Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools

Student Handbook - Harford County Public Schools


Properly planned homework assignments should relate directly to class

work and extend learning beyond the classroom. Effecve homework

assignments teach students to become independent learners. While

it is recognized that student achievement improves significantly when

teachers regularly assign homework and students conscienously

complete assignments, homework has other important purposes.

Homework provides the students valuable experiences in following

direcons, making judgments, raising addional quesons for study,

and developing responsibility and self-discipline.

Addionally, homework is a means to communicate with parents

regarding current class acvies and topics of study.

1. Appropriateness of Homework

Homework should be appropriate to the age, ability, and

independent level of students. Student characteriscs including

grade level, movaon, and study habits must be considered.

2. Assignment Characteriscs and Inial Classroom Factors

Teachers should ensure that students understand the purpose of

each homework assignment. The amount of homework, the skills

to be reinforced, and compleon deadlines influence student


3. Types of Assignments

Taking into consideraon the direcons that students need in

order to successfully complete their homework, it is reasonable

to expect that assignments can extend learning beyond the

classroom in a number of ways. Types of assignments may include

the following:

a. The PRACTICE assignment reinforces previous learning

and should be adapted to the ability and progress of each


b. EXTENSION assignments allow students to go beyond

memorizaon of content and provide for the transfer of

learning to a new situaon which requires students to apply

previously learned skills.

c. CREATIVE assignments ask students to integrate skills and

concepts in order to generate a new response.

d. REVIEW assignments enable students to clarify concepts and

to gain an overview of material that has been taught.

4. Approximate Hours for Homework Compleon

At the primary level, homework should collecvely range from

two to three hours weekly but not exceed one-half hour a

night. At the intermediate level, homework should collecvely

range from three to five hours weekly but not exceed forty-five

minutes a night. In the middle school, homework me should

approximate a collecve range from four to eight hours weekly

but not more than two hours per night. High school homework

me should collecvely range from five to 12 hours weekly

but not more than three hours per night. Teachers should use

these me approximaons as a reference when considering

homework assignments. In addion, teachers should be mindful

that students who are accountable to more than one teacher will

have homework from more than one subject or class. Homework

may be assigned over weekends. Students desiring to take

Honors level and/or AP courses should be highly movated and

commied to excellence. Students will be required to do a great

deal of reading, wring, and higher-level problem solving in these

rigorous courses. Students may also be required to complete

assignments given over the summer vacaon.

5. Holiday homework is not to be assigned over holidays when

public schools are closed.

6. Classroom Follow-up

Teachers must consistently monitor and assess homework

assignments. In addion to tesng related content or using

assignments in class discussions, feedback should be provided in

the form of wrien comments, grades, or incenves.


Harford County Public Schools provides telecommunicaons resources

to its students for educaonal purposes: the acquision of informaon/

resources, communicaons and collaboraon with experts, and career

development acvies. Telecommunicaons resources shall be used in

accordance with the educaonal goals of the school system.

Student use of the resources provided shall be under the direct

supervision of the teacher and shall be instruconally related.

Reasonable precauons will be taken to ensure that the Internet is

a safe learning environment for students. Students will be expected

to demonstrate responsible and ethical behavior in the use of the


Access to the Internet through the telecommunicaons resources

will only be granted to users who follow the Harford County Public

Schools Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy for Students and the

procedures for such use. These policies are published on the Harford

County Public Schools website (

Harford County Public Schools ulizes an outside Internet filtering

company to ensure the safety of our students while they access the

Internet. The use of this filter system also allows Harford County

Public Schools to comply with the Child Internet Protecon Act (CIPA).

Although the web filtering product ulizes the most innovave and

cung edge technology, it is sll possible for students to access specific

websites should students seek them with intenon and purpose.

Therefore, the only way a parent can be completely assured his or her

child will not be able to access inappropriate material is to opt-out of

Internet use at school. Your school can help you with this process.


When a student is taking a prescribed medicaon, parents/guardians

should make every effort to arrange for the medicine to be taken outside

of the school day. However, there are occasions when it is determined by

a health care provider that a student must receive prescribed medicaon

during the school day, either on a regular schedule or in the event of an

emergency. When this circumstance occurs, the following guidelines apply:

• All medicaon must be accompanied by a wrien health care

provider’s order. These instrucons must contain the student’s

name, name of the medicaon, the route of administraon,

the exact dosage, me and circumstances of administraon,

length of me the medicaon is to be connued, reason for


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