with flaps • november 2004

rights sold: russia


fabulous fabric

Angie Franke &

monique Day-Wilde


fabric paint

monique Day-Wilde &

angie Franke

The focus is on decorating fabric, with

loads of ideas for crafters, teachers,

quilters, fibre artists and anyone who is

fascinated by textiles. Stunning photographs

978 1 920268 25 1 illustrate how off-the-peg items

978 1 919992 21 1

can be “zhooshed” up and plain lengths

decorated for any purpose, including

material for quilting fat quarters.

veelsydige lapverf

978 1 919992 22 8

New ideas on colour and colour mixing;

invaluable advice on choosing fabric,

design, paint and colours; a wide range

of fabric-painting techniques clearly

explained; clear, step-by-step photographs

and instructions for over 50

projects; completely original designs

with templates included.

260X193mm • 144pp • paperback with flaps • June 2009

rights: world

260x193mm • 160pp • paperback • september 2005

rights sold: czech, russia



Roses in silk and

organza ribbon

Di van Niekerk

Monograms and

words in ribbon


978 1 920268 84 8

rose in sy- en organzalint

978 1 920268 85 5

This book teaches more than 60 brand

new techniques on an exquisite sampler.

Perfect for silk ribbon fans, crazy quilters,

fibre artists, card makers, dress

designers – adorn a hat, knitted bag,

crochet scarf, beaded necklace, jewellery

box. Learn how to make rose petals

and rose hips, sepals, stems and leaves,

spent roses, stamens and all the little

creatures found nearby.

978 1 919992 97 6

monogramme en woorde in


978 1 919992 98 3

Di van Niekerk

This book teaches 26 monograms in

ribbon embroidery, step-by-step. Learn

how to make quick and easy letters and

words for the embellishment of quilts,

baby blankets and bibs, teddy bears

and other soft toys, journals, cards,

home décor pieces, wedding and other

gifts, and much more.

260x193mm • 144PP • hardcover • JULY 2011

rights sold: uk, us, Aus, NZ, can, france, russia

260X193mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • july 2009

rights sold: UK, US, can, aus, nz, france, russia

A perfect world in

ribbon embroidery

& stumpwork

Ribbon embroidery

and stumpwork

Di van Niekerk

978 1 919992 48 8

’n wonderwêreld vir

lintborduur en stumpwerk

978 1 919992 49 5

Di van Niekerk

Embroider a magnificent sampler

including 60 different elements. Stepby-step

instructions accompanied by

clear photo graphs make this lavishly

illustrated book an ideal learning tool for

beginner embroiderers, yet offer more

advanced embroiderers several new


978 1 875001 99 6

lintborduur en stumpwerk

978 1 875001 98 9

For first-time ribbon embroiderers as

well as those who wish to learn brand

new techniques, this book includes

detailed instructions for a floral sampler.

An illustrated stitch glossary with more

than 40 stitches makes it a most useful


260x193mm • 160pp • paperback with flaps • october 2006

rights sold: US, UK, CAN, aus, nz, RUSSIA, france

260x193mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • september 2004

rights sold: uk, us, CAN, aus, nz, france, russia



978 1 920268 02 2

blommefeetjies in lintborduur

en stumpwerk

978 1 920268 03 9

Flower Fairies in

ribbon embroidery

& stumpwork

Di van Niekerk

Five of Cicely Mary Barker’s beloved

Flower Fairies introduced to all

needlecrafters who enjoy creative,

three-dimensional embroidery. With

numerous new ideas and techniques,

this book has been designed to appeal to

both beginners and advanced embroiderers.

978 1 919992 81 5

Just stitch

Lesley Turpin-Delport &

Nikki Delport-Wepener

A stunning collection of flora and fauna

in textured embroidery. There are 12

colour themes with numerous innovative

projects. Lavishly illustrated, it shows

the reader how to produce beautiful,

three-dimensional embroidery of fauna

and flora. Includes an extensive stitch

glossary and templates.

