Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Noficaon of Sampling for Lead in Drinking Water

Medical research shows lead to be a toxic metal which can be harmful

to human health even at low exposure levels. As evident by research,

young children, infants, and fetuses are parcularly vulnerable to lead

exposure, at lower exposure limits than adults. The effects are observed

in physiological and behavioral symptoms.

The degree of harm from lead depends upon the total exposure to

lead from all sources, and is cumulave over your lifespan. Children

as well as adults connue to be exposed to lead from a number of

sources, including dust from lead paint and soil, food, and water. For

more informaon on these sources, please contact the County Health

Department at 410-838-1500, or the Maryland Department of the

Environment at 410-537-3000.

In October 1988, Congress passed the Lead Contaminaon Control Act

in order to prevent lead contaminaon of drinking water in schools and

daycare centers. The Act required the Environmental Protecon Agency

(EPA) to publish a list of water coolers that were known to contain lead.

It also required schools and daycare centers to take acons to reduce

lead from other sources of drinking water to no more than 20 parts per


The Lead and Copper Rule required small water systems to complete

inial monitoring of their drinking water supply by December 31,

1993. Harford County Public Schools has completed the inial tesng

and connue to meet the requirements as issued by the EPA. Those

requirements include corrosion control, source water treatment, and

public educaon for systems that exceed the acon level of 15 parts per

billion (ppb) or 0.015 milligrams per liter (mg/L).

Results from tesng done by Harford County Public Schools are on file

in the administrave offices for the school system, and are available

for inspecon by the public. Regular monitoring of the drinking water

connues. Any quesons may be directed to 410-638-4085.

Noficaon of Rights Under the Protecon of Pupil Rights Act

PPRA provides parents certain rights regarding the conduct of surveys,

collecon and use of informaon for markeng purposes, and certain

physical exams in the public schools. A complete lisng of rights can be

obtained by calling the Communicaons Office at 410-588-5203.

Student Parking Policy

Parking on school property is a privilege afforded to students. Certain

condions are aached to that privilege. Students who fail to comply

with those condions will be denied or subject to loss of parking

privileges. Students will receive noce that vehicles parked on school

property may be subject to search in accordance to applicable search

and seizure laws and regulaons. Harford County Public Schools shall

not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles or their

contents while they are on school property.

Each high school shall develop and publish parking procedures

governing the condions under which students may be granted

permission to use the parking facilies available on the school grounds.

The local school procedures shall include the following:

A. A general statement indicang that any student who needs to

drive to school and park in the school lot during school hours must

obtain a permit.

B. Rules, Definions, and Procedures for Policy Implementaon

1. Each high school principal annually determines the number

of parking spaces on the school premises which can be made

available to students.

2. Only students with a valid driver’s license may apply for a

parking permit.

3. Students and parents must submit a completed, signed

applicaon form for a student parking permit.

4. Students with outstanding financial obligaons to the school

will not be issued a parking permit.

5. Each high school shall develop priories of needs for the

issuance of parking permits.

6. Each high school will establish campus traffic and parking


7. Each high school will issue a parking permit for an assigned

parking area. Students will be permied to park only in

assigned parking areas.

8. Parking permits must be displayed at all mes while on school


9. Penales for driving violaons, parking without a permit, or

other school violaons may include suspension or revocaon

of the permit, disciplinary acon, ckeng by the police, and/

or towing at the student’s expense.


The State of Maryland has established immunizaon requirements for

all students entering or enrolled in Maryland schools for the 2012-2013

school year.

Requirements to achieve complete immunizaon status include the


• Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough), (DTaP, DTP)

– four doses vaccine for all students entering pre-Kindergarten

grade. If DT is given in place of DTP or DTaP, a physician

documented medical contraindicaon if required.

• Polio vaccine - three doses for all students less than 18 years of

age or proof of immunity by posive blood test.

• Measles - two doses of measles vaccine received on or aer

student’s first birthday, or proof of immunity by posive blood

test for students entering kindergarten -12th grade. Preschool

students under 60 months of age require one dose of measles;

preschool students 60 months of age or older require two doses

of measles vaccine.

• One dose of rubella vaccine on or aer the student’s first

birthday, or proof of immunity by a posive blood test for

students entering K-12th grade. Preschool students 60 months

or older require two doses of rubella vaccine.

• One dose of mumps vaccine on or aer the student’s first

birthday or proof of immunity through a posive blood test for

students entering Kindergarten -12th grade. Preschool students

60 months of age or older require two doses of mumps vaccine.

• Varicella: one dose required for students under 13 years of age

administered on or aer student’s first birthday; or two doses

required for previously unvaccinated students 13 years of age

and older. History of chicken pox documented by a health care

provider including month and year of disease or a posive blood

test will be accepted as proof in lieu of vaccinaon.

• Hepas B vaccine - three doses or a posive blood test for

students entering Pre Kindergarten—12th grade.

Students enrolled in preschool programs must also:

• Have received one dose of Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV7, PCV 13,

Prevnar) if they are under 60 months of age.

• Have received Haemophilus influenza- type b vaccine (Hib) if they

are under 60 months of age. At least one dose of Hib must be

administered on or aer the first birthday.

• (Upon record review a vaccine dose given less than or equal to

four days before the minimum interval or age may be counted


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