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Download the full report - Human Rights Watch

Mina Ahmad, October 2011

Though she couldn’t remember the exact date, Mina Ahmad, a twenty-year-old Somali

woman, told us she was attacked near the end of October 2011, when she was six months

pregnant, in the vicinity of the Aghios Panteleimonas church. She was with her infant

daughter and was six-months pregnant. Five or six men, all wearing black, approached her

as she was about to cross the street.

They asked me first, ‘Where are you from?’ I said Somalia. When I answered

they tried to take my daughter away… They hit me on my head with a

wooden stick… I fell down bleeding. When I fell down and they saw I was

bleeding they ran away. My daughter was crying. I couldn’t see her but I

heard her cry behind me… I called some friends. All the people [around at

the time of the attack] they were watching but nobody helped me. Friends

came to help me. I didn’t go the hospital, I stayed at home… I took coffee

and put it on the wound. Now I have a small scar. [At the time] I just thought

about the baby inside me. It didn’t matter if I was hurt. I just thought about

the baby and my daughter. 83

Though upset, Ahmad’s daughter was unharmed; Ahmad’s son was born healthy a

month later. According to Ahmad, the attackers yelled at her, “Get out of the country!”

Ahmad has been in Greece since 2009. Undocumented at the time of the attack and our

interview, she has since applied for asylum. She did not report the attack to the police.

Attacks elsewhere in Central Athens

Xenophobic violence is not limited to the Aghios Panteleimonas neighborhood. We

documented 19 attacks in other areas of downtown Athens, as well as a five in other

neighborhoods of the city. Below are four cases from the Attiki and Victoria neighborhoods

in the center of the city.

Douglas Ebenezer Kesse, January 2012

A 32-year-old Ghanaian asylum seeker, Douglas Ebenezer Kesse was assaulted near a big

tram depot in the vicinity of Attiki train station on January 9, 2012. He was walking down

83 Human Rights Watch interview with Mina Ahmad (pseudonym), Athens, December 12, 2011.


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