260X193mm • 152pp • paperback • January 2009

rights sold: FRANCE, UK, US, CAn, aus, nz, RUSSIA

260X193mm • 160pp • paperback with flaps • october 2007

rights sold: uk, us, can, aus, nz, france, russia

Creative embroidery

Via Laurie

Cross stitch


978 1 919992 60 0

kreatiewe borduurwerk

978 1 919992 61 7

Original designs and projects tailormade

to showcase exquisite spacedyed

threads and various embroidery

styles, from gold work to the simplicity

of ribbon embroidery. Also included

are blackwork, casalguidi, canvas

work, crazy patchwork, hardanger and


978 1 919992 26 6

kruissteek miniature

978 1 919992 25 9

Fransie Snyman

Over 100 original designs on full-colour

grids, including fun images for alphabets;

stylish monograms and motifs for

napery; cute nursery motifs; cool teen

motifs; Christmas designs and easy

motifs for children. Finishing instructions

with worked examples add further

value. Patterns are smaller than 55 by

55 stitches and most can be completed

in a jiffy.

260X193mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • june 2007

rights sold: uk, us, aus, nz, fr, tur, poland, czech, russia

260x193mm • 110pp • paperback with flaps

april 2006 • rights sold: world english for kits



Focal points and features in today’s gardens

Suzette Stephenson & Louise van Rooyen

This sequel to Today’s gardens deals with focal points that draw the attention, add interest and

give a garden special appeal. Learn how to use statues, sculptures, fixed structures, water features,

plants and more to add the finishing touch to your garden. Commissioned photo graphs

with extended captions show you how to achieve the demonstrated effect in your own garden.

With loads of hints and tips throughout, the book not only inspires but has a solid, practical

application. The contents include:

Paths and paving


Colour and its use


Lights and lighting

978 1 920479 28 2

260x210mm • 144pp illustrated • paperback with flaps • april 2012 • rights: world

fokus-punte in eietydse tuine

978 1 920479 29 9

What can I plant?

A quick reference to foolproof plant selection

Tanya Visser & Anna Celliers

978 1 920268 98 5

wat kan ek plant?

978 1 920268 99 2

A gardening book featuring contemporary plants for contemporary gardeners. This book is

brimful of easy-to-read information covering plant descriptions, useful growing advice, hints

for success and the latest gardening trends to help enthusiastic gardeners gain the most

benefit from every trip to their local nursery, and to breathe new life into their gardens. The

plants were carefully selected to include the top-selling, modern hybrids along with many of

the ‘old-fashioned’ plants that gave rise to them – plants grown in years gone by, which have

inspired people around the world and will warm the hearts of both newcomers and experienced

gardeners. The plants are all readily available and have been chosen for their versatility

and ease of cultivation – plants you can count on. What can I plant? is Tanya and Anna’s second

collaboration. Their first book, Homegrown garden design, became a best-seller within

weeks of its release.

260x210mm • 168pp • Paperback with flaps • JULY 2011 • rights: world




garden design

Tanya Visser & Anna Celliers

Today’s gardens

Suzette Stephenson &

Louise van Rooyen

978 1 920268 52 7

tuinmaak met eiegoed

978 1 920268 53 4

Learn about the best loved and most

useful indigenous plants and ways in

which they can be incorporated into

conventional garden design and the

well-known styles of gardening. With

loads of tips and planting suggestions,

the practical approach is one that will

appeal to all gardeners.

978 1 919992 70 9

eietydse tuine

978 1 919992 71 6

A beautifully illustrated guide to the

practical aspects of garden design,

brimful of original ideas and inspiration.

