Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

• Degrees and awards received;

Student’s name and photograph as they appear in individual

school or school system publicaons.



Students have the right to pracce their own religious beliefs

provided they neither violate the rights of others nor disrupt or

interfere with school operaons.

Students have the right to study, examine, discuss, and analyze

religious ideas and instuons just as they might study any other


Schools shall neither conduct religious exercises nor encourage or

support any religious beliefs or pracces.

Patrioc Exercises

Schools are to encourage the devoon to their flag and their country by

displaying and properly caring for the American flag on the school site

and in each classroom.

Students shall have the right to parcipate in or observe patrioc

exercises in their schools. They shall not, however, be required to take

part in such exercises nor may they interrupt the parcipaon of other

students in such exercises. Students shall not be penalized in any way

for exercising such rights.

Students have a variety of other rights that are outlined by school board

and addional policies can be found on the school system website,

Dress Code

Students have the responsibility to choose their are and to arrange

their personal appearance in a manner that is safe, healthy, inoffensive,

and not disrupve to the educaonal process. The student dress code

is intended to create and preserve a posive climate for teaching

and learning, reduce the possibility of discipline problems, and

preserve school order and safety. The intenon of the policy is to seek

compliance from students and to avoid disciplinary acon unless there

are repeated offenses or serious aggravang circumstances. Students’

style of dress or grooming must meet the reasonable requirements of

a course or acvity. Accordingly, students are prohibited from wearing

clothing, head wear, jewelry, taoos, sunglasses, bookbags, or other

arcles of personal appearance that:

• Depict profanity, obscenity, the use of weapons, or violence.

• Promote the use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal or

harmful products.

• Contain sexually suggesve messages.

• Unduly expose or reveal skin or undergarments such as tank

tops*, tube tops, haltertops, mesh tops, bare midriff tops,

spaghe straps, pants worn below the hips, short-shorts,

miniskirts, or bedme are.

• Contain language or symbols that offend or demean an

idenfiable person or group or otherwise infringe on the rights

of others in violaon of the Board harassment or discriminaon


• Cause, or is likely to cause, a substanal or material disrupon to

school acvies or the orderly operaon of the school, including

but not limited to swaskas and gang-related are.

• Contain profane, disrespecul, or discourteous expressions

inconsistent with civil discourse and behavior.

• Endanger health or safety.

*A tank top is a sleeveless garment with wide shoulder straps that

dips well below the neckline. The top is typically “U” or “V” shaped,

exposing a broad area of the shoulder, upper chest, and neck. Tank

top straps are typically two to four inches wide. Tank tops, especially

those with thinner straps, do not sufficiently conceal components of the

undergarments and or body parts.

Excepons under this policy shall be given consideraon in the

following instances:

• When a reasonable accommodaon is made if a student

wears an arcle of dress or other item which is a lawful

exercise of his/her right to freedom of expression or freedom

of religion.

• When a reasonable accommodaon is necessary due to a

documented medical or health reason, but only as authorized

by the school principal.

• When an authorized acvity, such as athlecs or band,

requires different are, but only upon the direcon of the

coach or faculty sponsor of the acvity.

Special Provisions and Restricons

The following examples are provided for guidance in implemenng

the policy and are not intended to list every possible violaon or


Physical Educaon

Proper physical educaon apparel and shoes are to be worn. For

secondary students, the appropriate school physical educaon uniform

should be worn.

• The following jewelry items will not be worn in physical educaon

classes: earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

• Pierced ear studs are permied to be worn by elementary students


• Jewelry which needs to be removed for physical educaon class

shall be the responsibility of the student.


• Clothing worn in such a manner so as to reveal undergarments or

bare skin between the upper chest and mid-thigh is not permied.

• Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no shorter than the student’s

longest fingerp when the student’s hands are held at his/her side.

• Pants shall be secured at the waist; must not touch or drag on the

ground; must not reveal undergarments or bare skin while sing

or bending; must not have any holes or tears above the knee; the

crotch of the pants shall be no longer than the student’s longest

fingerp when the student’s hands are held at his/her side; and

the boom of the pants must be no wider than the length of the

wearer’s shoes.


• It is a general expectaon that outer garments, including, but not

limited to lightweight jackets, hats, etc. are not to be worn during

the school day. These items are to be stored in lockers.

• Principals will have the discreon to permit students to wear


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