Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Excepons To The Regular High School Program

Under certain circumstances, students may waive a fourth year of high

school aendance. Upon receiving permission from the school principal

and the superintendent of schools, a student may be awarded a diploma

aer acceptance and/or successful compleon of one year of college or

post-secondary educaon.

In addion to the regular school program, students may earn credits by

aending summer school or the Alternave Educaon Program.

Seniors may receive approval from the principal and the execuve director

of high school performance to earn one addional credit beyond the

credits earned during the regular school day.

Quesons concerning “excepons to the regular high school program”

should be directed to the high school counseling office.

High School Eligibility Policy

In order to parcipate in curricular and extracurricular acvies in any

Harford County public school, students shall be officially registered and

physically aending a Harford County public school. A student may be

declared ineligible to parcipate in extracurricular acvies for reasons

based on scholasc status and/or cizenship. A student will be declared

ineligible when the

student has received

a failing grade in

any subject on a

quarterly report

card. For a complete

lisng of eligibility

rules, please refer

to individual school


Magnet Programs

Harford County Public Schools offers four magnet programs for incoming

high school freshman:

• The Internaonal Baccalaureate Organizaon (IBO) at Edgewood High


• The Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences Magnet (NRAS) at

North Harford High School

Harford Technical High School

• Science and Mathemacs Academy (SMA) at Aberdeen High School

An open house is hosted at each school offering students and parents an indepth

look at the specific magnet program offered at the school. They have

an opportunity to hear more about the program in general, meet teachers,

students and parents currently involved with the Magnet Program, and see

the school facilies. Open house dates are typically scheduled in the fall

and will be posted on

Each prospecve student must complete an applicaon for entrance

into any Harford County Public Schools magnet program. Want more

informaon? Watch the overview videos and discover more on each

program at our website,


Students who cannot aend school for a minimum of 20 consecuve days,

due to verified physical or emoonal condion, may apply for short - term

Home/Hospital Teachers Services. If approved, a home teacher is assigned.

A licensed physician, cerfied school or licensed psychologist, or licensed

psychiatrist must sign the applicaon, which is available from the Student

Services office. For more informaon, contact Student Services at



All public schools in Harford County will be closed on

days when roads, school parking lots, and/or school

driveways/walkways are considered to be unsafe for school bus

transportaon/student, staff use. The decision to close is made by

the superintendent of schools as early as possible on the morning

in queson. In the vast majority of cases, this is prior to 6:00 a.m.

The determinaon is made aer consulng with the state police,

the sheriff’s office, the state and county highway departments,

and other sources of informaon in different parts of the county.

Some weather condions make it advisable to delay the opening

me of schools.

• If schools are delayed one hour, morning half-day

prekindergarten will start at 10:00 a.m.; aernoon half-day

prekindergarten will proceed as originally scheduled.

• If schools are delayed two hours there will be no morning

half-day prekindergarten or early intervenon programs;

aernoon half-day prekindergarten will proceed as

originally scheduled. (All mes will be a half hour later for

fourth er busing schools.)

• If elementary schools have a scheduled teachers’ planning

early dismissal and there is a two-hour delay due to

inclement weather, students will NOT be dismissed early

but will remain in school for the regular school day.

Any change from the normal school schedule as a result of

inclement weather - snow, ice, heat, etc. - will be communicated

through our rapid telephone noficaon system, email, Twier,

Facebook and on radio and television broadcasts to the public.

In addion, closings will be listed on the Harford County Public

Schools website at

Parents have the right not to send their children to school if they

feel travel condions are unsafe. The student will be marked as

lawfully absent.

The announcement will be made only when schools will be

closed or when there are delayed openings or early closings. No

telephone calls or media announcements will be made when

schools are open as usual.

In order to keep school telephone lines open for emergency calls,

parents are urged not to call the school concerning the possibility

of early closures. This informaon will be reported as soon as

possible using the communicaon vehicles listed above.

The school system website is always kept up-to-date with school/

school system delays, closures and early dismissals.

NOTE: This calendar contains the potenal for 188 student

days -- eight more than the state minimum requirement of 180

days. If schools are closed eight days or more due to emergency

condions, weather related or otherwise, it may be necessary

to alter the school calendar. The calendar may be reduced if

emergency days are not needed to meet the state mandated

minimum required days.


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