With over 300 specially commissioned

photo graphs of gardens, many designed

or revived by the authors, it provides all

the information you’ll need to design or

revamp your garden with a professional


260x210mm • 144PP • paperback with flaps • June 2010

rights: world

260X210mm • 160pp • paperback with flaps • april 2008

rights: WORLD



Anneke Kearney



Nancy Gardiner

978 1 919992 94 5

begin inheems

978 1 919992 93 8

Specially selected for being easy and

fast-growing, every plant in this book

flowers. A spectacular, close-up photo

of each plant, with general information

on soil preparation, feeding, planting,

propagation and maintenance, and a

detailed description. Almost 100 species

across the range of trees, shrubs,

climbers, groundcovers, bulbs, annuals

and perennials.

978 1 919992 09 9

bekostigbare tuinmaak

978 1 919992 10 5

A wealth of time- and money-saving

tips for the garden: an extensive list

of water wise plants, suggestions for

recycling, and information on propagation

so that you can fill your garden with

plants you have grown from scratch.

260X210mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • september 2008

rights: WORLD

260x210mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • June 2005

rights: WORLD



The ultimate


Gardening in

small spaces

Nancy Gardiner

Nancy Gardiner

978 1 919992 29 7

Reflects Nancy Gardiner’s wealth of

gardening knowledge and experience.

Includes nine original garden plans

commissioned for the book, with a full

description and detailed planting list.

Lavishly illustrated, it offers a directory

of over 500 of the most popular garden


978 1 875001 92 7

wenke vir die klein tuin

978 1 875001 93 4

Small gardens have become more the

rule than the exception. There is a vast

range of plants available to suit a small

garden’s every need. This book tells you

about these and how to create a beautiful

garden in your small space.

260x210mm • 176pp • hardcover with dust jacket • July 2006

rights: WORLD

260x210mm • 112pp • paperback with flaps • September 2004

rights: WORLD

A reason for roses

Nancy Gardiner

Easy gardening

Nancy Gardiner

978 1 919992 39 6

Showing roses in their various forms,

from charming miniatures to tall hybrid

teas and rampant ramblers, some making

pretty groundcovers, others covering

walls or thriving in pots, and including

three original rose-garden designs, this

book will be a joy and inspiration to rose

lovers everywhere.

978 1 875001 67 5

Practical gardening advice to guide

you along the easiest path to the right

garden design, healthy plants and

economy of time, money and water, all

lavishly illustrated with photo graphs of

real home gardens. Tips and plant lists

are boxed for instantly accessible information.

’n rede vir rose

978 1 919992 40 2

tuinmaak maklik gemaak

978 1 875001 68 2

260x210mm • 128pp • paperback with flaps • September 2005

rights: WORLD

260x210mm • 176pp • hardcover • April 2002

rights: WORLD



Hooked on books

Why and what to read to your child

Jay Heale

Author Jay Heale says, “There is no child who cannot be hooked on books provided the right book is

produced at the right moment.”

This dip-in book of ideas contains invaluable advice and suggestions for parents and caregivers to

ensure that their children develop a love of reading from a very young age – starting with babies,

then first readers, primary readers, tweens and teens. An avid reader and book reviewer, Jay Heale

shares knowledge gained in a lifetime of intimate involvement with books, with infectious enthusiasm.

Included is a treasury of specially recommended books for your bookshelf, with several specific

examples and classics introduced along the way. Also included are books about books, information

on libraries, electronic reading material and the way in which technology has shaped the format in

which we read, organisations such as IBBY and others focusing on books.

978 1 920479 26 8

dol oor boeke

978 1 920479 27 5

245x171mm • 144pp • Paperback • April 2012 • rights: world

Your child can do maths

Easy shortcuts for parents and children

Johan van Lill

Did you battle with maths at school and now your child has the same problem? Or were you a maths

whizz but you have no idea how to help your child who is battling? Then this book is for you. It is

written in easy-to-follow language, and brimful of advice that will help you face this challenge. Learn

the following:

978 1 920479 03 9

my kind kan wiskunde doen

978 1 920479 02 2

Why maths is important

How to use movement to wire your child’s brain for success with maths

How to ensure your child remains positive about maths

Basic knowledge and concepts all children should master

Helping your child master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

General maths problems to watch our for

Tables made easy

Word sums and problem solving.

