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Download the full report - Human Rights Watch

Safar Haidari, December 2011

Safar Haidari is a 29-year-old asylum seeker from

Afghanistan and is the vice-president of a cultural

association called Nour. On December 23, around 8

p.m., he was attacked roughly 200 meters from the

Aghios Panteleimonas police station. A group of 10-15

men, who all appeared to be around or under 30 years

old, wearing helmets or hoods, approached him,

Safar Haidari just after the

December 2011 attack.

© 2011 Anonymous

asked him where he was from, and then one of them

punched him in the right eye. He fell to the ground

and then the group began to beat him with sticks and

kick him. The assailants stole his mobile phone and

cigarettes, and then left.

In front of me there was a store with people…My body was hurting and I

couldn’t move too much…I went there. Two or three people in the store saw

what happened. I asked in what direction they [the attackers] had gone and

they told me that half of them headed towards Acharnon Street and the

other half towards Attica Square. I had a second phone with me because I

had it in my pocket and they didn’t take it and I called the police. Fifteen to

20 minutes later two police motorcycles came by…I don’t know if they came

because I called or they wanted to go somewhere else. I told them what

happened. They asked for my papers. At that moment I was in a really bad

situation because I couldn’t see well and they asked for my papers. I said,

‘Ok, I have papers but you should leave in order to find those who just left.

They must be somewhere close; they must be in Attiki, in Acharnon.’ 79

The patrol officers told him to report the crime at the police station. Haidari did go the

station, but left after 20 minutes or so, without filing a complaint, because he was in

pain and felt the police were not attending to him. “There were five policemen. My head

was hurting because I was hit on the head. I said I cannot wait because I wanted to go

the hospital, but the policeman said to me, ‘Now we cannot do anything, we are busy,

79 Human Rights Watch interview with Safar Haidari, Athens, January 3, 2012.


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