This is the first small speaker I've heard anywhere near ... - HiFi - Team

This is the first small speaker I've heard anywhere near ... - HiFi - Team

This is the first small speaker I’ve heard anywhere near its price that doesn’t

leave me wishing for a larger substitute. Or a sub, or anything else for that

matter. Finally, my monitor quest is complete.

SonicFlare, review by Robert Learner, Mar 09 08

Originally designed for professional use, our aim with the QM10 was to make

a monitor that captures, or rather recreates the whole event taking place on a

music recording (or any other source of sound), timbrally accurate, in time and

in space. Achieving that isn’t a matter of adding a lot of subjectively “positive

things” – a colour is a colour, even when it’s a nice one, and we don’t want

to add colours.

The QM10 bass driver helps producing rock solid bass down to 30Hz, and the

key factor is the long and linear stroke, and even more so the incredible pressure

factor, exceeding that of a typical 15″ driver with a factor of more than


The choice of cone material is essential to both midrange quality and lateral

inter driver integration. The pulp cone of the Guru B59-driver is laminated with

a thin polymer surface, thus controlling its behaviour perfectly across it’s entire

working range, and actually adding an essential part of the stereo system

compensation above it’s nominal working range.

Timbrally and dynamically accurate sound reproduction in time and space is

all about adapting to the listening room properties and avoiding and / or

compensating for the inherent flaws of stereo reproduction

– with respect to the properties of human hearing. In other words – allowing

for the natural musical colours in the recording to be let free. It’s all about


The QM10 being a small loudspeaker, we have focused on optimizing sound

quality and frequency range extension rather than making it capable to reproduce

extreme sound pressure levels. After all, a speaker optimized for playing

loud at the expense of sound quality and extension will damage the musical

experience at all levels, whilst a “quality optimized” loudspeaker such as

QM10 will perform superbly until it reaches its limit.

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