245x171mm • 128pp • Paperback • June 2011 • rights: world



Toddler sense (new ed.)

Baby sense (new ed.)

978 1 920479 18 3

koester jou kleuter

(nuwe uitgawe)

978 1 920479 19 0

Ann Richardson

Updated and expanded to include the

latest relevant research, this informative

book tells you how to recognise

and understand your toddler’s unique

sensory profile; manage stimulation to

avoid overload; solve bedtime battles

with age-appropriate sleep-training; discipline

with love and a sense of humour;

follow a sensible approach to toilet

training; monitor and encourage development;

feed your toddler and manage

fussy eating in the toddler years.

978 1 920268 64 0

koester jou baba

978 1 920268 65 7

Megan Faure &

Ann Richardson

This book addresses three of the most

common concerns of parents in the first

year: crying, sleep and development.

Understanding your baby’s sensory

world is the key to a contented child –

the secret behind a baby who is happy

when awake, able to learn from his

world and falls asleep with ease.

245x171mm • 176pp • Paperback with flaps • October 2011

rights: world

245x171mm • 176pp • paperback with flaps • January 2010

rights sold: portugal, spain

Feeding sense

Megan Faure, Katherine Megaw

& Simon Strachan

Sleep sense

Megan Faure &

Ann Richardson

978 1 920268 70 1

sinvolle voeding

978 1 920268 71 8

Uncertain of what to eat during

pregnancy or while breast-feeding?

Challenges with breast or bottle feeding?

Or just looking for practical guidelines

on introducing solids? Whether you have

a fussy eater or an allergic baby, Feeding

Sense prepares you for the road

ahead and guides you through all your

baby’s feeding milestones.

978 1 919992 79 2

slaap kindjie slaap

978 1 919992 80 8

Simple, sensible solutions to ensure you

and your baby get a good night’s sleep

by establishing healthy sleeping habits.

Learn to set the stage for sleep with

realistic expectations, appropriate sensory

experiences during the day, good

sleep associations to prime your baby

for independent night soothing so he

will re-settle by himself, and solutions

for separation issues.

245X171mm • 176PP • paperback with flaps • august 2010

Rights: world

245X171mm • 176pp • paperback with flaps • september 2007

rights: world



Adjusting the


Toddlers need


Anne Cawood

Anne Cawood

978 1 920268 35 0

aanpasbare grense

978 1 920268 36 7

Helping children and teens cope with

separation and divorce. Using her many

years of practical experience and drawing

from case studies, highly regarded

counsellor Anne Cawood will empower

you to contain your children’s anxiety

and feelings of insecurity and to reestablish


978 1 920268 21 3

kleuters moet grense hê

978 1 920268 22 0

The toddler years are most rewarding

but also most challenging. With detailed

attention to this important stage known

for its temper tantrums and seemingly

unreasonable demands, this book is a

specific and very practical tool kit for the

parents of younger children.

245X171mm • 160pp • paperback • january 2010

rights: world

245x171mm • 160pp • paperback • june 2009

rights: WORLD

Children need


Anne Cawood

Teenagers need


Anne Cawood

978 1 919992 52 5

This book on effective discipline without

punishment is packed with sound

advice and clear examples of coping

with various behavioural problems and

parenting challenges.

978 1 920268 00 8

Parents everywhere dread the stress

and pressures of the teen years – when

even the most amenable children

seem to morph into monsters. This

book provides them with the tools to

cope with all the challenges integral to

parenting teenagers.

kinders moet grense hê

978 1 919992 53 2

tieners moet grense hê

978 1 920268 01 5

245x171mm • 166pp • paperback • april 2007

rights: world

245X171mm • 160pp • paperback • september 2008

rights: world



Children need


Positive parenting

Margaret Fourie

978 1 920268 31 2

kinders moet oupas

en oumas hê

978 1 920268 32 9

Anne Cawood

Grandparents are the vital link between

past and future. Dipping into her

extended case files, parenting expert

and grandmother of four, Anne Cawood,

gives sage advice for grandparents

entering or already in this wonderful

phase of their lives. It offers guidance

and support to give grandparents insight

into the lives of 21st century children.

