Download the full report - Human Rights Watch

Download the full report - Human Rights Watch

To the European Union

• The European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice should assess Greece’s

compliance with its obligations under regional human rights and European Union law,

including the Charter for Fundamental Rights and Framework Decision on combating

racism and xenophobia, with respect to preventing and prosecuting racist and other

hate violence, and report its findings in its annual report on human rights in the

European Union.

• The European Commission should allocate funding, including through its Fundamental

Rights and Citizenship Funding Programme, to support initiatives to address the

deficiencies in the Greek response to racist and xenophobic violence, including

specialized training courses for law enforcement and judiciary personnel and a public

campaign to encourage reporting of hate crimes, including racist and xenophobic

violence, particularly among migrants and asylum seekers.

• The European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

(LIBE) should, in the context of its periodic reports on fundamental rights in the

European Union as well as through other actions, assess Greece’s compliance with EU

law and principles in the field of anti-racism and discrimination. LIBE attention should

highlight the problem of racist violence in the European Union more broadly and

include recommendations for concrete action to address these concerns.

• The Council Working Group on Fundamental Rights (FREMP) should take up the issue of

racist violence in Greece and in the European Union more broadly, and consider

concrete steps to effectively address these concerns at an EU level.

• The EU Fundamental Rights Agency should thoroughly investigate racist and

xenophobic violence in Greece with a view to providing decision-making institutions

such as the European Commission and the European Council with information and

analysis relevant to assessing Greece’s compliance with its obligations to counter

racist and xenophobic violence.

To the Council of Europe

• The Commissioner for Human Rights should consider conducting a country visit to

Greece to assess and highlight the situation with respect to racist and xenophobic

violence against migrants and asylum seekers, and recommend appropriate action to

address concerns identified.


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