Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

the deposit goes into the “on account” category and can be used for

any of the three purchases.

Students using personal idenficaon numbers (PIN) can withdraw

money for food purchases.


Student progress is formally reported to parents in November,

February, April, and June (at the end of the school year). In addion,

teachers communicate with parents informally by means of

conferences, leers, emails and telephone calls. The Edline online

system is used to communicate progress of secondary students through

the use of an assigned PIN number.

No report card is issued in November to elementary school children.

Instead, a conference is scheduled for parents and teachers so that

they may discuss each child’s rate of progress, expected standards for

learning and discipline, school curriculum, and school goals. Elementary

school students receive report cards in February, April, and June.

Students in grades six through 12 receive report cards at the end of

each of the four marking periods.

Students in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and grades one and two

receive a non-graded report card. In grades three, four and five, leer

grades are used to indicate the level of student progress in integrated

language arts, social studies, science, and mathemacs. Art, music,

media, and physical educaon are marked consistently evident, evident

or not assessed. Handwring and 17 habits and atudes listed on the

report card, are marked S (sasfactory) or N (needs improvement).

Progress at the secondary level is recorded by means of the leer

grades A, B, C, D, or E.


The Health Services Program is an integral part of the educaonal

support system and maximizes every student’s learning potenal by

promong his or her opmum health. Each school is assigned a school

nurse. Please contact your child’s school to speak to the nurse.


Harford County Public Schools has ten high schools that offer a variety

of instruconal and extracurricular programs. The following informaon

is specific to students.



English 4

Social Studies + 3

Science ^ 3

Mathemacs ++ 4

Fine Arts 1

Technology Educaon 1

Physical Educaon 1

Health 1/2

Career Pathway 4

Foreigh Language OR Advanced Technology

OR Successful Compleon of State Approved

career or tech program

Elecve 1/2 - 2 1/2




+ 1 in World History, 1 in U.S. History, 1 in Local, State and

Naonal Government

++ 1 with fundamental or advanced algebraic concepts; 1 with

fundamental or advanced geometric concepts

^ Must include one credit in Biology

Graduaon Requirements (For the class of 2013)

Addional Requirements:

• English courses in grades nine, ten, and eleven must be taken

sequenally and a student may not enroll in the next grade level

unl he/she has passed the preceding one. The excepon is English

12, which may be taken simultaneously with English 11, during the

senior year.

• Eighth graders are given the opon of registering for the Maryland

State Scholars program. Check with a local high school counselor

for more informaon.

• To be eligible for a high school diploma, all students must

complete the Maryland State Department of Educaon student

service learning requirements as developed by Harford County

Public Schools.

Students must pass the applicable Maryland High School

Assessment (HSA) at the end of the course in English 2, Algebra 1,

and biology, with a combined score of 1208, in order to receive a

Maryland high school diploma.

Students have the following alternaves to meet the High School

Assessment (HSA) graduaon requirements:

• If students do not pass all three tests, they may sasfy the HSA

requirement using the combined-score opon. The combined

score for all three tests must be 1208. If students have taken

government HSA, they have the opon of meeng graduaon

requirements by meeng the combined score on all four tests of

1602 or on the three test with a combined score of 1208, in order

to receive a Maryland high school diploma.

• Modified HSAs with altered test items are available for a small

poron of students with disabilies.

• The Bridge Plan for Academic Validaon is for students who

have been unable to pass one or more HSAs, despite assistance.

Students must meet three general eligibility criteria: taken

and failed the test at least twice, parcipaon in appropriate

assistance, and sasfactory progress toward graduaon. Students

eligible for parcipaon will meet with school staff to determine

the projects to be included in the student’s Academic Validaon

Project Package.


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