978 1 919992 66 2

positiewe ouerskap

978 1 919992 67 9

Dealing with communication as a crucial

part of family relationships, this book

will help you give your children the very

best, considered upbringing that they

can have. While we may have different

cultural contexts, parenting has eternal

principles and our children have the

same needs, fears and hopes.

245x171mm • 160PP • paperback • september 2010

rights: world

245X171mm • 144pp • paperback • june 2008

rights: WORLD


Melodie de Jager

Mind moves

Melodie de Jager

978 1 920268 16 9


978 1 920268 15 2

The first two years of a baby’s life are

brimful of opportunities for movement

and play to ensure the optimal development

of the baby’s brain and limbs,

senses and reflexes, social and language

skills, and feelings and thought

processes. This engaging, easy-to-follow

guide will enable you to make the

most of those vital, early-life experiences

through brain and body gym.

978 1 920268 11 4


978 1 920268 12 1

An easy-to-use, self-help guide for

parents and teachers to remove learning

barriers like ADD and ADHD, and

improve sensory motor-integration,

auditory processing, articulation and

language, concentration, reading, spelling,

and so on.

245X171mm • 128pp • paperback • february 2009

rights: world

245X171mm • 128pp • paperback • january 2009

rights: world



Get the

balance right

The post-baby


Dr Colinda Linde

Alison Osborne

978 1 919992 11 2

kry balans in jou lewe

978 1 919992 12 9

Every working mom needs fast, effective

tips on juggling her different roles without

losing sight of herself and her personal

needs. This practical book gives you a

user-friendly framework for understanding

balance and imbalance, easy ways to

create more balance, and practical techniques

for achieving balance.

978 1 919992 82 2

gesprekke ná baba

978 1 919992 83 9

This book is a first: a relationship book

for new parents. It is not a book about

babies and it’s not about how to be a

parent. It’s about how to be a happy

couple with children.

245x172mm • 224pp • paperback • april 2005

rights sold: portugal

245X171mm • 160pp • paperback • january 2008

rights: ROCKPOOL

When your blessings don’t count

A guide to recognising and overcoming postnatal distress

Linda Lewis

PND affects women of all ages, religions, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds. Although devastating

and debilitating, PND can be overcome. Empowering her readers with information and advice

drawn from her own extensive research, as well as the case files of the many women she has counselled,

Linda Lewis takes them through the terrifying journey that was hers, and leaves them with

a powerful message: you will recover. Learn how to bring back the joy and happiness you thought

you have lost forever; recognise symptoms and gain an understanding of what is happening to you;

beat the shame and misunderstanding; avoid long-term difficulties; explain your feelings to your

loved ones so that they can give you the support you need to overcome this devastating condition.

Filled with positive suggestions based on personal experience, this book is an indispensable tool

for recovery.

978 1 920479 04 6

245x171mm • 160pp • Soft cover • July 2011 • rights: world

wanneer jou seëninge nie tel nie

978 1 920479 05 3



Sensory intelligence

Sensible stimulation

Annemarie Lombard

Marga Grey

978 1 919992 64 8

sensoriese intelligensie

978 1 919992 65 5

This book helps you understand why

you and others respond to sensory

input the way you do. It tells you how

to modulate your senses to adapt to

your environment and other people, or

change your environment to fit your sensory

preferences. It can be applied in

all spheres of life: work, home and relationships,

especially between parents

and children.

978 1 920268 13 8

stimuleer jou kind met begrip

978 1 920268 14 5

This book guides and supports parents

by giving them more insight into their

child’s early development. Each aspect

is explained as practically and simply

as possible, with games to engage with

and stimulate your child. All the developmental

stages are dealt with without

associated ages which create expectations

and may lead to needless anxiety.

