Citation 一橋大学研究年報. 経済学研究, 46: 283-287 Issue Date 2004 ...

Citation 一橋大学研究年報. 経済学研究, 46: 283-287 Issue Date 2004 ...

Hitotsubashi University Research Series, Economics .0

Historism and Logicism : Critical Comments

Yoshiro Kamitake


In ordinary thinking processes, there are two methods for

compiling factual knowledge and experiences. Historism is the most

popular pattern of thought which can be characterized as a way of

explaining concrete images or ideas by means of a concrete

sequence of facts. On the contrary, logicism in a wide sense is the

most elementary pattern of scientific thought from which various

theoretical developments of social and natural sciences can be

derived. Its most characteristic process of reasoning consists of the

operation of abstract notions and concepts to construct a logically

refined constellation of real objects.

Historism tends to keep from theoretically abstract thinking, and

therefore to remain outside the sphere of scientific investigation. In

this sense, historism cannot be linked to any sciences. On the other

hand, logicism tends to be separated from the realities of human

life, and to lose its historical background or the space-time coordinates

of history Geschichte . For genuine scientific thinking, logicism

should be modified according to the dynamism of the real

world, but historism must be excluded from any scientific research



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