245X171mm • 192pp • paperback • september 2007

rights: world

245X171mm • 160pp • paperback • january 2009

rights: World

Language and

school readiness

Martie Pieterse

Easy answers to

awkward questions

Nikki Bush & Ilze van der Merwe

978 1 919992 62 4

taal en skoolgereedheid

978 1 919992 63 1

Learn how to advance your child’s

language and learning skills through

play, how to exploit her natural enthusiasm,

curiosity and energy, and how

to create opportunities for confidence

building, social and emotional growth,

the development of coordination, and

problem-solving skills.

978 1 920268 27 5

maklike antwoorde

op ongemaklike vrae

978 1 920268 28 2

Children today grow up faster, entering

puberty earlier than ever before, yet

many parents avoid sexuality education

through ignorance or fear. This book is

the answer! Written in an easy questionand-answer

format, it is an invaluable

guide for parents so that they can answer

their children’s questions candidly, with

knowledge and sensitivity.

245X171mm • 176pp • paperback • June 2007

rights: world

170x170mm • 128pp • paperback • june 2009

rights: WORLD

General interest


Katrien’s cakes

Scrumptious recipes and original chocolate decorations

Katrien van Zyl

This book shows you how to create beautifully decorated cakes: fresh, contemporary, fun

and irresistible. It is filled with techniques and ideas for everyone. With more than 20 original

decorating designs to copy, as well as smaller chocolate decorations, mini cakes and cupcakes,

all demonstrated with clear, step-by-step photo graphs, you will quickly learn to create

your own show-stoppers. Katrien also shares a host of hints and shortcuts resulting from

years of experimenting to find the best ingredients and techniques for perfect results. Tried

and tested recipes for cakes as well as scrumptious fillings, guidelines for portion sizes and

templates for deco rations all contribute to making this an essential addition to the library of

any baking enthusiast.

978 1 920479 17 6

katrien se koeke

978 1 920479 16 9

Lavishly illustrated with exquisite photo graphs, this book attests to the fact that cake decorating

has become an art form. The projects are graded from easy to advanced, so there really

is something for everyone.

260x193mm • 160pp • Paperback with flaps • November 2011 • rights: world

christelle erasmus & alana van den berg




978 1 920268 56 5

tydlose eenskotteltreffers

978 1 920268 57 2

Timeless one-dish


Christelle Erasmus &

Alana van den Berg

More than 200 recipes of contemporary

one-dish meals. The dishes are easy to

cook and the ingredients readily available.

Includes main meals, breakfasts,

quiches, pasta dishes, meals without

meat, stir fries, salads, desserts and

scrumptious, practical recipes for preserves.

978 1 919992 99 0

cass abrahams

kook kaap-maleis

978 1 919992 78 5

Cass Abrahams

cooks Cape Malay

Cass Abrahams

Structured around the many important

feasts celebrated in the Cape Malay

community, with the recipes of special

dishes prepared for special cele brations

– recipes passed down from generation

to generation for well over 300 years,

savouring the flavours of our unique

Cape Malay cuisine.

260x193mm • 192PP • flexi binding • April 2011

rights: world

260X193mm • 96pp • paperback with flaps

2 nd edition june 2008 • rights: WORLD

General interest


Fact finder

A treasure-trove of knowledge for 8 to 12 year-olds

Helen Lewis

A fun-filled collection of facts aimed at children in the intermediate school phase (grades 4

– 6). It is a basic, but general, reference book integrating all areas of the national curriculum:

Arts and Culture; Economic & Management Sciences (EMS); Language; Life Orientation (LO);

Mathematics; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences (History and Geography) and Technology. In

addition to the basic information that will also be taught at school, each section contains loads

of interesting asides, references to other sources of information, and suggestions for things

to do and places to visit. Parents have a huge selection of books to choose from for younger

children, and there are many study guides available for high schoolers, but this age group has

been neglected with hardly any references aimed at their level. With over 600 photo graphs

and commissioned illustrations, this book is an indispensable companion for every child who

will lap up the information and have fun sharing the facts.

978 1 920268 72 5


978 1 920268 73 2

260x210mm • 224PP • flexi binding • january 2011 • rights: world

A happy human brain

Our guide to authentic success

Dr Pierre van der Spuy

People who remain happy, whether they enjoy enormous success or face painful disasters,

possess, in their brains, a core of stability and optimism. This book is a practical guide on

what these people do on a daily basis to achieve this. As the first book for the layperson that

combines groundbreaking research in the major fields of science aimed at understanding the

human condition, it will shatter many of your convictions on what makes us human, happy and

authentically successful. Specifically, the book addresses three main questions:

What steps can we take to be more happy today?

Why does an obsession with material success rob us of our happiness and humanity?

How do parenting in early childhood and our culture influence our happiness and humanity?

978 1 920268 80 0

’n gelukkige brein

978 1 920268 81 7

“A must read.” Frank M. Dattilio (Ph.D., ABPP), Harvard Medical School.

210x148mm • 332PP • paperback • january 2011 • rights: world

General interest


Be your own

personal trainer


Margaret Fourie

978 1 920479 08 4

wees jou eie gim-instrukteur

978 1 920479 09 1

Eddie Lambert

This book gives you all the advantages

of having your own personal trainer. It

demonstrates more than 250 graded

exercises using body weight and widely

accessible basic equipment, highlighting

the muscle groups used for every

exercise, explaining pitfalls and injury

risks. It then combines these in 26 userfriendly

programmes. Interchangeable

exercises mean even more variety.

978 1 919992 54 9


978 1 919992 55 6

Positive self-talk is crucial for effective

communication. And effective communication

is the foundation of good

relationships all round. Now combined

from Margaret Fourie’s earlier best-sellers,

Break the silence barrier and So I

told myself, this bo`ok provides you with

the theory and a host of practical examples

to achieve success on both fronts.

260x210mm • 176pp illustrated • Flexi binding

September 2011 • rights: world

245X171mm • 192pp • paperback • april 2007

rights: world

Choose the

right career

Norma Colley

What your driving

instructor didn’t

tell you …

978 1 920479 00 8

kies die regte loopbaan

978 1 920479 01 5

This book assists school leavers and

young adults in choosing the right

career. It includes relevant information

on current study and career choices. It

also contains many practical exercises

that can be completed individually or

discussed in a group forum. Bearing in

mind the global village, the principles

and exercises apply to school leavers all

over the world.

978 1 920268 23 7

wat hulle jou nie oor

karbestuur vertel het nie ...

978 1 920268 24 4

Justus Visagie

We all drive as though we have a guardian

angel for every vehicle. But the

angels are more likely to help those who

help themselves. Learn how a few small

changes in your way of driving will vastly

improve the odds of arriving at your

desti nation safely.

245x171mm • 144PP • paperback • april 2011 • rights: world

220X220mm • 144pp • paperback • april 2009 • rights: WORLD



Gone are the days where eBooks are for the tech savvy or some

niche market. Book sales are increasing and so too the sales of

eBooks, both locally and abroad. In fact, eBook sales are now

outnumbering print sales in the UK and USA. Following this

trend, and wanting to make our parenting books as accessible

as possible, we have released our most read titles as eBooks and

they are proving to be very popular.

We will be extending our eBook list to include all our parenting

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Breast feed your baby

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Clear you clutter 101

Kate Emmerson

Master Bonsai

Rudi Adam

Confident parenting,

confident children

Lizanne du Plessis

Polymer clay projects

Fransie Snyman

Crafters’ daily planner


Monean Winterbach

Photos on your wall

Carla Visser

Easy vegetable gardening

Tanya Visser & Anna


Everyone can grow orchids

Contemporary stained


Jacqui Holmes & Gail


April 2014

Paying less tax made

simple 2014/2015

Ralf Metz

Nollie Cilliers & Tinus


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